Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Expedition Guide

This guide will help you have perfect conversations with all characters during an expedition in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes so you can maximize the Charm, Morale, and Support Points for you allies.

Apart from the main missions, there is a lot that you can do in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Among many side activities, Expedition is one of them and it allows you to boost the support and morale of your allies. T

The better conversation you have, the better reward you will get from the expedition. This guide contains all characters’ expeditions in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes along with their perfect conversations.

Key Highlights

Unlocking Expeditions in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

  • Progressing through the main story and completing objectives will unlock expeditions.
  • Side missions and challenges can also unlock expeditions.
  • Some expeditions may require specific characters or items.

Doing Expeditions in an Effective Way

  • Choose the right team based on their abilities and strengths.
  • Utilize special attacks and abilities wisely.
  • Prioritize objectives and take out key enemy targets.

Having a Perfect Conversation

  • Choose dialogue options that align with the character’s personality.
  • Build a strong relationship to unlock special abilities and events.

Scarlet Blaze Characters

  • Known for justice and loyalty.
  • Skilled warriors and leaders.
  • At odds with the Golden Wildfire faction.

Golden Wildfire Characters

  • Known for ambition and power.
  • Cunning and calculating.
  • In conflict with the Scarlet Blaze faction.

Blue Lions Characters

  • Known for duty and honor.
  • Courageous and noble.
  • Allied with the Scarlet Blaze faction.

Other Recruitable Characters

  • Unique abilities and personalities.
  • May only be available temporarily or through special events.
  • Valuable additions to the team.

Unlocking Expeditions in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the Expedition feature becomes available when you start Chapter 5. It’s a special activity that allows you to have conversations with your recruited allies, and it offers several benefits. Here’s how the Expedition feature works:

  1. Minimum Support Level ‘C’: To use the Expedition feature, you need to have a minimum support level of ‘C’ with the ally you want to interact with. If your support level is lower than ‘C,’ you won’t be able to invite that ally on an expedition.
  2. Engage in Conversation: Go to the Camp and engage in a conversation with the ally you want to take on an expedition. During the conversation, you’ll see an option to “Invite on Expedition.”
  3. Expedition Locations: Initially, you’ll have access to the Plains location for expeditions. However, you can unlock two more locations by upgrading the Recreation Quarter through facility upgrades.
  4. Benefits of Expedition: Completing expeditions provides several benefits:
    • Charm: Your character gains more Charm.
    • Morale: Your ally’s damage output during battles increases significantly.
    • Support Points: Your ally earns more Support Points, which can be used to learn new abilities.

Expeditions are a valuable side activity in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes that help improve your roster, enhance your allies’ abilities, and strengthen your overall team. It’s a great way to build stronger relationships with your allies and gain advantages in battles.

Doing Expeditions in an Effective Way

There are a few mechanics at work for Expedition in Fire Emblem Three Hopes which will we explain in this guide. Try to follow these guidelines and choose the perfect conversations with your allies to maximize the result.

Location Does Not Matter

Location doesn’t matter much in choosing an Expedition with your ally. It won’t impact conversation topics or rewards. The only difference is the initial dialogue your ally says upon arrival.

If you see a yellow mark on a location, it means there’s a chance for an encounter. Consider it a bonus dialogue with your ally; they’ll respond positively to any reply you give.

Selecting Talk Option

When you reach the location with your ally, it is finally time to talk. You have two choices: ask them questions or simply talk to them. Always choose the talk option because it will make it easier for you to keep the conversation going and chances for a perfect conversation will be more likely.

Always Grab the Opportunity of Expeditions

Sometimes as soon as you finish a battle in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes you will get a notification showing a character who wants to go on an expedition, you will find later in the guide how it works. Go right away on the expedition with that character as it will grant additional Support points from it. However, the special offer will end if you decide to engage in another battle before doing the expedition.

Having a Perfect Conversation

Each ally discusses seven topics during expeditions, but they only cover three in each conversation. This simplifies your choice.

A perfect conversation boosts Charm, Morale, and Support Points. Afterward, you can give a gift to increase Support Points, including lost items you find.

Expeditions in the game are categorized into factions: Scarlet Blaze, Golden Wildfire, Blue Lions, and Other Recruitable Characters

Scarlet Blaze Characters

The guide on the expedition has mentioned a total of eleven characters who are a part of the Scarlet Blaze Faction.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Guide Hubert Expedition
Hubert Expedition

When you take Hubert to a location, choose ‘Talking’ and then he will talk about:

  1. “You do love inviting me on excursions…” the perfect response to it is a laugh.
  2. “When I told Her Majesty today, she expressed a wish to come along. You should invite her.” When he says this, respond with a suggestion that you all go together.
  3. “You always seem to be enjoying yourself. Not to say that I am miserable of course.” Choose the reply it goes without saying.
  4. “Are you ever struck with a brilliant strategy on expeditions such as this?” Propose a competition as a perfect response.
  5. “If I were planning to kill me, this would be the perfect opportunity.” Let your guard down on purpose.
  6. “In the beginning, there was no goddess in Fodlan.” Say that you also had the same thought.
  7. “Have I ever mentioned how you would fit right in at House Vestra? Heh.” Consider the idea as the perfect response.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expedition Guide Edelgard
Edelgard Expedition

Upon choosing to talk, the conversation will go as follows:

  1. “Do you ever wish you could be completely and utterly alone? It is a daily dream for me.” Show concern to her upon this question.
  2. “Tell me if you see any pretty flowers. Not to pluck, mind you—just admire.” Promise her that you won’t pluck and just admire.
  3. “I thought outings like this were a noble pastime, but I see you’re an expert as well.” Respond by saying that you are acting just like one.
  4. “There are hunting grounds near Enbarr that the Imperial family uses for outings.” Invite her to go on a hunt with you.
  5. “The sun is so warm on my skin. I see why people pine for it so.” Say that she is one of those people.
  6. “What are you thinking about? You look as if your mind is a dozen leagues away.” Say that you are wondering about the dinner.
  7. “Though I don’t see them, I know Hubert’s people are out there somewhere, watching us.” Suggest to her that you will look for them.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide Ferdinand
Ferdinand Expedition

If you chose ‘talking,’ then Ferdinand will start the conversation as:

  1. “Ah, the great horizon… I do not know what became of me just then.” When he shouts, shout along with him.
  2. “Fodlan’s nobility face a crisis, and I consider it my sacred duty to see us through it.” Offer him your help by asking if there is anything that you can do.
  3. “I hope I might escort you about Aegir… the most beautiful, tranquil sea.” Ask him in a joking way if you will live together.
  4. “Your horse is so well behaved. You must have something of a gift with animals.” Say it’s a special bond while smiling.
  5. “I admire how much effort you put into getting to know us all. I ought to do the same.” Say you cannot be outdone.
  6. “When I was young, my parents often took me out riding. Ah, those were better times….” Tell him that you are here for him now.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Guide Expeditions: Caspar
Caspar Expedition

If you pick ‘talking,’ he will say:

  1. “Being in the outdoors really makes me want to move. Say, how about a run? C’mon, just 20 miles or so!” Tell him that he can’t beat you.
  2. “I don’t know much about the church of Seiros.” Doubt whether he is telling the truth or not.
  3. “Haha, whoops! … I’m not gonna doze off like someone we know.” Suggest that you get some exercise.
  4. “You’re good at pretty much everything. I really respect that.” Acting cocky will be the perfect response.
  5. “I’m glad I don’t have to take over for my father… I’m not exactly what most people consider “lord material.” Tell him that right now he is in his element.
  6. “It’d be great to invite the whole team out sometime.” Suggest doing it tomorrow.
  7. “Sorry are you bored? I wish I had something more interesting to say.” Come up with a fun topic yourself.


Expedition with Linhardt in Fire Emblem Warriors
Linhardt Expedition

If you choose ‘talking’ the conversation will start with Linhardt asking you a question:

  1. “Have you ever been to Hevring territory… the slopes are simply impossible.” Reply saying it would be a perfect place to hide.
  2. “I’m fond of the silences you often get in the middle of conversations.” Staying silent will be the perfect response.
  3. “I thought for certain you’d have a Crest, but no. I still find that so strange.” Offer him help with research.
  4. “I’m sorry I was thinking about you… what were you saying?” Crack a joke.
  5. “The aristocracy… so I recognized many of the other students when I first visited the academy.” Be envious of him having old friends.
  6. “Let’s rest here a bit longer. Also, horseback riding really should be classified as heavy labor.” Agree with him wholeheartedly.

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Expedition with Bernadetta in Fire Emblem
Bernadetta Expedition

Don’t forget that Bernadetta is an introvert and she prefers to stay in solitude. If you choose ‘talking’ then she will say:

  1. “I made us some sweets! Wanna eat them now?” Commend her for that.
  2. “I’m pretty good at riding horses… when I was a kid.” Show admiration for her skills.
  3. “I’m a lot more relaxed out here—probably because there aren’t any people to scare me.” Show sympathy.
  4. “My mother and I used to go on trips just like this.” Ask more about her mother.
  5. “You know, this war would be over tomorrow if we all decided to stay home with the door shut.” Ask her for her suggestion.
  6. “The only problems with these outings are all the wide-open spaces you keep taking me to.” Ask her if she wants to find a cave.
  7. “What a great view. I should bring paints with me next time.” Give her reassurance that you will not watch.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide Petra
Petra Expedition

If you choose ‘talking’ then she will start by saying:

  1. “Brigid is between Fodlan and Dagda. We are getting many ideas from both.” Show that you are hopeful about the trade flourishing.
  2. “I thought Fodlan’s army… but instead, the rules are having much flexibility.” Reply by saying that they should even be more flexible.
  3. “I read books before coming to Fodlan… but it was still a thing of difficulty.” Tell her that she should ask for help from people.
  4. “Sometimes a hunt will last for days I have to be sleeping in trees or between rocks.” Show your desire of hunting by saying you want to hunt too.
  5. “Your hair changes color… this is a thing of much strangeness.” Ask her about the legend.
  6. “We should be training here in secret… and give our friends much surprise.” Suggest her eagerly to shock them all.
  7. “We have no horses in Brigid, so riding is still a thing of much newness to me.” Ask her what they use if they don’t have horses.


Fire Emblem Warriors Expedition Dorothia
Dorothea Expedition

By choosing ‘talk’ she will begin the conversation by saying:

  1. “Do you have a dream… How do you imagine your life after the war?” Tell her that you do have dreams.
  2. “I sometimes wonder… if the Southern Church had been restored sooner.” Say that you don’t know.
  3. “I hear the opera company is doing what they can to lift people’s spirits in these dark times.” Tell her that you want to help in some way.
  4. “They can’t possibly get mad at us for taking a little break every now and again.” Tell her to keep it a little secret.
  5. “You don’t seem very concerned with pride. Are all mercenaries like that?” Just shrug your shoulders.
  6. “Would you cry if something happened to me… I’m curious.” Let her know that no matter what happens, you won’t let her die.
  7. “You are a completely different creature… I never tire of observing you.” Laugh and say that the feeling is mutual. 


If you choose ‘talking’ then she might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “You might hear rumors… but don’t you dare believe them.” Give her an offer of joining her often.
  2. “My Ideal partner? …someone who would clean my room without complaining, I suppose.” Tell her that love will solve everything.
  3. “Everyone has at least a little darkness… Is there really anyone out there who is truly pure?” Tell her that it can also be alluring.
  4. “My beautiful singing voice is a gift from the goddess… very much like to compliment her voiceliment.
  5. “I’m a woman who tends to… let off steam once in a while.” Tell her that you will be there next time to accompany her.
  6. “I know the river of time flows… I’m trapped in its rapids more often than not.” Think about what that implies.
  7. “I’m not single because I want to be. I just haven’t found “the one” yet.” Use a rational excuse to cheer her up. 


Fire Emblem Warriors: Monica Expedition
Monica Expedition

If you choose ‘talking’ then she will start by asking a question:

  1. “Are you ever overcome… I’m asking for a friend of course.” Tell her you never felt that way.
  2. “Fighting inland for too long… I used to love swimming there.” Make a vow to go together someday.
  3. Don’t you think Her Majesty… Apologizes, just a stray thought.” Admire her devotion.
  4. “I remember every single word you’ve said… when you first burst in to save me.” Tell her you are glad because she is alright.
  5. “If Her Majesty wills it, I want to annihilate… those who slither in the dark.” Tell her that you need to know the truth first.
  6. “I know Hubert is capable, but his attitude leaves much to be desired!” Look at her smiling.


Expedition of Jeritza
Jeritza Expedition

If you choose ‘talking’ then he might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “The evil inside me… cursed swordsman for whom there is no salvation.” Tell him that he must atone for his deeds.
  2. “My mother and sister remain in good health… No. Enough.” Stay silent.
  3. “This bores me. I only find delight in battle.” Volunteer to spar with him.
  4. “I fight as I see fit. Nothing more.” Just listen to him.
  5. “Don’t bother inviting me to victory parties. I won’t go.” Do not say anything, just nod quietly.
  6. “That sword of yours… Perhaps it can excise the evil inside me.” Say that you will see.
  7. “I can sense that you and those maggots are of the same ilk.” Start considering the similarities.

Golden Wildfire Characters

This Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes expedition guide has mentioned a total of ten characters who are a part of the Golden Wildfire Faction.


Expedition of Hilda
Hilda Expedition

Upon choosing ‘talking’ the conversation will start with Hilda talking about herself:

  1. “A lot of people act differently towards me….” Ask her if you acted differently as well towards her.
  2. “I think people who have trouble relying on others….” Accept the fact that you also have trouble with relying on it.
  3. “Have you noticed anything different about me….” Complement how being different suits her.
  4. “My space is pretty messy….” Ask her if you can help her with cleaning.
  5. “Just because we’re in the middle of a war doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable!” Commend her motivation.
  6. “I’m so glad I’m not an heir….” Tell her that is not the point. 


He might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “A lot of people think of foreigners as subhuman….” Tell him what counts is on the inside.
  2. “I’d love to wander around Derdriu with you….” Ask him the reason it is us for.
  3. “Everyone’s got at least one or two secrets….” Look at him and confusingly way.
  4. “If Fodlan was a container, Fodlan’s Locket would be….” Tell him that ignorance can be a reason for a disaster.
  5. “It’s crucial to have a victory feast….” Tell him to have more feasts.
  6. “You ever get the urge to drop everything….” Say that he is alright because of Claude.
  7. “The Five Great Lords are all….” Ask him if he is serious. 


Expedition of Lorenz
Lorenz Expedition

He might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “A person cannot grow stronger if they lack ambition. Do you have any aspirations?” The best response will be to keep it to yourself.
  2. “I briefly attended the school of sorcery in Fhirdiad … but had to withdraw due to certain circumstances.” Tell him that you are sad to hear that.
  3. “…but I’ve learned to see the forest for the trees.” Meditate on what he just said for a moment.
  4. “Even the highest quality tea leaves will taste horrible….” Ask jokingly if the teaware is also important.
  5. “Gloucester has many beautiful sights as well. I would love for you to see it someday….” Tell him that you are looking forward to it.
  6. “My father… but he’s well-loved by the common folk.” Tell him that his father is a wise ruler.
  7. “I always strive to live up to noble status. Have I succeeded in your eyes?” Say that he does seem like a true noble.


Expedition of Lysithea
Lysithea Expedition

In the beginning, she might say:

  1. “Apparently Ordelia Territory used to have a lot of fertile lands….” Suggest making it fertile again.
  2. “House Ordelia isn’t descended… have been born with Crests over the years.” Show some appreciation for their efforts.
  3. “For the life of me, I can’t understand people that only wanna talk about love….” Tell her that it is because they are facing death.
  4. “I don’t understand why certain vegetables exist….” Tell her not eating them is an option as well.
  5. “The responsibilities of a noble are such a burden, I don’t have time for all that.” Tell her to just give it all up.
  6. “If you could be reborn, would you choose to be a noble or a commoner?” Tell her you do not care about your rank.


Expedition of Ignatz
Ignatz Expedition

The conversation might start with:

  1. “Apparently my ancestors lived in Leicester before the alliance was even formed.” Ask him about his ancestors.
  2. “If there really is a goddess I wonder what she looks like.” Tell him that you think that she is young and beautiful.
  3. “I’m worried about historical ruins getting destroyed during the war. There’s no way to get them back once they’re gone.” Make a vow that you are going to protect these historical sites.
  4. “The world stretches far beyond Fodlan’s borders. Wouldn’t you like to see it all someday?” Ask him where he wants to go.
  5. “People often tell me that being a knight doesn’t suit me….” Tell him he will be a knight better than any other.
  6. “It’s important to be mindful of tableware….” Ask him for a piece of advice on the right tableware.


Expedition of Marianne
Marianne Expedition

She might start by saying:

  1. “Do you ever wish you could just throw everything away and escape to another world?” Ask her if she wants to escape with you.
  2. “Even if I become the next Margrave Edmund, I doubt I will be able to make the people in my territory happy.” Tell her it’s alright to make mistakes sometimes.
  3. “Do you think the goddess truly watches over us? I believe that she does.” Say you met her once jokingly.
  4. “I’m adopted. House Edmund took me in when my real parents went missing.” The perfect response would be to just listen.
  5. “There’s no need to kill poor animals for our food. Couldn’t we just eat vegetables instead?” Make an apology for eating meat.
  6. “I often read books when I’m alone in my room.” Ask her for books recommendation.
  7. “The goddess always watches over us, even now.” Whisper her a prayer.


Expedition of Shamir
Shamir Expedition

The conversation might start with Shamir asking:

  1. “I wish I could always be my ideal self, but reality makes that quite difficult. What say you?” Encourage him in attaining it.
  2. “I’ve spent seven years in Fodlan. Can’t believe it’s been that long.” Ask where’s the next plan.
  3. “It’d be pretty great if you came from outside Fodlan too. Of course, there’s no evidence of that.” Agree by laughing and saying that it will be pretty neat.
  4. “More and more people are making names for themselves in this war. And the bigger the name, the more their head is worth.” Declare that cannot be outdone.
  5. “Yep. Nice and Quiet.” Just nod quietly.
  6. “The constant battles make times like this precious.” Show like you are happy from hearing it.
  7. “We almost won the battle between Dagda and the Empire-but then one man changed everything.” Tell me that you can surpass easily.


He might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “I learned much at the academy. It will be difficult to replace an institution of that caliber.” Tell him that it will require trial and error.
  2. “In the end, training one’s body doesn’t count for much. The mind is what truly matters.” Tell him that you can spar sometime.
  3. “I often share vital intelligence with Claude, such as which mushrooms are and aren’t poisonous.” Tell him that you got wisdom that needs to be shared as well.
  4. “Some believe a Crest is all it takes to be a great noble, but I fully intend to prove otherwise.” Ask him if he is doing this all for his sister.
  5. “To accept the teachings of Seiros unquestioningly is to abandon reason itself.” Eagerly make a vow on studying for yourself.
  6. “The key to a well-regimented life… I suggest you give it a try.” Tell him proudly that you already do. 


She might start by saying:

  1. “I borrowed a lot of money… I feel bad about that.” Commend her for being a mercenary.
  2. “In this day and age, what does it even matter who’s a noble and who’s a commoner.” Giver her a suggestion of ignoring ranks entirely.
  3. “I think everybody has at least one fateful encounter that completely changes their life.” Tell her you had one too.
  4. “Me and art don’t really agree… it just isn’t in my wheelhouse.” Commend her other talents.
  5. “People don’t need Crests to be strong. I’m never gonna use my lack of a Crest as an excuse for anything.” Tell her that other things count more.
  6. “I managed to become a mercenary, but it was really tough to make money when I was starting out.” Give praise to her dedication.


Expedition of Raphael
Raphael Expedition

He might start the conversation by saying

  1. “Big cities aren’t the only places with great food….” Ask if people go to big cities for food only.
  2. “I’m not so great at using my head, but I’m pretty handy at muscle stuff.” Let him know that no one can outdo you.
  3. “Animals are incredible… I always feel grateful to them, especially when I go for seconds.” Tell him that you can learn a few things from him.
  4. “I’m kinda bad at staying still….” Recommend him for work out together.
  5. “My little sis will be fine without me, as long as she’s got our grandpa. He’s real strong.” Tell him that she must be missing him.
  6. “I got a letter from my little sis… but I was still happy to get it.” Offer him help with writing a reply.

Blue Lions Characters

This guide on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes expedition entails nine characters who are a part of the Blue Lions Faction.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Dedue Expedition
Dedue Expedition

He will start the conversation by saying:

  1. “I have nothing but trust for Lord Rodrigue.” Tell him you want to learn from him.
  2. “Duscur is a land of fisherman.” Give a suggestion of taking a boat next time.” Give a suggestion of taking a boat next time.
  3. “I don’t adhere to the Seiros faith. But if the goddess does exist, I hope she’d protect His Majesty.” Recommend him that he should do it by himself.
  4. “Not long ago, I saw children Faerghus playing in the streets. With others from Duscur, no less.” Acknowledge the importance of that.
  5. “I wouldn’t be standing here now if His Majesty.” Tell him to be grateful for that.
  6. “I’ll restore Duscur to its former glory.” Let him know that you are willing to help.
  7. “I hope to devote my entire life to His Majesty. There is no greater pleasure than standing at his side.” Laugh and say that is just like him.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: Dimitri
Dimitri Expedition

This conversation will be short, he will say:

  1. “I have seen much death, often dealt by my own hand. The idea that one can die with dignity is nothing more than a myth.” Tell him always to be prepared for that.
  2. “I prefer not to name my horses if I can avoid it. Growing attached only makes their deaths more painful.” Let him know that you can understand what he is feeling.
  3. “At times, I feel there must be some purpose to the strength I was born bearing.” Tell him your thoughts regarding the matter.


Expedition of Sylvain
Sylvain Expedition

The conversation might start with Sylvain saying:

  1. “His Majesty didn’t have much of a way with women when he was young. Though…the years haven’t really changed that, either.” Agree with this.
  2.  “Everyone keeps telling me how serious I am now. Is that really so big a change?” Say that it does not matter.
  3. “I wish I could’ve stayed a naive kid just a little longer. None of this nonsense about Crests or nobility.” Say life is like that while laughing.
  4. “Ingrid’s more delicate than she looks. Don’t tease her too much, ok?” Show some resistance.
  5. “Felix used to be such a nice kid.” Say that people grow up.
  6. “I wish we could’ve at least stayed at the Academy until the ball during the Ethereal Moon.” Suggest holding a post-war ball.
  7. “Ingrid’s more delicate than she looks.” Nod with sincerity.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: Felix
Felix Expedition

The conversation might start with Felix saying:

  1. “Gautier territory is famous across Fodlan for its dairy farms. Makes me wish my own land had something it was known for.” Suggest that you both reflect on it.
  2. “Houses Blaiddyd and Fraldarius have been practically inseparable ever since Faerghus was founded.” Ask him for more details.
  3. “Both the Empire and Alliance have a clear hierarchy of strength. It’s hard to say who the strongest person in the Kingdom is, though.” Tell him that the hierarchy is pointless.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: Ashe
Ashe Expedition

He might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “Everyone has to figure out their own sense of justice for themselves.” Agree with him and tell him that it is exactly right.
  2. “I’m glad you asked me out here. Work has been sort of ground to a halt recently.” Promise him that you will invite him again.
  3. “I worked so hard to get into the academy… finally walked through the doors.” Tell him that learning on the battlefield is an option.
  4. “Lonato taught me so much. I couldn’t even read before I ended up at Castle Gaspard.” Let him know that you are his teacher from now on.
  5. “It’s almost like a dream for a commoner like me to be fighting alongside all these nobles.” Tell him that he has earned it.


Expedition of Annette

The conversation might begin like this:

  1. “My cousin Simon’s not a bad person or anything, but once he got it in his head that he was going to be a traveling minstrel, nobody could talk him out of it.” Keep listening to her carefully.
  2. “I like the capital fine enough, but Dominic territory is nice too. And it’s way warmer, for one.” Ask her if she can give you a tour.
  3. “I bet I could swing a heavy axe around no problem if I was just a tiny bit taller….” Tell her that it will depend on how hard she is going to try.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: Ingrid
Ingrid Expedition

Conversation with her will be like:

  1. “Felix and his majesty perform all their duties.” Cheer her up.
  2. “I imagine if Faerghus had been even just slightly more destitute, we would’ve invaded the other regions of Fodlan ourselves.” Tell her not to think about the what-ifs.
  3. “Have you ever read chivalric romance? They’re stories about the most heroic knights in the world. I’m sure you could find one you’re interested in.” Tell her about your favorite story.
  4. “If we can’t bring an end to this war, our dream of a prosperous Faerghus will remain just that.” Say something that will motivate her.
  5. “I want to create a world where nobody has to worry where their next meal might come from.” Offer her your help.
  6. “There was a famine in Galatea.” Show sympathy.
  7. “There are many things I wish I could say.” Ask her for more details.


Expedition of Mercedes
Mercedes Expedition

She might begin the conversation by saying:

  1. “I hate fighting… but if both sides have reason to do so, there’s no avoiding it.” Make a vow that you will bring peace.
  2. “I wonder how my mother is faring. I do get letters from her sometimes, at least.” Tell her to visit her mom someday.
  3. “Both of my parents were great cooks. I even remember them teaching each other recipes when I was young. Cute, don’t you think?” Ask her if she can teach you how to cook. 


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: Catherine
Catherine Expedition

She might start the question by saying:

  1. “I also studied at the Officer’s Academy.” Ask her about her experience in the Officer’s Academy.
  2. “I’ve never been great at needlework.” Tell her she can come to practice with you.
  3. “Come to think of it, you don’t have a nickname.” Respond by showing that you are pleased.
  4. “You sure you don’t want to spar a little?” Tell her that it is nice to relax sometimes.
  5. “It sure is quiet here.” Suggest to her that you will train after going back.
  6. “Until I can protect the people dear to me.” Show her sympathy.
  7. “Fodlan needs Lady Rhea now more than ever” Respond by nodding fervently.

Other Recruitable Characters

There are four characters in this, and their perfect conversation will go as:


Expedition of Balthus
Balthus Expedition

He might start the conversation by asking:

  1. “If you ever see an unwholesome type… lend a hand, all right?” Say he would owe you one while laughing.
  2. “Up for some sparring? I mean, we don’t have to but….” Take him for sparring.
  3. “Just once, I’d like to be that guy who single-handedly turns the tide of battle.” Tell him that these types of things happen in stories.


The short conversation will be:

  1. “I want this war to end… folks disagree.” Start brainstorming for options and what you can do.
  2. “I’m able to grin and bear… I find riding a steed rather excruciating.” Give a suggestion of taking a break.
  3. “One of my underlings recently got married. I had to come down on him about cleaning up his act.” Say leaders have it rough while wincing.
  4. “Are you a fan of board games? I’m a bit rusty, but we should definitely play sometime.” Agree with him gladly.
  5. “I conduct most of my business in the backstreets. I’ll have to show you around sometime—though I can’t guarantee your safety.” Tell him that you are used to of danger.
  6. “Even if I wasn’t born with this face, I would’ve found some other way to make it big.” Say you can imagine while laughing.
  7. “You often take chances when the odds are stacked against you, and I don’t think I’ll ever understand it.” Agree with him.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide: Constance
Constance Expedition

She might start the conversation by asking:

  1. “I feel I would be more fit to serve as a squire… What do you think?” Look uncertain and serious about how to answer this question.
  2. “You have also experienced the trauma of losing everything… we’re kindred spirits in that sense.” Tell her you are here because of the trauma.
  3. “I suspect I’d be more useful to the army if I just left it altogether.” Tell her she really is useful in the army.


She might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “Honestly, I’m secretly rooting for you. That’s it. That’s all I got.” Tell her that you are rooting for her as well.
  2. “I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I’m doing right now.” Say that her decision would be right.
  3. “You ever eat fancy noble food? …leaving my tastebuds confused.” Agree with her.
  4. “Say, have you ever eaten the root of this plant? …I also think it’s poisonous.” Tell her you did eat and you almost died.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide Byleth
Byleth Expedition

She might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “I’ve always had strange dreams. You?” Tell her that you also get those dreams too.
  2. “We live in an age of war—but I feel like that’s what I’m suited to.” Tell her that you are doubtful about that.
  3. “Jeralt’s reputation took a big hit after you defeated us.” Give a suggestion for building it up again.
  4. “I took naturally to the sword from the first moment I held one.” Share your very first sword memory with her.
  5. “I’ve had an immense appetite since I was small, but can also go days without eating a thing.” Tell her you have the same feeling.
  6. “You’re easy to fight for. Your commands are intuitive.” Tell her that she is better.
  7. “I hope all our allies survive this war.” Tell her that everyone will be fine.


He might start the conversation by saying:

  1. “The longer you live, the more past there is to haunt you.” Say the feeling is mutual while laughing.
  2. “Fhirdiad underwent massive changes during the reign of the late king. Now few traces of the past remain.” Ask him to tell you more.
  3. “You spent some time at Garreg Mach, right? How did academy life treat you?” Tell him about how you met your friends.
  4. “Enbarr hasn’t changed much over the years. I remember the churches had the most beautiful paintings hanging in them.” Ask for more details.
  5. “I’ve been clumsy as an ox since birth. It nearly got Alois killed once.” Act relieved that Alois is safe. 
  6. “Derdriu’s always been a pretty unique place. Not sure if it’s because of the people or the land itself.” Ask for more details.
  7. “I won’t tell you what to feel, but we’re allies now, so let’s at least try to get along.” Tell him that by being together you overcame obstacles. 

That is all from this guide on an expedition in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes. You will now be able to have perfect conversations which will boost the morale and support of your characters while getting more rewards.

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