BEST Games Like Valorant to Play In 2022

First-person shooters have always been at the forefront of gaming, with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield. However, what’s genuinely surprising is the foray of free-to-play FPS titles into the multiplayer gaming space. Valorant, for starters, is one of these decorated freebies that has risen to stardom over the course of its release.

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It’s definitely one of the most action-packed FPS games you can grab on your PC today for free and delve into a futuristic world full of energy. In addition, Valorant is also a solid esports game where hundreds of professional gamers like Shroud compete for the big win.  

It’s fairly understandable that you want to explore more games like Valorant if you can’t get enough of its tip-top gameplay and combat mechanics. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to talk about the best games to play that are similar to Valorant in one way or the other.

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Games Like Valorant

It’s needless to say this, but none of these games aren’t going to be exactly like first-person hero shooter. However, they will come pretty close to Valorant in multiple aspects. Let’s check out these like-minded shooters without any further ado.

Here are our top 12 alternatives to video games similar to Valorant.    

Apex Legends

games like valorant
Apex Legends

Okay, we’re going to start off quite strong here. Apex Legends is probably as close as one can get to Valorant without breaking a sweat. It’s available for download on a wide variety of platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo Switch. In addition, it can be grabbed from Steam and Origin as well in terms of PC, so availability is not an issue unless you’re an Epic Games-only gamer. We’ve got other titles up ahead for that. 

To talk about one of Apex Legends’ strongest highlights, there’s a bevy of heroes that you can main and wreck stuff up within match-ups. An array of tip-top characters with unique abilities is what best defines the genius of Apex Legends. You’re going to love how experimental the gameplay can get when you try mixing up the skills of the legends. 

The weaponry introduced is bizarre, and there’s nothing better than blowing your foes straight into oblivion with the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper. Other than that, the title is backed up with new content consistently, so the thought of this game boring you out is nothing but pointless. Just make sure that you’re playing at high FPS to get the most out of Apex Legends. 

A point worth mentioning here is that the economy system of both Valorant and Apex Legends resemble each other quite considerably. The differences, however, do start to weigh in when you start talking about competitiveness. However, Apex Legends is indeed worth playing if you love Valorant. If you ever decide on giving it a shot, do read our guide detailing seven Apex Legends tips and tricks you should know about before playing the actual game. 



Paladins is another free-to-play Valorant-like title that boasts fast-paced, action-packed gameplay with many characters to choose from. The title was developed by Evil Mojo and boasted a gigantic userbase of more than 50 million players. What makes this hero shooter outright unique is its vast customization potential. There are literally a dozen different ways to modify your character, or Champion, as the game likes to call it. 

From mystic ancient gods to menacing magic-wielding elves, you’ll find a great selection of Champions in Paladins, with each of them having their own style of play. The best part is that despite so many ways of playing the game and cutting down your foes, the developers still manage to keep the gameplay fairly balanced. You won’t notice one single character—no matter how decked-out it can get through upgrades—blasting every player with anything other than skill. 

Paladins can be downloaded through the Steam desktop client and from the Epic Games Store, unlike Apex Legends. Furthermore, you’ll find this thrilling shooter available on Microsoft’s front-running console as well, and this makes it one of the best games like Valorant on Xbox One. Paladins have been rated quite highly on Steam, with the vast majority of reviews falling under the category of “Very Positive.” What can we say? People love it. 

Before getting started, though, do make sure that you catch a glance at our Paladins Tier List, which talks about the best and worst characters in a ranked methodology. There’s a plethora of Champions in there, but not all of them are capable enough of making the cut. Having a handy guide laid out for you beforehand can definitely pay off. 

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You might not have heard of Spacelords before, given its under-rated status, but it’s still a deserving entry on this list that packs quite the punch. It’s also a hero shooter-style title with 17 unique characters to try out and main. Moreover, there are over 70 weapons that you can unlock and sport to rain death on your enemies, so weaponry lackluster is surely out of the question. The inclusion of 500 character cards is also an added bonus. 

As for its storyline, we fare it quite gripping and immersive, at least for the most part. Spacelords actually follows the format of a 4 vs 1 campaign where you can join the side of the Raiders who actually want to liberate the in-game Broken Planet. In the other corner of the ring, there’s the Antagonist. This side’s one sole purpose is to eradicate all Raiders on sight and claim the Broken Planet as their own. 

Unlike other games like Valorant, Spacelords features cinematic cutscenes. Over 80 scenes will help you understand and get through the vast universe of this game and get to the bottom of everything. The game is free to play, so there’s definitely no harm in giving it a shot and seeing if it suffices enough for you. One present-day aspect of the game that very well relates to our social lives is trolling. 

And many would say that trolling is an integral part of Spacelords. There’s a wide variety of ways to make fun of your players, to mention the universal T-bagging practice regulated across the spectrum. At the end of the day, the game doesn’t come off as repetitive, and you’ll have one blast of a time trying out all the different modes and nailing boss fights with your squad. Last but not least, this is a visually gorgeous game, so there’s that as well. 

Realm Royale

games like valorant on ps4
Realm Royale

Furthering this list is another hot pick that can more or less deliver on the same level as Valorant. You are thrown inside a world within the game where you have to discover potent abilities and death-defying skills. A comprehensive array of hero classes with a myriad of weaponry are what you’ll be using to topple your foes in this highly captivating battle royale-style game.

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There is, however, one thing that sets Valorant and Realm Royale apart, and it’s the camera perspective of the games. Valorant is famously a first-person shooter, while Realm Royale uses a third-person point of view. Still, this doesn’t take away the fact of how overly fun this Paladins spin-off is. You got that right; Realm Royale is actually based on the online hero shooter and was formerly a separate game mode called “Battlegrounds” in the latter. 

That changed sometime in 2018, and the mode received its own dedicated game, probably because the developers saw potential. As for the gameplay of the title, people have seemed to find it much more enjoyable than many of its competitors. Whether you’re strategically placing a proximity mine to trap your foes or flanking the opposition by flying around the map, the possibilities of toppling the opposition are endless. 

Furthermore, Realm Royale has seemed to learn much from other battle royale games prevalent in the industry and has taken measures to ensure a better experience. For instance, chests that you open mid-game yields items, but the resources can only be equipped by the player within 5 seconds of opening. In addition, they can only be equipped by the one who opens them. Talk about saying sayonara to stealing others’ items during match-ups. 

Furthermore, the title comes off as a lot less luck-based than most other games of the battle royale genre. Weapons aren’t difficult to forge, and you can get your favorite weapon just after getting two kills in the game. The in-game currency is “Shards” and they are easily obtainable if you perform well. The cherry on top of it all is the visuals of Realm Royale, which are nothing but awe-inspiring. It definitely comes close to playing out like Valorant on multiple occasions, so don’t hesitate to try it out and see for yourself.



While Overwatch isn’t a free-to-play game and costs somewhere around $20 for its base version, it’s definitely one of the best games like Valorant. Some might argue that it’s better than the latter, but we will leave that up to you to decide. Both games feature heroes with their distinct abilities and like-minded, rapid-paced gunplay. With that said, the differences start to weigh in when you start counting the numbers going for both titles. 

When Valorant launched, it lured tons of gamers, including professional esports players from Overwatch, and bit off a hefty chunk of the latter’s player base. While Overwatch is more mature and has been up and running 4 years before Valorant, it has seemed to significantly lose the numbers. However, don’t let the lack of a gigantic player base fool you into thinking that Overwatch isn’t equally capable. 

You’re going to love the depth and experimentation potential it offers to players. You’re free to choose from a whopping 32 playable heroes, with each of them having its own unique, customizable skillset and abilities. There is going to be a special learning curve with each character, though, so do prepare yourself to put in the time beforehand. The effort and time investment is definitely going to be worth it, though, that’s for sure. 

Another point worth mentioning here is that each game plays out differently in Overwatch. It largely depends on your character selection how the match is going to turn out. A squad with the perfect pick of heroes that knows its strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize them properly is going to topple almost everything thrown at it. You may have to grind a little with different characters until you find just the right one that suits your playstyle perfectly. 

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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 shooter genre
Borderlands 3

Take it from us, folks. Borderlands 3 is just the right amount of crazy you’re looking for in a game. It doesn’t hesitate to switch things up drastically and give players a narcissistic, Ritalin-fueled world to explore. There are some considerable differences to consider if one was considering buying Borderlands 3 as a Valorant replacement. First off, it is not free, as you’ve understood by now, and isn’t a team-based online hero shooter. The game hinges more on the campaign spectrum but can be played in co-op mode with up to 3 more players. 

Borderlands 3 has another thing coming for you if you love the futuristic, sci-fi, fantasy-based setting of Valorant. The game is actually referred to as a looter-shooter, meaning that harvesting items and resources are something that’s akin to glory in this game’s world. Speaking of which, looting is one of the most rewarding experiences in this crazy FPS. You never know when you’ll stumble upon legendary items in what corner of the map. 

The open-world gameplay and exploration introduced in Borderlands 3 is nothing but exhilarating fun. The plot is somewhat interesting too, but don’t hold your breath too much about that. Since this is the third iteration in the franchise, you’re bound to find a certain set of improvements and new features that enhance the user experience like never before.

There’s chaos everywhere in the mutant-ridden world of Borderlands, and it’s up to you—the four Vault Hunters—to lay the wasteland to peace. You’ll achieve this by stopping two mutant tyrants and their army from capturing alien vaults scattered across the universe. The game sold over 5 million units within five days of its release, so the plot and everything in-between can be deemed as fairly intriguing. This is the game to try out, at the very least, if you’re into Valorant.  

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

get better at valorant
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If there’s one game that has history, it’s undoubtedly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or, as people like to refer to it more commonly, CS: GO. This title was released back in 2012 and has truly measured to stand the test of time. While the iconic first-person shooter has its own differences if we compare it to Valorant, the latter is often mocked as a “CS Clone.” That’s because of how it strikes a ton of gameplay similarities with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

For starters, both games are team-based shooters, where each side comprises five different players. In addition to that, the objective matches quite identically as well. The two FPS titles both feature a team that’s on the offensive while a side that’s playing defensively. When you’re attacking, you have to place a bomb and make sure it goes off to win the bout. As for the side of the defenders, the win is achieved by taking out all the players on the opposite team or simply disarming the bomb before it explodes. 

Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are both quite tactical when it boils down to it. However, the latter does have a long learning curve. It warrants the need to perfect execution skills and strategies to progress and get better at the craft. Take a look at CSGO guides for a myriad of pro tips and how to get started, for that matter. You definitely need to try out CS GO if you’re into more skillful games like Valorant.

Another point worth mentioning is how competitive this title is despite being free-to-play. Global Offensive surged into the esports scene not long after its release and since became an esports sensation, to be precise. Large-scale tournaments have been held throughout the years, with prize pools exceeding the one million dollar mark. Things have been definitely spicy for CS GO as the title garnered its fair share of popularity. After all, its simple combat gameplay, diverse map selection, and various game modes are nothing but a treat to enjoy.

Team Fortress 2

games like valorant
Team Fortress 2

Let’s put it out here first that Team Fortress 2 is a 15-year old game. However, the fact that it’s still bustling with more than 100,000 concurrent monthly players is nothing but amazing. Classic combat mechanics, simpleton weaponry, and intuitive characters are all that define the legend of Team Fortress 2. It’s completely free to play and can be found on Steam and on the official game’s website for download. 

What’s so highly praised about this all-time icon is how it strikes the perfect balance between controls and characters. You can get started with the game in no time—it’s that easy to pick up—but mastering it is where the true effort lies. It’ll take you a while before you can fully grasp the title’s mechanics and understand what plays out how. As with every other competitive first-person shooter game, the learning curve is moderate but exceedingly exciting with Team Fortress 2. 

You’ll discover yourself getting better with each round and after each encounter with your enemy. There’s a reason why this title has lingered on for so many years despite being outright free-to-play. To talk a bit about the design and the graphics, the characters are drawn in a special cartoonish style. This is typically done with a rendering technique called Cell Shading, the product of which is brilliantly apparent in Team Fortress 2. 

Lastly, it’s important to mention that players who are used to the recent-most FPS IPs like Valorant, Overwatch, and Paladins will need to tweak the settings of Team Fortress 2 before they can start enjoying the legendary title. This includes increasing the field of view, activating “Fast Weapon Switch” and “Automatic Reload,” and having “Damage Numbers” turned on. Doing so can simplify and enhance the experience for you, so make sure you’re aware of these settings right from the get-go.   


Fortnite - fps title

Players who cannot get enough of Valorant will surely appreciate what genius Fortnite has to offer. This gigantic free-to-play cross-platform title is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and, of course, PC. The fact that it’s on PlayStation also makes it one of the best games like Valorant on PS4. This game, or should we say a literal tycoon, has collaborated with more characters from other franchises than any other IP in the world. 

From God of War’s Kratos and Horizon’s Alloy to Naruto and Devil Macy Cry’s Dante, the crossovers are unbelievably vast in Fortnite. This means that you can play this hefty battle royale donning the skin of your favorite game character. One major difference between Fortnite and Valorant is the camera perspective. Fortnite is a third-person shooter that relies on building mechanics, albeit feisty ones.  

Moreover, you’d definitely want to try the “Save the World” game mode in Fortnite. This is one of the most original ways of playing the game where you’re faced with a Player vs Environment setting with dangerous enemies and a goal to accomplish. Enjoy the experience of leveling up, hunting for resources, cutting down humanoid foes, crafting weapons, and building skyrise structures in Fortnite.

We presume all of that will offer you a much more involved experience than Valorant. However, in terms of weaponry, abilities, and shooting mechanics, the two titles are quite alike. Fortnite is home to the Epic Games Store, and that is the most definite way of playing the sandbox action-building title. It’s free to play for the most part, but you’ll have to purchase “Save the World” if you want to play it separately.  

ShellFire – MOBA Mobile FPS 

games like valorant on mobile
ShellFire MOBA FPS

Now that we’ve covered multiple AAA titles for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, let’s switch our focus to the relatively less endowed mobile gaming space. ShellFire is the closest you will get to a game like Valorant on mobile. It was released last year and has since amassed more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The game does a great job at combining two unique genres: FPS and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA. 

With a wide variety of game modes, such as Death Match, Capture Points, and other Escort Battle Modes, ShellFire is a monument of thrilling fun on your very own smartphone. If you’re hooked to Valorant on your PC but need a similar beast on your handheld device for whenever you’re away, this is definitely it. The title is free to play, but in-game app purchases make it possible to revamp your heroes with different items and skins. 

In addition to the basic combat mechanics and straightforward gunplay, ShellFire features three different types of runes that ameliorate your playing style. You’re free to boost three different combat categories during your match-ups: Attack, Defense, and Support. Runes factor in heavily whenever you’re playing ranked matches, so one needs to be quite strategic about their placement and usage. 

There’s also a bonus zombie rush mode that lasts ten rounds and swarms you with hordes of the undead. The idea is to survive until the set time limit and enjoy the rewards at the end of the match. Lastly, this goes without saying, but you will need a stable internet connection to play ShellFire. Other minimum requirements include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 or better, 2 GB RAM, and 1.5 GB of free space on the device.  

PlanetSide 2

games like valorant
PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is another open-world, large-scale first-person shooter that doesn’t cost a dime to download and play. It’s set on a fictional planet called Auraxis, where the key ideology is world domination. You play as a soldier who represents one out of three unique factions: The New Conglomerates, The Terran Republic, and the Vanu Sovereignty. It’s your choice regarding which faction you’d like to pick since each will have its own pros and cons. 

For instance, if you’re a support-oriented player who loves going trigger-happy at the absolute slightest, consider picking the Terran Republic. This is where you’ll find weapons with ample magazine sizes and then some. Other than that, the game features more than 1,200 players concurrently, so definitely not for the faint of heart. Moreover, there are different maps to play on, or continents, as PlanetSide likes to call them. From lush green jungles to arid wastelands, the terrains are unique and interesting to brave. 

As for the gameplay, PlanetSide 2 gets easier with time, but not anytime soon. It rewards those willing to stick with it but not those who give up after a couple of weeks of playing. Its unforgiving nature propels players toward doing better while they see themselves getting better somewhere during the process. The good part is that the gameplay is engineered in such a terrific way that it suits a bevy of playstyles and not just one.

People who like sniping from afar will get the same accommodation as those who like to get up close and personal. What’s more is that PlanetSide 2 is not a pay-to-win game, even though it may look that way at first glance. You’ll be needing skill and resilience, among other traits, to level up, earn in-game currency, and purchase upgrades for your gear and weaponry. The title has been out since 2021, so it definitely knows how to keep it going strong.  

The Outer Worlds 

games like valorant
The Outer Worlds

Now might be a good time to test another Valorant-like title before its sequel makes landfall on the Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Windows. The Outer Worlds is a first-person shooter that Obsidian Entertainment developed in 2019. It features a unique player-driven story system where the choices taken by the person playing will ultimately affect how the consequences turn out. The title is almost hyperactive that way, turning the tides of the gameplay when it realizes you’re struggling with something in particular. 

For instance, if you keep dying at the hands of a certain enemy, you’ll get a debuff whenever you encounter that for next. You’ll also be given another perk on the flip side instantly that could potentially switch up things for you. While you battle a futuristic war on an alien planet, you’ll start to understand how your decisions could affect particular factions and change the face of the story. There’s plenty of experimentation that you can do with that. 

The Outer Worlds is heavy on RPG elements and features weapons built that way. You’ll find three different types of ammunition to power your weapons with light, heavy, and energy cells. In addition to that, you also got melee weapons to factor in that could also help you stealth kill your enemies without alerting anyone nearby. That’s all right, isn’t it, but what about a violence-free approach to The Outer Worlds? Tell you what, it’s possible to avoid almost 90% of confrontations and fights if you keep up your skills of lying and persuasion. Working on these skills never hurts (quite literally), and it’s a full-blown way of playing the game as well.

While Valorant is a hero-based multiplayer shooter, The Outer Worlds is exclusively a single-player experience. This may put off many players who are looking for a competitive fast-paced Valorant-like title. Still, the gameplay, weapons, and futuristic setting of the game in question make it resemble the latter considerably. Moreover, trying something different for a change just for the sake of experimentation is what we encourage doing, too, so do give The Outer Worlds a go.    


Ever since its release in 2020, Valorant has attracted a wealth of players to itself, promising fast-paced, tip-top gameplay with multiple heroes to choose from. The 5 vs 5-setting has allured millions of players on a monthly basis, and this is no easy feat for a free-to-play title that only relatively recently came out. However, upon regular playing and experiencing the game on a day-to-day basis, it’s only logical to want something different for a change, but still in the same light if you just cannot get enough of the original winning formula of Valorant. 

Either that or your account just got banned, and you’re looking for ways to play a title that resembles Valorant. Therefore, in this article, we’ve done the work, so you don’t have to. We’ve compiled 12 of the best games like Valorant that you can grab on your PC and start having at them right away. Most of the list comprises free-to-play games, so you should be good to go painlessly. We recommend giving Apex Legends, Paladins, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch a shot first since they come quite close to the title in question. 

Let us know which game on the list you enjoyed the most in place of Valorant. We’d be delighted to read your comments. 

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