Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Monica Guide

Our guide on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes entails everything you need to know about Monica, Best Dialogues, and Best Gifts.

Who is Monica in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes?

Monica in fire emblem
Who is Monica

The new trailer of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes introduced an interesting character named Monica. The inclusion of Monica’s character in the game has major story implications. After Monica was revealed as a playable character, the focus was on Shez as a protagonist in the game. On the other hand, Byleth, who was a former protagonist, will have an antagonistic role in Three Hopes. 

Key Highlights
  • Monica is a new character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and is a member of the Black Eagles.
  • It is revealed that the real Monica is dead and the character in the game is actually Kronya, a member of a villainous organization.
  • Monica is a playable character and possesses the Crest of Macuil, which is unusual as Macuil typically does not share his Crest with humans.
  • Players can have conversations with Monica and unlock expeditions by clearing certain chapters in the main storyline and having activity points available in their Base Camp.
  • Choosing the correct responses in conversation with Monica will result in receiving the best gifts, including a Wind tome and a chest key, while the worst gift is a healing staff.

It is no surprise for the audience to see Shez as a protagonist, but Monica’s appearance on the battlefield alongside members of Black Eagle is interesting. Monica’s appearance as a playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes indicates the major story changes.

Monica belonged to a noble house from Adrestian Empire that went missing a year before the game events in Three Hopes. Fire Emblem Three Hopes Limited vs. Standard Edition is also an interesting guide to read. 

Kronya: Monica’s Doppelganger

Kronya the doppelganger
Kronya- Monica’s Doppelganger

Byleth and his students rescued Monica during early game missions. Monica rejoined the Officers academy as an NPC. However, it was discovered that the real Monica was dead and the doppelganger was Kronya. Kronya is a member of the Villainous organization, and she was able to assassinate Byleth’s father using her Monica disguise. Byleth also has the task of informing Monica’s father about his daughter’s fate.

The Real Monica

It is unclear if the Monica in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the real Monica or Kronya. The fan theory suggests that this is Monica, not Kronya, given the following reasons.

  • Monica, in the trailer, has a different hairstyle and dress.
  • She lacks the villainous signature smirk in the game.
  • Monica is seen wielding a wind tome and is a mage. On the contrary, Kronya is an assassin who fights with a personal sword.
  • The changes in the story regarding Byleth are also an indication of the real Monica.
  • The original target of Kronya, which is Jeralt, is missing, which removes the purpose of Kronya being in the game. 
  • The trailer has not shown how Monica will avoid being captured.

New Crest in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

One evident feature of playable Monica is that she possesses the Crest of Macuil. Macuil is one of the four saints in the Church of Seiros, with the others being Saint Cethleann, Saint Indech, and Saint Cichol. Defeating Macuil will help players earn a sword that is synchronized with house leader Claude.

It has been noticed that Macuil is unfriendly towards humans. He is also never willing to share his blood and Crest. If Monica is bearing the Crest in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, she will be the first playable character to do so. Thus, players will learn more about Saint Macuil in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

Conversation With Monica

We have mentioned the best answers for conversations with Monica so that they can get the best gifts in the game. In order to talk to Monica, you need to unlock the expeditions first. 

unlocking the expedition
Unlocking the Expedition

Unlocking Expeditions

To unlock the expedition, you need to clear chapter 4 of the main storyline.
Scarlet Blaze-The battle for Garreg Battle stage
Azure Gleam-Deliverance in the valley of Torment battle stage
Golden Wildfire-The defense of the great bridge 

After clearing this, clear chapter 5 by talking to the related NPCs to start an expedition, moreover, you need to have activity points available in your Base Camp to start the expedition.

Dialogue Choices in Conversation

When you are in conversation with Monica, you need to know the correct responses to her dialogues in order to achieve the gifts mentioned in the guide later.

Possible Dialogues Correct Responses
Have you ever overcome feelings of utter helplessness? I am asking for a friend.Tell her that you have never felt this way.
Do you not think that her majesty is at the most beautiful in profile? Just a stray thought.Admire devotion
Fighting inland for a long time makes me miss the sea near my home; I loved to swim there. Vow to all go together. 
Hubert is capable, but his attitude leaves much to be desired!Smirk and say she is not any better
I remember every word you said, even the first time you burst in to save me.Tell her that you are glad she is alright.
If her Majesty wills, I want to annihilate every last one of those who slither in the dark.Tell her that you need to learn the truth.
My father was not a legitimate heir, and I had no desire to inherit his title. The situation is complicated. Feel for her

Best and Worst Gifts of Monica

Liked and disliked gifts of Monica are given in the table below. We also have another guide on Fire Emblem gifts, do not miss reading How to Get Fire Emblem Three Houses Gifts.

Best GiftsWorst Gifts
  • Hunting Dagger (2 stars)
  • Arithmetic Textbook (3 stars)
  • Monarch Studies Book (3 stars) 
  • Carnation (3 stars)
  • Owl Feather (3 stars)
  • The History of Fodlan (3 stars)
  • Tasty Baked Treat (1 star)
  • Ceremonial Sword (4 stars)


You need to be aware of all the characters in the game, and Monica is an important one. We have covered everything you need to know about Monica and the responses you need to give her to earn the rewards. The guide also has the best and worst gifts that you will get after the expedition. You do not have to worry about unlocking the expedition, because we have entailed that as well. 

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