6 Best Games Like Deathloop To Murder In

Want to play something that makes you feel like a Hitman or a slick assassin? Consider checking out these 6 games like Deathloop.

Deathloop has come out to near-universal acclaim with dozens of outlets giving it perfect scores. Many critics noted the game’s freedom of approach and non-linear level design as a particular highlight and its highly unique time loop structure that makes the player consider each activity like a puzzle to solve and make them think like a professional Hitman. 

Now without any further wait, let’s jump into these 6 best games like Deathloop to murder in List:

GameAwardRelease DateDeveloperPlatform
Dishonored 2The Best Action-Adventure GameNovember 11, 2016Arkane StudiosPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming
Hitman 2Best Stealth GameNovember 13, 2018IO Interactive A/SPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia
Thief: The Dark Project3rd annual Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Awards (2000)December 1, 1998Looking Glass StudiosPC
Deus Ex Human RevolutionBest Game DesignAugust 23, 2011Eidos MontrealPC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, macOS, and Wii U
BioshockBest Xbox 360August 21, 20072K Boston and 2K AustraliaPC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, and iOS
PreyBest NarrativeMay 5, 2017Arkane StudiosPlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One

Games Like Deathloop

While Deathloop is a highly unique title with a structure that belongs only to itself, if you’ve managed to break the loop and are considering something else to play that makes you feel akin to a stealthy assassin or a clever Hitman, consider checking out these 6 games like Deathloop.


Games Like Deathloop
Dishonored 2 (2016) by Arkane Studios.

What better games to start a list about games like Deathloop than Arkane’s very own Dishonored series. While Dishonored encourages more non-lethal stealth gameplay over balls to the walls action(please disregard the attached image above), the series has equally well-developed action combat that is as fun as it is satisfying. 

People have often criticized the Dishonored series for punishing the players for playing the game aggressively. The more lethally you play, the more the game highlights your character as a killer in the story, which eventually leads to the game’s bad ending. It seems Deathloop is a direct answer to those criticisms by being a game that encourages the action that Arkane is very good at while also directly pushing the players towards that approach.


Games Like Deathloop
Hitman 2 (2018) by IO Interactive.

Anyone who enjoyed Deathloop’s clever puzzle-like gameplay of figuring out different ways of assassinating their unfortunate targets is going to have a blast with the escapades of the legendary Agent 47. One of the most beloved series in the stealth genre, Hitman is a series unlike anything else in the industry. Instead of forcing the player to be quiet and sneak around enemies, Hitman requires you to hide in plain sight and traverse the levels using clever disguises over the classic sneaking and crawling.


  1. Excellently designed maps with extensive content.
  2. Wide range of weapons and gadgets for mission variety.
  3. 4th wall-breaking jokes add humor and personality.
  4. Well-written story with surprising twists.


  1. Poorly programmed civilian NPC reactions.
  2. Stealth and disguise exposure for illogical reasons can frustrate players.
  3. Final 2 missions locked behind paid DLC.
  4. Controversial sale strategy perceived as anti-consumer.


Games Like Deathloop
Thief (1998) by Looking Glass Studios.

Intricate levels, deep stealth systems with some of the best sound design you could find at the time and a great protagonist cemented Thief as one of the prime examples of stealth done right. While Thief at its core is a game of hiding in shadows and getting past areas without killing anyone, it sets a very polished base that Arkane would later make its Dishonored series on and now recently, Deathloop.


  1. Well-written story with an eerie tone, surprising twists, and dark atmosphere.
  2. Influential as the precursor to modern stealth games.
  3. Impactful and meaningful characters in the narrative.
  4. Strong voice acting that brings characters to life.
  5. Wide variety of unique weapons for fresh gameplay.


  1. Outdated graphics compared to modern AAA titles.
  2. Inconsistent level design, with some levels being repetitive.
  3. Major accessibility issues reported by players, including compatibility problems with modern graphics cards.

Deus Ex

Games Like Deathloop
Deus Ex Human Revolution (2011) by Crystal Dynamics

Often considered by many to be the peak of the Immersive Sim genre, Deus Ex is a series dealing with political intrigue, international conspiracies, and the moral dilemma of transforming your body with cybernetic augments. 

The series motivates the player into trying out different avenues of approach at every encounter and highly rewards experimentation and exploration similar to Arkane’s own games. Letting you play as a lethal Terminator or a Pacifist silver-tongued devil that could talk his way out of most situations and sneak through the rest.


  1. Unique cybernetic augmentations provide diverse abilities.
  2. Open-ended gameplay with mission approach choices and story impact.
  3. Beautifully designed, detailed environments immerse players.
  4. Engaging, well-written story explores futuristic themes.
  5. Enjoyable mix of combat and stealth gameplay.


  1. Lengthy loading times can be frustrating.
  2. Subpar voice acting diminishes immersion.
  3. Basic and predictable enemy AI hampers the experience.
  4. Poor optimization and performance issues on modern hardware, including frequent crashes reported by players.


Bioshock(2007) by Irrational Games.

The closest to a horror series on this list(at least the first two games), the Bioshock series is often considered to be the pinnacle of storytelling and atmosphere in the medium. While I’m not here to either prove or disprove that claim, what I will say is that Rapture is one of the most interesting and well-realized settings ever put into a video game.

Filled to the brim with charming, and intriguing characters that either guide you or whom you listen to through the game’s various audio logs. Bioshock set a standard for enhancing a setting through logs and notes scattered around the world that gave you insight into the daily lives of the citizens living in Rapture. 


  1. Unique and innovative narrative with deep themes, morality questions, and plot twists.
  2. Complex and well-written villains with understandable motivations.
  3. Graphics, while old, still set a memorable atmosphere.
  4. Memorable and fitting soundtrack enhances emotions throughout the story.
  5. Wide variety of unique levels with diverse challenges.


  1. Introduction of the 2K launcher has caused numerous game problems.
  2. Frame drop issues in the final cutscene can be disappointing.
  3. Limited replay value after completing the game.
  4. Gameplay can become repetitive for some players over time.


Games Like Deathloop
Prey(2017) by Arkane Studios.

What better for a final entry in a list about games like Deathloop than one of its very own. One of Arkane’s very best yet most underrated game. The game has a very familiar sense of exploration discovery, much like Arkane’s other titles, but Prey bumps things up a notch with one of its main highlights.

If you liked Deathloop for its time looping aspect, that idea also began right here with Prey and its Mooncrash DLC. Mooncrash was an optional Rogue-like inspired game mode where you had to escape TALOS-1 in a procedurally generated setup, and each time you died, you looped back to the beginning having to do it all over again. Also, did I mention that once again, the music slaps?


  1. Unique and stunning environments filled with personality and secrets.
  2. Unique narrative in a space station with alien creatures and special powers.
  3. Well-designed and natural-feeling space station, Talos 1, with immersive details.
  4. Graphics that hold up well despite the game’s 2017 release.


  1. Repetitiveness in encounters can diminish the game’s charm.
  2. Rare audio glitch bug at the start with no known solution.
  3. Frustrating controls for some players impacting gameplay.
  4. Poorly designed UI that may not satisfy some players.

Deathloop is fantastic, and so are these games. Once you’ve had your fill with Arkane’s latest, consider checking out these games like Deathloop as well. And as always, thank you for reading if you got this far. Hope you have a good day.

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