FETH Lost Items: Complete List Sorted By Characters

In this Guide We Will Discuss The Lost Items And Also Provide A List Of The Items Sorted By Person.

Now, when you will be exploring the Garreg Mach Monastery in Fire Emblem Three Houses you will find a whole bunch of Lost Items scattered around the Monastery. These items are usually hidden in plain sight or tucked in random spots. If you find one of the Lost Items and read its description it will give clues as to which person owns this item.

Key Takeaways
  • Most lost items are scattered around the Garreg Mach Monastery in Fire Emblem Three Houses.
  • These items emit blue light and can be found in plain sight or in random spots.
  • If you find a lost item, you can read its description to get clues as to who it belongs to.
  • You can return lost items to their owners by talking to them and selecting the “Lost Item” menu option.
  • Returning lost items can give you rewards, such as increased support points with the item’s owner.
  • Some lost items are only available during certain chapters or events.
  • There are a total of 25 lost items in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Complete List Of Lost Items In FETH 

Here’s a full list of all the lost items you can find in Fire Emblem Three Houses:

CharacterLost ItemsLocations
Alois RangeldForeign Gold Coin
Introduction to Magic
Mysterious Notebook
Fishing Pond
Fishing Pond (Introduction to Magic)
Cathedral - Holy Mausoleum Entrance
Annette Fantine DominicSchool of Sorcery Book
Unfinished Score
Wax Diptych
Dining Hall
Blue Lion Classroom
Dining Hall (Wax Diptych)
Ashe UbertBundle of Herbs
Evil Repelling Amulet
Moon Knight’s Tale
Fishing Pond
Cathedral (Moon Knight’s Tale)
Bernadetta Von VarleyHedgehog Case
Needle And Thread
Still-Life Picture
1st Floor Dormitories
1st Floor Dormitory
Caspar Von BergliezGrounding Charm
Tattered Overcoat
Thunderbrand Replica
Dining Hall
Training Grounds
Training Grounds
CatherineBadge Of Graduation
Letter To Rhea
Weathered Cloak
Training Grounds
Training Grounds
Entrance Hall
Claude Von RieganLeather Bow Sheath
Mild Stomach Poison
Board Game Piece
Reception Hall
Golden Deer Classroom
Entrance Hall near Lysithea
CyrilOld Cleaning Cloth
Portrait Of Rhea
Well-Used Hatchet
Second Floor Lobby
2nd Floor Dormitories - Hallway
Dining Hall Gardens
Dedue MolinaroIron Cooking Pot
Gardening Shears
Gold Earring
Knight’s Hall
Training Grounds
Dimitri Alexandre BlaiddydBlack Leather Gloves
Dulled Longsword
Training Logbook
Training Grounds
Knight’s Hall
Dorothea ArnaultLovely Comb
Silver Brooch
Songstress Poster
Officer’s Academy Courtyard
Officer’s Academy
Edelgard Von HresvelgEastern Porcelain
Time-worn Quill Pen
White Glove
Black Eagle Classroom
Felix Hugo FraldariusBlack Iron Spur
Sword Belt Fragment
Toothed Dagger
Dining Hall
Training Hall
Training Grounds
Ferdinand Von AegirAgricultural Survey
Bag of Tea Leaves
Maintenance Oil
Black Eagles Classroom
Dining Hall
FlaynAntique Clasp
Dusty Book of Fables
Old Map of Enbarr
Fishing Pond
Fishing Pond
GilbertCarving Hammer
Noseless Puppet
Silver Necklace
Knight’s Hall
Knight’s Hall Entrance
Entrance Hall
Hanneman Von EssarHammer and Chisel
Lens Cloth
Sketch of a Sigil
Second Floor
Knight’s Hall
Second Floor Hallway
Hilda Valentine GonerilHandmade Hair Clip
Spotless Bandage
Used Bottle of Perfume
Golden Deer Classroom
Golden Deer Classroom
Hubert Von VestraFolding Razor
Hresvelg Treatise
Noxious Handkerchief
Training Grounds
Ignatz VictorArt Book
Blue Stone
Letter to the Goddess
Golden Deer Classroom
Golden Deer Classroom
Ingrid Brandl GalateaCurry Comb
Jousting Almanac
Pegasus Horseshoes
Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall
JeraltWooden FlaskSecond Floor Lobby
Leonie PinelliCrude Arrow Heads
Fur Scarf
Hand Drawn Map
Dining Hall Balcony
Close To Amiibo Gazebo
Dining Hall Gardens
Linhardt Von HevringAnimated Bait
Feather Pillow
The Saints Revealed
Dining Hall
Reception Hall
Lorenz Hellman GloucesterA Treatise On Etiquette
Artificial Flower
Silk Handkerchief
Entrance Hall
Pathway North of Knight’s Hall
Golden Deer Classroom
Lysithea Von OrdeliaEncyclopedia of Sweets
New Bottle of Perfume
Princess Doll
Golden Deer Classroom
Reception Hall
Reception Hall
Manuela CasagrandaClean Dusting Cloth
Light Purple Veil
Wellness Herbs
Second Floor’s Infirmary
Second Floor’s Infirmary
Marianne Von EdmundBag of Seeds
Confessional Letter
How To Be Tidy
Mercedes Von MartritzBook of Ghost Stories
Fruit Preserves
How to Bake Sweets
East Side Of Cathedral
Petra MacnearyAnnotated Dictionary
Exotic Feather
Small Tanned Hide
Dining Hall
Reception Hall
Raphael KirstenBig Spoon
Burlap Sack of Rocks
Wooden Button
Dining Hall
Dining Hall
Training Grounds
RheaNo Lost Items-
SetethOld Fishing Rod
Snapping Writing Quill
Unfinished Fable
Cathedral’s Saint Statue Room
Second Floor’s Advisory Room
Second Floor’s Advisory Room
Shamir NevrandAnimal Bone Dice
Bundle of Dry Hemp
Centipede Picture
Training Grounds
Sylvain Jose GautierCrumpled Love Letter
The History of Sreng
Unused Lipstick
Knight’s Hall
Blue Lions Classroom
Reception Hall

Lost Items List Sorted By Person 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gameplay
Fire Emblem Three Houses Gameplay

With these things clear now we will be giving the full list down below. This will include everything that you will need to raise a specific person’s support bar.

I will also share the locations of the items we can. The location will be given in the bracket next to the Lost Item. The list is in chronological order.

  1. Alois Rangeld:
    • Foreign Gold Coin (Fishing Pond)
    • Introduction to Magic (Fishing Pond)
    • Mysterious Notebook (Cathedral – Holy Mausoleum Entrance)
  2. Annette Fantine Dominic:
    • School of Sorcery Book (Dining Hall)
    • Unfinished Score (Blue Lion Classroom)
    • Wax Diptych (Dining Hall)
  3. Ashe Ubert:
    • Bundle of Herbs (Cathedral)
    • Evil Repelling Amulet (Fishing Pond)
    • Moon Knight’s Tale (Cathedral)
  4. Bernadetta Von Varley:
    • Hedgehog Case (Graveyard)
    • Needle And Thread (1st Floor Dormitories, Near Bernadetta’s Room)
    • Still-Life Picture (1st Floor Dormitory)
  5. Caspar Von Bergliez:
    • Grounding Charm (Dining Hall)
    • Tattered Overcoat (Training Grounds)
    • Thunderbrand Replica (Training Grounds)
  6. Catherine:
    • Badge Of Graduation (Training Grounds)
    • Letter To Rhea (Training Grounds)
    • Weathered Cloak (Entrance Hall)
  7. Claude Von Riegan:
    • Leather Bow Sheath (Reception Hall)
    • Mild Stomach Poison (Golden Deer Classroom)
    • Board Game Piece (Entrance Hall, near Lysithea)
  8. Cyril:
    • Old Cleaning Cloth (Second Floor Lobby)
    • Portrait Of Rhea (2nd Floor Dormitories – Hallway)
    • Well-Used Hatchet (Dining Hall Gardens)
  9. Dedue Molinaro:
    • Iron Cooking Pot (Knight’s Hall)
    • Gardening Shears (Training Grounds)
    • Gold Earring (Unknown)
  10. Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd:
    • Black Leather Gloves (Training Grounds)
    • Dulled Longsword (Unknown)
    • Training Logbook (Knight’s Hall)
  11. Dorothea Arnault:
    • Lovely Comb (Greenhouse)
    • Silver Brooch (Officer’s Academy Courtyard)
    • Songstress Poster (Officer’s Academy)
  12. Edelgard Von Hresvelg:
    • Eastern Porcelain (Unknown)
    • Time-worn Quill Pen (Unknown)
    • White Glove (Black Eagle Classroom)
  13. Felix Hugo Fraldarius:
    • Black Iron Spur (Dining Hall)
    • Sword Belt Fragment (Training Hall)
    • Toothed Dagger (Training Grounds)
  14. Ferdinand Von Aegir:
    • Agricultural Survey (Stables)
    • Bag of Tea Leaves (Black Eagles Classroom)
    • Maintenance Oil (Dining Hall)
  15. Flayn:
    • Antique Clasp (Fishing Pond)
    • Dusty Book of Fables (Cathedral)
    • Old Map of Enbarr (Fishing Pond)
  16. Gilbert:
    • Carving Hammer (Knight’s Hall)
    • Noseless Puppet (Knight’s Hall Entrance)
    • Silver Necklace (Entrance Hall)
  17. Hanneman Von Essar:
    • Hammer and Chisel (Second Floor)
    • Lens Cloth (Knight’s Hall)
    • Sketch of a Sigil (Second Floor Hallway)
  18. Hilda Valentine Goneril:
    • Handmade Hair Clip (Golden Deer Classroom)
    • Spotless Bandage (Golden Deer Classroom)
    • Used Bottle of Perfume (Marketplace)
  19. Hubert Von Vestra:
    • Folding Razor (Unknown)
    • Hresvelg Treatise (Unknown)
    • Noxious Handkerchief (Training Grounds)
  20. Ignatz Victor:
    • Art Book (Cathedral)
    • Blue Stone (Golden Deer Classroom)
    • Letter to the Goddess (Golden Deer Classroom)
  21. Ingrid Brandl Galatea:
    • Curry Comb (Entrance Hall)
    • Jousting Almanac (Entrance Hall)
    • Pegasus Horseshoes (Stables)
  22. Jeralt:
    • Wooden Flask (Second Floor Lobby)
  23. Leonie Pinelli:
    • Crude Arrow Heads (Dining Hall Balcony)
    • Fur Scarf (Close To Amiibo Gazebo)
    • Hand Drawn Map (Dining Hall Gardens)
  24. Linhardt Von Hevring:
    • Animated Bait (Library)
    • Feather Pillow (Dining Hall)
    • The Saints Revealed (Reception Hall)
  25. Lorenz Hellman Gloucester:
    • A Treatise On Etiquette (Entrance Hall)
    • Artificial Flower (Pathway North of Knight’s Hall)
    • Silk Handkerchief (Golden Deer Classroom)
  26. Lysithea Von Ordelia:
    • Encyclopedia of Sweets (Golden Deer Classroom)
    • New Bottle of Perfume (Reception Hall)
    • Princess Doll (Reception Hall)
  27. Manuela Casagranda:
    • Clean Dusting Cloth (Second Floor’s Infirmary)
    • Light Purple Veil (Greenhouse)
    • Wellness Herbs (Second Floor’s Infirmary)
  28. Marianne Von Edmund:
    • Bag of Seeds (Cathedral)
    • Confessional Letter (Stables)
    • How To Be Tidy (Stables)
  29. Mercedes Von Martritz:
    • Book of Ghost
Lost Items In Game
Lost Items In-Game

With the list being complete we bring this guide to an end. We hope you found all of the information listed useful. And if we missed any character then please mention it in the comment section down below.

What Happens When You Return The Lost Items?

Reurning Dialogue
Returning Lost Item Dialogue

Returning lost items in Fire Emblem Three Houses is important for strengthening your bonds with characters. When you trace an item back to its owner and return it, your relationship with that person will improve. Bonds help raise support levels, allowing you to learn more about them and gain additional information.

For students and soldiers you’ve recruited, returning their lost items will make them more effective in battles. Additionally, returning lost items can be a step toward forming romantic relationships with certain characters.

Clues For The Lost Item
Clues For The Lost Item

Here are some clues for returning lost items:

  1. We’ve provided a list of lost items sorted by person for your convenience.
  2. Not all item locations are mentioned, as some may not be discovered yet.
  3. People typically won’t accept items that don’t belong to them, but it’s worth trying if you have a strong hunch.
  4. Sometimes, characters may not be available in the Monastery, so you’ll need to hold onto the item until you can return it.
  5. House restrictions may affect the return process, so keep that in mind.
  6. You must recruit other characters before you can return items to them.

Returning lost items is a great way to build relationships.

Other Tips

The exclusive Nintendo Switch game, Fire Emblem Three Houses, which was released in 2019 is a tactical role-playing action game. It is a multiplayer game that also features a lot of collectibles. These collectibles reward you in different ways. 

When you start Fire Emblem be sure to choose the best class through our Best Classes guide. Fire Emblem is a game that requires you to progress through XP, so you essentially have to farm XP. And also with greater levels, you will require the best weapons to go with it.

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