Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Merc Whistle

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Merc Whistle can be used to unlock unique ability of one favorite character.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Merc whistle
Give Merc Whistle to your favorite character

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Merc whistle is a unique item you can give to one of your party members. But you have only one, so you can give it to only one character during a play-through. Your choice will significantly impact you; therefore, you should be equipped with accurate information before choosing a character.

Key Highlights
  • Merc Whistle is a unique item that you can give one of your party members and it can significantly impact your game but, you will only have this choice once per play-though. 
  • Whichever character you give the Merc Whistle to, will unlock their special ability
  • Balthus’ after being given the Merc Whistle will unlock his ability to make extra money. 
  • Bernadetta will unlock her ability to stun the enemies. 
  • Claude adds wind-based elemental effects to his strikes
  • Dimitri‘s unique ability allows him to produce lightning damage during combat.

What To Do With Merc Whistle

In simple words, the Merc whistle is a gift. You can offer it to a party member, and they will keep it for the rest of the game. In romantic relationships, gifts are given as a symbol of love or to show affection to your partner. But that’s not the case here. Meanwhile, check out our guides like Three Hopes Best Classes, and Cleobulus Boss Guide

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Merc whistle is given as a gift to unlock the character’s unique ability. For example, giving the Merc whistle to Hilda while playing in golden dear will unlock her Lightning Bound ability. This ability enables Hilda to unleash Lightning-based attacks that deal deadly damage because now she possesses extraordinary powers.  

In this game, ability comes in the form of an item. Therefore, the ability will remain inaccessible if your main character does not have that item. Also, all the items will be carried over if you quit the game and start it again with the same profile. 

However, the most efficient strategy may require a bit of patience. We suggest that during a play-through, see what unique abilities you gain from each character before giving Merc whistle in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes to any character.

Also, ensure you are A support before giving a gift to any character. Venturing on expeditions with different characters is vital. To speed up things, offer gifts, or another intelligent way is to use them as an aide in battles.

Who Should Get Merc Whistle

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Merc whistle is a rare item that is only received once and can’t be duplicated. You must give it to the character with excellent unique ability. Also, you should make sure that it’s your favorite character. However, this guide has the best Merc whistle choices that can be useful in making up your mind.

Best Merc Whistle Choices

Any character you wish to grant Merc whistle must be A rank. Giving the Merc whistle will not make the characters your romantic interest because this game doesn’t have romance options. Instead, it can be given to any character that you desire. Here, we have the best Merc whistle choices.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Merc whistle
Merc Whistle choices


Balthus’ unique ability allows you to make extra money. After scoring 300 hits, you can receive small amounts of money whenever you hit an opponent in the air.


Bernadetta‘s unique ability can stun the enemies. She throws down the ring that creates a circle around her. It causes every enemy to freeze for a short amount of time.  


Claud’s unique ability provides wind-based elemental effects to his strikes. His strikes are infused with wind-based elemental effects that enhance the attacks for a short time.


Dimitri’s unique ability enables him to produce lightning damage during combat. 


Dorothea’s unique ability is explosive and deadly. Musical notes spawn around the unit while using basic attacks. The notes explode when you hit them and deal elemental damage to all nearby enemies.


Edelgard’s unique ability is similar to Claude and Dimitri’s, but her attacks become Fire-based for a short time.


Hapi’s unique ability inflicts dark-based damage. Her combo attacks form four mid-sized zones that do dark-based damage. Clicking ZR again will make them explode and damage all the nearby enemies.   


Hilda’s unique ability increases her attack’s damage and adds lightining damage. Holding the button down while making strong attacks will increase damage. Also, while charging, all the enemies will be drawn into the attack before terrifying damage is unleashed.


Holst’s unique ability grants him lightning speed. With lightning speed, he is capable of producing significant damage. Also, checkout our guides like FE3H Gardening, and FE3H Lecture Questions & Answers.


Shamir’s ability increases the critical hit rate, and all attacks have Ice damage.

This wraps up the guide for Merc whistle in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes. We expounded on how it works and who should get it. Also, we elaborated on the unique abilities of a few characters that we consider best so that you can make up your mind quickly. We are sure that your Merc whistle will not be wasted, and you will find a favorite character to present the Merc whistle.  

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