Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Best Classes [Top 6]

This latest installment has 36 Classes. Our guide tells you all about the best classes and their best possible units

Classes are the type of playstyle a character uses in Fire Emblem Warrior: Three Hopes. You can switch and pick the best class to suit your playstyle or continue reading to find out about the actual best classes for each character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. 

Key Highlights

Top Classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes:

  • Fluegel: Exclusive to Shez, a versatile class with two swords, magic, and unique powers.
  • Pegasus Knight: A flying class, exclusive to female units, with strong magic defense.
  • Cavalier: A mounted class with high mobility and agility.
  • Armoured Lord: Edelgard’s exclusive axe-wielding class with heavy armor for durability.
  • Mage: Skilled in elemental magic attacks, wielding Tomes as weapons.
  • Wyvern Master: Exclusive to Claude, this bow-wielding class rides a dragon into battle, dealing fire damage.

The game has a total of 36 classes. 12 of these classes are character-specific, and finding the best one out of these 12 classes for each character on your own can be quite tiresome. 

Stats of all the best 6 classes: 

ClassTypeNotable Unit(s)HPSTRDEFRES
Pegasus KnightFlyingDorothea (Black Eagles), Ingrid (Blue Lions), and Leonie (Golden Deer)
CavalierCavalrySylvain and Leonie15%10%10%0%
Armored LordArmoredEdelgard
MageInfantryAnnette, Hubert, and Lysithea
Wyvern MasterFlyingClaude20%10%5%0%

Best Classes In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
InfantryAxe Buster Lv 2SwordShez
Growth Rates

It is a mercenary class, and a Fluegel wields two swords. They can use magic, and on top of all this, they also possess a mysterious special power. Fluegel is the beginner class that the player character Shez possesses. The class is exclusive to Shez. 

This is an all-around class and is better for any situation. If you are the type of player who loves to play the offensive style and charge head-first into battle with minimal strategizing and thinking, then it is certainly the perfect class for you.

Pegasus Knight 

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
FlyingAlert Stance and Sword Buster Lv 2LanceDorothea (Black Eagles), Ingrid (Blue Lions), and Leonie (Golden Deer)
Growth Rates

If you love riding a horse into combat in games, then the class is the perfect one for you as it involves riding a flying horse into battle. A Pegasus Knight is, of course, an airborne knight that has a high defense against magic attacks. 

This class is exclusive to female units, which is a bummer for players who mainly prefer to play with male characters, but it is no reason not to utilize the excellent class’s potential. Pegasus Knight has both great offensive and defense, and it is a pretty well-balanced class. Pegasus knights can also avoid attacks because of their flight.

Moreover, due to the high magic defense of the class, we advise you to use it whenever you are going against a lot of enemies that use magic. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
CalvarySword Buster Lv 2LanceSylvain and Leonie
Growth Rates

The Cavalier is another mount class. They have great movement speed due to their mount and can travel quickly between bases thanks to it. The main downside of this class is its low defense, but it is covered thanks to its speed and mobility, which will give you the edge in combat.

Armored Lord

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Armored Lance Buster Lv 2 and CharmAxe, Authority, and Heavy ArmorEdelgard
Growth Rates

Armored Lord is one of the strongest and most impact-inducing classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. An Armored Lord wields an axe as a weapon. It is an intermediate class similar to Fluegel, and it is one of the strongest also similar to it.

Armored Lord is exclusive to Edelgard. It is strong against lances. Also, it is important to note that Armored Lord has a vulnerability against the ability “Effective vs Armored Units”. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Infantry Bow Buster Lv 2 and FireTomeAnnette, Hubert, and Lysithea
Growth Rates

Mage, as suggested by its name, is a magic-wielding class that is proficient in elemental attacks. Mages use Tome as a weapon to cast their spells and attacks. They are strong against bows and naturally show excellent resistance against magic attacks. 

Moreover, similar to most RPGs, Mages in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes are also very weak to physical attacks. Mage class also has an overall low defense which most of the time shouldn’t be an issue if you keep your distance. 

Wyvern Master

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
FlyingCharm and 

Gauntlet Buster Lv 2

Growth Rates

Wyvern Master, in our opinion, is the coolest class for players who love to play mount classes. A Wyvern Master literally rides a dragon to battle and reigns hell on their enemies. The main weapon that Wyvern Master uses aside from their massive dragon is a bow. 

Wyvern Master is strong against gauntlets. This class is extra effective against other flying classes such as Pegasus Knight. You can mount the Wyvern or dismount it at any time by pressing “L+B”. It is weak against the ability “Effective vs Fliers”. 


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the latest installment in the Fire Emblem franchise. The game contains some of the best weapons, and mainly, many classes, and not all of them are perfect. Our guide focuses on the best possible class or classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. While you’re at it, consider reading the best weapons guide.

The combat system is also changed, one of the main reasons the game has so many classes that all play differently depending on each character. If you are having trouble with the new combat system, consider checking out our Tips and Tricks guide.

Moreover, the upcoming new Fire Emblem game got a leak, and it looks promising. Currently, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes should keep you busy with the massive amount of content it offers alongside the new Multiplayer Mode it features.

Now let us discuss the best classes and the best characters for them in detail so that you can be an unstoppable force who mows down hordes after hordes of troops with ease. While you’re at it, consider reading the Voice Actors guide.

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