Fire Emblem Engage: Horse Manure Use, & Locations

Learn Everything About The Mysterious Horse Manure Item In Fire Emblem Engage!

Fire Emblem Engage Gifting system is a huge part of the game as the game heavily revolves around the fact of bonds, and giving gifts increases these bonds so that you are able to fight better together. Among these giftable items, there is a special gift which is the Fire Emblem Engage Horse Manure. Yes, you read it right it is literal horse manure. It is a giftable item in the game, which of course, no character likes. However, it is a great item to use in case you are bored and want to have some interesting conservations with the characters.

Key Highlights
  • Fire Emblem Engage features a gifting mechanic that increases the relationship between the characters.
  • Horse manure is a giftable item that no one likes. However, they will respond with some hilarious comments, and it does not damage your relationship with them.
  • You can find horse manure lying on the ground, mostly in Eloys and Somiel. And you can also buy it from the Flea Market.
  • We recommend that you try to gift horse manure to some characters just to have fun, as the responses are unique and quite entertaining.

Use Of Horse Manure In Fire Emblem Engage

Gifting In Fire Emblem Engage [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, the basic goal of giving gifts to the characters is to increase your relationship with them and move it in a positive direction. Some might even want to increase their relationships with some characters so that they could use the Romance Option with them. Which is another great way to have some interesting conversations. 

However, the other way to gain some hilarious dialogue is to gift the characters horse manure. Horse manure’s only use in the game is to gift it to a character, and it certainly does not improve your relations with anyone. However, it does enact some hilarious responses. The fun part is that when you gift your allies with horse manure, it will not worsen your relationship status. Making it the perfect prank to pull on your friends.

Unfortunately, there is one person upon whom you should not use the horse manure, and that is Alfred, as he will get upset with it and reply to you with very unkind words. But you are good to use it against all other allies as they will each give you a different hilarious reply.

Horse Manure Locations 

Horse Manure
Horse Manure Near The Stables In Sominel [Image By: eXputer]
Now that you know what it does, you will definitely want to obtain it so that you can pull a prank on your allies. And it is easy to find horse manure as it literally sparkles on the ground in almost every area. However, there are a few areas where it might be found more often than others.

You can find horse manure more commonly in the following places:

  • Elyos: You can find it often while trekking in Elyos sparkling on the ground. You can pick it up and store it in your inventory like other items to use later.
  • Flea Market: A non-recommended way to obtain horse manure is to buy it from the flea market in exchange for 100 gold. However, we definitely do not encourage you to waste 100 gold on manure.
  • Sominel: Probably the best place to find horse manure is to search the stables and around the well in Sominel. Due to the fact that there are a lot of animals there that would always drop some manure in the area.

Are you still curious and want to know the thoughts of other players of Fire Emblem Engage on horse manure? Then head to this Reddit page to learn more.

And with that, we bring our Fire Emblem Engage Horse Manure guide to an end. Where we informed you about the uses and the locations where you can find horse manure; however, if you believe that we forgot to add something, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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