Gameplay Guide for the upcoming Hyper Scape Battle Royale to ease your way for the first victory

Hyper Scape is an upcoming Battle Royale game that focuses on Twitch integration. Ubisoft acknowledges the influence of streamers on the BR games. It could turn out to be one of the better points once the game releases later this month. Ubisoft gave Game reporters, streamers, and pro-players an opportunity to experience the game for themselves earlier this week. Now the media outlets and players have published their initial thoughts on the game and its mechanics.

The game will enter closed Beta in a few days, while the full release is expected to be on the 12th of July. The game delivers a futuristic take on the Battle Royale genre with its unique tactics and tricks. The game is set in an urban city of Neo Arcadia, which is a futuristic interpretation of modern-day Paris. Players can actually visit the famous Notre-Dame cathedral church, too, which shows Ubisoft’s expertise in world-building. It also adds verticality into the gameplay, which is the core mechanic in the First-person shooter.

We know that for any BR game, the first-mover advantage works very well, at least during its earlier days when skill-based lobbies are non-existent. So, to help you ace your first game, we have compiled a gameplay guide.


The gameplay is very similar to any FPS game you simply aim and you shoot. The uniqueness of the game comes from how you upgrade your weapons and abilities. Unlike Apex Legends, the abilities (hacks) come in the form of loot the same as the weapons in any other BR game. You pick up hacks the same way you pick up anything else in the game.

Weapon and ability progression

Now there is a bit of progression in the game that incentivizes that players to stick with your weapon. Basically, you upgrade your gun whenever you pick up a similar weapon. The upgrade can either be a bigger magazine or improved damage. The same is the case with the abilities if you pick up the same ability more than once the intensity increases or the cooldown time decreases.

Upgraded weapon

Random Events and twitch integration

There are random events in the game, such as unlimited ammo or low gravity, etc. This is where twitch integration comes into place. If there’s a Twitch streamer in your lobby, the twitch chat gets to vote on the random event. It could potentially give an advantage to the streamer since the viewers would choose the event that favors their favorite streamer. We’ll need to study it more carefully once the game releases.

Twitch integration and random events

Revive teammates

The game also allows players to revive their teammates. The players are not knocked out even if you are playing squads. Whenever you die, you turn into an echo, and you can tag other players to help your teammates. To revive your teammate, you have to go to one of the designated revive platforms and kill other players to get Respawn points, which will let you use the platform.

Revive platform


For any BR game, it is important to study the map. It is more important for this game since there is no circle in the game. Instead, the map starts to deteriorate and become pixelated whenever the game wants to push players towards a specific district. Once you are trapped in the decaying part of the map, you start taking damage, and your location is revealed to everyone in the lobby.


Winning condition

There are two ways to win the game. Either you can hold the crown, which surfaces at the last district for 40 seconds, or you can eliminate every other player.

Winning condition

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