Fire Emblem Heroes: Best Unit Builders [Top 3]

Our descriptive guide entails the best Unit Builders apps and websites you can use for Fire Emblem Heroes to find Stats and Skills of Heroes.

Finding the abilities and skills of Heroes with respective stats can be very hard, especially if you have invested in specific stats only. With several levels in Fire Emblem Heroes, the task becomes reasonably tricky. Many Unit Builders feature enemies like Cleobulus in Fire Emblem Heroes as well.

Key Highlights
  • A Unit Builder is where you put all the available information about your Hero, and the Unit Builder will provide you with the data to understand your hero. 
  • Fromshadow is a website that offers many Unit Builders and Generators along with Tier Lists and a map of your own. 
  • The Custom Unit Builder allows you to make your own Character Card with the skills and abilities you like down to the last-minute details. 
  • Online Unit Builder only features existing characters and their skill sets, However, you can customize the abilities and skills you like. 
  • Fehstuff Unit Builder, this website contains Unit Builders, Summon Simulator, and Tier List Builder. The Unit Builder is similar to the previous website but with a few changes. 
  • Fehbuilder App the unique thing about this is that it’s an app and it’s ideal since Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile game and it can be accessed while you’re playing the game. 
unit builder for fire emblem heroes
Unit Builder in Fire Emblem Heroes

Many players prepare their build for the endgame. But they cannot progress efficiently if they are not aware of which stats to invest in and what weapons can synergize well with them. With a Unit Builder, you just have to put all the available information about your Hero, and the Unit Builder will provide you with the following data. 

  • Level  
  • XP Points  
  • HP 
  • ATK 
  • SPD 
  • DEF 
  • RES 
  • SP 
  • HM 

Many wiki pages also use Unit Builders to fetch data regarding the stats of each Hero. The Unit Builder works for enemies and bosses as well. Many Unit Builders cover almost every Hero and Warrior from Fire Emblem. Heroes like Monica and Byleth in Fire Emblem Heroes are also available.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Unit Builders for Fire Emblem Heroes. 

Best Unit Builders In Fire Emblem Heroes  

We have mentioned some of the best Unit Builders you can use to look at the stats for all Heroes in Fire Emblem. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail below. Unit Builder  

The website offers many Unit Builders and Generators for Fire Emblem Heroes. You can even generate a tier list using the website as well as create a map of your own. The website also provides a Summon Simulator that will help you summon your favorite heroes. You can visit the website here.

The website offers two Unit Builders. 

  • Custom Unit Builder 
  • Online Unit Builder 

Let’s take a look at both of them below. 

Custom Unit Builder  

Have you ever imagined yourself or any of your favorite anime characters as a Fire Emblem Hero? Then you’ll be glad to know that this Unit Builder allows you to make your own Character Card with the skills and abilities you like! 

best unit builder in Fire Emblem Heroes Unit Builder

The Custom Unit Builder is very popular among fans of Fire Emblem Heroe. Some Reddit users have even generated their cards for a Dungeons and Dragons themed Fire Emblem game! You can even use the generated card as your icon. The Custom Unit Builder allows you to create custom art and skills and will regenerate on every change. Let’s take a  look at the features it offers 

  • You can name your Hero and title according to your own preferences. 
  • The Unit Builder allows you to customize boons and banes as well. Using this builder, you can choose whatever skills you want as buffs or debuffs. 
  • Attire can also be customized using the builder as well as the Summoner Support. 
  • You can customize your Ascendant Stat and select your unit type as well.  
  • The Unit Builder allows you to customize your Bonus Unit, Move Type, and Weapon Type as well. You can choose from the base names already available or create a name for your weapon yourself. 
  • You can choose any type of merge and select your special and signature skill. 
  • The builder allows you to choose your favorite Mark as well. It can be Hat, Mask, Hair, or a Tiara. 
  • A great thing about the Custom Unit Builder is that it lets you choose blessings like Fire, Water, Wind,  Earth, Light, Dark, Astra, and Anima.  
  • There are many more features that you can explore yourself by visiting the website here. 

Online Unit Builder  

The builder only features existing characters and their skill sets, and you cannot customize your unit name or skills. Once you have selected the unit, you can then choose any of the skills and abilities you like. After you have entered the required data, the builder will generate the character card that you can download. 

custom character card Unit Builder

Following are some features of this fantastic Unit Builder. 

  • You can create five builds at once using the Unit Builder. 
  • The Unit Builder features all characters in Fire Emblem Heroes, including the Villains. 
  • You can choose Attire, Rarity, Summoner Support, and Merges. 
  • There is also an option to choose between 20 DragoFlowers. 
  • You can check regular as well as maximum stats using this builder. 
  • The weapons are already available for each Hero. You just have to select a character, and all the weapons that Hero can equip will appear. 
  • It is a great Unit Builder if you want to check individual stats for each weapon. 
  • You can select Assist, Refine, and Special Skills as well. 
  • With the Unit Builder, you will have four art styles for each character. You can choose between Portrait, Special, Attack, and Damage art styles. 
  • Like the Custom Unit Builder, the builder can also help you select boons and buffs for your character in Fire Emblem Heroes. 

Fehstuff Unit Builder 

The website offers a lot of options along with Unit Builders. You can also use the Summon Simulator and Tier List Builder on the website. The Custom Unit Builder provided by the website works just like the builder mentioned above. However, there are some additional features in this Unit Builder. The website offers two Unit Builders as well. 

  • Custom Unit Builder 
  • Regular Unit Builder  

You can visit the website by clicking here.

Custom Unit Builder 

While most of the features of Fehstuff Unit Builder are similar to Custom Unit Builder, there are some better and extra features that this website offers. All of them are listed down below. 

fire emblem heroes best unit builder
Fehstuff Unit Builder
  • If you like an existing hero, then you can choose the base stats and skills he offers for your own character. You can then alter the skills and abilities the way you want.  
  • There is an option to choose between four weapon types; Infantry, Flying, Cavalry, and Armored. 
  • You can also choose between several weapon types for your heroes available in the Unit Builder. 
  • Since you are creating your own character, you can customize your stats like HP, ATK, SPD, etc. as well. 
  • The Custom Unit  Builder also allows you to choose your own buffs and debuffs. 
  • A great thing that no other Custom Unit Builder offers is different Character Card Templates. You can choose between Echoes, Condensed, Skill List, and Stats/Skills only templates. Thus you can make a variety of character cards. 
  • The builder allows you to choose between 15 flowers. There is also a feature to determine if you want the Resplendent  Outfit/Bonus or not. 
  • You can also select synergy with your ally. 
  • A unique feature of this Custom Unit Builder is that it allows you to select your Ally Support as well.  
  • You can even select the Voice Artist for your character using the builder. 
  • Other features include choosing favorite accessories and skills for your character. 

Regular Unit Builder  

You can use this Unit Builder if you wish to create a character card or know specific stats about any of the existing Heroes in Fire Emblem.

unit builder for stats in Fire Emblem Heroes
Fehstuff Unit Builder

Some features of the Unit Builder by Fehstuff are down below. 

  • You can create up to six builds at once using this Unit Builder. 
  • The Unit Builder by Fehstuff gets updated regularly so that every stat and ability of Heroes in Fire Emblem is in the builder’s data. They have a “Report Issues” section as well. So you can directly give them feedback. 
  • One of the best features of the Unit Builder is that it provides the option to change AR Fortress Advantage. 
  • You select Blessings like Dark, Astra, and Anima. The options like Rarity, Merges, Assets, and Flaws can also be altered. 
  • There are different templates to choose from, and you can also select your favorite accessories. 
  • Once you have selected a Hero, you can see their Voice Actors at the end of the Character Card. 
  • Many players prefer using the Unit Builder for theorycrafting because of the several features it offers. When the player is aware of the stats he needs to invest in, he can come up with the best strategy possible for the endgame. 
  • You can select the option of Max Skills Only to see the stats of a Hero when he reaches the highest level. In this way, you can go for the powerful Heroes most suitable for battles. 

Fehbuilder App 

Since Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile game, many players wish for a builder they can use on their smartphones. The Fehbuilder app does just that and more. You will find many unique features in the app, and the best part about it is you can access it any time you want, even if you’re playing the game! You can get the app here.

app for Unit Builders Fire Emblem Heroes
Fehbuilder App Unit Builder


Some great features of the Fehbuilder app are listed below. 

You can make as many builds as you like. Unlike the other Unit Builders, the Fehbuilder app allows you to save several character builds. This is a great option to keep a check on every stat and ability of your team. 

The app is very easy to use, and there is a Summoner Support option as well.  

You can select between Neutral and Maximum Stats. The feature will help you determine if a particular build is endgame worthy or not. 

  • The app interface is user-friendly and has all features you’ll need to make a build.  
  • DLC characters are also included in the app. The app gets updated from time to time with every new information that gets added to the wiki page. There are a few weapons missing for some characters due to the information not being available.  
  • The best part about the builder is the Arena Points Calculator. You can basically predict the number of points you will get using certain Fire Emblem Heroes. Just choose any of the four characters you intend to play, and the calculator will predict the amount of Arena Points you can get. 
  • Another great feature of the Fehbuilder app is that it allows you to publish your builds. If you feel like you have a great build for the endgame, you can share it with the world through this app. Many players that like theorycrafting will benefit a lot from the feature. 
  • You can also choose any of the published builds and alter them if you want to. The available builds can act as a base, so you won’t have to start from scratch. 
  • By using the Fehbuilder app, you can simulate battles of Fire Emblem as well. There is an option of creating your own battle teams as well. 

Our Take 

With so many Unit Builders online, one tends to get confused about what builder might suit them the most. The Unit Builders available on the website are easier to use and get updated regularly as well. But the Fehbuilder has many unique features like Arena Points Calculator, Publish option, and Battle Simulator that other Unit Builders don’t offer. 

However, the players can test the Unit Builders and decide for themselves what to use. With this, we conclude our guide on the best Unit Builders available for Fire Emblem Heroes. 

Other Tips

The free-to-play tactical RPG developed by Intelligent Systems, Fire Emblem Heroes, is a mobile spin-off published by Nintendo for Android and iOS. Fire Emblem has many Heroes in its character roster; you can check them all out in our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List. The Resplendent Heroes are unique with their own skills and abilities. Finding their stats and abilities in Fire Emblem Heroes can be pretty hard; thus, many players use Unit Builders for this purpose. 

Knowing Heroes’ stats is essential so you can choose suitable Relics and Weapons in Fire Emblem. You will get to play familiar characters like Lindhardt, Bernadetta, and Hubert in Fire Emblem Heroes. To recruit the heroes, take a look at the Fire Emblem Recruitment guide. 

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