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This Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Hubert guide will showcase Hubert's overall character overview in detail!

Hubert’s Role in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Hubert Mage
Hubert Mage

Hubert in Fire Emblem is typically the one who is posing as one of the best unis for magic damage output. He has a considerable amount of magic stat growth, and he can boast his Dexterity and Speed stats too, which instantly grant him the ability to quickly unleash his attacks and take down the enemies in the game. 

Key Highlights
  • Hubert is a character in the Fire Emblem series known for his high magic damage output and good Dexterity and Speed stats.
  • He has average HP and low defense, requiring extra caution in battle.
  • Hubert serves Edelgard in the Adrestian Empire and is loyal to her at all costs.
  • He has appeared in the Fire Emblem Three Houses, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes games.
  • Hubert has a pragmatic and intimidating personality, but can be more open with those he trusts.
  • He starts as a Monk class in the game, using a Tome weapon and excelling in healing abilities.
  • Hubert is resistant to magic attacks and can override bow-wielding enemies, but is vulnerable to physical damage dealers.
  • His staff and bow skills are useful for attacking from a distance and he can unlock the ability to use dark magic as he progresses in the game.
  • Hubert’s loyalty to Edelgard and willingness to go against her orders for the greater good are important aspects of his character development.

His overall HP is pretty average, meaning that where required, he will be able to self-sustain without facing any major difficulties; however, since he is not a character with the highest HP, if he becomes unfortunate enough to face low health, he might be in danger. 

With that, his defense is pretty low, with lower growths in the stat, which means that he needs to be extra careful, and as a magic dealing unit, he will need to take care of his defense if Hubert wants to stay alive. 

As for Hubert’s overall role in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, he served Edelgard ever since he was young and was told he needed to be loyal to her at all costs, no cost. This caused him to catch feelings, though it was to no avail.

His affiliation lies with the Adrestian Empire, another important aspect of the Fire Emblem series. If you’ve been having issues with the Cleobulus boss, then you might take help from our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Cleobulus guide!

First Appearances 

Fire Emblem Hubert has been in three main games in the Fire Emblem series, all of them being the Fire Emblem Three Houses, Fire Emblem Heroes, and of course, the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes sequel. The first one was a tactical RPG and was released in early 2019, making it a beloved amongst its player base, and it also featured Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Hubert

The Fire Emblem Heroes was a 2017 game that also featured Hubert as a playable character, and he was the main storyline character as well. His role, overall class, and playstyle remained relatively the same, though his design was pretty unfinished in the first game when it was released for iOS devices. 

For the Fire Emblem sequel, he managed to get a better revamp in his character and playstyle. He looks a lot more polished overall and continues to serve as an important character, with him appearing in the first chapter of the Three Houses games. 


When it comes to Hubert’s personality in Fire Emblem, he is a very interesting character, as his main personality lies in being a pragmatic and intimidating character, and anyone who dares crosses paths with him will regret it. He mainly lives to serve Edelgard and will do anything and everything to see her wishes fulfilled. 

While he may come off insanely sinister to those unsuspecting and unknowing of his behavior, he can gain the trust of a few people, and when he does, he opens up quite easily. While he does live and breathe to stay loyal to Edelgard and follow her orders, he will take advanced steps and sometimes even go against her given orders if he deems it necessary.

Despite being extremely intimidating and evil-natured at first sight, any interactions with Bernadetta can make t pretty clear that he, more often than not, keeps this fake act up in front of strangers and commoners to elicit a reaction from them. 

Starting Class 

Fire Emblem Hubert Gameplay
Hubert Gameplay

When mentioning Hubert’s class, he will most certainly start as a Monk in the game, which means that he will be wielding a Tome weapon, and the class in itself means that he will excel at providing healing for your party. This allows him to stay on the sidelines and keep other party members alive. 

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Hubert himself can use magic whenever he is using the Tome, and he has extremely enhanced resistance against any kinds of magic attacks that are launched against him. This makes him practically invulnerable to any magic damage launched at him by his opponents. 

He can also override bow-wielding enemies and can easily take them down. Still, he is overridden by physical damage dealers since his defense falls on the lower end. It can make him susceptible to taking melee damage, for which he must take several precautions. 

Hubert’s Interests 

Hubert is a pretty interesting character, and his overall personality is also quite intriguing. While his status is that of the Minister of the Imperial Household, he can take a keen interest in strategic and tactical people who can take on tougher challenges without flinching. 

His likes include people who come in handy and are useful, who do not sit around and wait for things to happen but make an effort to make their goals happen. He also really likes coffee and intelligence, and he is naturally drawn to people who seem intelligent and wise. 

As for his Fire Emblem Hubert dislikes, he does not like to serve the Church of Seiros, neither does he take a keen interest in activities like gambling, as he strongly believes that it wastes time. He also has a slight fear of heights, making it a bit scary for him, and he loathes lazing around. 

How To Recruit Hubert 

Moving on, we would like to cover another thing about Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Hubert and how to recruit him. The best way to get your hands on him is through the completion of The Enbarr Incident storyline, it is essentially the main quest, and the main story chapter that you will need to cross is known as “The Shadows of Adrestia.” 

If you want to access the chapter, make sure you have completed Reversal of Fortune’s overall storyline. And the main objective in the quest storyline is a few dialogue exhaustions alongside a boss fight with the Fire Emblem Duke Aegir and Lord Arundel, who is an important figure in the storyline. 

In a short summarised version, players in Fire Emblem will need to head to the throne room, go around the gardens, further defeat Duke Aegir, and after that, kill off the mysterious mages and bring the Wall of Darkness down. This will start with a boss fight with Lord Arundel. After the questline, it will unlock a few characters for you, such as Hubert in Fire Emblem

Pros and Cons of Using Hubert 

Once you unlock Hubert, there are a few basic tips you should keep in mind so that all combat battles can go smoothly with him on your team. One of the biggest pros of having him on your team is that he can shred the opponent’s Stun Gauges with ultimate ease with his Dark Conjuration. 

Being from the Black Eagle, Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, Hubert is known to have the highest main magic stats, which puts him at an advantage and makes him even stronger whenever he is placed in any kind of formation. His magic scaling is higher and gives him an advantage over the other members. 

One caveat about using him is that his defense will be practically nonexistent since he is from the Mage class. The low defense is one of the biggest reasons why players in Fire Emblem need to be extra careful and have impeccable dodging skills so that the opponents don’t get to them. If you don’t know which weapon to choose for the Mage class, read up on our Fire Emblem Three Hopes Best Weapons guide!

Hubert’s Abilities 

Fire Emblem Hubert Abilities
Hubert Abilities

Next up, let’s take a quick peek at the abilities that Hubert will hone and how he can use them against his deadliest foes in combat. 

  • Dark Conjuration: An action-based skill that essentially grants him a low chance to launch a magic spike and impale an enemy that has already been attacked. He can unleash more attacks to power up the magic spike to make it all the more deadly, and he can also apply Dark damage to the enemy while he is at it. 
  • Perception: The next one is a support skill, and whenever it is activated, it will essentially allow Hubert in Fire Emblem to have his Stun Gauge stay visible for longer periods.
  • Officer’s Duty: Lastly, the tactical ability allows Hubert to increase damage negation by 30%, which allows him to protect himself, and with his already low defense, it allows him to become even more protected in the heat of the battle. Wondering who voiced Hubert? 

Class Action Skill 

Since Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Hubert is a mage, he will have the main class action that he can use in the middle of the battle, and the class action can allow him to take down enemies to his best capabilities. 

Upon pressing down on X on the Nintendo controller, players in Fire Emblem will be able to launch out magic attack after magic attack.

The longer the player holds down on the X button, the stronger the overall damage output will be. The charged shots will be much more potent than pressing down on the button once. 

If you want to switch the direction of the aim of your skill, you can use the left joystick and continuously hold down onX to continue launching attacks on opponents in Fire Emblem but also take them down alongside it.

Skill Combos 

There are a few skill combos that Hubert in  Fire Emblem Three Hopes will use whenever he is present in the arena, and they can be seen below: 

  • Pressing down on the Y and X buttons on the controllers together will cast out a spell that will launch a regular attack, and thereby it will cause enemies to take in severe knockback and fall off their feet after losing balance. 
  • Pressing down on the Y, Y, and X keys all together will essentially cast down lightning bolts three times consecutively, and before that, it will rain down two normal magic attacks and damage enemies. 
  • Another skill combo can be achieved after pressing Y, Y, Y, and then finally, X will first cause Fire Emblem Hubert to launch out three normal magic attacks, and after that, he will launch out a fire spell that will guard the one who cast it out. 
  • The fourth skill will include Y, Y, Y, Y, and then X again, which will cause a magic tornado to be cast, and it will continue to sweep across the battlefield and take out any enemies that are alongside it. While it takes out enemies, they will continue to take magic damage. 
  • Lastly, if you spam the Y button, it will first unleash normal magic attacks, but it will launch a magic spell that will immediately push away any opponents standing in front of you. 

Hubert’s Stats 

Fire Emblem Hubert Stats
Hubert Stats

Let’s discuss the final category, which essentially includes the stats Hubert’s character will have at his base level. You might like our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List!


With that, we will wrap up our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Hubert, and we hope you enjoyed it!

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