Ghostwire Tokyo: Torii Gates & Shrines Locations

In Ghostwire Tokyo All Torii Gates & Shrines once cleansed, remove the fog and reveal the map. Check out our complete guide on them.

Cleansing the Torii Gates & Shrines will clear the fog surrounding it. This will open new areas on the map for you to explore. Torii Gates is the fast-travel location in Ghostwire Tokyo. To cleanse the Torii Gates, you’ll have to kill the Visitors in the vicinity and interact with the Shrine. Cleansing these Torii Gates gives out rewards too. You can find these rewards in the Shrines or near the Torii Gates. So, here’s a guide on the location of Ghostwire Tokyo All Torii Gates & Shrines. With that, we’ll tell you how you can cleanse them.

Key Takeaways
  • Torii Gates are the best and the fastest travel locations in Ghostwire Tokyo and will grant you access to different locations.
  • Cleansing the fog and eliminating the visitors from Torii Gates and Shrine is the top priority to excel in the game.
  • You can collect the reward when you cleanse the Torii Gates in Ghostwire Tokyo, and some players might also achieve the Prayer Beads.
  • The Torii Gates and Shrines locations are generally marked on the Map. All you have to do is interact with the Mission Marker to jump to the next Chapter.
  • There are 30 Torii Gates and Shrines that need to be cleaned. Upon defeating the visitors, the players will be awarded points accordingly.
  • The player can also go to Convenience Stores and purchase Arrows, Consumables, and Talismans in order to fight the visitors/enemies.
  • Hence, by cleansing all of the Gates, you will unlock the Liberator Bronze Trophy.

All Torii Gates & Shrines In Ghostwire Tokyo

In Ghostwire Tokyo, there are a total of 30 Torii Gates & Shrines that Akito can cleanse. By cleansing all of them, you can unlock the Liberator Bronze Trophy, and some of the Torii Gates & Shrines reward players with Prayer Beads when you cleanse them. While at it, consider reading our Ghostwire Tokyo trophy guide and learn the requirements of all 57 Trophies in the game.

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Torii Gates & Shrines in Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, you get to cleanse a total of 6 Torii Gates.

Akisawa Shrine

  • Akisawa Shrine's location on Map

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Akisawa Shrine is the first Torii Gate that Akito has to cleanse in the game. This is part of the mission ‘KK’. In the Mission, KK will ask you to cleanse the gate to clear out the fog.

To cleanse the Torii Gate, simply approach it and press and hold L2. Once it’s cleansed, go inside and pick up Katashiro as directed by KK.

Namita Shrine

  • Namita Torii Gate & Shrine Location in Ghostwire Tokyo

Namita Shrine is the second shrine on the list of all Torii Gates and Shrines of Ghostwire Toyko that you need to cleanse. In the Mission ‘A Maze of Death’ in Chapter 2, when you go to the Shiroyama Shrine and look at the map, Akito will find that the Shiroyama Shrine is deep inside the Fog. To get to it, you’ll need to cleanse the Namita Shrine first, as it will reveal the fogged areas.

The Namita Shrine is to the South of the Akisawa Shrine. It’s located on top of an apartment building. To get there, you’ll learn how to grapple on Tengu.

Once you use the grapple hook, turn left and jump across the buildings until you get to the building with a gap between you and the Torii Gate. Get on the ramp, and glide onto the building. You’ll find some of the visitors flying around. Take them out, and the Torii Gate will be free to cleanse.

Shiroyama Shrine

  • Shiroyama Torii Gate and Shrine map location in ghostwire tokyo
    Shiroyama Shrine is the first Shrine complex you'll get to cleanse.

Part of the Mission ‘A Maze of Death’ includes cleansing the Shiroyama Shrine. You’ll have to travel there after cleansing the Namita Shrine. Shiroyama Shrien is the first Torii Gate complex that you need to cleanse as there are three Torii Gates inside.

  • First, clear the main Torii Gate that leads to the shrine.
  • Then go back to and turn left; you’ll find the second Torii Gate to your left; cleanse it.
  • After that, go back to the way you came from and turn left to then and go ahead; you’ll see the blue aura of the corrupted Torii Gate. Cleansing it will cleanse the whole Shiroyama Shrine.
  • Akito gets the Fire Weaving element as a reward for cleansing the Shrine. Also, this is the first Shrine that has an Omikuji and Offering Box.

Yashin Shrine

  • Map of Yashin Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo

To reach the Kagerie Observation Deck, you’ll have to cleanse Torii Gate at the Yashin Shrine. To get there, you’ll have to fight a few visitors, and when you get to the Yashin Shrine, you’ll find a corrupted tree blocking the entrance. Use spectral vision to locate the core of corruption and destroy it by attacking it.

  • Go down the construction area to the Yashin Shrine.
  • When you try to cleanse the Torii Gate, a Kuchisake will attack you.
  • Kill it, and then you can cleanse the Yashin Shrine’s Torii Gate. Cleansing the Torii Gate will reveal the Water Weaving Element that you can obtain.

Kuo Shrine

  • Kuo Shrine location on map in ghostwire tokyo

Kuo Shrine is yet another Shrine with its Torii Gate that you cleanse in the Mission ‘A Maze of Death’. As soon as you exit the lift, you’ll have to fight a Relentless Walker.

Kill it and then get out of the compound. Now turn to the right side and above the escalator. Now get on another escalator, and you’ll be at the Kuo Shrine’s Torii Gate.

To cleanse it, you’ll have to fight several visitors. Once you’ve cleansed it, head into the shrine, and you’ll get the Stun Talisman.

Morite Shrine

  • Morite Shrine's map in Ghostwire Tokyo

Morite Shrine is revealed right after the Kagerie Observation Deck part of the Mission ‘A Maze of Death’. Get on the street in front of it, and you’ll be at an alley leading to the Morite Shrine.

There will be a visitor guarding it. You should sneak up behind it and perform the Quick Purge on it. There will be another enemy right in front of the Torii Gate. Kill it and then cleanse the Torii Gate.

Torii Gates & Shrines in Chapter 3

In chapter 3, Akito can cleanse 9 Shrines and torii Gates in Ghostwire Tokyo. Here’s how you can cleanse them.

Hirokawa Shrine

  • Hirokawa Shrine in the map of ghostwire tokyo

During the final Mission of Chapter 2: Trouble, you’ll go to Hirokawa Shrine in the Mission ‘The Caves of Steel’. But you won’t get to clean the Shrine until you enter chapter 3. As you don’t have your Ethereal Weaving, we suggest that you go to Convenience Stores and purchase Arrows, Consumables, and Talismans to help you fight.

Okay, once you get to the Hirokawa Shrine, enter and go to the right side while crouching. Make sure that you plan your movements while taking into consideration the movement patterns of the visitors. Quick Purge whichever visitors you can find. If you are detected, run away from them. They’ll forget you soon. If the enemies start to attack you, you can use a bow and arrow to kill them.

Once you’ve cleared the area, interact with the mission marker and after a cut scene, the Mission will end with Chapter 2, and Chapter 3: Connection will start. KK will ask you to cleanse the Torii Gate to clear the Fog.

Matsumi Shrine

  • Matsumi Shrine's location in the map.

Matsumi Shrine is to the Northeast of the Hirokawa Shrine. It is a part of the Mission ‘Pillar of Light’. To cleanse this Shrine, come to the corner of the building and look up; you’ll find a Tengu grapple hook.

Interact with it to get on the building. Now turn left and get to the other building and cleanse the Torii Gate.

But before you can cleanse the Torii Gate, a visitor will attack you. Get rid of it, and then cleanse the Torii Gate.

Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate

  • Uttagawa Shrine's location in Ghostwire Tokyo

You can cleanse the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate in the Mission ‘Blindness’ of Chapter 3. Follow KK’s supernatural trail and head down the stairs, and you’ll find the Torii Gate right before you.

Surprisingly enough, this Torii Gate doesn’t reward you with anything, unlike other Torii Gates.

Yamaki Shrine

  • Yamaki Shrine's location in ghostwire tokyo

In the Main Mission ‘Agony’, you get to cleanse the Yamaki Shrine. Yamaki Shrine is in the Parking Building. Look to its right, and you’ll find a Tengu grapple hook. Interact with it to get on top of the building.

Now jump on top of the room on the building, and from there, glide towards the parking building with the Torii Gate.

Sneak to the Torii Gate and perform a quick purge on the visitor who is looking into the Torii Gate. This will give you an advantage when you have to fight visitors to cleanse the Shrine.

Kirigaoka Shrine

  • Kirigaoka Shrine's map in Ghostwire tokyo

The next shrine in our list of Ghostwire Tokyo All Shrines & Torii Gates is the Kirigaoka Shrine. You have to cleanse this Shrine right after the Yamaki Shrine. It lies to the Northwest of Yamaki.

Kirigaoka Shrine has 2 Torii Gates. The first Torii Gate is on the Road. Once it’s cleansed, head inside till you get to the end of the Archway. From there, turn right and get up the stairs. You’ll face several visitors roaming inside the Shrine.

You can either sneak past them or deal with them. Anyways, the second stairs are to the right, and in the area above, you’ll find more enemies guarding the area. Using Spectral Vision, you can check on the area ahead.

Once you get to Torii Gate and try to cleanse it, you’ll be attacked by one of the visitors. This can alarm the Visitors that you have sneaked past, so try to take this fight to the other side of the courtyard. Once defeated, you can finally cleanse the Torii Gate. And Kirigaoka Shrine will be cleansed.

Hitani Shrine

  • Hitani Shrine's location in Ghostwire Tokyo

In Ghostwire Tokyo, several Torii Gates and Shrines are revealed thanks to Rinko. One such is the Hitani Shrine. To cleanse the Hitani Shrine, head towards it. A Van will be parked at the entrance to the alleyway that leads to the shrine.

Use the Spectral Vision to reveal the visitor who is guarding the area. As soon as the visitor passes in front of you and goes back on its route, get behind it and Quickly purge it. Then go ahead and enter the Shrine to your right and cleanse it. 

Namihara Shrine

  • Map location of Namihara Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo

Next up, we have the Namihara Shrine, which needs cleansing. The path to Namihara is cleared by cleansing Hitani Shrine. You’ll find the Shrine at an intersection, a two-lane with a side street.

The Torii Gate is located on the sidewalk of the two-lane road. On its left, you’ll find the Byte Print and On stores.

Hatsuike Shrine

  • Map to Hatsuike Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo

Hatsuike Shrine is the next in line in our list of Torii Gates & Shrines. It is located in the Northeast of Namihara and was revealed after cleansing the Namihara Shrine.

Hatsuike Shrine’s Torii Gate is on top of a gray-brick apartment building.

To get there, you’ll have to climb on the beige-brick building across and then defeat the visitors guarding it.

Then, climb up the rooftop, glide towards the Hatsuike Shrine, and cleanse it.

Toyoi Shrine

  • Toyoi shrine's location on the map in Ghostwire Tokyo

Toyoi Shrine is another Shrine that is revealed with Hatsuike Shrine. It lies to the south of Namihara Shrine. Follow the same two-lane road down from Namihara and then turn right.

You’ll find the Torii Gate to your right, behind a beige building. Head in and cleanse the Torii Gate to cleanse the Toyoi Shrine.

Torii Gates and Shrines in Chapter 4

The remaining Shrines & Torii Gates in Ghostwire Tokyo are revealed in Chapter 4. 

Chishima Shrine

  • Map of Chishima Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo

The Chishima Shrine is revealed when you start Chapter 4. The Shrine is located to the Northeast of the Kirigaoka Shrine.

You’ll find the Chishima Shrine at a 4-way intersection in a neighborhood. To cleanse it, head inside and hold L2.

Noto Shrine

  • Noto Shrine's map in ghostwire tokyo

Noto Shrine is part of the Main mission ‘Giants’. It is a part of the four shrines that you need to cleanse. The Shrine is to the East of Kirigaoka Shrine. You’ll have to face some visitors before entering Noto Shrine.

At the entrance of Noto Shrine are three red flags. Go up the stairs and then turn right. The shrine will be there for cleansing.

Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate

  • Hirajuku building rooftop torii gate ghostwire tokyo

The Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate is to the east of Noto Shrine. It is right across the railroad track overpass. It is the second Torii Gate that you need to cleanse in the Mission ‘Ghosts’.

As its name shows, the shrine is on top of a rooftop. To get there, start from the alleyway in front of the white police car.

Then, jump on top of the white bi-cycle parking roof and then jump across to the platform with the ladder.

Once you’re on the roof, look to your left and glide across the gap between the buildings.

Now climb on top of a few obstacles, and you’ll be on the level of the Torii Gate. Defeat the visitors, and then you can cleanse the Torii Gate.

Shiratsuki Shrine

  • Shiratsuki Shrine location in ghostwire tokyo

Cleansing the Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate will reveal the Shiratsuki Shrine to the northeast. We suggest that you glide from the top of Hirajuku Torii Gate towards the Shiratsuki Shrine. Head inside and cleanse it.

Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate

  • map location of Saihama Building rooftop torii gate

The Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate is towards the southwest of the Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate. This, too, is on top of a rooftop of a 4-story building. This is another Torii Gate that you have to cleanse for the Mission ‘Giants’ in Chapter 4 of Ghostwire Tokyo.

To start, you’ll have to get to the back of the Torii Gate building and get on top of a Van. Climb the ladder onto the roof of the building. Now, glide towards the Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate and cleanse it.

Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate

  • Momokane Building rooftop torii gate location

Next in line in the Mission ‘Giants’ is the Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate. It is right across from the Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate.

The Torii Gate is on top of a 4-story building. Head inside the building and enter the lift. Once you’re on the rooftop, turn right, and you’ll find the Torii Gate.

Tatsui Shrine

  • Tatsui Shrine's location in Ghostwire tokyo map

Once you’ve cleansed all four Torii Gates according to the objective of the mission ‘Giants’ in Ghostwire Tokyo, it will clear the fog of the area that covers the Tatsui Shrine. Before heading towards the Tatsui Shrine, make sure you’re fully prepared as you’ll be facing waves of visitors.

Once you’ve faced those waves, you can clear the Tatsui Shrine and collect the items it contains.

Kappagaike Torii Gate

  • Map of Kappigaike Torii gate in ghostwire tokyo

The Kappagaike Torii Gate is available for taking right after you cleanse the Tatsui Shrine. The park lake, where the Torii gate is, is to the south of a Major highway that runs east-west. Get in the water and cleanse the Torii Gate.

You’ll find the Torii Gate to the Southeast of Tatsui Shrine in a park’s lake. 

Onten Shrine

  • Onten Shrine's location in ghostwire tokyo

Onten Shrine becomes available right after cleansing Tatsui Shrine. It is to the Southwest of Kappagaike Torii Gate. The shrine is a large shrine compound with a total of 3 Torii Gates.

It is located in a massive city block that consists of stores and apartments. To enter, locate the first Torii Gate which is in an alleyway. Once it’s cleansed, go ahead and turn left. You’ll come across the stairs.

Go up and then turn left, and you should see the 2nd Torii Gate in front of you. It has an enemy known as Lamentation hanging on it. We’d suggest that you sneak up on it by climbing the wall between the two red lights and performing a quick purge on it. Then cleanse the Second Torii Gate.

For the Third and last Torii Gate, turn around and go up the Shrine. And you’ll see red flags; from there, turn right, and you’ll see the final Torii Gate with its Lamentation. This one is positioned such that it might see you if you get too close. So you need to go all the way around and then try to perform a quick purge on it.

If it sees you, you’ll have to kill it the traditional way. Once it is killed, cleanse the Torii Gate, and the Onten Shrine is fully cleansed.

Mikubo Shrine

  • map of Mikubo Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo

Once the Onten Shrine is cleansed, it’ll reveal Mikubo Shrine. You can find Mikubo Shrine to the Southwest of Onten Shrine.

Come in front of the BooBoo Burger underneath an apartment building. On top of the building, you’ll find a Tengu grapple hook. Interact with it and then turn right.

In the gap between the buildings, you’ll find the Mikubo Shrine. This route will save you from fighting visitors guarding this Shrine. If you want to test your skills, you can come through the main entrance.

Shimokusa Shrine

  • map location of Shimokusa Shrine & Torii Gate Ghostwire Tokyo

Shimokusa Shrine is next in line to get cleansed. As the fog is covering a lot of area near it, you’ll have to get to it from the Kappagaike Torii Gate. We suggest that you go down following the 4-land roadway.

The entrance to the shrine is on the western side of the road. You’ll find it across a green bus. There is a short, orange Yebisu Bank sign. The Torii Gate is atop a set of stairs.

Sakano Shrine

  • location of Sakano Shrine and Torii gate in Ghostwire Tokyo

Cleansing the Shimokusa Shrine will reveal Sakano Shrine. It is to the northwest, but you’ll have to approach it from the southern side. The Torii Gate is on a crosswalk. Nearby you’ll find a payphone booth, and a white moving van and green taxi crashed. Go and cleanse the Torii Gate.

Kamio Shrine

  • Kamio Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo map

Kamio Shrine is to the south of Shimokusa Shrine. The shrine is easy to find. As you’ll be going down the road, you’ll find it beyond an overpass. In its vicinity, you’ll find a payphone booth and a sedan with an ambulance smashed in its back.

Akitsu Shrine

  • Map of Akitsu Shrine and Torii gate

Akitsu Shrine is the final Torii Gate and Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo that you can cleanse on your own because the 30th and final Torii Gate is available for cleansing in a story mission.

Anyways, the Akitsu Shrine is to the Southwest of the Kamio Shrine Torii Gate. The Torii Gate is on top of a six-story building. To get there, climb on the ladder of the building next to it. Once you’re on the rooftop, turn left and get into the room. From there, glide across towards the building in front of you.

When you’ve made it to the building, climb on its rooftop and then jump across towards the building. From there, jump down to the Torii Gate.

When you get in front of it, KK will tell you that it will lead you to the underworld. Before you enter, make sure you’ve selected the Best Skills to make Akito strong. If you’re prepared, choose yes and enter the Torii Gate.

Inside you’ll have to destroy corruption trees by attacking their cores and killing visitors. Once you’ve dealt with them, climb onto the roots of the tree and get onto the second area. Repeat the process. After that, head onto the Torii Gate and cleanse it.

Then, head back the way you came from, and you’ll find that corruption is back with visitors trying to kill you. After dealing with them, exit through the Torii Gate you came from.

Black Tower

  • Map location of Black Tower Torii Gate in Ghostwire Tokyo

When you’re at the bottom of the Final Torii Gate in the Mission ‘The Black Tower’ in Chapter 4, you have to get up and cleanse it.

  • For that, get on top of the pedestrian bridge and climb onto the road above.
  • There you’ll have to face several enemies and destroy corruption.
  • Then get on the yellow bus and glide towards the ladder in front of it. Now get up the ladder and go ahead, then turn left, and you’ll find another ladder going up.
  • Go ahead, and you’ll find the third ladder. Now the Torii Gate will be in front of you.

A message prompt will come up asking if you want to go in. If you think that you’re prepared, enter. If you feel like you should unlock more skills, consider reading our tips about Ghostwire Tokyo Level Up guide.

  • Once inside, you’ll be transported to a strange location.
  • Here, you’ll have to defeat Visitors and clear corruption using Spectral Vision.
  • Then you’ll have to go inside the Shrine that has the fragrant underworld oil.
  • As soon as you try to collect it, you’ll be transported to another location with a Shiromuku. Defeat it and then collect fragrant underworld oil. 
  • While going back, you’ll find that corruption has returned. Clear the corruption and defeat the enemies. Then exit the Torii Gate, and it will be cleansed.

Liberator Achievement Ghostwire tokyo torii gate and shrine

These are Ghostwire Tokyo’s All Shrine and Torii Gates locations. By cleansing all of these, you’ll get the trophy/achievement Liberator.

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