Fire Emblem Three Hopes Limited vs Standard Edition

This Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes guide contains all the information regarding our comparison for the Limited Edition and the Standard Edition of the Game.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is a Nintendo Switch game. You can go ahead and buy the physical copies of the game. Another news that has surfaced in the past couple of days is regarding the Special Edition of the game, which will be the subject of our guide today. In our guide, we shall compare Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Limited Edition vs. Standard Edition.

Key Highlights
  • Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes game is available as a digital download or physical copy for Nintendo Switch.
  • Physical copies come in standard and limited editions.
  • The standard edition includes a game card and is $59.99.
  • The limited edition includes merchandise and is $89.99, only available in Europe.
  • The limited edition has sold out and maybe restocked online or at local stores in the EU.

Which Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Game Edition To Buy?

Apart from the hack-and-slash combat, Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is a game that skillfully balances its repetitive combat with the classic Fire Emblem strategy building and micromanagement. The contrast makes it a lot more fun to play than other games in the Hack and Slash genre.

If you are thinking about buying the game, then you can either download it from the Nintendo Store or you can buy a physical copy of the game for your Nintendo Switch. It will depend entirely on your personal preferences. However, there are certain perks if you can get your hands on the Limited edition of the game.

Though it does not have any in-game enhancements, it does have many bonus materials and merchandise if you are a fan of the game.

Here’s a summary of the differences in editions: 

AspectStandard EditionLimited Edition (Europe Exclusive)
Included ContentGame cardGame card, art book, tapestry of the map of Fodlan, set of five acrylic figurines, character postcards
AvailabilityAvailable for purchase online and from local retailersSold out quickly; may be restocked on online websites or local stores in the EU
Price$59.99 (standard price)$89.99 (limited edition price)
Merchandise and Collectibles IncludedNoneArt book, map tapestry, acrylic figurines, character postcards
Region AvailabilityAvailable worldwideExclusive to Europe

What Comes in the Game Edition Boxes?

Assuming that you have decided on buying the physical copy of the game; let’s go through each item that is included with the physical copy in the standard edition and the limited edition.

Standard Edition

Sadly, if you just get the standard physical copy of the game, you will not get any extra perks or added content. The standard edition only has the game card for the Fire Emblem Warriors three hopes.

You can get the Standard copy on order from the online Nintendo store for 59.99 $. If you decide otherwise, you can also check with your local retailers if they have a physical copy of the game.

Limited Edition

Packedging for Limited Edition of Fire Emblem Warriors
Box for Fire Emblem Warriors Limited Edition.

If you compare Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Limited edition vs Standard edition, you will learn that the latter has a lot more goodies than the former. Although the limited edition does not have any additional in-game content, it does have a lot of merchandise. If you are a fan of the game or even a collector, we are sure that you would enjoy the limited edition of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes. Here’s what you get in the box.

Fire Emblem Warriors lImited Edition Box
The Contents of the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Limited Edition Package.
  • Game card.
  • Art Book.
  • Tapestry of the map of Fodlan.
  • Set of Five Acrylic Figurines (Acrylic figurines for some characters in the game).
  • Character Post Cards.

To the average consumer, it might not look like a lot. However, for diehard fans and collectors, this is a huge opportunity to get their hands on some official merchandise for their favorite game.

Where Can You Buy The Limited Edition of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes?

The Limited Edition for the game is exclusive to Europe only. The news about the limited edition surfaced initially when it was found inside stores in the UK. As for the price the limited edition is listed for 89.99 $ on My Nintendo Store.

As expected, the limited edition got sold out quite quickly and we haven’t seen any restocks so far. You might want to check online websites My Nintendo Store or The Game Collection to see when the game restocks. If you are living in the EU then try to check if your local store has any stock left.

Well, that was all that you needed to know about the Fire Emblem Warriors Limited Edition vs Standard Edition. If you have any further questions as away in the comments below.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is the second game in the Fire Emblem Warriors franchise. Although it has only been a few days since its release on Nintendo Switch, the game has been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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