Fire Emblem Aelfric: Stats, History & Main Story

This guide is all about Aelfric, his Stats, strengths, weaknesses and his main role in Fire Emblem.

Aelfric looks after Abyss and works under the command of the Church of Seiros. At first, he was troubled to see the dreadful condition of the Abyss, and it was full of hunger and people committing heinous crimes. But as he took charge, he managed to bring prosperity to the region. This article has covered everything in detail about Aelfric in Fire Emblem. If you are new to the game, you must read our guide, Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, tips, and tricks. 

Moreover, Aelfric is calm and humble; though he doesn’t like the Church much, the people of Abyss still trust him. Also, it was his idea to create the Ashen Wolves, which consist of Yuri, Hapi, Constance, and Balthus. 

Key Highlights
  • Aelfric looks after the Abyss, and he retrieved it after it was in a terrible condition. 
  • Aelfric is the Founder of Ashen wolves house
  • Aelfric’s speed is his biggest drawback, and it has five fewer speeds than other released Pelleas. 
  • He was an orphan that got lost and ended up at the Monastery
  • Aelfric was removed from the Church of Seiros.

Stats Of Aelfric In Fire Emblem

A custodian Monk that is Cardinal of Garreg Mach Monastery and looks after Abyss. Also, Aelfric is the Founder of Ashen wolves house, which appears in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Moreover, he belongs to the Infantry group, has Elfire skills, and possesses Tome weapons.

Aelfric Character in Fire Emblem

Level 1 Stat Variation


Level 40 Stat Variation


Skill Sets

  • Passive A: ATK Res Unity
  • Passive B: Null C Disrupt
  • Passive C: Pulse Smoke 3
  • Assist: Positional Assist
  • Special: Noontime/Iceberg
  • Sacred Seal: Mystic boost/Mirror Stance
  • Weapon: Unity Blooms


His powers are somewhat similar to other released generics, and Aelfric’s strength lies in his stat line. Furthermore, he has a mighty base of 40 attacks along with 37 resistance, and he would have no problem killing his opponents. While you are at it, you must read our Fire Emblem Three Hopes Recruitment guide.


Aelfric’s speed is his biggest drawback, and it has five less speed than other released Pelleas, which is huge. Without good speed, Aelfric is vulnerable to enemy attacks, and he can’t do quick counterattacks. However, it also makes his defense very low, and foes could easily inflict damage upon him.

Other available Red mage options such as Lysithea, Fallen Julia, and Male Morgan are far better than Aelfric. Even his inheritable weaponry is not good enough; red tome sort of weapons are probably the weakest type of weapons in the game.


The meaning of Aelfric’s name is “Elf Ruler” and it is an Anglo-Saxon name. Moreover, most Anglo-Saxon religious people had the same name. Dahlman means “Valley man” and it is a Swedish ornamental.

However, in Japanese, his name is Alphard, which means the brightest star in the constellation Hydra. And in Arabic, it also means “the Solitary One”.

Voice Actor

Aelfric’s  English dub voice was done by Micheal Sinterniklaas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. However, the Japanese voice dub was done by Dalsuke Hirakawa. Read our guide to learn more about Voice Actors in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

History Of Aelfric

He was an orphan that got lost and ended up at the Monastery. There he met Sitri; she was, however, terminally ill (She is also the mother of the main Protagonist, Byleth), and he loved her greatly. Though he also admired the Jeralt because Jeralt was one of the brave warriors and kind men.

Jeralt also liked Sitri, and though Aelfric was deeply in love with Sitri, and happily let Jeralt marry Sitri when he realized Sitri’s true intentions for the Knights of Seiros captain. But after the sad and sudden demise of Sitri,  Aelfric got really upset. Approximately 5 years later, when he was exploring the land of Abyss, he stumbled upon the corpse of Sitri.

Despite such a long time dead, her body was still in good condition, but it was clear she was dead. Moreover, he wanted to revive her and learn about the Rite of Rising ritual, so it made him curious and he went on to try it. 

Aelfric remembers Sitri in Fire Emblem.

After hearing the legends and rumors about Chalice of Beginnings, it was an artifact made by saint Seiros. That is about bringing back the people from death. He became really obsessed with the thought that he could bring back Sitri through the ritual “Rite of Rising”, and looked for ways to make it happen.

In order to make it possible, he even lured Crestbearers of the Apostles, which were Constance, Hapi, Balthus, and Yuri. Afterward, he brought them back to Abyss and sacrificed their blood to perform the Rite of Rising ritual.

Cindered Shadows

When Aelfric met Byleth first time, it was the time when several students formed a group and invaded into Abyss, later on discovering Ashen Wolves. Moreover, with the help of Yuri, Aelfric decided to trick the whole group into seeking the Chalice of Beginnings.

However, the group does find Chalice of Beginnings, but afterward, Aelfric gets abducted by some bandits led by Metodey, but Byleth, along with Ashen wolves, finds Aelfric and rescues him from the bandits. Unfortunately, Aelfric goes rogues and betrays the whole squad (Ashen Wolves) and steals the Chalice from them.

Furthermore, he abducts the team and goes to the Holy Mausoleum to complete the Rite of Rising ritual. However, Byleth, along with his companions, chases Aelfric to the holy Mausoleum, rescues the Ashen Wolves, and beats Aelfric.

Even though Rhea tries to stop him and surrender, Aelfric still goes on to the cathedral and tries to finish the ritual with blood of his own to fill the required blood amount.

Aelfric in Fire Emblem
Aelfric is chatting with his teammates.

But eventually, the ritual fails drastically (Like it did 1000 years ago and had terrible consequences). The dead bodies of Aelfric and Sitri get absorbed by the Chalice. And a new brutal monster is created, Umbral Beast, but Byleth, with his swift skills, is forced to kill the monster in battle.

Story Of Aelfric In Fire Emblem

Aelfric had an unidentified scandal, that is why he was removed from the Church of Seiros; this is the main storyline in Fire Emblem. Moreover, in contrast to Cindered Shadows, he was also caught up with his plan and immediately got expelled from his position.

Furthermore, Aelfric makes an unnamed appearance(Cameo) in the game. But it was before the Battle of the Eagle and Lion took place in Gareeg Mach. There also, he requests Byleth to lay flowers on the grave of Sitri and leaves for some unknown journey.  


In Fire Emblem, Aelfric is first shown as an NFC in Cindered Shadows expansion; after that, he is shown as the main antagonist. Moreover, you play with him temporarily in chapter 5. But he gets the boss role in chapter 6, and in chapter 7, he is the final boss.  

When you buy the DLC, then in the main storyline, Aelfric makes an appearance in Chapter 7 but as a non-playable character. Also, he is mentioned in a few dialogues in Abyss, and his name is “Monk,” and he gives a sidequest. 

Moreover, Fire Emblem Heroes was added to the character list during the Deceit update and was also available to play in the fifty-ninth Grand Hero Battle. It actually started on September 18, 2021, and ended on September 25, 2021. There is one variation only available of Aelfric in the game, which is based on Three Houses Incarnation.


Aelfric is a controllable character in Fire Emblem Three Houses and has commander skills, which is the skill that most bosses have. Note that he is also the only cardinal of the Church of Seiros in the game. His voice actor is also with the narrator in the Cindered Shadows storyline.

Considering the unused data provided, Aelfric’s height is estimated to be about 182 cm. Remember, he has a date of birth on the 30th of the Great Tree Moon, and Rhea actually has the same birth date too. Keep in mind that Aelfric is the only major NPC that had an English death scream, but it was not used due to some bug affecting it.

Except for lost lore events and Heroes’ original characters, Aelfric is the only one that had a non-playable cameo appearance in Fire Emblem before he was made playable. Players can also see him visiting Sitri’s tomb, and he spends a lot of time there.

Final Words

This is the end of our article about Aelfric in Fire Emblem. We have mentioned the stats of Aelfric along with his weakness and strengths. Moreover, in the guide, we have covered in detail the background story of Aelfric and his never-ending love Sitri. Aelfric also has a boss role in some chapters of Fire Emblem, where his character gets really interesting.

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