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An Ultimate Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Guide that gives conversation topics and likes and dislikes of guests at a tea party

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, having tea is the best way to strengthen your bond with the characters at the Garreg Mach Monastery. It’s not only having a great tea with great company but it helps the player in gaining some extra benefits. If you’re also a Fire Emblem Three Houses player, this Tea Guide is for you. 

The massive roster of characters at the Garreg Mach Monastery has three different houses and members from each house have their tastes. You can’t just serve them any cup of tea. Each member has a different taste for tea and expects a different conversation every time. For some amazing tips and tricks, check out the Fire Emblem Three Hopes Tips and Tricks Guide. 

It’s not as simple as you think, the player must have a good conversation that matches their guests’ interests and serve them the most perfect cup of tea that matches their preference. Survival in Fire Emblem Three Houses can become easier with the Tea Guide we have written for you.

How To Unlock Tea Party in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Time
Tea Time in Fire Emblem Three Houses

The player can unlock tea time in Fire Emblem Three Houses after the second month also known as Blue Sea Moon. There’s a quest in the monastery that you have to explore if you want to unlock tea time. 

You will have to find Ferdinand who is already looking for a big fan of tea. You’ll find such a person in the stables area at the monastery. Ferdinand will give you a quest “tea for Two”. He will also give you an Elegant Tea Set. You must find a character who deserves this Elegant Tea Set in the game. 

You have to hand over the Elegant Tea Set to Lorenz in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Lorenz can be found at the fishing pond or you can check the map of the game by clicking R which will open up the character locations for you. 

After giving Lorenz the Elegant Tea Set, you have completed the quest and unlocked the Tea Time during the monastery downtime. 

Inviting Friends To Tea Party

After unlocking the Tea Party, you have to invite friends over to your tea point but it’s not as simple as you think. Inviting friends to your Tea Party will cost you an action point every time. You have to decide wisely with whom you want to have your Tea Party. 

Just move to the character you want to invite to the Tea Party and click on the “invite to tea” option on the menu list. You must have a good bond with the character you are inviting to your Tea Party, otherwise, you won’t be able to invite them. 

This means you can’t invite characters for your Tea Party at the start of the game. Rather; you have to be at a specific level in the game to invite those characters. You can also strengthen your bond with the characters by buying them gifts. You can buy these gifts from merchants who are visiting the monastery. 

You can also select good responses to the dialogue with the characters or find them the lost items that are scattered across the map. All these ways will prove to be extremely beneficial for you while inviting characters to have tea with you at your Tea Party. 

How Tea Time Works

After inviting the characters for tea, Byleth and the character guests will sit at the table where Byleth will have to serve tea. Each guest on the table has their likes and dislikes regarding different teas. All teas in the inventory can be served but you Byleth have to make sure to serve tea according to each guest’s preference. 

Serving each guest their favorite tea will make them respond in a better way and then after the tea has been served, the player must select a conversation topic from three topics. Always make sure that you select a topic that interests the guest because they will respond in a positive way. 

Getting three positive responses will also help the player have an optional 4th response for the Perfect Tea Time and both player and the guest will gain +1 CHA stat for the efforts they put in. Moreover picking up their favorite tea will also allow you to only get two conversation topics correct to get a bonus. 

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Conversation
Tea Time Perfect Conversation

If a guest finds no interest in the topic, they might be disappointed and respond negatively. Selecting three topics that interest the guests will help in extending tea time. 

After these three favorable topics, the guest will comment and Byleth must respond accordingly. Having a positive response from Byleth will help you score a Perfect Tea Time. A few positive responses will also boost up the support between Byleth and the guest. 

More positive responses will prolong your Tea Time which is beneficial for you but if there are mistakes in responding from Byleth, the Tea Party will end soon. Scoring the Perfect Tea Time reward, there will be a menu that has all the gift options that can be presented to the guest by Byleth. 

The player can also observe the guest, helping him to understand the guest properly and choose the most perfect gift for the guest. The guest will also respond to the player’s observation but it won’t affect your gameplay at all. 

Observation and gifts
Fire Emblem Three Houses Gifts and Observation

A Perfect Tea Party is important for the player, as well as the guest as each one of them, will be granted a permanent Charms boost. Not completing the Perfect Tea Time before time skip will lock the Tea for Two Quest till Chapter 13. Fire Emblem Three Houses with its perfect Tea Guide will indeed help you score a few bonuses. 

Choosing Perfect Tea

Choosing your guest’s favorite tea can help you score a small bonus. The hard part is that there are many different types of teas in Fire Emblem Three Houses but this Tea Guide will help you find the perfect tea for each guest. 

Each tea has different ingredients and they taste different. Some teas are made according to the nobles’ preferences while others are made for the commoners. Every company has likes and dislikes for assorted tea flavors. 

Some guests enjoy sweet flavors like Ashe, Mercedes, and Lindhart while others like flavors such as Crescent-Moon Tea and Lavender Blend. Each tea has specific star ratings and sharing any tea with your friend will increase the bondage between you both. 

Sharing any tea flavor will raise the bond between players and guests but choosing their favorite tea will allow the friendship to grow faster. 

Most flavors can be found in the Amiibbo Garden and some other places at the monastery. You can look for these special spots on the game map or even purchase them from merchants roaming at the entrance of the monastery. 

We have listed down all the Fire Emblem Three Houses characters with their favorite teas in this Tea Guide. The characters are all guests in the Tea Party and all DLC characters too. 

  • Annette: Sweet Apple Blend, Rose Petal Blend, and Almond Blend
  • Alois: Honeyed Fruit Blend and Crescent Moon Tea
  • Anna: Bergamot, Seiros Tea and Dagda Fruit Blend
  • Ashe: Angelica Tea and Mint Leaves
  • Balthus: Ginger Tea and Almyran Pine Needles
  • Bernadetta: Honeyed Fruit Blend, Albiinean Berry Blend
  • Catherin: Rose Petal Blend
  • Caspar: Ginger Tea
  • Claude: Chamomile, Almyran Pine Needles, and Leicester Cortana
  • Cyril: Almyran Pine Needles
  • Constance: Bergamot, Albanian Berry Blend, Rose Petal Blend, and Sweet Apple Blend
  • Dedue: Four Spice Blend, Ginger Tea, and Cinnamon Blend
  • Dorothea: Sweet Apple Blend and Albinean Berry Blend
  • Dimitri: Chamomile
  • Edelgard: Hresvelg Blend and Bergamot
  • Felix: Four Spice Blend and Almyran Pine Needles
  • Ferdinand: Southern Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea, and Almyran Pine Needles
  • Flayn: Sweet Apple Blend, Crescent Moon Tea, and Almond Blend
  • Gilbert: Lavender Blend and Almond Blend
  • Hanneman: Cinnamon Blend, Honeyed Fruit Blend, Sweet Apple Blend, and Bergamot
  • Hapi: Dagda Fruit Blend, Four Spice Blend, and Cinnamon Blend
  • Hubert: Dagda Fruit Blend and Cinnamon Blend
  • Ignatz: Lavender Blend, Seiros Tea and Dagda Fruit Blend
  • Ingrid: Chamomile and Mint Leaves
  • Jeritza: Albinean Berry Blend, Sweet Apple Blend, Southern Fruit Blend, and Honeyed Fruit Blend
  • Leonie: Four Spice Blend and Angeslica Tea
  • Lorenz: Rose Petal, Bergamot and Seiros Tea
  • Linhardt: Angelica Tea and Almyran Pine Needles
  • Lysithea: Honey Eyed Fruit Blend, Sweet Apple Blend, Southern Fruit Blend, and Crescent Moon Tea
  • Manuela: Lavender Blend and Mint Leaves
  • Marianne: Dagda Fruit Blend, Lavender Blend, and Cinnamon Blend
  • Mercedes: Southern Fruit Blend, Albinean Berry Blend, and Crescent Moon Tea
  • Petra: Ginger Tea and Four Spiced Tea
  • Raphael: Ginger Tea and Almond Blend
  • Rhea: Four Spice Blend, Ginger Tea, and Angelica Tea
  • Shamir: Chamomile and Crescent Moon Tea
  • Seteth: Four Spice Blend, Angelica Tea, and Ginger Tea
  • Sylvain: Bergamot and Seiros Tea
  • Yuri: Honeyed Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea, and Albinean Berry Blend

Choosing the Perfect Conversation Topic

You don’t only have to offer the perfect cup of tea to your guests, rather; you need to have a good conversation too. Choose the topic according to your unit’s preference because messing up with the topic will make them leave early. 

Conversation Topics
Fire Emblem Three Houses Conversation Topics

Choosing the right conversation topic will also improve the bond between you and your guests. The player will get three chances to have a dialogue with the unit and choose a topic of discussion according to the likes and dislikes of the guests. 

Choosing two topics that the guest doesn’t like will pop up a note that says “you don’t have much to talk about” and the tea time will automatically end. Every character has different likes and dislikes. 

You have to see the personality of the character and talk to them according to that. It’s obvious that characters like Leonie, who is a dedicated knight, would like topics related to war rather than topics on love. The same goes for Dimitri, a character dedicated to military service who will talk about military equipment rather than useless gossip. 

There are a few questions and answers in your Tea Time too and you must be able to answer each question the guest asks. The information listed below about the likes and dislikes of each character in Fire Emblem Three Houses will help you have the most perfect conversation with your guests. Have a look below. 


Likes: Jokes, Family, Flowers, Sweets, Knights

Dislikes: Spicy food, ghosts, Traveling by sea


Likes: Money, good deals, viable business ventures

Dislikes: Swindlers, contract breaches, and forgeries


Likes: Stories about chivalry, taking care of children, sweets, travel, and violets

Dislikes: Deceit, ghosts, violence, and confined spaces


Likes: Early morning walks, dressing up, dancing, and washing clothes

Dislikes: Places that are hard to clean, laziness, coffee, dark places, and dirtiness


Likes: Fighting, women, gambling, bravado, grit, and gold

Dislikes: Losing bets, bounty hunters, and getting an earful from Duke Goneril


Likes: Drawing, being alone, embroidery, music, stuffed animals, and reading

Dislikes: Overbearing fathers, imposing people, and talking to people


Likes: Feasts, archery, horse riding, and curious topics

Dislikes: Leaving things to chance, having bling faith in gods, and being bound by common sense


Likes: Fighting and defeating evil

Dislikes: Liars, rain, inequity, and time-wasting


Likes: Showy spells, magic, House Nuvelle, helpful spells, selflessness, modesty, and black tea

Dislikes: Vulgarity, sunlight, bugs, admitting defeat, her own perceived faults, and cute things


Likes: Singing, acting decorations, music, and animals

Dislikes: conceited nobles and herself


Likes: Arts, flowers, gardening, and embroidery

Dislikes: Bothering Dimitri


Likes: Weapons, Battle training, riding, and physical training

Dislikes: selfishness, heat, and weak objects


Likes: Talented people, history, and debate

Dislikes: Crests, chains, swimming, rats, isoing control, and old-fashioned values


Likes: Nobility, horse riding, justice, and tea

Dislikes: Laziness and ignoble nobles


Likes: High-quality weapons, hunting, combat, meat, and spicy food

Dislikes: Light-heartedness, sweets, chivalry, and his father


Likes: Making friends, learning new things, forget me not, and talking about love

Dislikes: Sleeping too much and Setheth’s over-protection


Likes: Music, freedom, and humorous anecdotes

Dislikes: Demonic beasts, monsters, conforming to expectations, knights, preachy people, and stifling sighs


Likes: Fashion, dancing, singing, and flowers

Dislikes: Responsibilities, putting in the effort, being tired and extreme weather


Likes: Protecting Edelgard, intelligence, and Tactics & Strategy

Dislikes: People who bother Edelgard, gambling, heights, the Church of Seiros, and heights


Likes: Meat, horses, knights, and chivalry

Dislikes: Lavishness, people from Duscur, and hunger


Likes: the Goddess, Art, the Four Saints, faraway lands, peace, flowers, and landscapes

Dislikes: Those who dislike art, lightning, and stressful situations


Likes: Cats, Mercedes, and sweets

Dislikes: busybodies, alcohol, nobles, and his father


Likes: Gardening, hunting, reusing old things, military arts, competition and Jeralt

Dislikes: Debt, defeat, poisonous creatures, and decadence


Likes: Nobility, tea, red roses, and art

Dislikes: Injustice, vulgarity, bad smells, coffee, and filth


Likes: Sleeping, naps, sweets, reading, fishing, and freedom

Dislikes: Politics, weapons, fighting, duty, and blood


Likes: Cute things, sweets, and lilies

Dislikes: Bitter food, ghosts, hard work, and being perceived as a child


Likes: The Goddess, reading, flowers, and birds

Dislikes: Crests, herself, and cleaning up


Likes: Singing, dancing, needlework, refreshing drinks, and cooking

Dislikes: Cleaning things up and bullies


Likes: Praying and baking

Dislikes: Spicy food and exercising


Likes: Family, ocean swimming, climbing trees, sunshine, and the Brigid Islands

Dislikes: Math, idling, and discrimination


Likes: Protein, muscles, training, and his younger sister

Dislikes: LEftover food, studying and books


Likes: The Church, flayn, diligence, and fishing

Dislikes: Those who dislike the church or Flayn


Likes: Thrown weapons, paycheck, archery, and gambling

Dislikes: Smooth-talking people, spiders, and centipedes


Likes: Women, Lively places, and board games

Dislikes: Excessive heat, messy places, and jealousy


Likes: Family, board games, sweets, and banquets

Dislikes: Irrationality, singing in public, unlucky odds, and injustice

Expressions in Conversation

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Guide will not only tell you the likes and dislikes of the guests but it has all information regarding what kind of expressions you must have while having tea with your guests. Having clear expressions will help your guest understand you better. We have listed all the expressions that you must have. 

Player expressions
Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Time Expressions
  • Blush, Chat, or sip tea while playing with the cat
  • Sigh or chat at feeling sleepy
  • Sigh or disagree when everyone knows about her curse
  • Disagree, laugh or sip tea when you have work to do
  • Chat or nod at feeling free
  • Commend, nod and praise if you are grateful to be there
  • Admonish, blush or nod when you want to show care
  • admonish, chat or praise when you have not seen her parents
  • Chat or nod when people sigh because of happiness

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a fun game and our Tea Guide has made it even more fun. Now that you know about all characters’ favorite teas, and their likes and dislikes, you can have a perfect tea time with your guests. Have a look at our Fire Emblem Three Hopes Best Weapons Guide

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