Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Class Tier List

Finding the Best Class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Made Easier!

The wait is finally over. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (FEW3H) is here with its extraordinary character setup and multiplayer mode surprise for you, and so is our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list! 

The game brings to you more than thirty different classes that fit every kind of playstyle the gaming realm has ever seen. You don’t have to fear the overwhelming horde, though, as we’ll tour you through each aspect that takes us to the best Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class.

Key Highlights
  • Like many games, Fire Emblem Warriors also has many classes to choose from, and there are over 40 different classes.
  • The best classes to have are definitely from the S tier section of the tier list, which includes Fluegel, Assassin, Sniper, and Mercenary.
  • The classes that are decent belong to the A tier. Some of those include Cavalier, Mage, and Trickster.
  • Each class is also divided into different types, such as Fluegel, which is an Infantry, while Paladin belongs to Cavalry.
  • Classes are also best suited for different characters, such as Pegasus Knight for Leonie and Sniper class for Ashe.
  • The classes also have different special abilities when you use them, such as Fluegel, which allows you to tank axe hits more.

To start, we will first take you through a sneak peek of how all the classes in FEW3H compete with one another, and a list of the best ones from each tier will follow. Let’s not wait any more and get into it: 

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Tier List Breakdown

FEW3H tier ranking
Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes Ranked!

Here’s an overview of how each class in our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes tier list rank against one another: 

Tiers Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes
S (Excellent Classes)Fluegel, Pegasus Knight, Assassin, Mercenary, Sniper, Preist, 
A (Good Classes)Cavalier, Thief, Dancer, Wyvern Master, Wyvern Rider, Gremory, Paladin, Mage, Archer, Dark Mage, Hero, Brawler, Swordmaster, Brigand, Warrior, Warlock, Bishop, Dark Bishop, Bow Knight, Trickster, Falcon Knight
B (Average Classes) Fortress Knight, Wyvern Lord, Grappler, Armoured Knight, War Monk, Dark Flier, Dark Knight, Great Knight, War Master, Holy Knight, Mortal Savant, Valkyrie

All Classes And Comparison

Here are the stats for Classes: 

TierClassTypeNotable Unit(s)HPSTRDEFRES
SPegasus KnightFlyingDorothea (Black Eagles), Ingrid (Blue Lions), and Leonie (Golden Deer)
SMercenaryInfantryLorenz, Felix, and Petra
SSniperInfantryShamir, Ashe, and Bernadetta
SPriestInfantryMarianne, Mercedes, and Linhardt
ACavalierCavalrySylvain and Leonie15%10%10%0%
AThiefInfantryShamir, Felix, and Petra
ADancerInfantryShez, Yuri, and Petra20%10%0%0%
AWyvern MasterFlyingClaude20%10%5%0%
AWyvern RiderFlyingClaude, Seteth, and Caspar
APaladinCavalryLorenz, Sylvain, and Ferdinand20%15%10%10%
AMageInfantryAnnette, Hubert, and Lysithea
AArcherInfantryShamir, Ashe, and Bernadetta10%0%0%0%
ADark MageInfantryLinhardt and Hubert10%0%0%20%
ABrawlerInfantryRaphael, Dedue, and Caspar20%0%0%0%
ASwordmasterInfantryHolst, Felix, and Shez
ABrigandInfantryHilda, Dedue, and Caspar
AWarriorInfantryHilda, Seteth, and Caspar
AWarlockInfantryLysithea, Annette, and Monica
ABishopInfantryMercedes and Linhardt
ADark BishopInfantryLinhardt15%0%0%20%
ABow KnightCavalryShamir, Ashe, and Bernadetta20%20%10%0%
ATricksterInfantryPetra and Yuri
AFalcon KnightFlyingLeonie and Ingrid20%15%0%20%
BFortress KnightArmoredHilda, Dedue, and Edelgard25%15%30%0%
BWyvern LordFlyingHilda, Seteth, and Caspar30%30%15%0%
BGrapplerInfantryDedue and Balthus25%20%0%0%
BArmoured KnightArmoredEdelgard
BDark KnightCavalryLorenz
BGreat KnightCavalry ArmoredHilda, Dedue, and Edelgard30%20%35%0%
BWar MasterInfantryBalthus and Caspar30%30%0%0%
BHoly KnightCavalryFerdinand
BMortal SavantInfantryHolst, Yuri, and Felix20%25%0%10%


This S-tier is a home to every Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class that’s considered an excellent powerhouse amongst gamers. While a few classes ranked here will not surprise you, we have also given space to some new names. 

Though every class placed in the S-tier of our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list is the cream of the caste, the best amongst them are:


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
InfantryAxe Buster Lv 2SwordShez
Growth Rates

The Fluegel is a powerful mercenary option that performs as an exceptional offensive unit in any battle setting. The class is known to use the best weapon of FEW3H– sword, that too, not only one but two at a time. 

Fluegel also stands especially solid against axes thanks to its mysterious powers onboard and the ability to use magic. What’s more? Fluegel can manifest more than a few superb sword actions, making it worthy of ranking as the best class on our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list. 

For instance, Fluegel can volley its foes with lethal sword attacks in mid-air. It also manifests a chain of sword slashes concluded with three thrust attacks. Last but not least is the star of Fluegel’s show, the sword tornado attack, followed by four further attacks that wipe armies in one go. Keep in mind that the class is exclusive to Shez only. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
InfantryLocktouch, Swordfaire, Pass, and Axe Buster Lv 3SwordPetra
Growth Rates

The Assassin is a revamped version of the Thief class that is considered helpful on the battlefield thanks to its swift sword actions, excellent adaptability, and massive growth rates. Most interesting in their case is that Assassins can disarm traps and utilize the Thief class-exclusive  Lockpicks. 

Assasins also know how to give off a special attack called the Lethality that knocks down opponents in one fell swoop. Perhaps this is why most players fear encountering the Assassin as an enemy. But you don’t have to when there’s a chance to get them on your side before it’s too late. 

Pegasus Knight

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
FlyingAlert Stance and Sword Buster Lv 2LanceDorothea (Black Eagles), Ingrid (Blue Lions), and Leonie (Golden Deer)
Growth Rates

The Pegasus Knight may not seem like an S-tier pick due to its vulnerability against arrows, but it’s useful on battlefields packed with magic enemies. What makes the class unbeatable in a crowd of magic attackers is its robust performance in terms of Resistance.

This airborne class offers solid defense against magic and sword-wielding classes. Also, Pegasus Knights can be your best trade if you want a potent transport option for ground units. It is because the Pegasus Knights are excellent at flying over impassable paths. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
InfantryAxe Buster Lv 2SwordLorenz, Felix, and Petra
Growth Rates

The Mercenary is a speedy and robust class that houses balanced stats. The class’s high Skill, Strength, and HP, alongside decent Defense and Speed, make it potent enough to get through anything FEW3H throws at it. 

Be that defense or offense; a Mercenary class unit will excel in all situations. In most cases, the class is seen inflicting a substantial amount of damage while also sustaining an equal injury in return. 

Given its versatile nature, the Mercenary class is excellent for players who prefer efficient and quick units in battle. The only thing players should be worrying about is the Mercenary’s average Movement, which often proves low when a mob of heavily armored foes catches them.

Nevertheless, well-trained units of the Mercenary class can wipe out an entire army of axes-carrying enemies. They may even dodge more than a few Lance attacks and sword slashes if maneuvered skillfully.


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
InfantryBowfaire and Gauntlet Buster Lv 3BowShamir, Ashe, and Bernadetta
Growth Rates

As the name might already suggest, Sniper is a ranged class of our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list.  However, quite surprisingly, the class has got no rifles but a bow instead. 

Nevertheless, the bow onboard accounts for improving critical hit rate, making the class just as powerful against targets as expected from any ranged ally. Snipers are also great in repelling gauntlets as well as attacks from flying enemies. 

Their ability called the Gauntlet Buster Lv 3, makes Snipers render 90% increased damage to foes hitting with gauntlets. The drawback, however, is that the Sniper class is relatively less mobile. Good news: Snipers’ superior growth rates have got that covered, too! 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
InfantryHeal and Bow Buster Lv 2TomeMarianne, Mercedes, and Linhardt
Growth Rates

The Priest class manifests just the proper use of magic every Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes player dreams of. A Priest unit can employ white magic for both attacking as well as healing. They heal allies via their very versatile healing staves that replenish HP as instantly as the blink of an eye. 

Priests tend to serve like rocks against bows, hence being one of the most exceptional class choices if safeguarding treasure chests and villages is your primary intent. Otherwise, you can deploy a Paladin unit for the job while Priests help you fight off bow-wielding attackers. 

The drawback, however, that players need to keep in mind before getting excited about Priests is that they are a bit physically frail. The class’s relatively low Defense necessitates deploying bodyguards that could shield them against attacks.


The Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes classes ranked in this tier are good– neither excellent nor utterly useless. They have notable abilities to get you through mobs of strong enemies, but get ready to welcome some flaws. The best among all the Tier-A classes in FEW3H are: 

Wyvern Rider

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
FlyingLance Buster Lv 3AxeClaude, Seteth, and Caspar
Growth Rates

Thanks to the Wyverns, the class’s units can fly and knock down every enemy on their radar in the sky or ground. Wyvern Riders generally excel in high movement and primary defense-oriented stats like Strength, HP, and Defense. 

If you prefer having combatants with greater survivability who can do good against regular enemies, the Wyvern Rider units are for you. 

However, don’t expect something big from this class against heavily armored opponents as it’s vulnerable to Wind Magic attacks and powerful weapons like Bows or the Wyrmslayer. 

Given these drawbacks, it’s wise to send forward Wyvern Riders only when bow-wielding foes are not abundant. 

Wyvern Master

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
FlyingCharm and 

Gauntlet Buster Lv 2

Growth Rates

The Wyvern Master class is a high-stats class usually seen lurking in the skies on its mighty Wyvern. You will mostly see the class wielded by late-game antagonists thanks to its solid 60 Spear rank stats cap that allows the user to have a 10% critical boost to attacks.

Wyvern Master employs a bow for inflicting damage, which is exclusive to Claude only. All the abilities, together with the fact that this class rides a Wyvern, make it an absolute powerhouse against flying classes.


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
InfantryTome Buster Lv 4SwordShez, Yuri, and Petra
Growth Rates

The Dancer Class is another sword-wielding class on our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list. Though the Dancer buddies fall short in offense due to their weak base stats across the board coupled with prolonged growth rates, the Speed and Luck growths are excellent. 

Additionally, the Dancer class’s HP growth also contributes immensely to its incredible evasion while also boasting a decent survivability rate in fights. This means you can either dodge incoming damage attacks via the super agile movement of Dancers or take it without worrying about being felled.

What’s more? High speed also allows Dancers to perform critical and double attacks as much as the player feels necessary. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)

Locktouch, and Axe Buster Lv 2

SwordShamir, Felix, and Petra
Growth Rates

For players who are always up to completing maps and, therefore, search for extraordinarily agile units, the Thief class is for them. Due to the same agility, you will find Thief dodging most incoming attacks, especially the axe ones. 

So what makes the Thief rank in the A-tier of our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes class tier list, unlike Assassin? Thieves have low offensive capabilities that weaken their utility as front-line combatants, as they cannot deal heavy damage.

Nevertheless, a well-maneuvered Thief class unit can still inflict reliable damage via its high accuracy and speed. Likewise, Thieves can be instead employed as support units if not offensive allies. 

They can perform direct assaults or reach targets quickly. But because the Thief class is still physically weak, don’t risk leaving Thieves unguarded.  


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
CavalrySword Buster Lv 2LanceSylvain and Leonie
Growth Rates

Like most mounted units, the Cavalier class allows instant travel from base to base due to its high Movement. This ability proves particularly useful in helping injured allies at a distance, reaching specific targets, or restricting surprise enemy advances.

If you have chosen a larger map or there is an extra-large army waiting to crush your team, Cavaliers are what you need. Though the Defence on board is lower than most classes, Cavalier’s mobility and speed make up for the lack. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Infantry Bow Buster Lv 2BowShamir, Ashe, and Bernadetta
Growth Rates

Are you looking forward to equipping more units that can take down some extra flying beasts for the team? You might want to have a look at the Archer class. Knocking down enemies who are weak against bows like the Pegasus Knights is the most straightforward job for an Archer unit. 

While Archers very proficiently dodge most Lance, Sword, and Axe-carrying enemies, they fall weak to counterattack at a closer range, hence allowing any enemy to move in and attack fearlessly. 

That said, giving Archers the right amount of shield is in the players’ hands so their other powers could be unleashed without risk. A moderate Defence stats possessor who prefers staying with the ground domain can do well in that regard.  


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Infantry Bow Buster Lv 2 and FireTomeAnnette, Hubert, and Lysithea
Growth Rates

Mage offers a nice consistency of stats; however, its massive Resistance will always remain the show’s star. If you’ve got a lot of Archers standing against your team, pulling a potent Mage unit is one of the best decisions. 

They will blend black magic against even the strongest of the Archers. Nevertheless, avoid pushing your Mage units into direct fights as they are mostly not able to take a lot of damage.

The Mage class tends to become weak against attacks due to its subpar Defence capabilities relative to most FEW3H classes. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
CavalrySword Buster Lv 3 and Terrain ResistanceLanceLorenz, Sylvain, and Ferdinand
Growth Rates

Despite staying away from prolonged melee fights, the Paladin class helps the team via speedy Movement. Because of their swiftness, Paladins are often the first ones who encounter opponents on the battlefield and also the ones to clear out critical areas of the map. 

Like the Priest, the Paladins don’t fall weak against bows, making them unique. As a result, units of the Paladin class are often the ones most players prefer to guard treasure chests and villages. 

Like Cavaliers and Mercenary, the Paladins tend to offer a complete set of stats.  


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Infantry Bow Buster Lv 4, Dark Magic Mastery, White Magic Mastery, and Black Magic MasteryTomeMonica
Growth Rates

The Gremory is a female-exclusive class of the Infantry type who wields a solid Tome and deals cool elemental attacks. What’s the biggest plus? Gremory is very strong against bows and both black and white magic attacks. Not only is the resistance high, but Gremory can also inflict magic damage in return.

Nevertheless, players must still bear Gremory’s low defense profile against other physical attacks. This class can be accessed using the Master Seal upon unlocking Level 30. A’s in Faith and Reason are necessary. 


We don’t think there is any class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes weak enough to be ranked in tiers below B. Therefore, here are all those not-too-extraordinary neither good classes that we believe are average picks of the game. 

The classes placed in the B-tier of our post are either statistically poor in more than one aspect or have a poor growth rate. As a result, they are only recommended for situations when there’s no higher-tier class available or you just crave some twist in your usual win routine. 

Fortress Knight

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Armored Lance Buster Lv 3 and ImpregnableAxeHilda, Dedue, and Edelgard
Growth Rates

Though the Fortress Knight class hails pretty low stats, its units can prove to be really sturdy when it comes to the formation of chokepoints. The class will halt enemies from further advancing toward the ally stances as well as take as much damage as necessary to safeguard the rest of the allies. 

Fortress Knight units act as “walls” that make it difficult for adversary troops to penetrate, something that’s very useful to restrict Thief-like units from looting assets. What weakens this class, though, are anti-armor weapons and magic, of course. 

Fast-moving, powerful units like Paladins might also give Fortress Knights a tough time. The class’s movement is also relatively lackluster. 


TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Infantry Tome Buster Lv 3Gauntlets Dedue and Balthus
Growth Rates

If you are a magic damage fan who likes to deliver consecutive attacks to knock down your foes in no time, the gauntlet-wielding Grappler class is for you. Grappler will significantly help you get past opponents who carry tomes thanks to its Tome Buster Lv 3 ability which swells damage to up to 90%.

Wyvern Lord

TypeAbilities Usable Weapon(s)Notable Unit(s)
Flying Lance Buster Lv 4 and Grievous BlowAxeHilda, Seteth, and Caspar
Growth Rates

The Wyvern lord is the absolute best damage and map mastery of our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list. The highly mobile flying-type class wields a mighty axe and is particularly strong against the lances of the game. 

However, all this might only seem viable till the initial battles of the game. As players propel further in the story, the Wyvern Lord class’s scarce stats will likely start to show up. 

It marks the end of our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list. Our main aim while curating this list was to bestow upon you the best possible hierarchy between the game’s classes, and we hope we have succeeded.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Class Tier List Criteria

Our team has put in front of you the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes class tier list with the hope that you don’t struggle to know the class you need. To place every available option into its rightful tiers, we have invested a lot of time from the day FEW3H was first released. 

We ensured every class was scrutinized in-depth and their perks were unbiasedly weighed. For that purpose, our team employed various authoritative sources from the internet and opinions of current FEW3H players. 

That said, we tried inducing not only the class’s in-game effectiveness but also the popular preferences of the community.

Why Trust Us? 

We at eXputer have been writing hierarchies of in-game elements for a long time. Since then, we have been doing our absolute best to propagate the most necessary information to rookies as well as former players around the world. 

We know that tier list rankings tend to be very subjective and may vary amongst individuals depending on individual preferences. That said, we recommend you to take the placings illustrated above as only a headstart into Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes while resting the final decision only in your hands. 

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