FETH: All Four Endings Explained

Fire Emblem Three Houses best ending guide is going to talk about all four endings and what they feature.

There are plenty of video games out there that have multiple endings. Witcher 3, for example, has 36 different endings. The recently released Elden Ring is also a great example of this, as the game features a total of six different endings.

As for Fire Emblem Three Houses, it’s no different. A lot of players don’t know this, but there exist a total of four endings in the game. And today, we’ll be talking about the best ending in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Key Highlights

Verdant Wind:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Edelgard and the Empire.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the new Empire and works to create a more equal society.

Silver Snow:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Dimitri and the Kingdom of Faerghus.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the Kingdom and works to repair damage caused by the war.

Crimson Flower:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Claude and the Alliance.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the Alliance and works to establish a more democratic government.

Azure Moon:

  1. This ending is achieved by siding with Rhea and the Church of Seiros.
  2. The main character becomes the leader of the Church and works to reform and modernize it.

All Endings in Fire Emblem Three Houses  

If you’ve been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses, you already know the game lets you choose from three houses at the beginning. You need to be extremely careful while choosing a house, as each one will make you go through a different series of events.

But since each house offers a unique experience, it is recommended that you try all of them out. After all, this is the only right way of getting the most out of Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Many players wonder which Fire Emblem Three Houses ending is the best. The choice varies from player to player, as each path has you meeting different characters. But today, we are going to talk about the ending we think is the best.

But before we talk about the best one, we will list all of them down so you can have a rough idea about what each ending offers. While you’re at it, make sure to check out all romance options in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Verdant Wind

Verdant Wind is one of the four endings of Fire Emblem Three Houses. You get it by choosing the Golden Deer house during Chapter 1. After you choose this house, your entire journey will circle around the Verdant Wind route.

The best thing about choosing the Golden Deer house is that you get to learn so much about the game’s lore. In fact, it happens to feature the most lore compared to the other two houses.

The main lord of the Verdant Wind route is Claude, and you’ll get to explore the things happening between different nations and factions residing in Fodlan. However, you won’t be limited to Fodlan, as you’ll meet and interact with characters outside of it as well.

Furthermore, this route is specially made for those who want to stick to a single route, but want to learn as much as they can about the game. Other routes might have you wandering from here and there, something that can be a negative point for some players. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Ending
Verdant Wind Ending

The biggest downside attached to the Verdant Wind route is that it tends to focus more on the ongoing war and the history of the nation instead of the characters. Fire Emblem Three Houses features a lot of characters, and players are always waiting to know more about them.

Sadly, Verdant Wind does a poor job when it comes to characters and you shouldn’t expect it to help you learn more about your favorite ones. But if you’re more driven towards the war between the nations, you’ll love this route and ending.

At the end of the Verdant Wind route, you’ll witness that the relations between Almyra and Fodlan have improved. Furthermore, most of the race issues will be fixed. Overall, foreign relations and internal relations will be improved. However, there are still some things missing from it, so it can’t be referred to as the best Fore Emblem Three Houses ending. 

Silver Snow

Coming towards the second ending of Fire Emblem Three Houses, the Silver Snow. The ending can be achieved by choosing the Black Eagles House during Chapter. But since there is another ending that can be triggered by choosing Black Eagles House, you will need to follow certain steps. 

The first thing you need to make sure is that your status with Edelgard does not go past C+. If it happens, you won’t be able to get the Silver Snow ending. But if you somehow accidentally got it past C+, don’t panic as there is a way to fix it. All you need to do is reach Chapter 11, where Edelgard will have a conversation with you about Monastery. When it happens, choose the “I must stay here” option. 

But if you messed up this time as well and somehow chose the other option, “I’ll go with you instead,”, keep on progressing forward until you reach a point where you will be given the task to kill Edelgard by Rhea.

By the time, Edelgard’s true identity as the Flame Emperor will have been revealed, and you must kill her to get the Silver Snow ending.

Silver Snow Ending
Silver Snow Ending

The Silver Snow route wanders around multiple characters, including Rhea, Seteht, Jeralt, Flayn, and Edelgard. Your main goal throughout the journey will be to confront Edelgard at the end. You get to play as Byleth, and you’ll learn a lot about the Church of Seiros during it. 

The most interesting thing about Silver Snow is that it was the first-ever written route of the game. However, despite this, it’s still a little dry compared to the other routes.

If you ask why; it’s because whatever you can learn in the Silver Snow route can be learned during the other ones as well. Also, check out the correct responses for the advice box in Fire Emblem Three Houses

You will get to know the backstory of some characters, but it does not make the route special enough to be chosen over others. In other words, it is far away from being called the best ending in Fire Emblem Three Houses. However, a lot of players don’t know but the Silver Snow ending is the secret ending of Fire Emblem Three Houses. 

Crimson Flower

The Crimson Flower is the third ending of Fire Emblem Three Houses and it also happens to be an ending that can be unlocked by choosing the Black Eagles House during Chapter 1. However, this time, you will need to let your status with Edelgard go past C+. Furthermore, during Chapter 11, choose to go with Edelgard by selecting the “I’ll go with you” option. 

Finally, during the same Chapter, after Edelgard reveals her true identity, Reha will tell you to kill her. While you had to kill the Flame Emperor for the Silver Snow ending, you’ll need to protect her for the Crimson Flower ending.

The Silver Snow ending focused more on the Church’s perspective, and all you could do was follow what they said. However, the Crimson Flower route is the complete opposite of it, as you’ll be siding with Edelgard this time instead of the Church. By choosing it, you’ll be able to witness the events from the Flame Emperor’s perspective. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Ending
Crimson Flower Ending

Now, the Crimson Flower route isn’t for everyone. While the route is pretty interesting and will keep you attached to your screen, some players might not like this. It is because it all comes down to Edelgard’s beliefs. If you find them right, you’ll enjoy the story.

But if you think of Edelgard as a villain and see her plans as “evil’, it might be a little difficult for you to go through it. It is because the entire time, you’ll know that you’re helping someone rotten to the core. Therefore, it all comes down to personal preference. 

At the end of the Crimson Flower route, you’ll see that the Church has completely changed. In fact, you might not even recognize it at first. Furthermore, Rhea will be in her grave, which might make some of you sad.

Claude will be also spared, and he might finally build good relations with Almyra. But overall, you’ll get to see why Edelgard started a war with the church in the first place. Furthermore, the dark side of Fodlan’s also gets revealed during the route. 

Azure Moon

Finally, we have the Azure Moon ending. It is the fourth and final ending of Fire Emblem Three Houses, and you need to choose the Blue Lions House during Chapter 1 to get it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a certain status with a character for the ending, unlike the Silver Snow and Crimson Flower ending.

Best Fire Emblem Three Houses Ending
Azure Moon Ending

If you choose the Azure Moon route, you’ll get to play as Dimitri, who is the main character and lord of the route. Throughout the journey, you will learn about Dimitri’s past and how he struggles with his emotions.

Furthermore, we also get to learn about the events of the Tragedy of Duscur, which makes the route worth it. Before reading further, you might want to check out how to get gifts in Fire Emblem Three Houses

You also get the luxury to explore the relationship between Edelgard and Dimitri during this route, and why he isn’t loyal to her. At the end of the route, you will witness the rise of Dimtri and how the church has been reformed. Furthermore, Rhea will step down from the church, so no one will have to kill her.

Overall, the ending is decent and is something everyone will enjoy.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Ending 

The Azure Moon ending is the best Fire Emblem Three Houses ending. Some of you might disagree with this, but it is the complete ending. The route has everything one can ask for, such as an interesting story filled with amazing characters, lots of lore, and a satisfying ending. Seeing the fall and rise of Dimitri is pretty amazing, and it deserves to be called the best ending. 

The Crimson Flower ending also had the potential to be the best one, but it is a little rushed compared to the other endings.

Furthermore, as the beliefs of Edelgard might be a little too evil for some players, there can be a great clash of opinions. Therefore, we’ll just keep it in the other group. 

This was everything related to the best ending in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Keep in mind that calling the Azure Moon ending the best is our personal opinion, and it is totally okay if you disagree with it.

It is because the choice varies from person to person, and everyone thinks differently about the events going on in the game. 

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