Genesis’ Abduction At The End Of Crisis Core [Explained]

Learn all about the two individuals who abducted Genesis at the end of Crisis Core.

At the end of Crisis Core Reunion, Weiss The Immaculate and Nero The Sable make their debut, and they are the ones who took Genesis after his defeat at the hands of Zack Fair. 

Key Highlights

  • After Zack Fair defeats Genesis, he is abducted by 2 members of SOLDIER.
  • Their names are Weiss, The Immaculate, and Nero, The Sable.
  • They are part of a secret section of Shinra called Deepground.
  • Deepground aims to implant Genesis’ genes onto its elite members, which is why they abducted him.

Abduction Of Genesis At The End Of Crisis Core

crisis core reunion who took genesis
The Abduction Of Genesis By Weiss The Immaculate | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

In Chapter 10 of Crisis Core Reunion, Zack Fair finds Genesis deep underground. Genesis merges with the Mako lifestream, granting him great power and reversing his degrading. Zack Fair engages this powered-up version of Genesis and defeats him.

  • Meanwhile, at the surface, Director Lazard and an unconscious Cloud Strife are ambushed by Shinra troops.
  • Lazard and an Angeal copy manage to fend them off. This takes a great toll on the degrading Director’s body.
  • A few moments later, Zack returns to the surface with Genesis’ unconscious body and finds Director Lazard and the Angeal copy on the verge of death.
  • Zack mourns their deaths and makes up his resolve to return to Aerith in Midgar.
  • He eats Angeal’s and Genesis’ favorite apple, to which Genesis asks him if it tastes good.
  • Zack says yes, and Genesis proclaims that LOVELESS has been truly enacted.
  • Zack then departs alongside Cloud towards Midgar.
  • A short while later, a Shinra helicopter arrives at the scene. Two mysterious SOLDIERS walk out of the helicopter and take Genesis with them.

Weiss, The Immaculate, and Nero, The Sable, are the individuals who took Genesis at the end of the Crisis Core Reunion. We can see Weiss’ signature spiky white hair in the cutscene for a split second, which proves it is him. His most loyal companion is his younger brother, Nero.

Weiss, The Immaculate

Weiss The Immaculate, alongside Nero The Sable, is one of the leaders of Tsviets, which is a part of a secret organization of Shinra called Deepground. He is a calm and collected, charismatic, and sadistic individual who delights in fighting and bloodshed.

He fights using two blades fitted with a gun, similar to Squall. These weapons are used in conjunction with him to slaughter any opponent. He cares little for anyone other than his brother Nero, as he claims Nero is the one who ever cared for him. Weiss The Immaculate can also be found in Final Fantasy VII Remake as a boss in the battle simulator. 

Crisis Core Reunion Weiss
Weiss The Immaculate | Image Credit: eXputer

Nero, The Sable

Nero The Sable, also known as Nero The Pitch Black Darkness is Weiss’ younger brother and one of the leaders of the Tsviets. He conjures powers of darkness that allow him to absorb enemies or make copies. He is an emotionless and psychopathic individual who likes to toy with his opponents, giving them a faint hope of victory and immediately ending them.

Nero was raised as a weapon and cared little for anything else other than his brother. He loves his brother Weiss deeply and is willing to do anything for him.

Nero, The Sable, can also be fought in Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intermission as a boss.

Crisis Core Reunion Nero
Nero The Sable | Image By eXputer

Reason For Genesis’ Abduction

Genesis’ genes can be copied onto other living things to enhance them, which is why he got abducted. Deepground wishes to copy Genesis’ cells onto its elite tsviets to enhance them. This is why Weiss and Nero called Genesis “brother.”

The whole gene copying is part of a larger project called Project G (Genesis). Project G attempted to implant Jenova’s cells into Genesis to grant him Jenova’s powers. Project G was deemed a failure by Dr. Hojo because Project S (Sephiroth) proved to be much superior.

Sephiroth was stronger, faster, and much more skilled than other members of SOLDIER. The experiment proved to be a phenomenal success, with Sephiroth singlehandedly winning wars for Shinra, such as the war against Wutai. He was labeled a hero and a living legend because of his strength. 

The problem with Project S is that Sephiroth’s cells cannot be transferred onto another living thing, which is why no Sephiroth copies exist. It is not the case with Genesis’ cells, which is why Deepground opted to kidnap Genesis at the end of Crisis Core as soon as they got the chance because of his genes’ flexibility.


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is the latest addition to the Final Fantasy VII series. It boasts a variety of upgrades and improvements to make it up to date, boasting graphical upgrades, new voice-overs, and updated combat. It is definitely a must-play for every avid Final Fantasy fan.

With our explanation of who took Genesis at the end of Crisis Core, you will have a better understanding of the Final Fantasy VII universe and its characters and be able to appreciate it for the masterpiece it truly is.

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