Fire Emblem: Three Houses Relics [Top 12]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses features plenty of relic weapon. Our guide focuses on how to obtain the finest heroes' relics that are present in the game.

The Relics are known as Heroes’ Relics in the game. These are important sets of weaponry in both Fire Emblem: Three Houses and its sequel/spin-off Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. In the game, some characters believe these were gifts from their goddess.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Relics
  • Blutgang: A red sword that is wielded by Tharja in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is said to be imbued with a cursed power that can drain the life force of an enemy upon a successful hit.
  • Areadbhar: A lance that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is said to be so heavy that only the strongest of knights can wield it effectively.
  • Crusher: A mace that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is said to have the ability to crush even the strongest armor and shields.
  • Aegis Shield: A shield appears in several games in the Fire Emblem series. It is said to have the ability to deflect most magical attacks and can even reflect them back at the enemy.
  • Sword of the Creator: A powerful sword that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is said to have the power to create and destroy and is wielded by the character Byleth.
  • Thyrsus: A staff that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is imbued with magical power and is wielded by the character Rhea.
  • Thunderbrand: A sword that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is imbued with the power of lightning and is effective against flying units.
  • Failnaught: A bow that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is said to have the ability never to miss its target, hence its name.
  • Luin: A magical tome that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is imbued with the power of fire and is effective against units with a low resistance to magic.
  • Lance of Ruin: A lance that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is said to have the power to destroy even the toughest of armor and shields.
  • Freikugel: A magical tome that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is imbued with the power of ice and is effective against units with a low resistance to magic.
  • Rafail Gem: A magical gem that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is said to have the power to heal wounds and cure ailments.

Each of these Relics is fueled by a Crest Stone, this is why it feels like they are alive or have organic qualities. Every one of these Relics has a specific Crest that they have an accord with. So it is advised to use each relic with a character who has the specific Crest for the best result.

In addition, of course, Relics can be used by anyone, but if the user doesn’t possess the Crest that the relic resonates with, they might be at risk of getting consumed by the malicious energy present in the hero Relic, which will transform them into a demon.

If a person has a Crest even if it is not the one that resonates with the Relic. It will make the transformation very unlikely but also turn the Relic into a simple weapon, missing all of its uniqueness. 

The Best Fire Emblem: Three Houses Relics

Now that you know all about Heroes’ Relics let us discuss the best ones present in the game. You will obtain several of these by just simply progressing through the story, but there are plenty of best ones that take effort to obtain. Continue reading to learn about these best ones.

Details about the three house Relics in Fire Emblem: 

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Lance of Ruin
Rafail Gem


Blutgang sword Fire Emblem three Houses look apperance and how to get
Fire Emblem Three Houses Blutgang Sword

This is one of the better Fire Emblem: Three Houses heroes’ Relics which is simpler than most to obtain. The character whose Crest Blutgang is tied with is also someone who you can get early on.

As far as appearance is concerned Blutgang is a heroes’ relic that is a badass sword. Blutgang is tied to Marianne’s crest in the game. What makes this an easy relic to get is that the player can obtain it directly after a paralogue. 

To obtain Blutgang you will have to complete the paralogue “Forgotten Hero” which will only be available if the player had recruited Marianne during the war phase. So it is compulsory that you don’t forget about Marianne.

Moreover, there aren’t any extra conditions that you will need to fulfill or people that you will need to recruit. The player should still keep in mind that “Forgotten Hero” is one of the most difficult missions in the early game. 

How to Obtain Blutgang Heroes’ Relic 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Mariannne Look and design character model
Marianne as she appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The mission Forgotten Hero needs to be done to get one of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses relics, Blutgang. It has Marianne split from her team during the war. This chapter is filled to the brim with demons who can prove to be a challenge for Marianne as she is a Support class in the game.

The safest and most efficient way to proceed is that you avoid battles as much as you can because Marianne can easily be defeated by the mobs of the adversaries. We advise you to spam Gambits regularly to slow down the hordes of enemies chasing you. 

In addition, avoid all the combat and by proceeding towards the woods located the north of her initial spawn location for the mission. 


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Areadbhar Look and desgin
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Areadbhar Lance

Areadbhar is another one of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Heroes’ Relics. This is a lance that is linked to the Blaiddyd Crest. While being one of the best lances it is also one of the easiest Relics to obtain in the game.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that while it is easy to obtain, Areadbhar is locked to the Azure Moon route, and of course, if you proceed with a different route you will be will not be able to get this weapon. Areadbhar is the signature weapon of Dimitri.

How to Obtain Areadbhar Heroes’ Relic?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dimitri Look and Desgin
Dimitri as he appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

If you have progressed through the story by following the Azure Moon route, the Relic will be available to obtain and you should be able to obtain the weapon with ease. 

All you have to do to get Areadbhar is complete the 15th Chapter of the game, The Valley of Torment, once you have done so you will automatically receive the brilliant weapon. The weapon has 19 might and 20 uses.

In addition, what makes Areadbhar a real beast is that when Dimitri is wielding this immensely powerful lance he can unleash the devastating Atrocity Combat art. Atrocity Combat is one of the strongest attacks in the game and can one-shot kill nearly every enemy in the game. 

You will have to change your story for it but it is an incredible Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relic and if you were already in the Azure Moon route then there is no reason not to get Areadbhar.


Fire Emblem Crusher Hammer design and layout
The Crusher Hammer Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Crusher is an enormous hammer that is linked to the Crest of Dominic. The ideal character to wield Crusher is Annette. 

Similar to most Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relics Crusher is obtained during a paralogue that is connected to one of the students who is a part of the timeline story, in our case, the student is Annette

Moreover, Crusher is another incredible Relic that is locked to the Azure Moon route. You will need to obtain Gilbert for this paralogue and he is exclusive to the Azure Moon route. The paralogue is called “Weathervanes of Fodlan”

It is a pretty simple chapter/quest but we are here to guide you through it so that you can obtain the weapon in the least infuriating way possible. 

How to Obtain Crusher Heroes’ Relic?

Gilbert and Annette look in Three Houses
Annette and Gilbert as they appear in the game

In “Weathervanes of Fodlan” Annette and Gilbert similar to Marianne in her paralogue will start the chapter separated from each of their forces. So they will both be alone and susceptible to the enemies.

Your number one priority should be hurrying to their locations and making sure they are safe and ready before you think about engaging the boss. Once both Annette and Gilbert are safe proceed with the mission as you usually do and defeat the boss.

When you have completed the mission you will receive the Crusher Hammer as a reward. Have Annette wield it and demolish your foes with its magic. Yes, Crusher is a hammer that mainly deals damage through magic and not its size or strength.

Aegis Shield

Three Houses Aegis Shield Fire Emblem
Defensive Relic Aegis Shield

The Aegis Shield is easily one of the strongest defensive items in the game but beware it is also unlike most of the Relics we mentioned so far and is one of the hardest ones to obtain in the game. It is one of the strongest Fire Emblem: Three Houses Relics.

It is not locked to a specific route like the previous two Relics and can be obtained from any. The player will need to recruit Felix which will let them gain access to the “True Chivalry” paralogue. Partake in it to get the Aegis Shield as a reward.

Moreover, our other Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relics can be obtained just by completing their respective paralogues. This one is a bit more complicated as it will have you protecting all the villagers present in it.

How to Obtain Aegis Shield Heroes’ Relic?

The player must protect all the villagers in this chapter.  If you fail to protect even a single villager and they die you will not receive the Aegis Shield. It can be quite challenging in the normal and hard difficulties of the game but still pretty tame. 

The hardest difficulty of the game is when the chapter into an agonizing hurdle as all the villagers drop dead like flies at a rapid rate. The best solution to it is still a hard one. You can use a Wyvern riding character to kill the boss in a single turn.

Once the chapter is complete and you have successfully protected every villager from harm you will receive the Aegis Shield as a reward.

Sword of The Creator 

Byleth's Sword in Fire Emblem Three houses look
Byleth‘s Sword of the creator

This is without a doubt the easiest Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relic to obtain. It is the signature weapon of the player’s character Byleth, female or male. The Sword of the creator isn’t locked to any route and can be obtained during the Academy Phase

How to Obtain Sword of The Creator Heroes’ Relic?

Byleth Fire Emblem both genders desgin smash bros and og
Byleth Male and Female

It can be obtained during the Academy Phase after the player completes the game’s 4th Chapter. The sword of the creator is a solid sword that provides a 1-2 range, and the Ruptured Heaven art is extremely effective against enemies.

The sword of the creator should be the first and foremost Heroes Relic you should have in mind. You will receive it very easily and it will carry your Byleth throughout the game.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Thyrsus design and look in the game
The Staff Thyrsus

Thyrsus is without doubt by far the best Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relic. It should be the one the player should be most motivated to get. The Relic is a staff and it is connected to the Crest of Gloucester and Lorenz.

It is one of the few Relics in the game that the game encourages to try out on different characters/units. When a unit is equipped with this staff, the range of all their spells increases by 2. 

In addition, the buff in range makes the deadliest Mages in the game even deadlier, as now they can simply snipe their enemies with their strongest spells.

There is a drawback to the weapon. If a unit doesn’t possess a crest it only deals 10 damage each turn. Which can be quite low so we advise you use it with a character who has a crest. 

Some of the best mages in the game possess a Crest which renders the drawback into nothing. Lysithea is a good pick or even Annette if you are not using her with Crusher.

How to Obtain Thyrus Heroes’ Relic?

Fire Emblem three Houses Lorenz Look
Lorenz as he appears in the game

Now that we know all about the strengths of this incredible Relic let’s see how to obtain it for your Mages. To obtain it all you will have to do is complete the paralogue titled, “The Land of the Golden Deer”. 

The paralogue is available in each route so the weapon isn’t locked to a specific one. It will become available after the 6th Chapter if you have recruited Lorenz.

Moreover, the cherry on top is that the paralogue is one of the easiest ones in the game. Yes, you are getting the strongest Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relic from an easy level.


Sword Relic Thunderbrand Fire Emblem Three Houses wallpaper and look
The Thunderbrand

Thunderbrand is an improved variation of a Brave Sword. It is an incredible sword and is easily among the strongest Fire Emblem: Three Houses Relics. Like with all the Relics Thunderbrand is also associated with a unit and crest.

The wielder of the relic is Catherine and it is tied to the Crest of Charon. You pretty much get it relic for free continue reading to find out how.

How to Obtain Thunderbrand Heroes’ Relic?

Fire Emblem Catherine desgin and armor
Catherine as she appears in the game

A vast majority of relics in the game are obtained by completing a paralogue but this time that is not the case. When you recruit Catherine she will join you with Thunderbrand present in her inventory.

Thunderbrand is available for every route in the game except the Crimson Flower route as Catherine cannot be recruited in that. Players going through other routes are lucky as you can recruit Catherine as early as the 4th Chapter in the game. 

In addition, it is wise to take into account that the minimum level to recruit Catherine is 15. If your level is lower there is no need for concern as this requirement can be lowered based on your Support level with her.

To increase her Support level simply keep giving her gifts and then you will be able to get her and her awesome weapon earlier.


Bow of Claude Fire Emblem three houses
The Bow of Claude Fire Emblem

This weapon is a bow and it is tied to the Crest of Riegan. It is the personal signature weapon of Claude who is the lord in the Verdant Wind route. Failnaught is not locked to the specific of its lord and can also be obtained in the Azure Moon route.

How to Obtain Failnaught Heroes’ Relic?

Three Houses Claude as he appears in the game
Claude from Fire Emblem

To obtain the weapon you will simply need to progress the Verdant Wind route. You will automatically release the awesome boy after reaching the 13th Chapter in the game. If you are already a part of that route you should use the bow with Claude.

Furthermore, you won’t obtain the weapon in the Azure Moon route until very late in the game, the endgame to be precise. Once you complete the 19th Chapter in the Azure Moon route you will automatically get the bow.

The signature art of Failnaught is locked exclusively to Claude. It has a great 2-3 range and 18 Might. It is easily one of the best bows in the game.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Luin Lance
The Lance Luin

Luin is another one of the incredible Relics in the game. It is a very impressive and efficient lance that is very simple to obtain and is available on every route. The only main requirement that the player needs to fulfill is that they recruit Ingrid

How to Obtain Luin Heroes’ Relic?

Ingrid and Dorthea Fire Emblem Three Houses Talking and desgins
Dorthea and Ingrid conversing with each other

Obtaining Luin is very simple. You just need to complete Ingrid and Dorthea’s paralogue, “Rumored Nuptials”. When the paralogue is finished the player will automatically receive the lance. We advise you to equip it with someone who has the same Crest but you can of course experiment and pick any character you see fit.

Lance of Ruin

One of the Best Lances in Fire Emblem Three Houses Look Desgin and guide
The Lance of Ruin

This is the third lance in our guide. Lance of Ruin is the second Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relic that the players will come across. In the 5th Chapter, it is wielded by Sylvain’s brother who goes by the name Miklan and is tied to the Crest of Gautier

We recommend that you use it with Sylvain. It will be most effective that way and will also give you access to its combat art which will only be available if Sylvain wields the weapon. The combat art is “Ruined Sky” and it annihilates every enemy on the field.

How to Obtain Lance of Ruin Heroes’ Relic?

Fire Emblem Sylvain Design and Look in Three Houses game wallpaper
Sylvain as he appears in Fire Emblem

If you have recruited Sylvain and you refuse to hand the lance over to Rhea at the end of the 5th Chapter then it will automatically be handed over to Sylvain. All of this makes the Lance of Ruin one of the easiest artifacts to obtain.

In addition, if you haven’t recruited Sylvain thus far or if you have the lance away to Rhea, there is no need for concern you can still obtain it. Simply start by going to Sylvain, recruiting him, and then completing his paralogue which is called, “The Forgotten”

Lance of Ruin can be obtained fairly early on and its combat art is extremely powerful early game. We highly recommend you get it as soon as possible.


The axe Freikugel from Fire Emblem
The Freikugel Axe

We are nearing the end of our guide. Freikugel is an axe and it is one of the best ones in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is connected to Hilda and her Crest of Goneril. It can be obtained in every route except Crimson Flower because you can’t recruit Hilda in it.

The player can also earn additional cool Relics while hunting for Freikugel. It is a great Relic and Hilda can also prove to be a viable addition to your team.

How to Obtain Freikugel Heroes’ Relic?

Hilda From Fire Emblem Three Houses
Hilda from Fire Emblem

Obtaining Freikugel is quite simple. The player will have to complete a paralogue during the Academy time which is called “Dividing the World”. You will receive Freikugel when you complete the paralogue no additional conditions need to be fulfilled. Hilda needs to be recruited.

We concur that most of these Relic paralogues are easy and mostly the player just needs to know who to talk to and how to initiate the paralogue. In the paralogue, if your fellow allied soldiers survive the ordeal you will receive additional rewards like Hexlock Shield

Rafail Gem

Fire Emblem Defensive Gem Rafail
The Defensive Rafail Gem

This gem is the last Fire Emblem: Three Houses Heroes’ Relic in our guide. Similar to the Aegis Shield, The Rafail Gem is a Relic that provides great defense instead of serving as an offensive weapon. 

In addition, the defense that the Gem provides is excellent. It prevents your adversaries from dealing bonus damage and landing critical hits on the unit that has it equipped. You can gain additional benefits from the Gem if the unit is Mercedes.

When Rafail Gem is equipped on Mercedes she will gain the benefits of both Aegis and Pavise during the battle on top of the basic defenses the Gem provides to all regular units.

How to Obtain Rafail Gem Heroes’ Relic?

Mercedes and Caspar together photo wallpaper Fire Emblem Three Houses
Casper and Mercedes in Fire Emblem

To obtain this excellent defensive relic all the player has to do is complete a paralogue that is titled, “The Face Beneath” which is available during the war phase. The player can only access the paralogue if they have both Mercedes and Casper recruited.

Moreover, it is necessary to keep in mind that the respective paralogue is not available in the Crimson Flower route. So that means you can’t obtain the Rafail Gem Relic if you are doing that route.

And that covers about all you need to know about the best heroes’ Fire Emblem: Three Houses Relics. We have provided you with a list of the best ones and exactly how to obtain them by completing their respective paralogues. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was developed by two studios, Koei Tecmo and Intelligent systems. The recently released spin-off game and its 2017’s predecessor have the Dynasty Warriors vibe because of Koei Tecmo’s involvement in the franchise.

Furthermore, the game garnered a lot of critical praise when it was first released and the fans were also very satisfied with it and the content offered. The game is very much worth your buck because it is filled with content. Even just completing the main story will take you around 50 hours.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has sold about 3.4 million copies and is the single highest-selling game in the franchise. Both Koei Tecmo and Intelligent Systems wanted to give the fans something that truly felt like a Fire Emblem game through and through and they succeeded with it.

While most fans were disappointed with the first spin-off game, 2017’s Fire Emblem Warriors. The recently released Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is an excellent entry and is a fire emblem game through an through.

What are your thoughts on the game? Did you love it and are you enjoying its latest installment Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? Were you satisfied as a veteran fan or are you somebody new who is loving the franchise? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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