Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Ferdinand Guide

This Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Ferdinand guide will show a character overview for Ferdinand!

Ferdinand’s Role in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Ferdinand Gameplay
Ferdinand Gameplay

Based on his earlier appearance in other games, Ferdinand can be a pretty versatile unit, as he can hone the abilities to become the main cavalry unit for his team in Fire Emblem Three Houses. His abilities are also easy to understand, and players in Fire Emblem can get used to his playstyle with ease. 

Key Highlights
  • Ferdinand is a confident and competitive character in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.
  • His Starting class is a soldier who excels in melee damage.
  • The best class is cavalier, which gives increased mobility and the ability to use the “Cavalry Charge” skill.
  • Best used as the main cavalry unit in combat and should be paired with strong support characters.
  • He can be recruited by completing certain tasks in the game.
  • Has combo abilities and skills that can be unlocked and upgraded through gameplay.
  • Ferdinand Has high offensive power and mobility, but low magic damage.

With him being a spear user, he can output a solid amount of melee damage, however, he will fall short on the magic damage department, but that is to be expected from a main melee damage dealer. His offensive power, combined with his mobility can grant him the ability to slide past every enemy and render them useless. 

He is also able to protect himself without much difficulty, therefore he is an exceptionally reliable unit, and Fire Emblem players can dually expect him to perform well whenever he is present on the main battlefield. 

One thing to note about his role is that it is also best to pair him up with solid supports so that they can bring out the best in him, both in terms of his offensive abilities, as well his defensive abilities whenever he is in the heat of a battle. Just like Ferdinand, Hubert is also an excellent character to have in your roster, so make sure to check out our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Hubert guide!

Ferdinand’s Personality 

Fire Emblem Ferdinand Personality
Ferdinand Personality

As for Ferdinand’s personality in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is concerned, he is known to be an extremely confident gentleman (at times overconfident), and he hates losing. With his competitive nature, other people in the circle are unable to even think of competing with the likes of him. 

His main source of competitive nature is born from his love for rivalry with Edelgard in Fire Emblem, as he thinks that if he wins against her, he will be able to become even more worthy of becoming a prime minister. 

His relationship with his father on the other hand is pretty neutral, he doesn’t disrespect nor respect him in extremely high regard. Despite that, he does feel that as a prime minister, he is on the greedier end, and he needs to be brought back down to earth. 

Ferdinand is accepting of change and can accept whenever he does anything wrong and is more than willing to fix his behavior, as well as his wrongdoings. For people who are hostile to him, he wants to understand and see their point of view and fix his impression in front of them, making him more down-to-earth than many people in the elite. 

His advice is always sought after, especially when guiding Edelgard in matters where she might be wrong, but even Ferdinand at times can be pretty oblivious in Fire Emblem as can be seen by the insults hurled at him. If you are unsure what weapon to put on your main character, our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Weapon guide might help you!

Starting Class 

Fire Emblem Ferdinand Appearance
Ferdinand Appearance

When Ferdinand is first recruited in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, his starting class will be that of a soldier. In essence, those who are playing as a soldier will be wielding a lance, which grants them the ability to unleash melee damage, which can instantly make them a frontline fighters. 

Their thrusting and sweeping damage can take down the toughest of foes and make the lance wielder an absolute beast when they are in the middle of combat in the arena. One of the main characteristics of Soldier mains is that their damage will be incredibly viable against sword users and sword-wielding enemies. 

The class itself has a few abilities, with the primary one being Sword Buster, which makes it so that it will make you stronger whenever you are faced with enemies that are wielding a sword, and it will increase the overall damage being dealt with them by 80%. 

The equipped class Soldier abilities include one of Backbone which will reduce the player’s chances of receiving knockback from enemies, allowing them to stay on their feet for long periods. This makes them all the stronger in battle and helps them retaliate with even more potent attacks. 

Another characteristic includes Lance Prowess, which enhances the amount of damage being dealt with by opponents who are wielding lances or spears. Want to know who voiced Ferdinand? Our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes All Voice Actors guide will be a worthwhile read!

Best Class 

Perhaps the best Fire Emblem class that will be most suitable for Ferdinand will be the Cavalier class, which will be the same lance-wielding class that we mentioned before. Just like his starting class, the Cavalier is an extension of the Soldier and it provides Ferdinand the ability to dominate his enemies. 

The units that will be using the Cavalier class such as Ferdinand in Fire Emblem, will be blessed with insanely high mobility. The mobility will allow them to cross through some of the toughest enemies, all the while being able to unleash damage that will be so potent that obliterates them. 

As mentioned before, whenever Ferdinand is playing as a cavalier, he will be exceptionally strong against opponents who are wielding swords and will be able to take them down without any difficulties. 

Some of the other units that can benefit greatly from this particular class will be Sylvain from Blue Lions, as well as Leonie from Golden Deer, and of course Ferdinand from Black Eagles

Abilities like Battalion Desperation which grants the user ability to break down the enemy’s guards when they are using strong attacks, or the ability known as Desperation which will allow players to use their low HP to their advantage by bringing down the opponent’s guards. These abilities make Cavalier as a class all the more viable to use in-game. 

Interests and Likes 

While Black Eagle’s Ferdinand has played a crucial role in his playable character, let’s take a deeper dive into the kind of character that he is, and how his interests, likes, and dislikes make his personality all the more interesting! 

As a noble, he is the heir to the House Aegir, making him an important figure in town. His likes mostly include horseback riding, making him an outdoor sporty person, and it makes his overall character archive a lot mroe unique. He also likes indulging in tea, as he feels like it helps his nerves calm down. 

His likes and interests also include people who are noble and just and take into consideration their actions and their consequences. He doesn’t like treating anyone unjustly, and highly feels like he is responsible for his actions, therefore, if he makes any mistakes, he is always the first one to fix his mistakes and correct his wrongdoings. 

As for his dislikes, he simply loathes being lazy and does not admire people who do nothing all day. He highly feels like everyone should be contributing to society and therefore should be proactive in one way or another. 

His interests, likes, and dislikes make it seem like he is a real character and add realism to Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Ferdinand’s appearances in the game. 

How To Recruit Ferdinand 

To get Ferdinand in your team of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, players will need to complete chapter 3 of The Enbarr Incident, which is the main storyline quest that is a necessity and cannot be skipped. Think of it like a progression quest, without which the story can’t go further. 

The chapter known as the Shadows of Adrestia essentially entails to the player has completed the Reversal of Fortune story quest beforehand if they want to unlock the main quest. 

The easiest way to explain how to do the Enbarr incident involves going to a throne room, where the player will first also need to seize a stronghold. wit h that, they will also need to circle a garden, after which they will need to seize two other strongholds to progress forward.

After that you wanna go after Duke Aegir, then defeat him, and defeating him will require Fire Emblem players to cross and win a boss battle against him. Once you do so, capture him, then get rid of the Mysterious Mages as quickly as you can, and get rid of the Wall of Darkness that is encumbering the area, 

Obliterate Lord Arundel and get rid of the darkness that surrounds the area of Enbarr and players will get their hands on Ferdinand in the game

How To Use Him 

Next up, let’s take a look into what the best ways to approach Ferdinand are and how he might be used while in the middle of heated combat. Since he is a melee user, he benefits greatly from being on the frontlines and acting as the main DPS since he will output the highest amount of damage. 

With his abilities in hand, he can dominate the battlefield, since one of his abilities allows him to abuse his hit count and increases his potency based on the hits. His abilities single-handedly grant him the ability to decimate foes all the while being able to stay protected. 

As he is going to be recruited in the Fire Emblem Cavalier class, he will benefit from his high mobility and since he can move swiftly, he will be able to consistently increase his hit count. The increased hit count directly means that the number of enemies killed will be increased as well, making it faster to gain victory. 

With his decent defense and movement, he can be a versatile and viable unit in every kind of team comp, being extra potent with his best in-slot supports. He is a melee beast and should never be underestimated, especially considering he can take down the toughest of enemies. 

Ferdinand’s Abilities 

Fire Emblem Ferdinand's Ability
Ferdinand’s Ability

Moving on, Ferdinand as a character in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes will hone a few main abilities that can help power him up and provides buffs for him. He can take on a herd of enemies or defeat a single-target opponent without needing help from any other members.

  • Maximum Ambulation: His action skill grants Black Eagle’s Ferdinand the ability to gain an enhancement in his mobility based on the number of hits that he lands. If he lands more than 300 hits to enemies, then he will instantly have his speed increased equivalent to that. 
  • Name Drop: Using his support abilities will allow him to regenerate his Awakening Gauge and it will be based on the number of opponents he can kill off. The awakening gauge will be regained and slowly helps him become a buffer while fighting enemies. 
  • Noble Pride: If Fire Emblem players use their tactical skill, whenever they are ordered to seize the foes in front of them, it will increase their overall damage negation by a total of 30%. The damage negation will allow him to stay alive for longer periods and increase his hit count while he is at it. 

All three abilities combined provide for a smoother gaming experience while using Ferdinand. 

Cavalier’s Class Action Skill 

Every class in Fire Emblem will always have the main action skill, as well as some combination skills, and since Ferdinand will also belong to the Cavalier class and be on the frontlines in battle, he will benefit greatly from the action skill. 

Whenever Cavalier is mounting his horse, he will swiftly move across the battlefield and slash at his foes, being able to kill them off before they can take hold of their weapons and charge against Ferdinand. 

Upon pressing down on X, players can stay on their mount, go in the middle of a hurdle of foes, and as they start to surround you, continuously move ahead and sweep them, all the while having the ability to pierce through them, evidently murdering them. 

As you move across, if you keep pressing down on the X button, the charge will be a lot more potent, enhancing the damage output, and making it deadly. The strong attacks are just what Ferdinand in the Cavalier Class needs to take down his enemies. 

One thing to note is that to cast the class action skill, players will need to deplete their Class Gague, which will launch them forward, and then while the skill is active, it will continue to regenerate so that it can be used again. Cleobulus is one of the tougher bosses to defeat, so, in order to know his patterns and movesets, make sure to read up on our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Cleobulus guide!

Combo Abilities and Skills 

Fire Emblem Cavalier Combos
Cavalier Combos

Apart from the main Cavalier action skill, there is also most definitely a few combo skills that can help make Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Ferdinand all the stronger in battle. 

  • Pressing Y then X will launch out two deadly strikes that will sweep enemies, and it will cause them to go airborne, after which they will get severely knocked back and instantly fall, taking fall damage. The combination of knockback and fall damage is enough to deplete a solid amount of their HP.
  • Another solid skill combination includes pressing Y, Y, and then X which inherently means that it will allow Ferdinand in Fire Emblem to take a lance, and unleash a horizontal and vertical slash. The slashes will cause enemies to knock back and take enhanced damage. 
  • Pressing down on Y, Y, Y, and X will continue to launch out a series of slashes from his lance, and summon a force so strong that it will take any enemy that is close to Ferdinand and cause them to get thrown back. The combination of the throw and slashes will obliterate weaker enemies. 
  • Another option for a combo is Y, Y, Y, Y, and finally X, (that’s a lot), to continuously produce slashes from your lance, which will first cause them to go airborne, then have them stay airborne for a split second. After that, they will get launched back and then fall, taking heavy damage. 
  • Spamming Y over and over again will allow Ferdinand to move forward and launch *heavy* lance attacks, throwing them back over and over, decimating them, and defeating them. If you wish to play with your friends, then our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes multiplayer guide is a must-read!

Ferdinand’s Stats 

Last but not least, Ferdinand’s stats are a bit on the balanced side, making him a solid unit to use in every kind of story content that Fire Emblem Three Hopes has to offer. 

His base stats of 10 strength and 9 Defense allow him to self-sustain in battle, alongside his 10 speed allowing him to have increased mobility while fighting foes. 

His magic and resistance are set at 7, and the reason for that is that since he has melee abilities, he would not benefit that much from using magic damage. With that, we will wrap up our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Ferdinand guide, we hope you liked it!

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