Finding Florist & Her Husband In Plague Tale Requiem

To Meet Magister Vaudin You Need To Find The Florist's Husband First

To find the Florist and her husband in A Plague Tale Requiem, you need to go to the market to find the Florist first. She would be a lady selling flowers, and you might have encountered her while exploring the town with Hugo, but if you haven’t done so, don’t worry; it is not that tricky to find her.

Key Takeaways
  • In the initial chapter of A Plague Tale Requiem, Hugo falls sick and you’ll have to find Magister Vaudin to save him.
  • But before that, you need to know the location of the Florist and her husband, to locate him.
  • First, you will have to find the Florist in the Market who will then reveal the location of her husband.
  • You can then find her husband on the other side of the market in order to know the location of Magister Vaudin.

Finding Magister Vaudin  

Magister Vaudin works for the order, and they have studied the ancient disease for centuries. Vaudin is hiding, and before entering the market, you may hear Amicia telling Lucas that someone might know about him. Let’s ask around.

Amicia telling lucas someone might known about master vaudin
The Dialogue Before Entering The Market [Image Credit: eXputer]
Just as you enter the market, you will find a town guard. Lucas will approach him automatically and will ask him about Magister Vaudin. The guard will tell you that he knows no Magister Vaudin, but there is a man named Master Vaudin who deals with the florists in the market.

Tower Guard In Market Plague Tale
The Tower Guard [Image Credit: eXputer]

Going to Market

After talking with the tower guard, you must enter the market here. There you will find two ways, one on the left and another on the right. You need to follow the one on the left side; you may hear Amicia say she had seen the florists in the market before.

Entering Market
Go To The Left In The Market – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Then you need to take the far right, as shown in the picture; as you go, you will find the Florist. She would be an old lady selling flowers. There will be an interaction sign; click the button concerning your system. Since we were using the Xbox One, it was the “Y” button for us.

How To Find the Florist And Her Husband In Plague Tale Requiem
Go Straight and Take The Far Right – [Image Credit: eXputer]

Finding Brown Tunic Guy Near Fountain 

The woman will tell you that her husband deals with Vaudin as he handles the deals for medicinal herbs. She will tell you that her husband Martin is wearing a brown tunic and will be near the fountain. 

How To Find the Florist And Her Husband In Plague Tale Requiem
Interact With The Florist – [Image Credit: eXputer]
To find the husband, you need to go back to the junction where we told you the way diverges to two points, but this time, you need to go to the right instead of the left.  As you go straight, you will find Martin.

Finding Mister Vaudin
This Time Go There. You Will Find Martin In The Area Encircled – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Click on the interact button, and he will tell you the location of Vaudin. He is a little hesitant, but upon insistence, he tells you that Vaudin lives near the arena but demands his name be kept anonymous in all this.

How To Find the Florist And Her Husband In Plague Tale Requiem
Interact With Marting – [Image Credit: eXputer]
This is the end of our guide, and we conclude it. I hope it helps you find the florist and her husband in Plague Tale Requiem; if you need more clarity, do let us know in the comments below.


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