Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: Cleobulus Boss Guide

Our detailed guide on Cleobulus impersonating Cornelia in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes contains the abilities, stats and weapons used by the boss.

Who is Cleobulus in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes 

Cleobulus is one of the main villains that you battle in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is a non-playable character and a member of an organization called “Those who slither in the dark”. The organization consists of members remnants of an ancient civilization called Agartha. They operate throughout Fodlan.

Key Highlights
  • Cleobulus is the main villain in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.
  • He is a member of the organization “Those Who Slither in the Dark” which is made up of remnants of an ancient civilization called Agartha.
  • Cleobulus has a background in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses, where he killed Rufus and framed Dmitri for his death, and pledged his loyalty to the Empire.
  • In Three Houses, it is suggested that Cleobulus impersonated Cornelia Armin, an imperial scholar, and took control of her body at some point between 1165-1167.
  • In Three Hopes, Cleobulus is still disguised as Cornelia and manipulates Rufus to start another war.
  • Cleobulus appears as a boss in Chapter 3 on the Blue Lions Route in Three Hopes.
  • As Cornelia, Cleobulus uses the Asclepius staff, which is one of the strongest weapons in the game and grants +3 protection when equipped.
  • Cleobulus belongs to the Gremory class as Cornelia, which is a female exclusive class with exceptional magical skills but weak physical defense and HP. Before impersonating Cornelia, Cleobulus belonged to the Warlock class.
agarthan member in fire emblem
Cleobulus as an Agarthan member

Under the leadership of Thales, Cleobulus wants to take over the Kingdom. There is not much information about Cleobulus available online, but his intentions are definitely not good.

Background of Cleobulus 

We have explained the background of Cleobulus in detail. Since his past stretch far beyond Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, we’ve made sure his role in other games is explained as well.


Most of the past of Cleobulus is not known. In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses, it is said that he began impersonating Cornelia Armin, who was an imperial scholar. It happened sometime between the imperial years of 1165-1167. He took control of Cornelia’s body when she was bestowed with the title of Court Mage in the Holy Kingdom Of Faerghus. 

He probably did all this to make more connections and achieve his organization’s goals. After that, he has been impersonating Cornelia in public.  

Three Houses

Cleobulus being the vicious and sadistic person he is, killed Rufus and framed Dmitri for his death. After Dmitri was set to be executed, he pledged his loyalty to the Empire and oppressed the citizen’s under his rule. If you take the Azure moon route, you will be able to defeat him using the help of others.

cleobulus in fire emblem
Cleobulus in Three Houses

If you go for the Crimson Flower Route, you will still be able to defeat him, but his abilities would be far more powerful. However, in Three Houses, there was no information regarding Cleobulus impersonating Cornelia. We do know that Cornelia disappeared during the war. So that might be when Cleobulus took on the form of Cornelia.

Three Hopes

When we reach the timeline of early 1180 in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, we see that Cleobulus has taken on the form of Cornelia. When he is informed of the recent events in Empire’s Capital, he is advised to escape or go into hiding. However, he manipulates Rufus instead to start another war.

We face him around chapter 3 when Dmitri attempts to stop them. You will face Cornelia, or should we say Cleobulus, head-on in a boss battle. What happens next? We leave that to players to see on their own to keep this article spoiler-free.

Role of Cleobulus in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes 

Now Cleobulus disguised himself as Cornelia Arnim, as we see in Chapter 16 of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses. He will appear in the Crimson Flower route of this chapter. Cleobulus will also appear as a boss in Chapter 18 in the Azure Moon Route.

Cornelia impersonated by Cleobulus
Cleobulus impersonating Cornelia

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, he is no different. He appears as one of the bosses in Chapter 3 along with Rufus on the Blue Lions Route. 

Main Weapon

As Cornelia, Cleobulus uses Asclepius, which is one of the strongest weapons in the game. The staff can only be used by Cornelia and, ultimately, Cleobulus. It is unobtainable and will grant Cleobulus +3 protection when equipped.

When fighting Cleobulus disguised as Cornelia, this is the weapon that you should look out for. It can cause heavy damage, and using the staff Cleobulus can restore 10 percent of their HP.


As Cornelia, Cleobulus belongs to The Gremory Class. The class is female exclusive and possesses exceptional magical skills. They have powerful magic attacks and high resistance. Gremorians like Cornelia also possess high charm, and they can use any kind of magic they want. But they have a very weak physical defense and HP. They lack mobility too. 

Before he was Cornelia, Cleobulus belonged to the Warlock class. Just like the Gremory, Warlock is an advanced magic class with high resistance and powerful magic attacks. They have slightly better movement and HP. If you had to face Cleobulus in his true form, it would take a lot of tries before you actually defeated him.

Abilities Of Cleobulus in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

When Cleobulus took on Cornelia, he retained the abilities he had. He can use Cornelia’s abilities alongside his own. This is the reason why he is one of the most difficult enemies to defeat.

Keep in mind the abilities mentioned below are common to both installments of Fire Emblem. Without further ado, let’s take a look at both Cleobulus and Cornelia’s abilities.

Agarthan Technology

This ability belonged to Cleobulus due to him being a part of those who slither in the dark. Agarthan Technology is one of the most overpowered abilities in the game and is exclusive to the enemies only.  You cannot obtain the ability but knowing how it works, and you can certainly dodge it.

The Agarthan Technology is a personal ability, and it can reduce the damage dealt during combat. So if you attack Cleobulus disguised as Cornelia, your damage will be reduced by 3 points if the ability is active. It does not matter what ability you use against Agarthan Technology, as it can render weak any attack that comes the user’s way.

Black Magic Uses x2

It is a series of abilities that were introduced in the previous installment of Fire Emblem. However, Cleobulus can use the ability when you face him in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Using the ability, the number of times Cleobulus can use the black magic spells in a battle will be increased.

Both Cleobulus and Cornelia’s class, Warlock and Gremory, respectively possess the Black Magic Uses ability. It has two variations to it, Black Magic Uses x2, and Black Magic Uses x4. However, the user can only use the former as a class ability. The latter cannot be used as of now for reasons unknown. Using Black Magic Uses x2, the total black magic spells used by Cleobulus would be multiplied.

Dark Magic Uses x2

The Dark Magic Uses x2 ability is exclusive to Gremory class. Since Cornelia belongs to Gremory, Cleobulus can use the ability while he is disguised as her. This ability also debuted in Three Houses; however, Cleobulus can use it in Three Hopes as well.

The ability can double the dark magic spells used by Cleobulus in the form of Cornelia in a battle. There are two variations to the ability. Dark Magic Uses x2 can be used by Cleobulus, but Dark Magic x4 can only be used by Hubert.

Black Tomefaire

The ability is used by the Dark Knight, Mortal Servant, and Warlock Class. Since Cleobulus belonged to Warlock, Cornelia can use the ability as well. The ability is obtainable by any unit with some exceptions if they reach the maximum skill level of S+.

Using the Black Tomefaire ability, Cleobulus’ black magic attacks will be significantly increased. When equipped, Cleobulus will receive a +5 attack.

White Magic Uses x2

The White Magic Ability is also a class ability associated with Gremory and Bishop. Like other uses increasing abilities, it has two levels. Cornelia can only use White Magic Uses x2. It is no doubt that, like Cornelia, Cleobulus possess even more powerful abilities making him one of the toughest bosses in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. 

When the ability is equipped, the number of times the white magic spells can be used is doubled. Since it’s a class ability, you can also equip it by choosing Gremory or Bishop class.

Reason Level 5 

Cornelia has a very high level in the game. No wonder Cleobulus chose her as his vessel. She has the Reason ability maxed up to level 5. The ability can be learned by you as well. You just have to increase your unit’s skill level in Reason.

When the Reason ability is equipped, Cornelia or Cleobulus will have increased Hit, Damage, and Avoid Rate when they are performing black magic or dark magic. On level 5, Cleobulus will have +20 Hit, +10 Critical Avoid, and +10 Avoid. It is the highest level one can reach with the ability. This is the reason why Cleobulus is so hard to defeat.

Defense +2

Ever since he was defeated, Cleobulus made sure to keep his defense high. As  Cornelia, his defense is increased by +2. Hence it will take a long time to take Cleobulus down due to his high defense.

Poison Strike

It is a class ability that was formerly exclusive to the Ninja Class only. Since the Three Houses, the ability can be used by Dark Mages as well. Cleobulus has a great advantage as Cornelia is a Mage and hence can use the overpowered Poison Strike Ability.

When the Poison Strike ability is active,  additional damage will be dealt with the opponent at the end of the battle. Cleobulus will deal damage equal to 20 percent of the opponent’s HP after combat.

Defiant Mag

This is a class ability associated with Gremory class, so you can equip it too if you’re unit is a Gremorian. When the Defiant Mag ability is active, Cleobulus will have increased magic when he has a low hp. The magic will increase to +8 when using the Defiant Mag ability.

Unsealable Magic

The Unsealable Magic ability is exclusive to enemies like Cleobulus in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. When equipped,  it will protect Cleobulus/Cornelia from being silenced. It means that you cannot stun them while the ability is active.

So Cleobulus can use his magic attacks freely without any debuffs stopping them. The Unsealable Magic ability makes it even more difficult to defeat Cleobulus, so make sure you’re fully prepared before you face him.

Spells Used By Cleobulus

Cleobulus himself did not have any spells as far as we know. But when disguised as Cornelia, he can perform two spells. Let’s look at the spells in detail below.

Death Spell

The Death Spell is a very powerful spell usually used in the mid-range. It is exclusive to enemy units, including Cleobulus. But you can use the spell yourself by getting a DLC package that will allow you to equip the spell yourself.

In Three Hopes, the spell is a bit weaker as compared to its power in the previous Fire Emblem games. While it might not be that damaging, it has a very high critical rate. The Death spell is very powerful, but you can avoid the damage it does by raising your defense and equipping certain buffs. Shields can also protect you from the Death spell.

Luna Spell

This spell was a part of Three Houses, but you get to see it in Three Hope’s as well. The Luna Spell is one of the most powerful spells in the game. It gives Cleobulus significant leverage over other units. When the spell is used, it can negate your Resistance.

However, when the spell is active, Cleobulus cannot make any follow-up attacks. You can use the weakness to your advantage and attack him to your best abilities. Make sure you have a high defense when fighting Cleobulus disguised as Cornelia because in the form he can use these two powerful spells against you. A good strategy is to focus on damaging attacks instead of using buffs.

Battalions Used By Cleobulus

Cleobulus himself did not have any battalions he could equip. However, when he is in the form of Cornelia, he can equip two battalions. Below is detailed information on these two battalions, so you’ll know how to counter Cleobulus when you face him.

Blue Lion Magic Corps Battalion

This battalion is exclusive to the Blue Lions route in both Three Houses and Three Hopes. In Three Houses, it can be purchased when you reach chapter 14.  However, in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the battalion will be available in Chapter 3 when you face Cleobulus. While Cleobulus has the battalion equipped when you fight him, you can also get the battalion by getting access to the Battalion Guild.

The battalion needs an exceptionally high level of Authority skill to be equipped. One of the main reasons Cleobulus chose Cornelia was due to her having a high level in most of the attributes. Blue Lion Magic Corpse Battalion has very high endurance. When equipped, it will boost the following stats;

  • Charm
  • Resilience 
  • Magic

These 3 stats get the most benefit from the battalion. However, it can also give a small boost to stats like Protection and Hit. The only con of this battalion is that it can decrease Avoid and Strength. Melee users won’t get much benefit from the battalion, and its endurance will decrease faster. Since Cleobulus depends on magic attacks, the battalion only makes him stronger.

Resonant Ice Battalion 

The Resonant Ice Battalion is a gambit that can boost the user’s attack to make them more powerful and damaging. It was first introduced in Three Houses, but we get to see it in Three Hope’s as well, thanks to Cleobulus.

Resonant Ice focuses on multiple enemies and can be used from a distance. Very much like the Group Ice attack, it can be used once but is highly damaging.

As the name suggests, it inflicts a rattled status on the opponents, freezing them in place. The battalion can be used by Cleobulus to stun you and decrease your movement. Make sure you are equipped with protection to avoid the Resonant Ice Battalion’s effect.

Skill Levels For Different Weapons

Cleobulus himself does not have a good rating for various weapons. But when in the form of Cornelia, he can use certain powerful weapons to attack you. Let’s see the ratings he has for different weapons.

Sword: The sword is the main weapon of many characters in the game. But the sword is more suited to offensive players. Belong to a magic-related class, both Cornelia and Cleobulus cannot rely on the sword as their main weapon. Hence they hold an E rating for this weapon. You can use the sword against Cleobulus when you face him to counterattack his magic spells.

Lances: they are the most balanced weapons in the game with great strength and accuracy. But you probably won’t see Cleobulus using Lances to fight you as they are more melee-focused as well. Cleobulus holds an E Rating for Lances as well. It means that you can use lances to attack Cleobulus as he will get the most damage from it.

Axe: Cleobulus holds an E Rating for Axe as well. Since taxes have great raw power, you use them to deal close-range damage to Cleobulus. But they lack a lot in accuracy to make sure if you intend to use an ax, you have other weapons up your sleeve too.

Bow: Cleobulus focuses mainly on attacking from mid to close range. That’s why he holds an E Rating for the bow as well. Many of Cleobulus abilities are close-ranged and extremely powerful. If you want to dodge his attacks, then you can use the bow to attack him from a distance.

Brawling: belonging to magic classes, both Cornelia and Cleobulus hold a low rating of E in brawling.

Black Magic: this is the strong point of Cleobulus, and he holds an A rating in Black magic. Most of his attacks are black magic spells. It is recommended that you use other weapons to counterattack him.

White Magic: thanks to his vessel, Cornelia, Cleobulus can also master white magic. He holds an A rating for white magic attacks as well. It means he will have the most powerful attacks using white magic spells.

Authority: she is an important part of her kingdom that gives her a lot of authority. Hence she has an A Rating here as well.

Heavy Armor: with little to no defense, Cleobulus holds E Rating in armor.

Riding: in riding, Cleobulus holds E Rating as well. It is due to her low mobility and weak movement.

Flying: Cleobulu holds E Rating in flying as well.

Cleobulus Stats in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes 

First, we will talk about the stats of Cleobulus himself. Keep in mind we have used the little information available on Fire Emblem’s wiki page to put together Cleobulus’s stats.

Cleobulus Stats

StatBase StatsGrowth RateMaximum Stats
Max Hp2535%99
Dexterity 635%99
Resistance 325%99
Charm 440%99

Now let’s take a look at Cleobulus’s stats when he is impersonating Cornelia.

Cornelia’s Stats

StatsNormal modeHard modeMaddening mode 
Max Hp465263
Strength 81219
Speed 172332
Dexterity 253141

We will also mention her stats in the later chapters of Three Houses to give an idea to players of what they might be facing in Three Hopes.

StatsNormal modeHard modeMaddening mode 
Max Hp485465
Strength 81220
Speed 182433
Dexterity 263242

This concludes our detailed guide on Cleobulus in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Hopefully, using our guide, you’ll be aware of the abilities and skills he has while impersonating Cornelia. It will help you fight the vicious boss more efficiently.

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