Fire Emblem Heroes Thorr: Best Builds, Skills & Weapons

Fire Emblem Heroes features great Gacha gameplay, and players can add many new characters to their team. After obtaining various teammates, players can build them to perform in combat. One such worthy character in Fire Emblem Heroes is Thorr. Her playstyle would allow you to either use her as a furious damage dealer or support. Thorr can certainly be a useful member to belong in your unit due to her great potential and skills.

Key Highlights
  • Thorr Is one of the worthy characters due to her great potential and skills in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Thorr has great attack and defense stats, along with speed and good resistance, and she can act as both a supporting character and a damage dealer.
  • Her passive skill is called Worldbreaker, this skill helps to inflict additional damage on enemies and it also allows a faster cooldown.
  • Flow Guard is another one of Thorr’s Passive skills, players use it for attacks without hindrances and it also reduces the opponent’s countdown.
  • Thorr has an ability called Bonfire that increases her attack damage.
  • Mjölnir is the weapon of choice for her as this weapon is effective against armored enemies, she can also boost her attacks and can nullify various enemy buffs.

Before we begin, let’s go through the build summary for Thorr:

- Attack: 47
- Defense: 45
- Health: 43
- Resistance: 37
- Speed: 22
- Worldbreaker
- Bonefire
- Flow Guard
- Iron Axe
- Steel Axe
- Silver Axe
- War-God Mjolnir

Thorr Best Builds 

fire emblem heroes thorr build
Thorr Builds

Thorr can be either used as a support or a DPS, and we would discuss both Thorr builds in Fire Emblem Heroes.

DPS build

It is recommended to equip her with her unique weapon, “War-God Mjölnir”. The weapon is great at damage dealing and can crush an opponent’s armor. You may also use the Galeforce skill that would provide you with one additional turn to inflict more damage.

You can also use the Worldbreaker skill that would allow further damage through faster cooldowns. Additionally, you can also equip the Flowguard skill for smoother combat. To further increase your attack and defense, it’s recommended to use an Attack /Defense Push 4 skill.

For her stats IVs, it’s suggested to either focus on increasing the attack, health, or special defense. The attack stat should be given more priority if you want to inflict tremendous damage. You can create a monstrous Thorr in Fire Emblem Heroes that can crush enemies with this attack build.

Support Build

Thorr, with her support build, can inflict great damage while also acting as a tank and support. For the support build, it’s recommended to increase the IVs of defense to get maximum durability during combat. If you utilize the bonfire skill, you can also inflict additional damage depending on 50% of her defense.

You might also want to focus on increasing her resistance as much as possible, so make sure to pick weapons and passive skills that would contribute to her defense and resistance significantly.

The Worldbreaker skill would also allow faster cooldown charges to both Thorr and your teammates.

Thorr Best Skills

Thorr weapons

Thorr’s Skills in Fire Emblem Heroes can allow her to act as a support for your team. She can boost your defense and attack potential greatly, which will aid players against many tough enemies.



The Worldbreaker passive skill is exclusive only to Thorr. It’s an extremely helpful skill that would help you to inflict additional damage to the enemies. The Worldbreaker would allow a faster cooldown so players can destroy enemies with a series of furious attacks one after another.

This skill would apply to both Thorr and her allies, so you can either use Thorr’s dangerous attacks to take down enemies, or you can use the ability to support teammates.



Thorr is known for her great defense, and the Bonfire ability is sure to increase her damage-dealing potential greatly. The Bonfire Skill would increase Thorr’s attack scaling on her defense. The attack would increase about 50% of her defense stat.

Since Thorr has a high defense stat of 45, you would be able to get a huge attack boost. The attack boost is sure to aid you when battling against tougher opponents.

Flow Guard


The Flow Guard is a useful passive skill that players can utilize to inflict follow-up attacks without hindrances. The skill would also reduce opponents’ countdown making their damage-dealing capabilities much slower.

The smooth flow of follow-up attacks and the opponent’s slow cooldown can certainly make your team dangerous. They can inflict furious attacks while the enemies are powerless; the opponents would seldom be able to hit you with any of their special attacks.

Thorr’s Best Weapons

Thorr is an Axe user, and she can use a variety of Axes, including her unique axe, “War-God Mjölnir”. Here are some of the weapons Thorr can use in Fire Emblem Heroes. Also, if you are playing FE3H, we listed some of the best weapons in Fire Emblem Three Hopes and relics you should know in the game.

Iron Axe

Weapon TypeMightRangeSP

The Iron Axe is one of the standard weapons that players can obtain in the early game. The Iron Axe has average accuracy with decent might stats. It can be used 43 times before it runs out of usage. You can sell the weapon later on in the game for 360 gold. The Iron Axe won’t be viable in the later game, so make sure to pick a better weapon for thorr if you have advanced through the game significantly.

Steel Axe

Weapon TypeMightRangeSP

The Steel Axe is much better compared to the Iron axe when it comes to the might stats. However, the usage of the axe is limited to only 31. The hit percentage of the weapon is 70% making the weapon inconsistent in serious combat. The steel axe’s performance is hard to predict in combat, so the Iron axe is recommended over it.

Silver Axe

Weapon TypeMightRangeSP

The Silver Axe is one of the deadliest weapons due to its great base might of 15. The weapon can be used 50 times before it runs out of durability. While the hit percentage is only 70%, it’s worth getting it because of its great damage-dealing capabilities.

War-God Mjölnir

Weapon TypeMightRangeSPEffectiveness

The War-God Mjölnir is Thorr’s unique weapon and unarguably the best weapon choice for her. The weapon is highly effective against armored enemies. She can power through the armor of many difficult opponents rendering them helpless. The weapon is considered the best for Thorr in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Moreover, with her weapon skill, If she has a hp above 25 percent during the start of combat, she can also boost her attacks while lowering the opponent’s attack damage by 6. Furthermore, she can also nullify various enemy buffs, including Rally and Fortify, if a unit is not adjacent to a teammate.

Who Is Thorr in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Fire emblem heroes thorr

Fire emblem heroes feature multiple antagonists that players would encounter during their adventures. Thorr is one such antagonist, She is a god of war in Fire Emblem Heroes, and she serves under Alfaðör. She has a much more serious personality compared to Loki and often gets annoyed by his behavior, threatening to report him to the authorities.

She often criticizes Loki for his lack of seriousness and mocks him for losing. Thorr respects strong warriors even if they are dolls of heroes, and She gets thrilled by anyone who shows might and seriousness in battles. Thorr also has a great sense of honor and fulfills her bargains.

Thorr Stats

Thorr has overall great defense and attack stats, along with good resistance and speed. Her defense is higher than most characters in the game. Moreover, she can also use her skills to boost her attack significantly depending on her defense. So, Thorr can act as both a support and great damage dealer.

  • Attack: 47
  • Defense: 45
  • Resistance: 37
  • Speed: 22
  • HP: 43


Thorr is certainly an interesting character in Fire Emblem Heroes, and She can be a useful party member whether you need a great damage dealer or support. Thorr has a great assortment of skills, and her unique weapon packs a great punch. If you utilize the builds in this guide, you can truly awaken her full potential.

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