Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farming [10 BEST Tips]

Unleash the Secrets to Mastering the Art of Gold Farming in Fire Emblem Engage!

In Fire Emblem Engage, Gold is a crucial asset as you require it at every step of the game. Whether you need to upgrade your gear, buy that favorite outfit, or donate to a Kingdom, you must have plenty of gold reserves. In order to have enough in your inventor, you must be aware of how to farm Gold in Fire Emblem Engage. The game features various options to gain cash, and you should know all of them. 

Key Takeaways
  • Fire Emblem Engage is a complex JRPG in which reserves management and making more Gold is one of the vital roles. 
  • You can go for certain strategies and adapt some specific techniques to farm more gold in the game.
  • You can get the maximum amount of gold by completing stories in each Kigdoms and receiving their military funds.
  • Completing Paralogues and Skirmishes also grants you a hefty amount of gold.
  • Hunt down and take battles with Gold-Corrupted enemies to farm maximum gold from combats. 
  • Use advantageous soldiers such as Anna, Tikkki, and Leif in your battles for bonus gold. 
  • Make sure to complete the daily quests and sell unnecessary items from your inventory for some extra gold.

Here are all the tips summarized into a single table: 

Tips and TricksDescription
Farm Gold From Corrupted EnemiesDonate gold to Kingdoms for better rewards and Gold-Corrupted Battles
Complete All Kingdoms StoriesCompleting a story for a kingdom gives rewards like Military funds and Gold gems
Daily QuestsCompleting daily objectives and missions gives Gold as a reward
Offload Your InventorySell any possession that is not in use to get Gold
Use Anna In CombatsAnna's ability "Make a Killing” gives 500 extra Gold for each kill
Tikki And Anna ComboTikki drains the opponents HP and Anna's final blow gives the extra Gold
Gather Fallen SpiritsGathering Fallen Spirits gives you money, loot and bond fragments
Complete Side Missions And Emblem TrialsSide mission completion grants 2000-3000 extra gold
Trading SkillsTrading items and weapons with other players can give free Gold
GrindingParticipating in battles and challenges that give more reward can give Gold

How To Farm Gold In Fire Emblem Engage

Military Fundng in FE Engage
Gold Farming [Image credits: eXputer]
Fire Emblem Engage has become the favorite volume in the Emblem series due to its versatile gameplay and improved features. The game offers a realistic JRPG playstyle and allows you to control and customize the world according to your liking.

One of the catchy features of the game is the intricate economy and resource management system, requiring you to farm cash in order to build up a strong army and fight off your foes. Here are some of the best methods that you can use to get plenty of Gold.

Farm Gold From Corrupted Enemies

Hunt Corrupted Enemies
Corrupted Enemies Battle [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
When you donate more to different Kingdoms in the game, the chances of getting higher Gold-Corrupted Battles increase, which in turn rewards you with more Gold and better rewards upon victory. You can find the Gold corrupted enemies in Paralogues as well as Skirmishes.

Although fighting these enemies is a bit more challenging, it is worth the time and effort. The chances of appearing of Gold-Corrupted enemies depend upon the amount of Gold you donate to a specific Kingdom. So, make sure that you’re giving a generous amount of reserves to all the countries in Elyos. To start your donations, you can visit Somniel and interact with Bulletin Board in Cade Terrace to offer your help. 

Complete All Kingdoms Stories

Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farming
Military Funds [Image credits: eXputer]
Although there are many sideways to get bonus rewards, nothing is better than completing the main chapters and storyline of the game as it gives you the most amount of Gold. When you complete a story for a Kingdom, you get a lot of completion rewards as military funds, including Gold, gems, and useful items.

Every time Alear makes an alliance with a nation of Elyos, they will invest a considerable amount of resources to save them from the wrath of the Fell Dragon. 

Completing Paralogues and Skirmishes will give you an additional edge, as these are special battles with exceptional loot. So, the best approach for farming Gold is to go for as many paralogues and skirmishes as possible in the Kingdom and stack up more cash for an efficient progression.

Daily Quests

One of the quickest ways to farm Gold in FE Engage is by completing daily tasks. Each day, the game offers you different objectives and missions and gives you Gold as a reward. The tasks are fairly simple and easy to complete, such as scavenger hunts, side battles, and investigations. So, make sure to invest some of your time in completing these missions to earn a considerable amount of Gold that you can use to purchase new gear and upgrade your inventory.

Offload Your Inventory

In your expeditious journey of Fire Emblem Engage, you will gather a bunch of items and equipment for your that will fill up your inventory. Some of these items are really helpful, while some are just trash in your collection. So, if you find any extra possession that you do not use, make sure to sell them and get Gold in return.

The weapon attachments and rare equipment as more selling value, so if you got some spare parts, you know what to do.

Use Anna In Combats

Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farming
Recruit Anna [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
One of the sneaky ways to get extra Gold in your combats is by using Anna for final blows. Anna is a missable character that you can recruit in Chapter 7 of the game. If you use Anna to knock out an enemy, there are chances that her ability “Make a Killing” might get activated. The ability grants you 500 extra gold for every kill while it is active. If your luck stats are higher, the ability will activate more often, so make sure to level her up when you can. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to find Anna first to recruit her to your team, or you might miss her. You can unlock Anna once you’re in Chapter 7 of the game during the Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant. During the Paralogue, you can find Anna in the middle chest south of the battlefield. So, approach her and make Alear interact with her to get her on board. 

Tikki And Anna Combo

If you got the game’s DLC, then you have an extra edge, as you get a bonus character Tikki with it. Once you’re done with Chapter 6, go to the southern island and enter the Divine Paralogue on the world map to find Tikki. Once you defeat her, which is fairly easy, you can recruit her to your team. 

After getting Tikki and Anna on your side, you can use their abilities to your advantage, as Tikki’s offensive playstyle will help you drain down the opponent’s HP, followed by Anna’s final blow to get the extra gold.

Gather Fallen Spirits

Gather Fallen Spirits
Fallen Spirits [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
While you’re engaged in a fight in Skirmishes and online battles, you can see that there are purple and yellow glowing-like spheres swirling in the air. These spheres are called Fallen spirits. These spirits are the leftovers and loot of fallen players that have died in the battlefield, and collecting them will give you the money or Bond fragments in them.

The fallen spirits only appear in Online battles, so make sure that you participate in some live action to get gold from the spirits and battle rewards. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a Nintendo Switch online subscription to enjoy this feature. 

Complete Side Missions And Emblem Trials

Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farming
Paralogues and Skirmishes [Image credits: eXputer]
Another easy way to get extra Gold is by looking for any Paralogue Side Missions that appear randomly on the map. These missions are fairly easy to complete and reward you with some extra gold.

Once you are past Chapter 4, the Side missions will appear with fairly more rewards and gives you around 2000-3000 extra gold on completion. The enemies containing more loot are a bit challenging to counter. So, make sure that you’re equipped with appropriate battling gear and weapons to fight those sturdy enemies. 

Trading Skills

One tricky way of getting free Gold is by working on your Trading Skills. Trading skill is a special feature in Fire Emblem Engage that enables you to trade your items and weapons with other players. Through this technique, you can not only trade for a better and more useful item but also sell your equipment at a higher value.

The game offers different trading skills, such as Trade and Barter, and you can progress in the one that suits you more. You can train your characters in a specific trading class to enhance their trading skills, such as making them Merchants or Traders


Lastly, we will discuss how you can make Gold through grinding in FE Engage. Grinding is a boring but effective way of earning Gold. All you need to do is participate in battles or other activities repeatedly to get its rewards again and again.

If you want to go for grinding, you can choose the battles and combats that offer comparatively more rewards and are easy to complete. Additionally, the method will also level up your characters and enhance their abilities with each battle. 

Wrapping Up

With that, we conclude our Fire Emblem Engage gold farming guide. In the game, managing your gold reserves and spending them wisely is a crucial aspect, as it can affect your progress.

If you spend your cash at appropriate places and go for the right strategies to make the maximum amount of gold, you will surely be victorious in the world of Fire Emblem.  Whether you are a newbie or an old FE fan, following these tips will surely make you a better strategist and a fearsome warrior with a generous amount of gold in reserves. 

In addition to that, if you want to know about the weapon triangle system in the game, you can check out our detailed guide. Also, having appropriate knowledge about Bond Rings is crucial for progressing your characters. Furthermore, don’t forget to check out FE Engage length and the online features in the game.

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