Forspoken: How Long To Beat [Explained]

Learn how much time you'll need to invest in Forspoken to complete the main story or 100% the game!

Forspoken is an action RPG with lots of magical elements to explore. You play as Frey Holland, a New Yorker who gets sucked into the fantasy world of Athia, where you must survive using magical powers and find a way back home. But if you’re wondering about the game’s length and how long it will take to beat, here’s the answer.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 13 Chapters and 21 Side Quests in Forspoken.
  • The main story of Forspoken will take you around 15-20 hours to fully beat.
  • Forspoken has side quests known as Detours, which can take around 20 minutes each to complete.
  • If you want to 100% complete the game, you’ll need to level up, acquire collectibles, and complete all Detours and the main story, which can take around 50 hours.
  • You can play the game in easy mode, skip certain dialogue options, and avoid Detours to complete the game as quickly as possible. 

Forspoken Game Length

forspoken how long to beat game length
Forspoken endgame [captured by eXputer]
Square Enix‘s Forspoken is an action RPG with a giant map to explore. Such games tend to require a lot of time to complete as you need to grind for XP, move from point to point between the map, and look for better gear. That is the same case with Forspoken, but depending on what type of content you complete (main or side quests), you can finish the game much quicker.

Main Story

The game developers and the director, Takeshi Aramaki, claimed that Forspoken’s main story could take around 30 to 40 hours to be completed. However, after playing themselves, many players have found that the game can actually be completed in under 20 hours. In some cases, those who were mainly focused on completing one quest after another were able to complete the game within 15 hours as well.

100% Completion

As Forspoken is an open-world game, there are other activities that you can take part in besides just the main quests. There are around 21 side quests in the game, which can take 20 minutes each to complete. Additionally, you can level up and collect certain items on the map. So, if you’re trying to go for a completionist run, you can expect to spend 35-50 hours to beat Forspoken.

Forspoken Chapter Lengths

Frey Holland
Frey Holland in Forspoken [screenshot by eXputer]
There are 13 main chapters and 21 side quests in Forspoken. These all vary in length, especially the main quests. The shortest main quest can take you 30 minutes, whereas the longest one could take you up to two hours to complete. As for the side quests, they’re generally 15-25 minutes long. Each main quest also opens up different side quests, known as Detours, as well. Here is a list of all the main chapters and the detours that they unlock. Additionally, there are a few details and minor spoilers for each chapter.

Chapter 1 – Attachments (20  – 35 Minutes)

Chapter 1 acts almost like the prologue for Forspoken. You will mainly be exploring New York and learning about Frey’s life before she gets thrown into the crazy world of Athia. As it is just the introductory chapter, don’t expect to spend too much time on it or have much to explore. However, there is one Detour that you can complete.

  • Detour 1: Chasing the Calico Cat.

Chapter 2 – Stuck (25 – 40 Minutes)

Chapter 2 is where things start picking up. You get introduced to the magical yet unforgiving world of Athia and must try to figure out what is going on. You’ll also get introduced to the combat mechanics of the game in Chapter 2, so depending on how well you adapt to them, the chapter can take you anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes.

Chapter 3 – The Interloper (50 – 80 Minutes)

In Chapter 3, you’ll be exploring the prison in the Tower of Binnoi. There isn’t much to explore in terms of Athia, but there are many interesting story moments, certain mysteries, and an epic prison escape. Depending on how much you explore the tower, it can take you anywhere between 50 to 80 minutes to complete the chapter.

Chapter 4 – What Must Be Done (40 – 70 Minutes)

Chapter 4 onwards is where you’ll get to properly explore Athia and much of what it has to offer. You’ll also get the chance to travel to Sila while exploring everything in between. If you follow just the main objectives, it can take you 40 to 70 minutes to get past the chapter. However, you will also unlock detours along the way:

  • Detour 2: A Guided Tour
  • Detour 3: Feeding the Sheep
  • Detour 4: Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 1
  • Detour 5: Chasing the Gray Cat Part 1
  • Detour 6: Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 2 (if you’ve completed part 1)
  • Detour 7: Robian’s Treasured Memories
  • Detour 8: New Perspectives
  • Detour 9: Chasing the Gray Cat Part 2 (if you’ve completed part 1)

Chapter 5 – Might And Main (30 – 50 Minutes)

Without many spoilers, Chapter 5 will contain one of your major boss fights in the game. Therefore, much of your time will be spent trying to reach and complete the main boss fight. Depending on how skilled you are with combat, the chapter can take 30 to 50 minutes to complete.

Chapter 6 – Damned If You Do… (20 – 40 Minutes)

Chapter 6 will have you learn and experiment around with a new spell. You’ll also get to use that spell in action as you’ll save the city from an attack. There is also a Detour that you can do. Without the Detour, you can expect to complete the chapter in about 30 minutes.

  • Detour 10: Dancing in Cipal

Chapter 7 – The Hue Of Blue (60 – 80 Minutes)

The Hue of Blue is perhaps one of the longer chapters in Forspoken. There’s a lot that happens during the chapter, which is why it can take you anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes to complete.

There are also many detours that get unlocked when you reach Chapter 7:

  • Detour 11: Sila’s Pact
  • Detour 12: Helping the Broken
  • Detour 13: Chasing the Striped Cat Part 1
  • Detour 14: Chasing the Striped Cat Part 2

Chapter 8 – The Truth Will Out (20 – 40 Minutes)

You will get to explore the region of Avoalet and face another important boss in Chapter 8. Depending on how much you explore and how long the fight takes you, the chapter can take anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

Chapter 9 – Breaking Point (10 – 20 Minutes)

Chapter 9 is relatively smaller than many of the chapters that you would’ve played thus far. It is more oriented toward setting the plot for the next few chapters. But there are quite a lot of twists and turns that you’ll uncover in this chapter. It should take you around 20 minutes to complete.

Chapter 10 – None The Wiser (40 – 50 Minutes)

Once you start Chapter 10, there won’t be much exploration of Athia, so you can expect to focus on just the quests. Even then, Chapter 10 is quite long and can take you up to 50 minutes. You’ll also be facing an important character while trying to escape a sort of nightmare.

Chapter 11 – Forspoken (90 – 120 Minutes)

Taking its name from the game, Chapter 11 is perhaps the longest chapter in the game. That makes sense, as it is pretty much setting up the endgame. The chapter reveals many secrets while expecting you to make many decisions as well. You can expect to spend at least two hours on this chapter.

Chapter 12 – Awakening (40 – 60 Minutes)

Chapter 12 is pretty much like the finale of the game. You’ll have your final showdown and resolve most of the matters in this chapter, which is why it can take you around an hour to complete.

Chapter 13 – New Beginnings

Chapter 13 onwards is essentially the endgame content. You’ll have access to the remaining final quests and can perform other activities spread throughout the map.

Here are the detours that you can perform after Chapter 13:

  • Detour 15: Chasing the Black Cat Part 1
  • Detour 16: Chasing the Black Cat Part 2
  • Detour 17: Cipal Reborn
  • Detour 18: Dancing in Cipal: Encore
  • Detour 19: Dancing in Cipal: Finale
  • Detour 20: Lost Lullabies
  • Detour 21: A Blast from the Past

Once you complete all these quests, in terms of narrative, you’re done with Forspoken. As of right now, there is no New Game Plus for Forspoken. But perhaps it will get added later, as many games do.

Tips For Beating The Game Faster

how long to beat forspoken
Combat in Forspoken [captured by us]
If you just want to beat the game as quickly as possible, then there are a few things that you can do. The easiest thing would be to skip all the cutscenes, but that might spoil the game and is only useful if you’re trying to speed run.

If you want to understand the main story and also complete the game as quickly as possible, here’s what you can do:

  • Play on the lowest difficulty: The game has a lot of combat with many tough crowds at times that can catch you off-guard. If you play on the lowest difficulty, you’ll likely not die as often and complete the game much more quickly.
  • Skip the optional dialogue: There are times when there’s additional dialogue, especially while talking to Cuff. You can skip those to get to the main objectives quickly.
  • Skip the Detours: It goes without saying that the side quests can be skipped while trying to complete the game as quickly as possible.

With that, you know everything about how long to beat Forspoken and the full length of the game. It’s perhaps not as long as some typical RPG games, but it offers a good amount of content and enough side quests to remain busy even after the game ends.

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