Fortnite Battle Royale: Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we are going to teach every Fortnite player what they need to know to win, everything from picking the best area to begin, preparing your character’s advancements, collecting resources as well as building to survive and collect exclusive loot.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dropping Point is important if you were to drop down in a well-known area with a bunch of loot you will find yourself encountering a plethora of enemies so find a remote hilltop and land there.
  • Prepare Early as this a battle-royale game the last man standing wins not the one with the most kills. 
  • In the Final Moments of the game, it is recommended to have a long ranged weapon, a shotgun, an explosive weapon, and some Medkits along with some Mini shields.
  • You need to get good at building as it can play an essential part. Gather resources as much as possible such as wood, brick, and metal that you can use in Building.

Dropping Point Is Important

Unlike other battle royale games at the moment, Fortnite Battle Royale is particularly better at disseminating great loot around the map. You’ll still have to search a larger amount of items in more densely compact locations, although several hilltops are also hotspots for treasure chests – boxes that are valuable and can provide multiple rewards.


Zoom in on the map to locate remote hilltops to descend on. Most of them will accommodate you with a reliable enough beginner kit to fight back in the initial minutes of each match.

Prepare Early

Loot is always found in a random format, so you can’t perpetually get what you require. But beyond time, you can keep what you want.

Prepare for the endgame right away. Ultimately, you’ll be performing battle with opponents who have health packs, shield potions, superior weaponry, and lots of resources to build with (more on that in a moment). You’ll require some combination of these items if you need to get by once the crowd is reduced.

NOTE: This is a battle royale game based on survival, so you won’t need to go out and get a lot of kills to obtain victory, and sticking to a specific play will only get you so far. Possessing a small armory ready to go when someone is shooting rockets to kill your base or sniping you from a distance is common sense.

Subsequently, when you’ve scoped the place out, invade buildings and assure that no one is around. One exceptional way to achieve this is to poke your head in to see if any items have previously been looted (which clues you in that someone has left the scraps) or if there are exposed treasure chests. Areas that are closer to the shrinking purple ring are also probably going to be light on opponents as they endeavor to make their way toward the center. Even if you’re seizing the scrapped leftovers from someone with valid items, they could be significant upgrades.

Learning to know all of the weapon types (and there are numerous weapons) is also a good idea. If something you just picked up is unknown to you and you haven’t examined it before firing it in bursts and you try to hold down the trigger like it’s a fully automatic weapon, you’re going to have a critical time.

By the point the game enters its ultimate moments, possessing a long-range weapon like a scoped assault rifle or sniper rifle, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, and at least one medkit will support you to repel off most of your opponents and will assist as an ideal loadout. Encore; you’re going to notice most of this from treasure chests or buildings, so you’re going to need to revisit them at some time in your playthrough.

Gather Resources

Fortnite Battle Royale’s large building features sets it aside from its competition. Acquired from the core Save the World mode, you can utilize supplies like woodbrick, and metal to craft wallsfloorsceilingsroofs, and staircases to build necessary buildings or difficult barriers.

If you want to get to the top 10 endgames consistently, you have to get good at building.

The first policy of building is to hold the resources to really make a structure. The most basic resource is wood, which you can burrow from the default harvesting device that every player starts with. Smash a wood-based object with a melee attack, and the relevant resource will automatically appear in your inventory. Just note that gathering produces noise and causes a disturbance, so players can easily spot you if they’re close.

Because wood is ordinarily located spread across Fortnite in little shedswooden buildingsoutposts and myriad trees, you’re going to come over a lot of it. Huge trees are the easiest to mine as they’ll get huge rewards for runty effort. Alternatively, massive buildings like hangars can also give huge results for higher-end resources like brick and metal.

Survival Through Building

The building utilizes resources, and the tougher the resource, the extra of a thrashing your buildings can take. Each piece (again, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and staircases) takes 10 resources to establish.

A wall is the first building you should study building on a notion. It’s necessary that, at any given time, whether you’re in a building or out in the open, you can instantly press the wall button (F1 on PC) and force up some cover. For this purpose alone, you’ll want to have at least 10 resources on hand to toss up an immediate wall.

Begin to consider the building as a reflex as quickly as you hear shooting. It’s going to take time until you’re able to immediately build staircases to the heavens like your beloved pro streamer, but for now, studying the art of survival through wall building is going to make you the last standing man in no time.

If you’re in pressure and need to seal yourself in, you can edit a wall to form a window or a door. Editing one piece will produce a hole while editing two adjacent pieces will automatically craft a door.

Build To Reach New Heights And Loot

Sometimes you may just need to construct a staircase to enter new heights and loot. Get habitual to building as an offensive tool, not just as a way to construct bunkers and hunker down.

Moving is an important aspect of gaining loot. If you listen to a faint noise that sounds like twinkling stars, you’ve come across a chest scattered in your vicinity. You can use a hot or cold intellect with the sound effect to decide out if you’re getting closer to your loot reward.

Most of the time, you’ll either require to build up or down to reach to loot. Fortnite Battle Royale’s developers casually randomize loot spots in tricky places.

Constructing staircases to climb to mountaintops or solely obtain a level of a building that has broken stairs are typical uses of the functional building. After you’ve airdropped into a safe place and scouted out a larger cityscape, try visiting indoors to exercise building in close quarters to reach different heights.

Good Luck!

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