Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: Recruiting Byleth

How to Recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes through the various methods depending on your house

Fire Emblem Warrior: Three Hopes has a lot to offer, from its various endings to the different lost items that players can search for. In fact, the game even has Romance options and, not to forget, amazing voice actors! There is definitely a lot to do.

But amongst those activities, you can recruit certain units to help you conquer your various battles. This guide will be discussing Fire Emblem Warrior Three Hopes recruiting Byleth and everything you need to know about it!

Key Highlights
  • Monica is a new character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and is a member of the Black Eagles.
  • It is revealed that the real Monica is dead and the character in the game is actually Kronya, a member of a villainous organization.
  • Monica is a playable character and possesses the Crest of Macuil, which is unusual as Macuil typically does not share his Crest with humans.
  • Players can have conversations with Monica and unlock expeditions by clearing certain chapters in the main storyline and having activity points available in their Base Camp.
  • Choosing the correct responses in conversation with Monica will result in receiving the best gifts, including a Wind tome and a chest key, while the worst gift is a healing staff.

How to Recruit Byleth

Fire Emblem Warriors certainly has interesting characters, such as Hubert and Bernadetta. Those that have played any of the previous games, perhaps Fire Emblem: Three Houses, would recognize Byleth, the son/daughter (gender is changeable) of a famous mercenary leader.

Byleth was the game’s main playable protagonist, and the character’s return in FEW3H has many fans surprised. What’s even more shocking is that this time around, Byleth serves as the antagonist for quite a huge portion of the story.

As FEW3H is an alternate universe to FETH, there are some changes. This time around, Byleth doesn’t join Garreg Mach monastery but instead is a mercenary alongside Jeralt. What that means is Byleth often gets pinned against Shez, our main character of FEW3H, and they have some intense battles.

However, that’s not the case throughout the entire story. In fact, later in the game, around chapter 10 or 12 (depending on your path), you will get the option to recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Warrior: Three Hopes.

There are three different routes and methods of recruiting Byleth. You can either recruit them in Chapter 12 if you’re going down the Black Eagles/Scarlet Blaze or Blue Lions/Azure Gleam path. But, if you’re on the Golden Wildfire/Deer, you will get to recruit Byleth in chapter 10.

Warning message at the start of the battle
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes – Warning Message

It is worth noting that each time you go into the battle in which you can recruit Byleth, you will be given a warning. The warning will read, “Your actions in this battle will greatly impact the outcome of the story.” When you get the warning, it is worth saving the game in case you fail the steps on your first steps. One common step that can be found throughout all the methods is that you will have to avoid attacking the Ashen Demon to recruit Byleth.

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With that said, let’s explore each possibility of trying to recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes so she can help you take down bosses such as Cleobulus

Yellow Deer/Yellow Wildfire Path

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruite Byleth
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes – Byleth in Golden Wildfire

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruiting Byleth in Chapter 10, Love and Loss is the easiest route of them all. It does not require any specific strategies before battle; it only requires you to go into the main battle of chapter 10, where you’ll get the chance to recruit Byleth. You can also recruit Yuri during the battle if you play your cards right.

The first step of the mission will be to gain information on your enemies and capture strongholds which require you to be quite quick.

After that, Alois and Yuri will show up. A timer will start, and you need to take down Alois within that period, or you will fail the quest. Failing to do so will lead to Alois’ escape. You can also recruit Yuri during this time.

Then Clause will try to draw out Byleth by advancing and capturing the strongholds. Help him out by protecting him as he tries to reach his destination.

But as he reaches the destination, he will turn around and retreat. As that is happening, Byleth will pursue Claude, and you need to protect him.

You will be given a side-mission that will task you to take down Byleth. It is very important that you don’t take her/him down. If you do so, you will end up going down the path where you cannot recruit them. You can send your teammates to distract him/her, but you have to ensure that Byleth does not die.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruite Byleth
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes – Defeating Fleche

Once Clause finishes retreating, you will get one more task before being able to complete the quest. The task would be to take down Fleche. You need to ensure that Byleth doesn’t engage in battle, and neither should you attack them.

You need to take down Fleche before Byleth does. Upon successfully doing that, you’ll have Alois, Jeralt, and Byleth as recruits (and Yuri if you went down that path).

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Scarlet Blaze/Black Eagles Path

Using the Resonant Lightning Strategy when prompted
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes – Resonant Lightning

If you’re with Black Eagles/Scarlet Blaze, then you will have to wait till Chapter 12 to get the chance to recruit Byleth.

However, you cannot just go in the direct battle and get Byleth to be your friend. There is a prerequisite that you must complete before then. You will need to get a specific strategy known as the Resonant Lightning Strategy.

The Resonant Lightning Strategy can be unlocked in the Menja Territory. You need to complete the battle in Menja and then examine all the points there. Doing so will unlock the strategy, and you’re good to take part in the main battle to recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

When the main battle begins, you will again be prompted with the story-changing warning. Ensure that you equip the Resonant Lightning Strategy at the start and then head into battle.

Continue playing the main battle as you’re being instructed. In the middle, you will get the option to activate the Resonant Lightning Strategy, and you should do so.

Again, you want to continue playing until you get the side-mission to aid the engineers. Before doing anything else, you should make your way there and complete the side-mission as it is important for recruiting Byleth.

You will then be given another side-mission that will ask you to eliminate Byleth. Don’t do it, and also ensure that none of your other units try to kill her/him. Try to keep your units busy in other battles until you’re given the task of defeating Alois and Rodrigue.

When you go after the two using the bridge built to reach the eastern Shoals, the opponents will break it as soon as you cross it. This will ultimately lead to Byleth not being able to come after you as you fight the two.

When you successfully take Alois and Rodrigue, Byleth and Jeralt will join your crew.

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Blue Lions/Azure Gleam Path

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruite Byleth
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes – Byleth in Azure Bleam

Blue Lions/Azure Gleam’s path for recruiting Byleth in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is perhaps the trickiest out there.

Similar to the Scarlet Blaze path, you will need a specific strategy before you can get started. That specific strategy is known as “Locate Ambushers.”

To find Locate Ambushers strategy, you need to go to the Menja Territory. Conquer it and examine all the survey spots to unlock it. Once you do, you’re ready to head into the main battle of Chapter 12. Just ensure that you equip the strategy at the start of the battle.

Continue onwards with the battle until you’re given the option to use Locate Ambushers. Once you do, activate it, and here’s where the tricky part comes in. You will be able to see mercenaries on your map, and you need to avoid them at all costs; otherwise, you will fail to recruit Byleth. You cannot let even a single one of them spot you or any of your crew members.

It certainly is a tricky situation, but if you choose the All-Out Defensive instruction on your main base, you will have a better chance. Ideally, your units should all be at the main base while you only control a single character.

You’ll see green arrows on the map that will help you avoid the mercenaries. You’re free to conquer any strongholds that come in your way. Keep following the arrows until you finally see “Defeat Fleche” in the main missions.

Not long after the instruction to take down Fleche, you will get another one that will task you to defeat all the mercenaries and stop them from infiltrating the allied base.

You should now focus solely on taking down the mercenaries, and only then should you go after Fleche. If you need help taking down the mercenaries, consider using one of the best weapons: Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapons.

After you do that, you will be asked to defeat Byleth (side-mission), which you need to avoid. Instead, go for the main task, which would be to fight against Randolph. Make sure you defeat Randolph quickly, as it is a time-sensitive task if you’re hoping to recruit Byleth. Once you do, you will have Byleth and Jeralt join you.

Is Byleth Worth Recruiting

Although we’ve given clear instructions on how Byleth can be recruited, many players are often confused and whether Byleth is worth the hassle or not.

That is an understandable concern considering all the prerequisites and complicated instructions that one has to follow. But there are some benefits of recruiting Byleth in Fire Emblem Warrior Three Hopes.

Byleth is Missable

One of the biggest reasons you should try to recruit Byleth is that he/she is a missable character. Which is a shame considering Byleth is, in fact, one of the strongest units that are available in the game and can help you greatly in the chapters after unlocking her/him.

If you fail to unlock Byleth through the specified methods, then you won’t be able to get her/him for the rest of your playthrough.

Required to Recruit Arval

If you are looking to unlock Arval, you will need Byleth. You can unlock Arval by spending 60 Renown in Your Quarters. However, that is only possible if you have Byleth amongst your ranks.

Therefore, if you miss him/her, you will actually miss two characters.

Using Byleth

If you happen to recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, then we have a few tips for you that could help you use the character more effectively.

Best Class

As you know, you can change your classes in the game. If you don’t know how to, consider checking out our beginner’s guide: Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Tips And Tricks.

For Byleth, the best class is Enlightened One. Therefore, if you want to make the most out of it, consider using that.

Choosing Byleth’s Gender

You may have noticed that throughout the guide, we’ve referred to Byleth as he/she. And that is because Byleth’s gender depends on your choices.

Right at the start of the game, you will get the option to pick whether you want to go against the male or female version of Byleth. 

Although it does not have any significant effects on the story, it’s still a neat feature. But you cannot change it back through your playthrough.

Byleth’s Abilities

Byleth Abilities
Byleth – Divine Pulse

It is quite important you get familiar with Byleth’s abilities if you want a good chance of making the most of them.

Divine PulseActionCan stop time by pressing ZR. It is followed by an attack that will only trigger when time restarts, based on damage dealt during the stoppage. There is a short cooldown time for it, though.
Ashen DemonSupportWhile awakened, damage greatly increases
Unfeeling BladeTacticalIncreased damage dealt to enemies by 50% when ordered to attack.

Divine Pulse Action has quite a range, and you should try to use it often. All enemies, even commanders, become immobile for several seconds, allowing you to plan your next attack or land some attacks in between.

As for Ashen Demon Support, it works nicely with the Awakening-Boost Abilities that the Silverheart and Enlightened One classes possess.

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With that, you know everything about recruiting Byleth in Fire Emblem Warrior Three Hopes. It is certainly a great unit to have, despite the tricky instructions. Therefore, if you still have the chance, you should definitely recruit Byleth!

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