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Fire Emblem Three Houses best ending guide is going to talk about all four endings and what they feature.

There are plenty of video games out there that have multiple endings. Witcher 3, for example, has 36 different endings. The recently released Elden Ring is also a great example of this, as the game features a total of six different endings.

As for Fire Emblem Three Houses, it’s no different. A lot of players don’t know this, but there exist a total of four endings in the game. And today, we’ll be talking about the best ending in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Key Highlights

Verdant Wind:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Edelgard and the Empire.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the new Empire and works to create a more equal society.

Silver Snow:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Dimitri and the Kingdom of Faerghus.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the Kingdom and works to repair damage caused by the war.

Crimson Flower:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Claude and the Alliance.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the Alliance and works to establish a more democratic government.

Azure Moon:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Rhea and the Church of Seiros.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the Church and works to reform and modernize it.

All Endings in Fire Emblem Three Houses  

If you’ve been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses, you already know the game lets you choose from three houses at the beginning. You need to be extremely careful while choosing a house, as each one will make you go through a different series of events.

But since each house offers a unique experience, it is recommended that you try all of them out. After all, this is the only right way of getting the most out of Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Many players wonder which Fire Emblem Three Houses ending is the best. The choice varies from player to player, as each path has you meeting different characters. But today, we are going to talk about the ending we think is the best.

But before we talk about the best one, we will list all of them down so you can have a rough idea about what each ending offers. While you’re at it, make sure to check out all romance options in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Verdant Wind

The Verdant Wind route in Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the four possible endings you can achieve in the game. Here’s an overview:

  • House Selection: To embark on the Verdant Wind route, you need to choose the Golden Deer house during Chapter 1. This choice will determine your entire journey throughout the game.
  • Focus on Lore: The Verdant Wind route is known for its emphasis on the game’s lore. It delves deep into the lore of Fodlan and offers extensive insights into the world’s history.
  • Main Lord – Claude: Claude serves as the main lord of the Verdant Wind route. The storyline explores the dynamics between different nations and factions within Fodlan. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with characters from outside Fodlan.
  • Lore-Centric Experience: This route is designed for players who prefer a more lore-centric experience and want to stick to a single storyline without extensive branching.
  • Character Focus: While the Verdant Wind route provides a rich lore experience, it may not offer as much character development or exploration as some of the other routes. Players who are keen to learn more about individual characters may find this aspect lacking.
  • Ending Outcome: At the end of the Verdant Wind route, you’ll see improved relations between Almyra and Fodlan, as well as progress in resolving race-related issues. It aims to address foreign and internal relations positively.

Overall, the Verdant Wind route in Fire Emblem Three Houses is a choice for players interested in the lore and world-building aspects of the game, but it may not provide as much character-focused storytelling as some other routes.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Ending

Verdant Wind Ending

Silver Snow

Coming towards the second ending of Fire Emblem Three Houses, the Silver Snow.

The Silver Snow route in Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the game’s endings, achieved by choosing the Black Eagles House during Chapter 1. However, it’s important to follow specific steps to access this route:

  1. Maintain Edelgard’s Support: To access the Silver Snow route, ensure that your support level with Edelgard does not exceed C+. If it goes beyond this, you won’t be able to trigger the Silver Snow ending.
  2. Chapter 11 Decision: If you accidentally raise your support with Edelgard beyond C+, don’t worry. When you reach Chapter 11, Edelgard will discuss the Monastery with you. Choose the option “I must stay here” to avoid progressing towards Edelgard’s route.
  3. Progress to Critical Point: If you still make the wrong choice and progress further, you’ll eventually reach a point where Rhea asks you to kill Edelgard. At this point, Edelgard’s true identity as the Flame Emperor is revealed, and you must defeat her to access the Silver Snow route.
Silver Snow Ending
Silver Snow Ending

The Silver Snow ending takes you on a journey involving various characters, including Rhea, Seteth, Jeralt, Flayn, and Edelgard. You play as Byleth and learn about the Church of Seiros during this route. While it was the first-written route in the game, some players find it less engaging compared to other routes because much of the information can also be learned in other routes.

The Silver Snow ending provides backstory for certain characters but may not be as unique or captivating as some of the other endings in Fire Emblem Three Houses. It may not be considered the best ending by many players, but it does offer a different perspective on the game’s story.

Crimson Flower

The Crimson Flower is the third ending of Fire Emblem Three Houses and it also happens to be an ending that can be unlocked by choosing the Black Eagles House during Chapter 1.

To access this route, you need to follow specific steps:

  1. Raise Edelgard’s Support: Unlike the Silver Snow route, for the Crimson Flower route, you must raise your support level with Edelgard beyond C+.
  2. Chapter 11 Decision: When you reach Chapter 11, during a conversation with Edelgard about the Monastery, choose the option “I’ll go with you.” This choice aligns you with Edelgard’s route.
  3. Protect Edelgard: In the same Chapter 11, after Edelgard’s true identity is revealed, Rhea will instruct you to kill her. However, for the Crimson Flower ending, you must protect Edelgard instead.

The Crimson Flower route presents a different perspective on the game’s events, as you side with Edelgard and see the story from the Flame Emperor’s point of view.

However, the route’s enjoyment depends on personal beliefs and how you view Edelgard’s character and her goals. If you sympathize with her beliefs and goals, you may find the route intriguing. On the other hand, if you perceive her as a villain, it might be a challenging route to engage with.

In the Crimson Flower ending, you’ll witness significant changes in the Church, including Rhea’s fate. Claude’s fate may also take a different turn, and you’ll gain insights into the reasons behind Edelgard’s war against the Church, as well as the darker aspects of Fodlan’s history. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Ending
Crimson Flower Ending

Azure Moon

The Azure Moon ending in Fire Emblem Three Houses is the fourth and final ending option. To access this route, you need to choose the Blue Lions House during Chapter 1. Unlike some other routes, there are no specific character support levels or decisions to maintain for this ending.

Azure Moon Ending:

  • In the Azure Moon route, you’ll assume the role of Dimitri, who serves as the main character and lord of the route. The storyline delves into Dimitri’s past and explores his emotional struggles.
  • One of the key elements of this route is the revelation of the events surrounding the Tragedy of Duscur, shedding light on this significant event in the game’s lore.
  • The route also explores the relationship between Edelgard and Dimitri, offering insights into why Dimitri is not loyal to her.
  • At the conclusion of the Azure Moon route, you’ll witness Dimitri’s rise and the reformation of the Church. Importantly, Rhea will step down from her position in the Church, eliminating the need for her to be killed.

The Azure Moon route provides players with a deeper understanding of Dimitri’s character and the events that have shaped him. It also offers a unique perspective on the game’s lore and the relationships between key characters.

Best Fire Emblem Three Houses Ending
Azure Moon Ending

Overall, the ending is decent and is something everyone will enjoy.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Ending 

The Azure Moon ending is the best Fire Emblem Three Houses ending. Some of you might disagree with this, but it is the complete ending. The route has everything one can ask for, such as an interesting story filled with amazing characters, lots of lore, and a satisfying ending. Seeing the fall and rise of Dimitri is pretty amazing, and it deserves to be called the best ending. 

The Crimson Flower ending also had the potential to be the best one, but it is a little rushed compared to the other endings.

Furthermore, as the beliefs of Edelgard might be a little too evil for some players, there can be a great clash of opinions. Therefore, we’ll just keep it in the other group. 

This was everything related to the best ending in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Keep in mind that calling the Azure Moon ending the best is our personal opinion, and it is totally okay if you disagree with it.

It is because the choice varies from person to person, and everyone thinks differently about the events going on in the game. 

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