Fire Emblem Heroes Nifl: Skills, Stats, Pros & Cons

This Fire Emblem Heroes Nifl guide will showcase a character overview for players wanting her!

Before moving into the details about Fire Emblem Heroes Nifl’s character, let’s get a basic overview of her. Nifl is essentially the God of Ice, by which it can be made pretty clear that she will be controlling her enemies using the Ice powers and obliterating them. 

Key Highlights
  • Nifi is the rarest character in Fire Emblem Heroes. She is the God of Ice which makes her extremely powerful. 
  • She is typically used to placing debuffs on the enemies, which makes them vulnerable.
  • Nifi has some of the best skills in the game that she can bring to your team. Including Flash, Resistance, and Frostbite Breath.
  • Her damage negation is also pretty solid, meaning she can attack back if needed while fighting tougher or weaker enemies.
  • However, she is vulnerable to Dragon-based weapons. 

Who Is Nifl In FE3H

Fire Emblem Nifl
Weapon TypeRarityStats (Level 1)Passive SkillsAssistive SkillsOther Skills
Blue Breath (Dragonstone type); Close and magical weaponFive-star rarity heroHP: 17, Attack: 24, Speed: 13, Defense: Low, Resistance: Low– The Domain of Ice: Grants Speed and Resistance +4; provides 30% damage reduction to allies
– Lull Atk/Speed (1-4): Places attack and speed debuffs on enemies; neutralizes enemy buffs in attack and speed
– AR-D Atk/Speed (1-4): Grants Attack and Speed boosts in Aether Raids defense line
– Rally Resistance: Grants adjacent teammate +4 Resistance
– Rally Def/Resistance+: Grants adjacent teammate +6 Defense and Resistance for one turn
– Frostbite Breath: Increases Speed by +3
– Flametongue, Fire Breath, Fire Breath+: No immediate effect

Nifl is a five-star rarity hero, meaning that, unlike the other characters that are typically less popular, she is supposed to be as rare as possible, making her all the more difficult to get your hands on her. The only possible way to obtain her is through summoning, and even then, it might be a high chance whereby you might not get her. 

Her weapon type is a “Blue Breath,” a Dragonstone type. Its classifications include it being the close and magical weapon, granting Nifl in Fire Emblem magical powers that she can use as much as she wants while in combat. 

As for her move type, she is a cavalry-based character, which grants her the ability to move from one place to another in about 3 or so spaces at one time. She was also released on 19th July 2021, making her one of the newer characters in the Fire Emblem Heroes saga. 

Basic Playstyle 

As the playstyle of hero Nifl, she is a character that will be typically used in combat to place down debuffs on her enemies, which will not only make her opponents vulnerable but also make them all the more susceptible to taking in damage. This makes it extremely easy to obliterate them and gain victory over them. 

On top of that, she will also apply for the “Flash” status to her foes within her radius, within 2 spaces within which she can move whenever she is active on the field. She can also grant herself and her teammates resistance and speed enhancements, making her skill casting and damage dealing much faster and more efficient.

Her damage negation is also pretty solid, meaning she can attack back if needed while fighting tougher or weaker enemies. Anytime an enemy launches the first attack against her, she will gain a 30% overall damage negation, reducing the amount of damage she takes in, allowing her to stay alive for longer periods on the battlefield. Read up on our Fire Emblem Heroes Best Unit builder guide to educate yourself on what exactly a unit builder is and how it can benefit you in-game!

Nifl Stats 

Fire Emblem Nifl Stats
Nifl Stats

Next up, let’s look at some of the Fire Emblem character stats for Nifl that are offered to players. She is known to boost her overall HP, as well as her attack and Speed, having her stats and ratings over her defense and resistance while on the battlefield. 

Level One Stats


Whenever she is first summoned forth and put in the player’s arsenal, it is pretty natural that her stats will be pretty lackluster. Her HP will only be 17, but it will not be the lowest stat, as most others will be even on the lower end. 

Her base attack will be set to 24, which will only continue to increase whenever she gets leveled up, making her all the stronger whenever she is used in the arena. Her stats are going to be boosted up as she is used more. 

For her Speed, it will also be pretty respectable even when she is level one in Fire Emblem, as it will be fixed at 13. However, her defense and resistance will be on the lower end, making her a squisher character. 

Level 40 Base Stats


When she is being used even more and is starting to be leveled up, she will eventually reach level 40. Her base HP will be 39, which is pretty admirable, making her stay alive for longer periods while in the arena. 

Her base attack will be fixed to 38, while her mobility or Speed will be the highest stat, with it being 40, and the main reason is always that her mobility is supposed to be her main driving feature. 

As for her defense and resistance, the stats will be 27 and 23, respectively, not the lowest, but not the highest. 

Level 40 Plus 10 Bonus Stats


Her five-star level 40 and extra ten stats will be even higher than her usual level 40 stats. Her HP will be bumped up to 44 from the usual 39, while her attack will be enhanced up to 43 from the usual 38. As for her Speed, it will be increased by 5. 

Her defense and resistance will be 31 and 27, while she usually will have her stats set at 27 and 23 at level 40. Do not miss out on our Fire Emblem Heroes Resplendent Heroes guide so that you can find out just what Resplendent heroes are and how you can obtain them to add them to your party and then use them in combat!

Skill Buffed Stats


To get the most use out of Nifl in late-game Fire Emblem, she can use her skill-buffed stats, which make her even stronger. Her HP increases to 44, while her attack and Speed get buffed to 59 and 48, which is pretty high compared to the usual stats. 

Her defense and resistance will remain the same as they were in the Level 40 plus 10 stats. However, she still gets to be used in combat, making her stats pretty solid. 

Recommended Identity Values For Nifl 

Let’s keep moving on with the next category: identity values and the recommended values in which Fire Emblem players should invest. 

What Is A Superboon/Superbane

The first thing that players should look into if they are a newer player using Nifl in Fire Emblem is the definition of a superboon and a superbane, and before that, they should even know what a bane and a boon are. 

Every character will usually have some stats like their HP, attack, resistance, and defense will have a stat allocated to them. They will typically have a low, neutral, or high stat allocation. There will be a certain amount of point differential to these stats, which will naturally increase or decrease. 

Normal boon will add 3 points to a stat, while normal Bane will decrease 3 points from a stat. As for Super boon, it will add up 4 points instead of 3 to that, and, as you can guess, superbane will decrease 4 stats from a stat. 

Stats And Banes 

Let’s take a look at whether the base stats that are being offered to Fire Emblem Heroes Nifl are superboon or superbane, and based on that, we can consider what the best course of action might be for her usage. 

Her HP stat will have the superbane tag, meaning that there is a high chance that there might be a -4 reduction to her stat. Meanwhile, her attack can be superboon, meaning that it is a positive stat and can gain +4 pints, making her damage output all the stronger. 

Her mobility is already her defining feature and makes it the superboon. She will obliterate by being able to swiftly cast her skills and making it a joke whenever it comes the time to achieve victory. 

Even her defense stat has a superboon allocated to it, meaning that that can be too, making her lit more self-sustainable while in combat. As for her resistance, there isn’t an allocated superboon or superbane given to her, so it’s up to the plater to choose the allocations. In order to get to know which of the characters in the Fire Emblem universe are the best-performing, why not read up on our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List? It goes into extensive detail about which characters you should invest in from early game!

Recommended Point Allocations 

Last but not least, let’s consider the optimal superbane or superboon allocations for Nifl in the late game. Considering her Speed already has a superboon, it is best to invest in it. It will increase her mobility even more, making her a strong candidate for daily use for tougher fights, and she will be a solid member of every party. 

It is also vital to invest in her attack as much as possible so that she can attack enemies if she is left alone and so that she is not solely there to be supported. Her Speed will be high as usual, but investing in her attack will only benefit her. Therefore it is optimal for a +10 build as it overpowers her when she is in use for combat. 

Nifl Skills 

Fire Emblem Nifl Skills
Nifl Skills

Next up, let’s take a look at the different skills that are offered p nifl in Fire Emblem’s gameplay and how the skills affect the other party members. 

Passive Skills 

The Domain of IceIncrease speed and resistance by 4 and 30% damage reduction to allies
Lull Atk/Speed (1-4)Places attack and speed debuffs and neutralizes attack and speed enemy buffs
AR-D Atk/Speed (1-4)Grants Attack and Speed boosts in Aether Raids defense line

Let’s take a quick peek at her passive skills, which she can use to gain dominance over her enemies. 

  • The domain of Ice: Upon casting, it will increase a speed and resistance bonus by 4, and it will also offer up the effect whereby she will gain a 30% damage reduction to her fellow allies. 
  • Lull Atk/Speed One: Upon casting, it will place down an attack and speed debuff on enemies, reducing their Speed and attack by one, and it will also neutralize any kind of buff they have on themselves to attack and speed. 
  • Lull Atk/Speed Two: Considering this skill is just a level 2 of the Lull Atk/Speed One, the only major change it brings to the table is that it will inflict a speed and attack -2 on enemies instead of increasing their debuffs by one. 
  • Lull Atk/Speed Three: Place down the same attack and speed debuffs on enemies, but it will increase it by 3 levels, making the Fire Emblem Enemies all the weaker and susceptible to damage from your end. 
  • AR-D Atk/Speed One: anytime the skill is summoned while in combat, it will provide the player with ana track and speed boost by 1, allowing them to render their enemies useless by using Fire Emblem Heroes Nifl
  • AR-D Atk/Spd Two: Same as before, except it will now grant a +2 to the player’s overall mobility and attack, increasing their overall damage output, even more, allowing them to take down their enemies faster. 
  • AR-D Atk/Speed Three: Grants a +3 to the two stats as mentioned above whenever the player is busy trying to defeat enemies, whether single-target or difficult enemies. 
  • AR-D Atk/Speed Four: Whenever the player is in an Aether Raid and is in the defense line, they will gain a +4 to their Speed and attack, as we mentioned before. 

Assistive Skills 

Rally ResistanceIncrease adjacent teammate overall resistance by +4
Rally Def/Resistance +Increase adjacent teammate overall resistance and defense by +6
Rally Def/ResistanceIncrease adjacent teammate overall resistance and defense by +3

The next set of skills we would like to discuss will be some assistive skills that can benefit the player even more. 

  • Rally Resistance: THe skill will mainly place its focus on giving any teammate that is adjacent to you an increase in their overall resistance by +4, making them a lot stronger to any kinds of incoming attacks from the enemy’s end 
  • Rally Def/Resistance +: Upon casting Rally Def/Resistance+, an adjacent team member will experience that their resistance and defense both will be boosted up by a total of +6, and it will last for a total of one turn(s)
  • Rally Def/Resistance: The third assistive skill is a basic version of the Def/Resistance+ skill, as it will only increase the defense and resistance by a total of +3. 

Other Skills 

Some other skills that will be included will be: 

  • Frostbite Breath: Increase the Speed by +3. 
  • Flametongue: No Immediate effect
  • Fire Breath: No Effect 
  • Fire Breath+: No immediate effect. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Nifl 

Fire Emblem Using Nifl
Using Nifl

Last but not least, let’s look into the pros and cons that players might experience whenever they are using Fire Emblem Heroes Nifl in combat. Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Flayn guide if you want to get to know more about the characters available in other Fire Emblem games!


One of the main benefits of using Nifl in your team is that her biggest advantages fall in her skills, one of them being Domain of Ice, which is one of the best skills Nifl can bring to the table. 

Whenever cast, it not only provides a speed and resistance increase by +4 to fellow members, but it will also increase the ally’s damage negation by 30%. This allows them to take in attack after attack but not get damaged by it for a long time and survive for longer. 

Another pro of using Nifl in battle is that her Frostbite Breath which is essentially a weapon-based skill will continue to inflict four different debuffs on enemies, including attack, defense, resistance, and Speed debuff by 5, greatly weakening them. It allows the player to charge forth and render them useless. 


Unfortunately, with pros also come cons, and the same can be said for Nifl in Fire Emblem.

  • One of her biggest disadvantages includes her being extremely weak to Dragon-based weapons. She will continue to intake 1.5 extra damage from dragon-based weapons like that of Falchion or Divine Breath
  • Suppose Nifl ends up having damage reduction in her arsenal. In that case, she will continue to take in even more damage, making her all the more susceptible to taking damage and even potentially deadly. 
  • She is also incredibly weak to cavalry-based weapons, as she will also intake 1.5 bonus damage from these types of weapons, and some examples include that of the Keen Blarwolf.
  • Last, but not least, she is not good with crossing trenches, and this is typically not good, as it may severely hinder the way she is usually able to make use of her insane mobility to quickly reach enemies by moving across the spaces and killing them off. It only slows her down and makes her more vulnerable to enemy attacks. 

Overall Ranking 

Nifl is known to be a pretty solid character, and with some of the insane skills in her arsenal, she is known to be one of the best characters to summon for and invest in. as for her ranking, she is known to be an A-ranked unit, specifically for those Fire Emblem players that end up rerolling their characters, and want to get her!

As for usual and overall ranking, even then, she ends up being an A-ranked unit, making her pretty usable, both in daily use as well as heavier combat. While she is not one of the best characters in Fire Emblem, she is certainly not the worst. With that, we will wrap up our Fire Emblem Heroes Nifl guide! You might find our Fire Emblem Three Hopes Recruitment Guide helpful!

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