Forspoken: Trophies & Achievements List

Take a look at all the trophies and achievements available to obtain in Forspoken and how to unlock them. 

In Forspoken, the players can collect around 24 trophies on the PlayStation. On PC, there are 23 main trophies to collect, as the PC players will not be able to unlock the platinum trophy for the game. There are hidden trophies except for the main 24 trophies as well. The trophies can be unlocked by progressing through the main campaign and completing side missions. You will also be able to unlock many trophies by simply collecting items and exploring Althia. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Forspoken, there are 24 trophies to collect on PlayStation 5. On PC, the players will be able to collect 53 achievements. 
  • These players can unlock the platinum trophy only on PlayStation five, and the PC players won’t be able to get the completionist title. 
  • There are a lot of hidden bronze, silver, and golden trophies as well. 
  • Most of the trophies will require you to get certain collectibles in the game. 
  • Others will require you to learn spells and use them. 
  • There are many trophies where you must visit points of interest to unlock the achievement. 
  • To get the completionist title, the players must spend at least 40 to 60 hours in the game. 

All Trophies In Forspoken

Following is a summary of the Trophies in Forspoken:

A Roaring TradeBronzeTrade poppets to get every item available in the game
MovesBronzeDance in order to get praised by Pilo
Outdoors PersonBronzeSet up a Camp outdoors
RemembranceBronzeSpeak some words of remembrance for the departed souls
Explorer SeekerBronzeVisit ten different points of interest in the game
Pilgrimage InitiateBronzeVisit a monument for the first time in the game
Call Of The Fount BaptizedBronzeVisit the Fount Of Blessing
Unlocked PotentialBronzeLearn your first spell
Endless RunnerBronzeCover a distance of 100 kilometers using magic parkour
TinkererBronzeCraft your very first item
Hell Of A RunBronzeUse the magic parkour for straight 20 seconds
Hop, Step, JumpBronzePerform five consecutive shimmies in the game
ShockerBronzeElectrocute 3 enemies at the same time
I Can FlyBronzeStay in the air for a minimum of 10 seconds.
Help Me Out HereBronzeUse the Disperse spell three times in a row in a single battle
Leap FroggerBronzePerform a jump over ten enemies
Knock Em DeadBronzeUse the Surge spell and kill at least three enemies with a single Attack
No MercyBronzePerform 30 Killer Blows in the game
Tit For TatBronzePerform ten precision counters in the game
Above And BeyondBronzeUpgrade all of your Spells in the game
Through The Eyes Of Another EmpathBronzeVisit the Monument To Wisdom and complete a flashback challenge
Happy SnapperBronzeShow your all photos to the children in the game
Cat PersonBronzeBe friends with Tanta’s Familiars
The Hue Of The BlueBronzeRetreat and submit yourself to the otherworldly justice
AttachmentsBronzeCollect one of the rarest item in the game, Mysterious Golden Bracelet
Damned If You DoBronzeExperience both a disaster and peace in the game
StuckBronzeTravel through another world
Might And MainBronzeWin a showdown in a great fortress
What Must Be DoneBronzeSurvive a Nightmarish Ordea
The InterloperBronzeSeek vengeance on a powerful enemy
CraftspersonBronzeCraft healing items and pieces of Frey’s equipment
The Truth Will Be OutBronzeFinish the last trial in the game
WildfireBronzeDefeat an enemy using Sila’s magic who has a Tangled status effect
Breaking PointBronzeLearn a hard truth and accept a harder one
Realized PotentialBronzeLearn every spell in the game
ForspokenBronzeThe fate of a world lie in the player’s hand
Pilgrimage NoviceBronzeVisit at least 20 monuments in the game
Explorer PathfinderBronzeVisit at least 50 points of interest in the game
PromisesBronzeMake a promise to someone very special
RebirthBronzeAttend to the needs of all of the Cipal people
Through The Eyes Of Another SeerBronzeComplete flashback challenges at any ten monuments to wisdom
From Every AngleBronzeUse all four types of Tanta magic ina single battle
Barely ThereBronzeHide for a total of 10 seconds in the game
Through The Eyes Of Another VisionarySilverComplete all flashback challenge available at the monument to wisdom
Pilgrimage AdaptSilverVisit 50 monuments in the game
Kit And CaboodleSilverObtain every equipment in the game
AwakeningSilverLay a waste to a great evil for the sake of the world
ParagonSilverLearn every single spell available in the game
Explorer TrailblazerSilverVisit 100 points of interest in the game
Call Of The Fount BeatifiedSilverAcquire every magical power from the Founts Of Blessing
ArchivistGoldUnlock 80% of the archive in the game
AbominizerGoldDefeat all four abominations
ForspokenPlatinumAchieve all trophies
Forspoken Trophies & Achievements and how to get them
Collecting the trophies [Image by eXputer]
Some of the trophies are quite easy to unlock, and the players won’t have to change their difficulty level to unlock a specific trophy in the game. Furthermore, the accessibility settings while unlocking different achievements can be enabled.

Platinum Trophy 

The platinum trophy called Forspoken can be unlocked by obtaining all trophies in the game. 

Bronze Trophies 

Following are all the collectible bronze trophies in the game:

  • A Roaring Trade
  • Moves
  • Outdoors Person
  • Remembrance
  • Explorer Seeker
  • Pilgrimage Initiate
  • Call Of The Fount Baptized
  • Unlocked Potential
  • Endless Runner
  • Tinkerer
  • Hell Of A Run
  • Hop, Step, Jump
  • Shocker
  • I Can Fly
  • Help Me Out Here
  • Leap Frogger
  • Knock Em Dead
  • No Mercy
  • Tit For Tat
  • Above And Beyond
  • Through The Eyes Of Another Empath
  • Happy Snapper
  • Cat Person

Hidden Bronze Trophies 

There are a lot of hidden trophies in the game as well that the players will be able to unlock by simply progressing through the game. However, some of these trophies will also require you to complete certain side missions in the game.

Hidden Trophies
Hidden Trophies [Image by eXputer]
Furthermore, some of these trophies can be unlocked by exploring the world. Below is a detailed list of all hidden trophies and achievements in the game. 

  • Hue Of The Blue: Unlock bronze achievement by submitting to otherworldly justice in Forspoken.
  • Attachments: Collect a Mysterious Golden Bracelet.
  • Damned If You Do: Unlock bronze achievement after experiencing disaster and peace.
  • Stuck: Travel to a deadly yet beautiful otherworld.
  • Might And Main: Win a fortress showdown.
  • What Must Be Done: Survive a Nightmarish Ordeal.
  • The Interloper: Seek vengeance on a powerful enemy.
  • Craftsperson: Unlock the trophy by crafting a healing item and two original Frey’s equipment pieces.
  • The Truth Will Be Out: Unlock achievement by finishing the last trial in the game.
  • Wildfire: Use Sila’s magic on a Tangled enemy and defeat them.
  • Breaking Point: Unlock the trophy after learning and accepting a hard truth.
  • Realized Potential: Learn all spells.
  • Forspoken: Control the fate of a world.
  • Pilgrimage Novice: Visit at least 20 monuments.
  • Explorer Pathfinder: Visit 50 points of interest.
  • Promises: Make a special promise in the game.
  • Rebirth: Attend to all of Cipal’s needs for the bronze achievement.
  • Through The Eyes Of Another Seer: Complete flashback challenges at ten monuments to wisdom.
  • From Every Angle: Use all four types of Tanta magic in a single battle
  • Barely There: Hide for a total of 10 seconds for the achievement.

Hidden Silver Trophies 

Following are the hidden silver trophies in the game that the players will be able to unlock:

  • Through The Eyes Of Another Visionary: Complete all flashback challenges at the monument to wisdom.
  • Pilgrimage Adapt: Visit 50 monuments in the game.
  • Kit And Caboodle: Obtain all equipment except sub-quest items to earn this achievement.
  • Awakening: Defeat a great evil for the world.
  • Paragon: Learn every available spell.
  • Explorer Trailblazer: Visit 100 points of interest.
  • Call Of The Fount Beatified: Acquire all magical powers from the Founts Of Blessing

Hidden Gold Trophies 

There are only two gold trophies that are available for the players to collect in the game. 

  • Archivist: Unlock 80% of the archive in the game. 
  • Abominizer: After successfully defeating all four abominations, the players can unlock the gold trophy. 

Story And Side Quests 

After completing the main story, which will be able to allow the full map to explore, furthermore, by the end of it, the players will have collected a lot of items and unlocked a lot of skills to use in the side missions. 

It is important to complete the events and side quests that are marked yellow on the map in order to unlock some of the hidden trophies in Forspoken. By doing so, the players could unlock the 80% archive completion trophy.

Forspoken Trophies & Achievements
Main Trophies [Image by eXputer]
Some of these achievements might not be available after you have completed the story. So it is important to complete them as soon as they become available in the game. Even if you miss some, don’t worry, as you will only need to complete 80% of the archives to unlock the trophy for it.

Side Quests

While you can ignore all the events and quests in the game to get the 80% archive completion if you just solely focus on the story, it is still recommended that you try to complete as many of them as possible. Most of the archive completion can be allowed by simply crafting some resources and defeating enemies in the game. The players can also complete it by visiting points of interest and collecting equipment. 

For the trophy-relevant side missions, the players must complete the main campaign first. If you feel lost, then make sure to check out your map to get an idea of the objective you need to complete.

Important Trophies

The players will be able to unlock most trophies and the 12 chapters of the game just by progressing. However, the players will be able to free roam after they have completed the main story and will be able to explore several different elements that the game has to offer.

Also, any of the side quests that offer unlockable achievements will become available after completing the main story. In case you missed any side quest, then don’t worry, as it will spawn again after you have completed the main story.

So you can choose to complete the side missions after going through the 12 chapters of the game. However, there is a certain trophy called Cat Chases in which you must collect nine poppets. It is recommended that this trophy should be unlocked during the main progression. 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on all trophies and achievements and how to unlock them in Forspoken. Make sure to check out our detailed guide on all voice actors and cast as well as the beginner’s guide for Forspoken. Also, check out our detailed guide on all skills and how to get them in the game.

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