Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Sigurd Skills, Abilities, & Unlock

Learn About The Different Skills, Abilities, And How To Unlock Emblem Sigurd!

Fire Emblem Engage features 12 Emblem Units, one of which is Sigurd. Fun fact Sigurd is the only Emblem Hero to appear riding a horse. Furthermore, Fire Emblem Engage Sigurd is the Emblem Of The Holy War. And as with any Emblem Unit, he comes with many skills. Also, he makes use of engage weapons along with some engage skills. And our horse-riding hero also has many other skills that make him a perfect unit to use.

Key Highlights
  • In Fire Emblem Engage there are Emblem Rings that contain an Emblem Hero that grants your units different abilities that help you during battles.
  • One such Emblem entity is Sigurd, who is known as the Emblem Of The Holy War, and the ring in which he is contained is known as the Ring Of The Holy Knight
  • Sigurd is the only Emblem that appears on a horse and has a bunch of skills and abilities.
  • To unlock him, you have to progress to Chapter 4, A Land In Bloom.
  • Sigurd is a must-have Emblem Hero that you should definitely make use of in your Fire Emblem Engage gameplay.

About Sigurd The Emblem Of The Holy War

Sigurd In Fire Emblem Engage [Image By: eXputer]
Now before we get into all the specific battle details of Sigurd, we should know a little about Sigurd who was first featured in Fire Emblem: Genealogy Of The Holy War. Furthermore, Sigurd’s Emblem Title is Emblem Of The Holy War. And the corresponding Emblem Ring is called the Ring Of The Holy Knight. He is an Emblem that is contained inside an Emblem Ring, and his special traits are that he can move freely across the battlefield and stab enemies with his spear.

Other than that, we will also let you know the voice actors who covered Sigurd’s voice which is as the following:

  • English: Grant George
  • Japanese: Toshiyuki Morikawa

All Skills And Engage Weapons Of Sigurd

Sigurd Skills
Sigurd Using Override In Fire Emblem Engage [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now we will start things off by listing all the skills and all engage weapons that Sigurd uses. However, first, you should know that Sigurd has different categories of skills and other abilities, which include:

  • Inheritable Skills
  • Engage Attacks
  • Engage Skills
  • Synchro Skills
  • Engage Weapons

Inheritable Skills

Now let us proceed forward and list all the Inheritable Skills of Sigurd. And before that, a quick review of Skill Inheritance, which basically allows your units to make use of Emblem Skills without equipping an Emblem Ring.

This translates to your units using powerful skills that are of Emblem tier. However, to make use of a strong skill, you must have higher bond levels as the bond level will decide the skill that a unit can make use of. Furthermore, all Inheritable Skills of Sigurd are as the following:

  • Lance Power 1: It is a Bond Level 2 skill that costs 1000 SP in order to gain Atk +2. With an additional cost of Avo -10 while using a lance.
  • Lance Power 2: Same as Lance Power 1 but with Atk +4 and a cost of 2000 SP. Furthermore, you require Bond Level 6, and it still has the Avo -10 debuff while using a lance.
  • Lance Power 3: Another level of the Lance Power but this time with Atk +6 and a cost of 3000 SP. Also, you need a higher Bond Level of 8, and unfortunately, it still has the Avo -10 while using a lance.
  • Hit +10: A simple Bond Level 1 skill that grants Hit +10 at a cost of 500 SP.
  • Hit +15: The better version of Hit +10 which gives Hit +15 and is a Bond Level 4 skill. And cost 1000 SP.

Engage Attack

Unfortunately, Sigurd has only one engage attack which is called Override. However, it is a pretty useful and powerful skill to have. What it does is makes use of a sword or lance to plow through an adjacent line of enemies.

Engage Skill

Again unfortunately, Sigurd also has a single engage skill which is named Gallop. What it does is grant you Mov +5. A great skill to have in your arsenal as the more moves you have, the better. It helps you in most situations are you are able to take more steps to counter the enemy.

Synchro Skills

In total, there are three Synchro Skills for Sigurd, which are as the following:

  • Headlong Rush: A level 7 skill that grants you total immunity to freeze. A great skill to push toward an enemy.
  • Canter: A skill that allows your unit to move twice after acting, and the best part is it is a level 1 skill.
  • Momentum: A beastly level 3 skill that gives you Atk +1 for each space that you move a unit to before attacking the enemy. However, you can only stack it up to a maximum of Atk +10.

Engage Weapons

Lastly, we have all engage weapons of Sigurd that are special Sigurd weapons that your units can use. And they are as the following:

  • Brave Lance: A lance that has been wielded by Sigurd himself, and with it, if you start to combat, it attacks twice, dealing damage that is doubled.
  • Tyrfing: A beautiful sword that was once wielded by Sigurd.
  • Ridersbane: A special lane that has been specifically designed to counter and damage enemies that are on horseback.

How To Unlock Sigurd In Fire Emblem Engage

Sigurd Gameplay
Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay [Screenshot By: eXputer]
Now we are fairly certain that after viewing the absurd skills that Sigurd can grant, you will definitely want to get your hands on him to try him out in your playthrough. And in Fire Emblem Engage, it is a straightforward task to obtain Sigurd. All you have to do is progress to Chapter 4, A Land In Bloom, as soon as possible. This is because you get Sigurd during chapter 4, who joins Alear’s squad as an Emblem.

Furthermore, if you want to know the thought of other players on Sigurd, then head to this Reddit Page, which shares some thoughts on Sigurd. And while you are at it, we recommend you take advantage of the Weapon Triangle System, as if you get a hand on it, and it will change your game. Also, check out the Difficulty Settings Of Fire Emblem Engage and the Tier List Of The Characters to know which are the best character to have.

And with this, we bring our Fire Emblem Engage Sigurd guide to an end. Where we thoroughly discussed everything about the Emblem Of The Holy War. However, if you believe we missed something, please let us know through the comment section below.

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