Forspoken: Best Skills & Spells

Learn how players can use some of the best skills in order to aid them in their exploration as well as combat!

Forspoken offers up a set of skills as well as certain spells that players can unlock and use in day-to-day combat. Whether it is exploration or whether it is taking down the toughest of bosses, players might want to know what the Forspoken Best Skills are so that they can get a hold of them faster! 

Key Highlights  
  • Forspoken contains abilities as well as spells that aid players and improve the player’s overall gaming experience. 
  • There are upgrades and abilities that help players with traversing and exploration, such as skills like Zip, as well as Shimmy
  • Some other spells allow for devastating attack patterns to be carried out by the player, making it all the easier to obliterate enemies. 
  • A few spells will have three tiers and three levels that can be upgraded, and at level 3, it becomes the strongest version of the original skill. 
  • The main benefit of getting to know the best skills will be that players will be able to properly invest in the skills that are needed for a smoother game progression!


Zip (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first skills that players will not want to miss out on will be called Zip, which quite literally is designed to help players bridge the issues that they face with stamina consumption in the game. 

  • Especially when you consider the fact that skills like Shimmy are designed to allow players to attain faster exploration, they have a major con where they end up taking up too much stamina which causes issues for the player later on and loss of rhythm quite easily. 

Therefore, players should finish off the spell crafting that is required for zip, which will just help players explore even faster since it will get rid of any stamina issues that the player might ever face. 

  • With the stamina issue being resolved, payers will be able to grab a hold of any area or surface that they need to get on top of it without needing to worry about their overall stamina running out. 

The ability will also come in handy for any exploration that you are trying to do in areas that are especially harder to get into without ample stamina, so the zip does save the day here. 


Shimmy (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, the next skill that players will want to get their hands on almost instantly as soon as they start the game is known as Shimmy. The main objective of the skill is described to be to allow the player to accelerate by kicking off from the ground upon making contact with the ground. 

  • The main reason that players might want to get their hands on the skill will simply be for faster exploration
  • While using the skill, players will be able to fly and hop across, skipping steps as they are exploring around, and it comes in especially handy when you are first starting out and simply exploring around the open area and want to travel a lot faster
  • With the skill, players will be able to make contact with the ground, and as soon as they do, they will be able to reach the ground and then hop off of it, allowing the player to then jump higher into the air, and it will launch them across from the point that they made contact first. 

One thing that players will need to keep in mind while they are using the skill is that they need to time their jumps accordingly. If you don’t press the jump button at the correct time, then the skill gets nullified basically, and you lose the flow that you were skipping around with. 

  • Therefore, if players can time the jump correctly, they skip steps immensely. 

To carry out the skill, players will need to jump like they normally do and move forward, and they will have to wait for the character to land on the ground, and then press the jump button and time it properly to attain the skipping motion. 


Shimmy can be encountered by the players when they go into the Mulberry Fount area, which will be present on the map.

  • Players will be able to encounter the location when they are on their way to fight one of the bosses that are going to be featured in the main storyline, so the area really can’t be skipped over, no matter what. 


Soar (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, another important skill that players shouldn’t skip over will be known as Soar, which is described to be as being able to grant the player a second wall jump. The skill itself will belong to the Fire Magic skill tree, and players should invest in the skill. 

  • With the skill in hand, players can climb up the side of any wall that they so desire to do so. 

It is especially important when you are trying to traverse around the open world, and you encounter buildings, ledges, mountainsides, or walls that are way too tall for you to climb without having to struggle, and this is where the soaring ability comes into help you. 

  • Players can essentially become invincible and just walk vertically upwards and keep jumping up any kind of wall. 
  • If payers upgrade the skill, then they will also be able to see their overall stamina being recovered faster. 8


When it comes to the skill’s location, players will be able to find it in an area that is known as Rosewood Fount, which is going to present pretty close to the City Hub. the fount itself will be located right smack in the middle of a massive field of flowers that will look incredibly pretty. 

Burst Shot 

Burst Shot
Burst Shot (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at a spell that players do not want to skip out on, which will be known as the Burst Shot.

  • The spell is described to be as being able to fire forth lumps of explosives rocks that will now be able to deal even more damage than it was able to before while also being able to cover a large AoE range than it was able to before. 
  • The burst shot is an excellent early-game Forspoken Best Skill that players should acquire. 

One thing that players should keep in mind when they are using the skill is that there will be a certain technique that you will have to follow to carry out the burst shot skill with ease. 

  • At level one, the burst itself will not be all that useful, but it unlocks its true potential when it is taken all the way to level three
  • The skill will be extremely useful it will be paired with the skip animation mechanic that players can carry out during battles. Players will be able to completely skip through the animations (given that it’s the first two), also granted that it is used after any sort of parkour-based attack. 

Since battles here will mostly have the player run around from one place to the next during their battles, they will be able to carry out a simply parkour-based attack, after which they will be able to skip directly to level three of the charge and carry out the attack on any enemy that dares faces you. 

How To Carry Out Mechanic 

If players are normally carrying out the Burst Shot, then they would typically have to wait for it to fully charge up to level three, meaning that players will have to wait for it to charge from level one, then go on to level 2, and then three. 

But with the mechanic, all players need to do is to click down on the charge button of their skill, but alongside that, they are also advised to hold down on their evade button, which allows them to fully charge and skip to level 3 without needing to wait through two levels. 

Arc Slice 

Arc Slice
Arc Slice (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as the next spell is concerned, it will be known as the Arc Slice, and it will once again have three levels that players can get their hands on. 

  • At level one, it will carry out an area slice with a magical sword, and if the player manages to unleash it while they are airborne, the Arc Slice will be able to carry out a shockwave. 
  • At level 2, players can expect an upgraded version, through which the area slice will be better. 
  • At level 3, there will be an “insane” area slice, as the skill itself describes it to be, with a huge magical sword. Once again, if the player manages to use it while they are in mid-air, then Arc Slice will carry out a devastating shockwave that will be lethal to enemies. 

The way to carry out an Arc slice will be pretty self-explanatory since it will unleash an arc-type slice that will move from the player’s left side and carry it to the right side. And the slice will be horizontal. 

  • However, if the player goes airborne while they are planning to carry out the attack, and then they carry it out, it will now cause the player to do a front flip, and the slice will now be vertical before allowing the player to slam into the ground. 

Blast Slice 

Blast Slice
Blast Slice (Image Credits Exputer)

Another spell that players should invest in will be known as Blast Slice, and it will have a total of three levels that players will be able to upgrade to. 

  • At level one, players will be able to launch out a magical spear toward any enemy that has been targeted, and it will cause a certain amount of damage to them as well as in the surrounding area. If you manage to use it while you are airborne, then you can expect the hits to be even deadlier. 
  • At level 2, Blast Slice will become even stronger, and players will be able to launch out a magical spear that is now known to be all the more improved at enemies, and the rest of the spell will remain the same. 
  • The level 3 version will be an enhanced version of the previous two levels, and level 3 is where the players want to upgrade the Blast Slice too. 

The way to carry out the blast Slice will be to charge it up, through which you will be able to hold a spear on top of your head with your arms raised, 8and it will be fiery and will launch out towards anyone that has been targeted. 

  • Another way that players can use it is through which the character will be able to leap even further, and the player will be able to reach the ground from being airborne with a thud, being menacing to enemies nearby. 
  • The simplest way to carry it out will be to either jump if you are on the ground or find a slope that leads up a little bit, and then charge down from the slope, simply launch off the ground and then carry out the attack from being in mid-air. 
  • Once the character manages to reach the ground, not only will it cause damage, but there will also be spikes that will surround itself in a radius and attack enemies. 

Cluster Bolt 

Moving on, yet another solid spell that players want to look into getting will be the Cluster Bolt spell, which will have three levels. 

  • At level one, it will be able to launch out an arrow that will end up breaking apart while in mid-air, after which it will continue to unleash bolts from the air, and it will cause enemies to intake damage over a certain AoE radius.
  • At level two, the arrow that was broken in the air and raining down bolts will continue to deal even more damage than before, while level 3 will just absolutely bump that up even more. 

If players can pair it together with the skip charge animation mechanic, then they will be able to go straight to the part where bolts are raining down onto opponents. 

  • The spell will work best against slower enemies and will not move a lot, so it gives the player the time to unleash it toward those enemies. 


Another solid skill that players will be able to invest in will be known as Screen, which will be described to be an s to surround the players with stones that will act as a defense for the players against any attacks that the enemy may decide to launch against you. 

  • The way that it works is basically when it is activated, anywhere the enemy launches an attack, it will summon forth a coverage of rocks that will be in the shape of a basket that will be screening on top of you, but it will be made of rocks, and it will tank all the attacks. 

It is extremely helpful for players that are just starting out and will be able to protect the player as they are figuring out the attack pattern of enemies. 

Other Skills 

Moving on, let’s take a look at some other Forspoken Best Skills that players might want to look into. 


Next up, the Leach skill will come in pretty handy for curing any poison that might be affecting the player. 

  • The skill is described to work in a way to cause forth plants that are considered to be magical, and can cure poison and will spring infront of you. 


With Dispeerse in hand, players can expect there to be flowers that will spring up in any area that ends up being chosen by the player, and it will pick up any stones or rocks that are present nearby and will fling them at the general area where your opponents are present. 

  • The flowers will be able to carry out a little bit of extra damage that might help provide a bit of support. 


With fortify in hand, players will be able to use our crafting skills in order to up the amount through which a cloak or a necklace will be able to enhance your overall defense. 


Next up, the Vivify skill will be able to allow players to use their crafting skills to enhance the total amount through which the necklace increases your overall health. 


With the Amplify skill, players will be able to use their crafting skills in order to increase the total amount through which a cloak will enhance their overall magic. 


And there we have it! A few skills that players really shouldn’t skip out on when they are first getting started! 

A few honorable mentions will go to Pulse Dart, specifically one that has been enhanced up to level 3, Hide and Seek, Alb, Eagre, as well as Float. And with that, we will wrap up our Forspoken Best Skills guide! You might want to read up on our Forspoken How Long To Beat guide so that players that are completely new might be able to know what they are getting themselves into and how much time they should realistically set aside to spend in the game!

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