Forspoken: Best Skills & Spells

Learn how players can use some of the best skills in order to aid them in their exploration as well as combat!

Forspoken offers up a set of skills as well as certain spells that players can unlock and use in day-to-day combat. Whether it is exploration or whether it is taking down the toughest of bosses, players might want to know what the Forspoken Best Skills are so that they can get a hold of them faster! 

Key Highlights  
  • Forspoken contains abilities as well as spells that aid players and improve the player’s overall gaming experience. 
  • There are upgrades and abilities that help players with traversing and exploration, such as skills like Zip, as well as Shimmy
  • Some other spells allow for devastating attack patterns to be carried out by the player, making it all the easier to obliterate enemies. 
  • A few spells will have three tiers and three levels that can be upgraded, and at level 3, it becomes the strongest version of the original skill. 
  • The main benefit of getting to know the best skills will be that players will be able to properly invest in the skills that are needed for a smoother game progression!

Here’s a brief summary of all the Best Spell and Skills in Forspoken:

Spell NameDescription
ZipHelps bridge stamina consumption issues
ShimmyAccelerates exploration, allows skipping steps
SoarGrants a second wall jump, helps traverse tall walls
Burst ShotFires explosive rocks with increased damage and AoE
Arc SliceUnleashes horizontal slice, can do a front flip in mid-air
Blast SliceLaunches magical spear, causes damage and shockwave
Cluster BoltLaunches arrow that breaks apart, unleashes bolts
ScreenSurrounds player with defensive rocks
LeachCures player's poison with magical plants
DisperseSprings flowers, flings nearby stones at opponents
FortifyEnhances defense of cloak or necklace
VivifyEnhances health of necklace
AmplifyEnhances magic of cloak


Zip (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the crucial skills in the game is called “Zip,” which helps players address stamina consumption issues. This skill becomes especially valuable when considering other skills like “Shimmy,” which enables faster exploration but drains stamina rapidly, disrupting the player’s rhythm.

By mastering the spell crafting required for Zip, players can explore even more efficiently, as it eliminates stamina-related problems. With this issue resolved, players can easily reach any area or surface without worrying about running out of stamina.

Zip also proves invaluable for exploring challenging areas that require significant stamina, making it a lifesaver in such situations.


Shimmy (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the essential skills to acquire early in the game is “Shimmy.” This skill allows players to accelerate by kicking off from the ground upon making contact with it, resulting in faster exploration.

Players primarily seek this skill for expedited exploration. When using Shimmy, players can leap and skip across surfaces, making it especially useful when initially exploring open areas and desiring faster travel. The skill enables players to make ground contact, then swiftly launch themselves into the air, covering a greater distance.

However, precise timing of jumps is crucial while using this skill. If the jump button isn’t pressed at the right moment, the skill becomes ineffective, interrupting the smooth flow of movement. Therefore, mastering the correct timing of jumps is essential to fully utilize the skill’s benefits.

To perform the skill, players need to jump as they normally would and move forward. They must wait for the character to land on the ground, then press the jump button at the right moment to execute the skipping motion.

You can find the “Shimmy” skill in the Mulberry Fount area, a location players will encounter while progressing through the main storyline. Skipping this area is not possible, as it’s a part of the main storyline’s progression.


Soar (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, another important skill that players shouldn’t skip over will be known as Soar, which is described to be as being able to grant the player a second wall jump. The skill itself will belong to the Fire Magic skill tree, and players should invest in the skill. 

  • With the skill in hand, players can climb up the side of any wall that they so desire to do so. 

It is especially important when you are trying to traverse around the open world, and you encounter buildings, ledges, mountainsides, or walls that are way too tall for you to climb without having to struggle, and this is where the soaring ability comes into help you. 

  • Players can essentially become invincible and just walk vertically upwards and keep jumping up any kind of wall. 
  • If payers upgrade the skill, then they will also be able to see their overall stamina being recovered faster. 8


When it comes to the skill’s location, players will be able to find it in an area that is known as Rosewood Fount, which is going to present pretty close to the City Hub. the fount itself will be located right smack in the middle of a massive field of flowers that will look incredibly pretty. 

Burst Shot 

Burst Shot
Burst Shot (Image Credits Exputer)

Players should prioritize the Burst Shot spell in the early game of Forspoken. It fires explosive rocks, dealing more damage and covering a larger area. To maximize its effectiveness, reach level three and utilize the skip animation mechanic. After a parkour-based attack, skipping animations allows quick access to the powerful level three charge for effective enemy engagement.

How To Carry Out Mechanic 

If players are normally carrying out the Burst Shot, then they would typically have to wait for it to fully charge up to level three, meaning that players will have to wait for it to charge from level one, then go on to level 2, and then three. 

But with the mechanic, all players need to do is to click down on the charge button of their skill, but alongside that, they are also advised to hold down on their evade button, which allows them to fully charge and skip to level 3 without needing to wait through two levels. 

Arc Slice 

Arc Slice
Arc Slice (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as the next spell is concerned, it will be known as the Arc Slice, and it will once again have three levels that players can get their hands on. 

  • At level one, it will carry out an area slice with a magical sword, and if the player manages to unleash it while they are airborne, the Arc Slice will be able to carry out a shockwave. 
  • At level 2, players can expect an upgraded version, through which the area slice will be better. 
  • At level 3, there will be an “insane” area slice, as the skill itself describes it to be, with a huge magical sword. Once again, if the player manages to use it while they are in mid-air, then Arc Slice will carry out a devastating shockwave that will be lethal to enemies. 

The way to carry out an Arc slice will be pretty self-explanatory since it will unleash an arc-type slice that will move from the player’s left side and carry it to the right side. And the slice will be horizontal. 

  • However, if the player goes airborne while they are planning to carry out the attack, and then they carry it out, it will now cause the player to do a front flip, and the slice will now be vertical before allowing the player to slam into the ground. 

Blast Slice 

Blast Slice
Blast Slice (Image Credits Exputer)

Consider investing in the Blast Slice spell, which offers three upgrade levels.

  • Level 1: Launch a magical spear at a targeted enemy, dealing area damage. Airborne use enhances its effectiveness.
  • Level 2: Improved damage with the same mechanics.
  • Level 3: The most potent version to aim for. Charge it by raising a fiery spear over your head and launch it at a target.

You can execute Blast Slice in various ways:

  1. Charge it on the ground and leap, slamming down on enemies upon landing.
  2. Jump or use a slope to launch into mid-air and then attack when you touch the ground.
  3. Upon landing, it damages and creates damaging spikes in a radius around you. Aim for Level 3 for maximum impact.

Cluster Bolt 

Consider acquiring the Cluster Bolt spell, featuring three levels:

  • Level 1: Launch an arrow that breaks in mid-air, releasing bolts to damage enemies in an AoE radius.
  • Level 2: Increased damage from the raining bolts.
  • Level 3: Further enhances the damage output.

To maximize its effectiveness, combine it with the skip charge animation mechanic to quickly unleash bolts on opponents. It’s particularly effective against slower, less mobile enemies, providing ample time to target them effectively.


Screen is a valuable defensive skill in Forspoken. Upon activation, it forms a protective barrier of rocks around you, creating a shield against enemy attacks. This barrier, resembling a rock basket, intercepts and absorbs incoming attacks. It’s especially beneficial for beginners as it offers protection while they learn enemy attack patterns.

Other Skills 

Moving on, let’s take a look at some other Forspoken Best Skills that players might want to look into. 


Next up, the Leach skill will come in pretty handy for curing any poison that might be affecting the player. 

  • The skill is described to work in a way to cause forth plants that are considered to be magical, and can cure poison and will spring infront of you. 


With Dispeerse in hand, players can expect there to be flowers that will spring up in any area that ends up being chosen by the player, and it will pick up any stones or rocks that are present nearby and will fling them at the general area where your opponents are present. 

  • The flowers will be able to carry out a little bit of extra damage that might help provide a bit of support. 


With fortify in hand, players will be able to use our crafting skills in order to up the amount through which a cloak or a necklace will be able to enhance your overall defense. 


Next up, the Vivify skill will be able to allow players to use their crafting skills to enhance the total amount through which the necklace increases your overall health. 


With the Amplify skill, players will be able to use their crafting skills in order to increase the total amount through which a cloak will enhance their overall magic. 


And there we have it! A few skills that players really shouldn’t skip out on when they are first getting started! 

A few honorable mentions will go to Pulse Dart, specifically one that has been enhanced up to level 3, Hide and Seek, Alb, Eagre, as well as Float. And with that, we will wrap up our Forspoken Best Skills guide! You might want to read up on our Forspoken How Long To Beat guide so that players that are completely new might be able to know what they are getting themselves into and how much time they should realistically set aside to spend in the game!

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