Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons

This Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons guide will showcase all 6 weapon types and their best options!

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes recently got released for the Nintendo Switch, and it is known to be a hack-and-slash RPG that involves combat. The combinations of characters and weapon types available give the player ample freedom. In our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons guide, we will uncover the different weapon types and the best weapons in that type! 

Key Highlights
  • The game has options such as Sword of Zoltan and Sword of Seiros being highly ranked.
  • Lances(spears) can be used to pierce through tough enemies, and options include the Lance of Zoltan and Crescent Sickle.
  • Axes are a melee damage dealer, and options include the Axe of Zoltan and the Axe of Seiros.
  • Bows are a ranged option for players, and options include the Bow of Zoltan and Bow of Seiros.
  • Gauntlets allow players to physically damage enemies, and options include the Gauntlet of Zoltan and the Gauntlet of Seiros.
  • Tomes are a type of magical weapon, and options include the Tome of Zoltan and the Tome of Seiros.

Here’s a summary of the best weapons and their stat table in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes:

Sword of Zoltan13.025.090%0%9.0
Sword of Seiros11.030.080%10%6.0
Lance of Zoltan15.020.080%0%10.0
Crescent Sickle10.050.080%0%12.0
Axe of Zoltan17.020.070%0%14.0
Axe of Ukonvasara 19.030.065%20%15.0
Bow of Zoltan13.020.075%0%8.0
Tathlum Bow 13.030.080%10%11.0
Aura Knuckles2.030.070%0%4.0
Dragon Claws4.030.075%5%7.0
Brave Tome160.0----
Hero Tome480.0----

WeaponMightdurabilityWeightCritical Rate
Sword of Zoltan1101201010%
Sword of Seiros1101201010%
Lance of Zoltan1001201010%
Crescent Sickle801201010%
Axe of Zoltan901201010%
Axe of Ukonvasara1201201010%
Bow of Zoltan1101201010%
Tathlum Bow4070510%
Aura Knuckles230310%
Dragon Claws2050310%
Brave Tome1020310%
Hero Tome2020310%


Fire Emblem Swords

For melee users in Fire Emblem, the sword might be the perfect option, and below listed are the two Fire Emblem Warrior’s Three Hopes Best Weapons regarding swords. 

Sword of Zoltan 

Might Uses Effect Level 
4070Boosts healing effects to units with the Crest of Seiros.E

The first weapon in Fire Emblem that we would like to mention includes the sword of Zoltan, which is ranked as an A-ranking sword, meaning that it might be one of the best options available for players wanting to obliterate enemies. Its hit rating is 90% damage output, which is pretty solid compared to other swords. 

The sword itself will also have 25 uses, and with the most important stat being the number of times a weapon can be used, the Sword of Zoltan in Fire Emblem can be used many times before giving up on the player. It also has a pretty viable range of one, meaning players can get up close and personal with enemies to kill them off. 

Another important stat for a weapon that determines its ranking in the charts is its Might, and for this sword, in particular, its Might is 13, which causes its order to be increased immediately. 

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Sword of Seiros 

Might Uses Effect Level 
4070Boosts healing effects to units with the Crest of Seiros.E

Next up, the Sword of Seiros will be another A-ranking sword that can regenerate a certain amount of HP whenever the blade is in use. Anytime the player is in their phase, they will restore 11.85%, 20%, or 30% HP based on the amount of damage being dealt. 

The Fire Emblem sword has about 30 uses, which are pretty solid if we compare it to other alternatives, and it also has 11 Might, which makes it all the more powerful and directly adds to the A rank that it receives. Whenever players wield it, it will have an 80% hit chance of dealing damage to opponents. 

It also has 1 range and about a 10% base crit rate, which keeps increasing the more it is leveled up. 


Fire Emblem Lances

Another type of weapon is the Lance, also known as the spear, which can be used to pierce through the toughest of enemies to take them down. 

Lance of Zoltan 

Might Uses Effect Level 

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes offer a selection of the Best Lance Weapons, such as the Lance of Zoltan, which can be wielded by players in the middle of the battlefield and will be able to decimate their foes and kill them instantaneously. It has an A rating, which indicates that it is pretty strong. 

With its 20 uses on the field, it can be used over and over again whenever you are in the combat field with tougher foes, and it also has a Might of 15, making it even more broken and viable for end-game content. It has an overall hit chance of 80%, meaning that it will be able to launch attacks 80% at the base level. 

It has 1 Range and 10 weights; therefore, it will not add too much to the player’s overall weight, and for that reason alone, it is a solid option for Fire Emblem players

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Crescent Sickle 

Might Uses Effect Level 

Moving on, while the Crescent Sickle might not be categorized as the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons, it is definitely on the much stronger end of the options available. Whenever players use it, they can be reassured that they will be able to conquer enemies left, right, and center. 

It has a B-rating, meaning it is a solid option if you can’t get your hands on the Lance of Zoltan. It has about 50 uses, which is pretty high compared to other options, and it has a Might of 10, which might not be the strongest, but it is definitely enough to carry you through the content. 

It has a hit chance of 80% and a 0% crit rate on base, but it will increase once it gets leveled up. Other options that are B-rated can include Brave Lance and Silver Lance. 


Fire Emblem Axes

The next category that Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes will feature will be the Axes line of weaponry, a melee damage dealer that can physically damage enemies in the field. 

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Axe of Zoltan 

Might Uses Effect Level 
110120Deals bonus damage to armored units.A

At this point, many players will be quite certain that any weapon with the name “Zoltan” will be one of the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons, no doubt about that. The same goes for the Axe of Zoltan, crafted by Zoltan himself and is an A-tiered ax that will obliterate foes on the battlefield. 

The weapon will have 20 uses, which is just enough to finish any fight and easily achieve victory. The Axe of Zoltan will also have 17 Might, which makes the weapon itself pretty broken and is enough to slash across the foes and render them useless whenever you are in heavy combat. 

The ax has a 70% hit chance, and when it is launched against foes, it will surely bring them down. It is best used against armored enemies, making them much more vulnerable. 

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Axe of Ukonvasara 

Might Uses Effect Level 
  • Deals bonus damage to armored units.
  • Boosts healing effects to units with the Crest of Gloucester.

Suppose Fire Emblem players don’t like using the Zoltan series of weapons mentioned before. In that case, another solid option will be the Axe of Ukonvasara, which is again ranked as an A-tier weapon. It can take down the deadliest of foes, which just further goes to prove how capable the weapon is. 

Its main effect will include that it can restore 11.85%, 20%, or 30% of the player’s overall HP, which is one of the biggest reasons it deems the Fire Emblem weapon in the Best Weapons list. 

It can be found in a chest that will be featured in chapter 13 of the main storyline, and it has about 30 uses and an overall 65% Hit chance with a solid 20% crit rate at its base level. 


Fire Emblem Bows

For Fire Emblem players that would rather stay at a distance and not take any damage from close combat, they can look into using Bows so that they can do long-ranged archery to kill off enemies. 

Bow of Zoltan

Might Uses Effect Level 
1320Deals bonus damage to flying units.A

The infamous bow from the preceding Fire Emblem Three Houses series, featured in the Three Hopes rendition, is an A-tier bow, especially because it has been crafted by Zoltan himself and used for the toughest fights available. It is wielded by only the most experienced players who know how to fight the deadliest enemies.

With it being A-tiered, it is also assisted with about 20 or so uses, which can come in handy as it will not break easily. On top of that, players will also be able to use its 13 Might, which makes it even more overpowered than it already needs to be and is enough to pierce through any opponent in front of you. 

It will have an overall hit chance of 75% and a base crit rate of 0%. Therefore players in Fire Emblem will need to level it up to its full potential. 

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Tathlum Bow 

Might Uses Effect Level 
  • Deals bonus damage to flying units.
  • Boosts healing effects to units with the Crest of Lamine.

If the last bow isn’t to your liking, then the Fire Emblem Tathlum Bow should be another solid pick, and since it is also an A-tiered weapon, it can output the same amount of damage that its variants do. 

Whenever it is active and used by players in Fire Emblem, they will be able to use its 80% hit chance to their ultimate advantage, as in they will be able to launch attacks against enemies which will be deadly enough to take them down. It will also have a base 10% crit rate, increasing the chance of hitting critical hits. 

It also has 30 uses and will have 13 Might, solidifying its position in the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons. It has 2 ranges, which can be predicted simply because of its weapon type. 


Fire Emblem Gauntlets

Gauntlets in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is yet another weapon type that is just a first user, granting the player the ability to unleash magic damage with their hands. 

Aura Knuckles 

Might Uses Effect Level 
230Works as magical damage.

If the user initiates combat, it strikes twice consecutively.


Starting things off with the aura Knuckles, they will be used by players that want to decimate foes but do not want to use other weapon types. The aura knuckles can be forged but can not be found in chests. Therefore places will need to farm a bit for their materials if they want to get their hands on them. 

It is an A-ranking weapon, and with its 30 uses, it is a solid option to bring in for tougher fights, whether used against single-target enemies or a crowd of them.

It has a Might of 2, which might be on the lower end; however, compared with the 70% hit chance, it makes up for its more inferior Might. 

It has a range of 1 and 4 weights, so the player’s mobility is not reduced due to the higher weight of the other weapon types. All in all, the Fire Emblem Aura Knuckles is an option that should be considered. 

Dragon Claws 

Might Uses Effect Level 
  • Deals bonus damage to dragon units.
  • If the user initiates combat, it strikes twice consecutively.

If you are looking for another option, but want a cooler-looking gauntlet, then the Dragon Claws is the one to go for! With it being adorned on the hands, it will make the player the coolest looking player with their claws, and they will also be able to kill enemies while at it. 

Their weapon type is known as a Brawl, and the Fire Emblem player base has ranked it to be a solid A-grade, probably the Best Weapon in terms of gauntlets there is. It will have 30 uses, enough for a full boss fight or taking out many enemies. 

It also has a 75% hit probability alongside its 5% crit rate, which means that you can land a solid amount of critical hits too. 

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Fire Emblem Tomes

Last but not least, the final weapon type will be Tomes, essentially just magical weapons that mages will typically use, and it allows them to cast magical spells and take down enemies. 

Brave Tome 

Might Uses Effect Level 

Perhaps the only A-ranked Tome in Fire Emblem Warriors will be the Brave Tome. In essence, it is known o be the second strongest weapon in the Tome category, being outclassed by the Hero Tome, which we will discuss later.

Whenever this tome is in use by the player, they will be able to make use of its 160 and above Might and be able to kill enemies whenever they so desire. The weapon is viable for use by the Mage classes and is important whenever the class is chosen. 

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Hero Tome 

Might Uses Effect Level 

The Hero Tome is canonical *the* best tome weapon in the game, and every player will want to aim for it; and with its S-tier ranking, it is not only overpowered, but it is able to obliterate enemies with its range and damage output absolutely. 

It has a Might of 480 and goes as high as 720, which makes it insanely useful for taking out difficult enemies. With that, we will wrap up our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons guide. We hope you like it! Our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List is worth checking out!

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