Forspoken: All 9 Poppet Locations

Learn to find all 9 Poppets in Forspoken and trade them to unlock a trophy!

The world of Athia is huge and filled with all sorts of challenges and collectibles. If you’re trying to beat Forspoken and get 100%, then you’ll likely come across Poppets, which can be collected by chasing different cats in locations spread all across Cipal.

These Poppets are essentially small wooden dolls that you can actually use to trade for some useful items. They’re all found in Cipal by completing Detours that entail you chasing around a cat till it comes to a stop. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to collect all of them until postgame.

Key Highlights
  • There are nine different Poppets in Forspoken.
  • You can find the Poppets by completing Detours that require you to chase down different colored cats.
  • The Detours unlock during Chapters 3, 4, 7, and 13, which is why it’s better to collect all the Poppets during postgame. 
  • Poppets can be traded with a Poppet Merchant who appears after Chapter 7
  • Trading all the Poppets with the merchant unlocks the “A Roaring Trade” trophy.

All Poppet Locations

The Poppets are found by completing Detours (side quests) that revolve around chasing a cat in Cipal. There are nine different Poppets, meaning you’ll need to chase cats nine different times to reveal the location of all of the Poppets.

Additionally, the Detours get unlocked as you progress through the story. So, it’s best if you try to collect all of them once you’ve completed the main story. Here’s a summary of each Poppet and when you’ll be able to collect it, with further detail entailed below.

Poppet #1 – Chasing the Calico CatAvailable during Chapter 3, in South of Cipal.
Poppet #2 – Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 1Unlocked start of Chapter 4, southeast section of Cipal.
Poppet #3 – Chasing the Gray Cat Part 1Available in Chapter 4, in the western section of Cipal.
Poppet #4 – Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 2Unlocks after completing part 1 in Chapter 4, in the eastern section of Cipal.
Poppet #5 – Chasing the Gray Cat Part 2Available after completing part 1 in Chapter 4 and just before leaving Cipal, near the southern Cipal exit.
Poppet #6 – Chasing the Striped Cat Part 1Unlocks in Chapter 7 after you complete the main objective, “Find Robian.”
Poppet #7 – Chasing the Striped Cat Part 2After you complete the first part in Chapter 7, in the upper city.
Poppet #8 – Chasing the Black Cat Part 1Unlocked after postgame, in Chapter 13.
Poppet #9 – Chasing the Black Cat Part 2Unlocked after you complete part 1.

Poppet #1

first poppet location forspoken
First Poppet on map [image by eXputer]
The first Poppet will be available during Chapter 3. There will be a Detour named “Chasing the Calico Cat.” The cat will spawn in the south of Cipal, as shown above in the image. Talk to it and then chase it as it starts moving around.

The cat will run behind you and through the archway. It isn’t fast, but it will go into corners and then immediately back out of them, so keep just a fair distance, so you’re not running around aimlessly behind it. Eventually, it will come to a stop behind a bunch of wooden crates and a group of people talking. You will find the Poppet in a wrapped-up pouch.

Poppet #2

poppet location forpsoken
Second Poppet on the map [image by eXputer]
You can collect the second Poppet as soon as Chapter 4 begins. Head to the southeast section of Cipal, the location is shown on the map above, and you’ll find the cat. Talk to it, and you’ll begin “Chase the Black & White Cat Part 1.”

Just like before, the cat will start moving. It’ll move past the wooden crates behind you and will take a sharp right just before the stairs. It’ll head towards another set of stairs by going through a group of people but will take another sharp right just before going up them. After passing through the courtyard, it’ll take another right and stop near a bunch of wooden crates where you’ll find the Poppet.

Poppet #3

detour 3
The third detour for Poppet [screenshot by us]
The third Poppet can be found by completing “Chase the Gray Cat Part 1” in Chapter 4. The Detour will be available as soon as the chapter begins. As shown in the image above, you can find the cat in the Western section of Cipal.

The cat will be standing in front of a bunch of wooden crates and barrels. It will run past the guard behind and then will take a right. Just a few steps before the guard standing on the balcony, it will take a left. Then it will go between the guard and his weapon and will take a right again. Finally, it will come to a stop next to some wooden crates, with the Poppet next to them.

Poppet #4

location of poppet in forspoken
Chasing the black and white cat part 2 location [image by eXputer]
The fourth Poppet is only available after you’ve already completed its first part (acquired the second Poppet). Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to start “Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 2” in Chapter 4. Head to the eastern section of Cipal, and you’ll find the cat in the sheep area near the graveyard.

It’ll be slightly tricky to follow just the cat as it’ll likely get hidden among the tall grass. Therefore, keep a look out for its yellow marker and keep following it. The cat will go down the stairs, past the pillared pathway. Then it’ll take a left and walk on the edge of a bunch of stones. Eventually, it’ll lead you to a small rocky hill, with the Poppet next to a sheep.

Poppet #5

fifth detour
Fifth poppet location in forspoken [captured by eXputer]
The fifth Poppet will be available during Chapter 4 but has two different requirements. The first requirement is completing the first part, Chasing the Gray Cat Part 1. And secondly, the Detour will be available when you’re about to leave the city. You’ll find the cat near the southern Cipal exit. If you talk to it, you’ll start “Chasing the Gray Cat Part 2.”

The cat will begin running along the wooden fence and past the wooden structure. It’ll head left and towards the guard, where it’ll run in a circle, but then will turn left again, going past the group of guards standing next to the gate. Eventually, the cat will turn right and lead you downstairs towards the Poppet.

Poppet #6

Sixth poppet location forspoken
Chasing the Striped Cat Part 1 location [captured by us]
The next Poppet will be available once you reach Chapter 7. Not only that, but you need to find Robian, another side quest you must complete before you can chase the cat for the Poppet. After completing the Detour, head to the above location and talk to the cat, which will start “Chasing the Striped Cat Part 1.”

The cat will begin running and will head upstairs, to your left. Then it’ll follow along the path and go down the steps on the right side. Eventually, it’ll stop by the little shack and the wooden crates underneath the shade.

Poppet #7

seventh detour
Chasing the striped cat part 2 location [screenshot by eXputer]
The next Poppet is also available in Chapter 7, but only if you’ve completed the first Detour, Chasing the Striped Cat Part 1. If you’ve completed that, you can head to the location shown where you’ll find the cat and can start “Chasing the Striped Cat Part 2.”

You’ll find the cat standing next to the red-dressed guard. It’ll run in the opposite direction to the guards and will turn left in the direction of the stairs leading up. But just before going up the stairs, it’ll turn left again and will take the stairs going downwards. Keep following the cat down the stairs, and it’ll eventually stop next to a bunch of covered crates.

Poppet #8

the black cat poppet forspoken location
Chasing the black cat part 1 [taken by eXputer]
The final two Poppets can be found only after you’ve reached the postgame, Chapter 13. You’ll unlock the Detour “Chasing the Black Cat Part 1.” Reach the location shown on the map, and you’ll find the cat next to a bunch of wooden crates.

When you talk to it, it’ll begin running. Chase it downstairs, and it’ll go past an archway. Then it’ll turn left into a little enclosed area where you’ll find the Poppet.

Poppet #9

final poppet location in forspoken
Chasing the black cat part 2 – Final Poppet location [screenshot by eXputer]
The final Poppet can be found by completing the “Chasing the Black Cat Part 2” Detour. It will only be available if you’ve completed its first part. The cat will be found in the marked location in the image above. Talk to the cat and chase it down to find the Poppet. You’ll need to climb many stairs and take many sharp turns, so remain vigilant while chasing the cat.

Poppet Merchant

Poppet merchanct in Forspoken
Poppet Merchant [captured by eXputer]
You can actually use the Poppets that you collect across the game to trade them in for some useful items. However, you’ll need to wait until Chapter 7 for the Poppet merchant to appear. In Chapter 7, you can find the merchant near the sheep on the upper level of the city. However, as you progress further in the game, his location will change, so you’ll need to look for his map marker on the map.

ItemDescriptionPrice (Poppets)
NuggetYou can increase your maximum Healing Draughts by using this crafting material.1
PelerineA cloak that uses critical hits to restore your health.1
BumbershootCrafting material used for upgrading necklaces and crafting new equipment.2
StranithA cloak that can heal from debuffs more quickly.5

You can actually buy everything from the trader once you’ve acquired all Poppets. Once you do, you’ll unlock the “A Roaring Trade” trophy. It’s best if you buy everything except Bumbershoot in Chapter 7, as you can find those out in the wild as well. And after you acquire the two Poppets from postgame, you can get the Bumbershoot to get the trophy.

With that, you know all of the Poppet locations in Forspoken. They can all be easily attained once you complete the entire main storyline, and all you need to do is chase the cats to find the locations. And when you collect all of them, you can trade them in for some really nice gear and a trophy!


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