Fire Emblem Engage Alear [Class, Stats, Weapons]

Learn all about the protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage, Alear!

You will come across many characters in Fire Emblem Engage, but perhaps the most important character is the protagonist, Alear. Each character tends to have its backstory, stats, class, and much more, and that is the same case with Alear.

Alear, your main character, is a Divine Dragon who has been awoken from slumber to defeat the Fall Dragon. They will explore the Continent of Elyos in order to find the Emblem Rings to help defeat the dragon. But there is much more to be learned about Alear!

Key Takeaways
  • Alear is a Divine Dragon and is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage.
  • You can choose between male or female for Alear at the start of the game.
  • With the instruction of Lumera, Alear is on a quest to find the 12 Emblem Rings in order to defeat the Fell Dragon.
  • You can customize Alear’s appearance in the Somniel and increase her stats as you progress further in the game. 

Here is a quick overview about Alear in Fire Emblem Engage:

Starting ClassBattle StyleWeaponSkillsBase StatsGrowth RateStarting Items
Dragon ChildDragonSwordDivinely InspiringHealth: 22
Dexterity: 5
Defense: 5
Strength: 9
Speed: 7
Resistance: 3
Magic: 0
Luck: 5
Build: 4
Health: 70
Dexterity: 55
Defense: 50
Strength: 45
Speed: 65
Resistance: 35
Magic: 20
Luck: 30
Build: 10
Iron Sword

Who Is Alear In Fire Emblem Engage?

alear in fire emblem engage
Alear’s two possible appearances [screenshot by eXputer]
As mentioned, Alear, belonging to Lythos, is the main protagonist of the game and is a Divine Dragon and the child of the Divine Dragon Monarch, Lumera. 1000 years ago, Alear helped take down and seal away the Divine Dragon but then went into a deep slumber.

After all those years, they finally get woken up to help defeat the Fell Dragon, who is rumored to be on the verge of returning. However, due to many years of being asleep, Alear loses memory of who they are and all the events that occurred before they woke up. Regardless, Alear listens to what Lumera says and sets out on a journey to find the 12 Emblem Rings spread across the Continent of Elyos to help defeat the Fell Dragon.

As Alear is the protagonist, they will be available right from the start of the game. At the start of the game, the player can choose whether they want their Alear to be male or female. Additionally, they can also rename them to whatever they want. You will also set their date of birth.

Base Class

Engage animation with Marth [taken by us]
Alear starts off with the Dragon Child class. The class is rare among other characters, and they are the only playable character that has that class. The Dragon Child class utilizes the Dragon Battle style in combat. That makes Alear proficient as a sword user.

Not only that, but the Dragon Child class makes it so that Alear is relatively stronger and more efficient while teaming up with the different Emblem Rings. Even though other characters can also combine with the different rings, in general cases, Alear’s power will be far greater than the rest.


The stats of Alear will change as you progress further in the game. It also depends on how quickly you’re leveling up and using Alear in battle. Regardless, here are the stats for Alear:

Health PointsStrengthMagicDexteritySpeedDefenseResistanceLuckBuild

As you play and get in more battles, you’ll gain experience, which will ultimately help your stats grow. Your stats will grow at different rates, and here is the growth rate for each of the stats:

Health PointsStrengthMagicDexteritySpeedDefenseResistanceLuckBuild


clothe customization
Different possible clothes for Alear [captured by us]
Alear has a unique look that distinguishes them from almost every other character in the game. They have red and blue hair, which is split down the middle, making each side different colored. As for their eyes, the side with red hair has blue eyes, and the one on the blue-haired side is red colored. Unfortunately, you cannot change this iconic look of the character. But there are other customization options.

You can get different clothes for Alear at the Somniel. Clothes and other accessories can be bought from the Boutique and the Amiibo Gazebo stores. However, whatever appearance you choose for Alear in the Somniel will not reflect in actual battle; it will only be visible at the Somniel.

Starting Weapon And Skills

alear weapons in fire emblem engage
Change in weapons after engage mode [captured by eXputer]
When you’re just starting out, there aren’t many skills or weapons that you can expect to use as Alear. Of course, that will change as you progress further into the game, collect more Emblem Rings, and much more. But, when you’re just starting out, these will be your starting skills and weapons:

  • Weapon: Iron Sword, Liberation
  • Skill: Divinely Inspiring, which lets the adjacent ally take one less damage while dealing +3 more damage.

Of course, you’ll soon get access to different weapons and skills, especially when you use the engage option. For example, if you Engage with Marth, you’ll get access to the Rapier weapon as well as the Divine Speed and Lodestar Rush attack skill.

Voice Actors

There are two versions of Alear, male, and female. That means that for each language, there are two voice actors. We will be highlighting the Japanese and English voice actors. They are the following:

JapaneseHiro ShimonoAya Endo
EnglishBrandon McInnisLaura Stahl

With that, you know most that there is to know about Alear in Fire Emblem Engage. They’re one of the strongest base class characters in the game, which makes sense as they’re the protagonist. Of course, as you progress further in the story, you’ll learn all about the events, secrets, and much more!

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