Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: Linhardt Guide

Our definitive guide on Linhardt in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes contains his abilities, stats, weapons and battalions.

Who is Linhardt

Linhardt Von Hevring is the heir to Count Nevring. He belongs to imperial nobility and stays away from conflict and trouble. Linhardt is one of the smartest characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He loves studying Crestology but it seems like he is not very keen to use his knowledge for the betterment of society. Also, check our character guide on Hubert in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

linhardt character look
Linhardt in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Role of Linhardt

As of now, there isn’t much information on what role Linhardt will play in Three Hopes. We saw in Three Houses that he was a playable character in the Black Eagles route and also appeared in Cindered Shadows. He was a recruitable unit in both Gold Deer and Blue Lion’s routes.

We also faced him as an enemy in the later chapters. In Three Hopes it is speculated that he will be joining us in battle as an ally. Keep in mind that Linhardt is one of the most important Healers of the Black Eagles. While his role is not really combat-oriented, he does a great job as a Support.

With exceptional growth in both resistance and magic, you will certainly not regret recruiting him. While you’re at it consider our Cooking Recipes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

His abilities are perfect to support frontline recruits like Hubert and Bernadetta in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Linhardt does not do well in combat with weapons. But he makes up for his shortcomings by using powerful magic attacks.

To summarize, we will say that you should definitely recruit Linhardt as your main healer and support if you want to complete the hefty challenges that Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes puts you in.


Linhardt is one of those people that hate anyone messing with their freedom. This is probably why he doesn’t like leadership and rule. He tries to not waste his time worrying by enjoying activities like fishing, sleeping, or having conversations with his friends.

Linhardt without a doubt is extremely intelligent, but thanks to his laziness, the knowledge he has do not benefit anyone.

personality of linhardt
Ferdinand telling Linhardt how lazy he is

With a heart full of compassion, he cares for others more than himself. When every one sleeps, Linhardt stays up to study. Even though he is heir to the House of Herving, Linhardt does not take his responsibilities very seriously. He is probably the only noble who does not care about his own house.

In a conversation with Dorothea, he claims that pride does not clothe or feed him. However, he does admit that he can’t run away from his status forever.

Interaction with characters
Linhardt talking with Dorothea

This is the reason why you will see him give up his nobility in House Hevring to live the life he always wanted. His favorite thing to study is Crests. No one dares disturb him when he is researching them. He gets very well along with Caspar. Linhardt has Hemophobia, the fear of blood. Upon his first kill, he goes into a state of shock and isn’t able to recover for a long time.

Starting Class

Linhardt is one of those characters that use some of the most powerful faith spells in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He does not do well in frontlines where melee combat is necessary. Yielding weapons is not his strength. Hence his starting class is Monk. It is best to follow through with the class as you progress further. 

You should move from Monk to the Priest class and ultimately make your way to Bishop. If you’re planning to keep Linhardt solely as a healer for your units it is preferred to stay as a Bishop. In this way, you can also avoid combat as much as possible. Staying as Bishop instead of moving further on to the Master Tier classes will help you level up in White Magic.

Moreover, you will notice that when it comes to Linhardt, he is not that great at progressing to a master’s class. The reason is the lack of offensive growth and his skill proficiencies not aligning with any master class. This kind of makes him weaker than the rest of the units.

Best Linhardt Master Class

So what master class can Linhardt possibly go for? The only master class that perfectly aligns with his skills is Gremory. But Gremory is a female exclusive class only. But the master classes that he can actually go for are Holy Knight, Mortal Servant, and The Dark Knight Class. Talking about the Holy Knight class, it is simply far worse than Bishop. The class lacks Support capabilities.

It lacks in White Magic Uses x2 and White Magic Heal +10. However, it does provide you with White Tomefaire. But it will only boost the tome Nosferatu, which is quite heavy and does not deal enough damage. Linhardt has no use for seven movements or the Canto skill being a Support as he has Physic.

Upon reaching the endgame, Physic will have a wide range so it will help you overcome the poor mobility skills that come with the role of an infantry mage.

If you still want Linhardt to possess great mobility and extreme combat prowess in return for his support capabilities, you can opt for the Dark Knight master class. It’s superior to Holy Knight in many ways. With this class, you will get Black Tomefaire which will greatly boost his offensive magic skills.

We can also go for the Mortal Servant master class for Linhardt. But Mortal Servant is way inferior to the Dark Knight class. The class modifiers are similar but the mobility is very low. Canto skill is also missing. Linhardt will get a boost in his strength in the latter stages of the game.

He will also get Sworfaire but it’s pretty useless unless you use a magic sword like the Levin Sword. Thus the class shouldn’t be kept a priority since Linhardt has no offensive strength and cannot keep up with the melee combat in the frontline. 

In case you’re going for Dark Knight for the endgame of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, you should consider promoting Linhardt as a Mage instead of Priest. In this way, he can use the Fiendish Blow. The ability is exclusive only to the Mage class thus giving you evident leverage.

Best Gifts For Linhardt

Since you’ll be building Rapport with him in the main storyline, it is better to have a good connection with him. You give him the following gifts that he likes to help build a stronger connection with him.

gifts in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes
Gifts used for Linhardt

Fishing Float

Since Linhardt loves fishing, you can gift him the Fishing Float. This is a tool that tells you when you have a fish caught in the line. Fishing Float is appreciated by characters that love fishing including Linhardt.

Owl Feather

One of the gifts that are appreciated by everyone is an owl feather. It is a feather from an owl that delivers messages and can be used for a lot of things.

Tasty Baked Treat

The delicious treat is appreciated by characters that have a sweet tooth. It is a baked confection that is made from a mixture of fruits with dough.

Book Of Crest Designs 

Since Linhardt loves studying Crestology, it is the perfect gift for him. You can also give the book to characters that like studying Crests. The Book of Crest Designs contains 21 designs of Crests that have been identified so far.

Avoid giving Linhardt a Hunting Dagger or Training Weight. This is because he is a lazy individual that does not appreciate melee weapons or anything related to that sort.

Lost Items Of Linhardt

There are some lost items in Fire Emblem  Warriors: Three Hopes that you can give to Linhardt.  Let’s take a look at them below.

The Saints Revealed

It is an unofficial account of the Four Saints’ deeds. The account was written during the War of Heroes. Being the history buff he is, the manuscript probably belongs to Linhardt.

Feather Pillow

You will probably find a feather pillow in one of your ventures. The soft pillow is made of bird feathers. Linhardt is a fan of sleeping and is extremely picky about his bedding. Try giving the pillow to him.

Animated Bait

The fishing bait has been animated using magic. Being the magic-user Linhardt is, he is probably the one who animated this bait since he loves fishing.

How To Recruit Linhardt

In order to recruit Linhardt as an ally, you need to start the Reversal of Fortune stage in the battle. After this, you need to choose the Black Eagles’ house as an ally.

You can also recruit him in chapter 3 the Shadows of Adrestia. It will only happen if you go down the Scarlet Blaze path. You will also get an option to make him a recruit when you follow the Azure Gleam path and finish chapter 11 “Reprisal”. Linhardt will also be available to recruit as an ally by following the Golden Wildfire path.

When you face him in Three Houses as an enemy, you can recruit him after the battle by using the Persuade Strategy. Using the Persuade Strategy for Linhardt will cost you around 10 Strategy points.

Linhardt Abilities

Being the best Support and Healer, Linhardt possesses many abilities. Some came from the Three Houses while the rest of the abilities debuted in Three Hopes. Below are all the abilities that can be used by Linhardt to fight enemies in the critical battles of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Linhardt as a Dark Mage

Catnap Ability 

The personal and most important ability of Linhardt is without a doubt his Catnap ability. The ability first came in Three Houses but it is speculated we will see it in Three Hopes as well. When Linhardt is waiting, his HP will be restored. It can restore about 10 percent HP. 

The passive buff is very helpful for Linhardt, especially when facing hardcore bosses. Since he will be constantly healing allies, he will barely get the time to replenish himself. Thus with this ability, he can restore his HP when the waiting command is active.

Reason Level 1

The ability also debuted in Three Houses. It can be learned when you increase the concerned unit’s skill level in the Reason attribute. When the ability is active, you can increase Linhardt’s dodge, hit, and avoid ability when he uses dark magic or black magic attacks. 

When on level 1 you will get a +5 avoid, +7 hit, and +5 critical avoid. With this ability, the damage inflicted by Linhardt will increase significantly. It is recommended that you try to level up more in Reason since it might be a useful ability in the endgame.

Faith Level 2

The ability also debuted in Three Houses but we may get to see it in Three Hopes as well. You can activate the ability by increasing Linhardt’s skill level in the Faith attribute. When the ability is activated, you can hit, avoid and dodge incoming attacks while using white magic.

As Linhardt, you will be on Faith level 2. On this level, you will get about +7 Avoid, +5 Hit, and +5 Critical Avoid. The ability can help Linhardt to dodge and avoid the attacks that come his way while inflicting damage upon his enemies using white magic. Faith is a great attribute, especially for magic users like Linhardt. 

Easy Breezy Ability

The Easy Breezy ability debuted in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. It is a Linhardt exclusive ability. Using the Easy Breezy ability, Linhardt can spawn two wind orbs after you’ve completed the final attack. 

The orbs have the ability to attack enemies in a small range on their own. This doubles the damage given by Linhardt. You can level up the action ability. When the ability reaches level two, the range of attack increases. Reaching the highest level of the ability will allow the Orbs to inflict a lot of damage in a wide range. 

You should focus on Linhardt’s Easy Breezy ability the most. Doing so will help him master the ability in a short span of time thus unlocking his full potential. Also, Easy Breezy is his main action ability. You would want to concentrate the most on the ability.

Logician Level 1

When Linhardt is given the ability to defend the team, the damage received from the enemies is significantly reduced by 30 percent. The ability brings out Linhardt’s Support role.

You can level up the Logician’s ability to increase the probability of damage being reduced. This is one of the best abilities of Linhardt that you should invest in. Leveling up in the Logician ability will help you last longer in battles. It is recommended that you only activate the ability near the end of the battle when your HP is the lowest. 


When you interact with Linhardt, you can access some items in his inventory. They could be weapons or potions. Read on to find what items are used by Linhardt.

Training Sword

Since Linhardt lacks greatly in offensive abilities, he can wield a Training Sword if required. It is a very basic sword and is one of the weakest weapons in the game. The sword is very lightweight thus Linhardt can use it easily.

The training sword is even weaker than the iron sword. It has a very low power but it is fairly light and has very high durability.


One of the most common and basic healing items in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the Vulnerary. When used, the Vulnerary can heal the injured units by 10 hit points of damage. Though this might be a very small amount in the early game, you will benefit a lot from using the Vulnerary.

The item is fairly cheap and grants you three uses.  You can get Vulnerary from the shop but with Linhardt, you will already have access to it in your inventory. 


This item is very much like the Gems that you will see in Tellius and GBA games. Their sole purpose in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is to be sold in order to get money. They replace the gold that is found in various chests. The amount of gold you get when selling them depends on their size.

A small Bullion will sell for about 10,000 gold. Medium Bullion sells for 15,000 gold. Large Bullion sells for 20,000 gold while the extra-large Bullion will sell for 30,000 gold. So when you have recruited Linhardt, you can sell them to get gold.

Iron Tome

A Higher level tome from the Bronze tome is a weapon yielded by most of the offensive magic users. The tome is very powerful but lacks accuracy. There are many different tomes but Linhardtyou will get the Iron tome.

Combat Arts & Spells Used By Linhardt

Belonging to the magic class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, there are a variety of spells and combat arts that can be used by Linhardt. Let’s take a look at all of the spells and arts used by Linhardt below.


This is a weapon used for combat arts. It is a healing staff that can restore about 10 HP of an ally adjacent to Linhardt. While the healing output of the staff is not that much, low-rank units like Linhardt can use them to level up. 


The second combat art was used in Three houses as well as Nosferatu. It is a recurring tome that has the ability to drain the HP of the enemy. But that is not all, the powerful tome also has the ability to restore health back to its user. In most cases, the amount of health recovered was equal to the amount of HP drained from the enemy.


The fire tome is a spell that can hurl a ball of fire towards the enemy target. It is the most basic spell used by mages. You don’t require a lot of experience to use the spell.

Cutting Gale

This spell is very much like the wind spell. It works great against the flying units. When used, it will produce piercing arcs of wind that can deal a lot of damage to the enemies. However, you can’t deal bonus damage to the flying units in an opponent team using Cutting Gale.


As we mentioned before, Linhardt possesses Physic which is a very rare staff in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. It has appeared in almost every game in the series including Three houses and Three Hopes. The staff deals in white magic damage and can heal any ally of Linhardt. The position of the ally doesn’t matter. Physic’s range is determined by the magic stat of the healer using it.


Another uncommon staff in the game is the Restore staff. When used, it can clear almost all the status conditions of your teammates. 


At this point, we know how fond Linhardt is of Crests. They are basically tokens of the goddess’s power. These crests were rewarded to certain people in Fodlan. They are hereditary and their user is said to have great magic abilities.

Belonging to the Cethleann bloodline, Linhardt has Caduceous Staff in his possession. Its effects include 15 to 50 percent chances of increasing might by 5 when you use recovery magic.

Battalions Used By Linhardt

Like many other mages, Linhardt uses Battalions as well. Currently, he can equip two battalions. Let’s take a look at them below.

Empire Magic Corps Battalion

One of the battalions that appeared in Three Houses first is the Empire Magic Corps Battalion. The battalion can be obtained when you chose the Black Eagles route and is exclusive to them. It does require a low level of Authority skill to be equipped.

Since it has a small malus in the Strength attribute, it cannot be equipped by the melee-focused units, whose primary attributes align with the offense.

The battalion itself doesn’t do much, but when Linhardt equips it, he will get a minor boost in Charm, Resistance, and Magic. However, the endurance of the Empire Magic Corps Battalion is fairly low. So you will have to visit Guild a lot in order to restore the battalion.

Group Flames

This Battalion was introduced in Three Houses but we get to use it in Three Hopes as well for Linhardt. The gambit has a wide range of attacks and it can inflict damage on enemies from a distance. It is very accurate and precise. However, it is fairly weaker than the other gambits associated with the use of Battalions.

You can only use it once in the 1-2 range but it has a hit ratio of 60. It works by inflicting damage from magic and can also put the enemies into a rattled state. You can convert forest, thicket, grassland, wasteland, edifice, church, opera hall, and house that fall into its area of effect into a flame terrain. However, it will last only for one turn.

Linhardt’s Stats

Let’s take a look at the rating possessed by Linhardt in each stat. Since in Three Hopes his growth and max stats are not mentioned, we will see his stats in Three Houses as well to have a better idea of Linhardt’s progression in the game.

StatsBase StatsGrowth RatesMax Stats
Max Hp36+540%63
Strength 1130%42
Speed 1440%55
Dexterity 1540%56

Linhardt does not have any growth rates or max stats specified as of yet in Three Hope’s. But he does have base stats. Let’s take a look at them below.

StatsBase Stats
Max Hp2400
Strength 8
Speed 9
Dexterity 9

This concludes our guide on Linhardt in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Hopefully reading our definitive guide you will learn more about his abilities, stats, and weapons.

Other Tips

The ultimate hack and slash game for Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is already being loved by fans owing to its amazing gameplay and stunning graphics. The voice actors of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes have done a great job portraying the emotions of the characters. You’ll face bosses like Cleobulus and fight him with your allies like Ferdinand in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Another great ally in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is Linhardt.

Make sure you read our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Best Classes guide to get an idea about what class you should go for. Keep yourself equipped with the best weapons so that you can win any mission and level up faster.

There’s a lot to do in the game. We recommend going through our Tips and Tricks guide to make your journey more convenient. You can also play with your friends in co-op mode. Our guide today will focus on Linhardt, one of the best characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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