Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors [Regular, Bosses & Missable]

Our Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors guide entails all visitor types ranging from standard enemies to bosses and missable ones you should know.

Ghostwire Tokyo has a whopping 23 different types of enemies, each with its own uniqueness, design, and behavior. 

There are two points worth mentioning. Ghostwire Tokyo features three main categories of visitors. The first one is good old neighborhood enemies, which you can encounter and engage with normally.

The second category is the missable Forlon and Forsaken, and we’ll cover more on them later in our guide. The bosses you encounter during one-time boss fights mark the third category of enemies. The second point is that you actually need to kill every visitor to successfully have them registered in your Character tab under the database. That said, let us explore each of the visitor types in detail.

Key Highlights
  • The Student of Misery is a headless girl who represents the anxieties of a teenage girl and is aggressive when provoked, but can be defeated with teamwork.
  • “Paper Doll” is an enemy with a small health pool that can summon and throw giant crystalized fireballs and should be engaged from a distance with a bow, but can be defeated with a single shot.
  • Rugged Walker is a difficult mob to defeat due to its use of an umbrella. Focus on destroying the umbrella to effectively defeat the mob.
  • Attack wanderer from rooftops using quick, powerful attacks to exploit slow reaction time and kill them before they can defend themselves.
  • Kuchisake is a tall and frightening enemy that appears unexpectedly and carries a pair of giant scissors, potentially causing serious harm if not dealt with quickly.
  • The Rain Slasher can be defeated easily by sneaking up on him and quickly purging him, but this can be difficult to do without being detected.
  • The Marionette can throw giant red crystals and heal nearby enemies. Close combat tactics are recommended for dispatching her quickly when facing multiple enemies.
  • The relentless walker is a tough enemy that doesn’t stop attacking. Quick purging can help defeat him, but the best strategy is to keep your distance and spam the attack button.
  • The passenger is a weak individual and it is not worth the time or effort to engage in hand-to-hand combat with them, so they should be quickly eliminated.
  • The Shadow Hunter is a former police officer that can be defeated by spamming the attack button during the engagement.
  • Students of Pain tend to travel in groups of three and should be avoided in fights by using AOE attacks and constantly moving to prevent being cornered.
  • To defeat the Lamentation , you must engage in a head-on battle, using your sorceries to attack and defend as needed until you drain all of her health.
  • The shrine dancer is a creepy enemy with a friendly face that hangs from a thread and can give you PTSD. Its health is low and can easily be defeated.
  • The Rage Walker is a cheap version of the Relentless Walker that has a red aura and can be defeated using the same strategy as the Relentless Walker (i.e. keeping a distance and attacking until it falls).
  • Rain Walkers are a common enemy in Ghostwire Tokyo that can be easily defeated by spamming attacks and are nothing more than a nuisance.
  • The Crimson Kuchisake is a more powerful and aggressive version of the Kuchisake with a large health pool and a pair of scissors. It is one of the most feared visitors in Ghostwire Tokyo, but can be defeated with the use of Armor Boost and all available resources.
  • Use bow and fire skills to defeat Shirouku, which can be encountered in the story and during Hayyaki Yako Events
  • In chapter 2, defeat boss Sojusuki by spamming attacks and using Kats Cradle to absorb his core once his health is low enough.
  • Byotara is a frightening boss in the game with a hybrid animal-human body, who must be defeated by ripping off its tail in a cutscene in chapter 3.
  • Tsuchigumo is an ugly boss that is a hybrid of humans and spiders, encountered in chapter 5. Use jujutsu to defeat it.
  • Hanngon is the final boss with various skills and appears in chapter 6. It is advisable to defeat him quickly.
  • The Forlorn is an enemy that can hinder progress in the game and tends to flee rather than fight. It is recommended to save the game before engaging with them.
  • To defeat the Forsaken, sneak up and quick purge from behind, but be careful as they will flee if you get too close or try to engage in combat. Save your game before attempting to quick purge.

Regular Visitors In Ghostwire Tokyo

In this section of our “Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors” guide, we’ll be covering the basic types of enemies in Ghostwire Tokyo, starting with the regular or standard enemy type or visitor.

Student Of Misery

Student of Misery Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Student of Misery

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The Student of misery is well tragic. Basically, this headless girl is the embodiment of the anxieties of your average teenage girl; it is reflected in her fighting style. Her aggression when you aggro her simply teaches us that you should NEVER mess with an anxious teenage girl. But her aggression certainly does not mean that you cannot defeat her; all you need is the teamwork of Akito and KK to show her her place. You can use the image above to better prepare your eyes for what they are going to witness.

Paper Doll

Paper Doll Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Paper Doll

When you hear the name “Paper Doll” you may mistake the enemy as innocent and harmless, but this could not be further from the truth. Don’t believe us? Well, you WILL once you encounter her yourself. Her signature move is that she summons and hurls multiple giant crystalized fireballs at you, which explode on contact or if you get too close. Keeping this in mind, it only makes sense that you engage her from a distance making the bow ideal for the job. The good news is that despite her ferocious abilities, she has a relatively small health pool making her a glass cannon. So, one shot from the bow will be enough to take the doll down.

Rugged Walker

Rugged Walker Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Rugged Walker

This fatty with an umbrella likes to guard everything you throw at him with an umbrella making him one of the most annoying mobs in Ghostwire Tokyo. You cannot really do much to him until his umbrella is destroyed, but once that is done, then this guy is in a world of pain. So focus all your efforts on his umbrella first, and you’ll be good to go!


Wanderer wandering around

As the name implies, the wanderer will be well, and he’ll be found wandering around at higher levels, so it is only natural that you engage him from the rooftops. A good strategy would be to sneak up close to him on a rooftop, hit him multiple times with the skill of your choice, take advantage of his slow reaction time and kill him before he comes to the realization that he can’t wander anymore.

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If your nightmare from the 2nd grade had a face, it would be Kuchisake’s. This absolute tower of an enemy catches you with your pants down when you’re busy cleansing a Torii gate. If him or her (it’s hard to tell to be honest) being abnormally tall wasn’t scary enough on its own, they also gave him or her a giant pair of scissors. Long story short, this thing can mess you up seriously if you don’t take action fast.

Rain Slasher

Rain Slasher
Rain Slasher is about to be quick purged

The Rain Slasher can be an annoyance when engaged in hand-to-hand combat, but all of it can be avoided if you can sneak up to him and end him instantly by quickly purging him. Just don’t get detected.


Marionette Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors

Similar to the Paper Doll, the Marionette can also summon giant red crystals to throw at you. In addition to that, she also possesses the ability to heal the visitors in her vicinity so we recommend that you make her your first priority when encountering multiple enemies simultaneously. Dispatching quickly in close combat would be the best strategy here.

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Relentless Walker

Relentless Walker Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Relentless Walker

As you can tell from the name, the relentless walker is relentless in its strikes, meaning he does not pause between his attacks. He is a pretty agile visitor for his tanky and fatty build. You can try quick purging him, it will not kill him, but it most certainly will turn the odds of the battle in your favor by reducing a chunk of his health. Since there’s no avoiding engaging with him in close combat, you should resort to the optimal strategy here. Which would be to keep your distance from him and absolutely spam the attack button while you’re at it.



The passenger is one of those enemies whose fragility you can just tell by observing the size of his body. Since he’s among the weaker visitors, it would be a waste of time and energy to engage him in hand-to-hand combat so quick purging it is.

Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunter Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter is one of the most anime things you can encounter in Ghostwire Tokyo. Just reading its description in the database, it states, “Shadow Hunter became the very thing it intended to destroy”, this is also foreshadowed by showing him wearing a police uniform. As for the engagement, just spam the attack button, and you’ll be all set.

Student Of Pain

Student of Pain
Student of Pain is in the black.

The students of pain usually move together in groups of three. You cannot afford to get cornered in a fight with them, so keep moving and try using AOE (Attack on Area) attacks to dispatch them without taking too many hits on yourself and avoid their gangbang..


Lamentation Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Lamentation is coming to eat you

We are pretty sure that the moment you see this hideous monstrosity, you don’t want to play Ghostwire Tokyo anymore. Seeing the Lamentation reminds you that Ghostwire Tokyo really was made by the developers of Evil Within, this thing is enough to send chills down the spine of a full-grown navy seal. But since you want “The Visiting Hours  Are Over”, you don’t have much of choice except to kill it, and we’re going to show exactly that in our “Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors Guide”. Here’s what you need to do.

When you spot the Lamentation, she will be floating in the air, so there goes your chance to quick purge her. Needless to say, your only option left here is to drain all her health in a head-on battle. Start by hailing your sorceries at her; just completely barrage her with attacks until she can’t float anymore. Once she’s on the ground, be prepared to attack as well as defend accordingly. If you keep spamming her with your attacks long enough while maintaining your health, she will go down in no time.

Shrine Dancer

Shrine Dancer
Shrine Dancer vibing

If there’s one thing we can say about this one, it’s that it is CREEPY. The way it has too friendly of a face, and it hangs by a thread that has no support. Long story short, just kill this creepy ******* before it gives you P.T.S.D forever. Its health is relatively low, so you won’t have much trouble dispatching this one.

Rage Walker

Raged Walker Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Rage Walker being a Rage Walker

The Rage Walker is the cheap copy of the Relentless Walker, with the difference being that it emits a red aura. Since this visitor is similar to the Relentless Walker, the strategy for taking him out is also take out the relentless one. Just keep your distance and attack him till he falls.

Rain Walker

Rain Walker
Rugged Walker says Hello

This Slenderman looking visitor is the staple of Ghostwire Tokyo; you can literally find them everywhere. Since they are so commonly found, dealing with them is nothing more than a mere nuisance. The trick is simple, just spam the attacks and kill them to get over with it.

Crimson Kuchisake

Crimson Kuchisake Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Crimson Kuchisake says, “hello”

The Crimson Kuchisake is the ascended version of the scary Kuchisake, meaning it is even more vile and scary. This long-haired thing also has a large pair of scissors and a massive health pool. And if all of that wasn’t enough, they made her the most AGGRESSIVE visitor in Ghostwire Tokyo. Hell, even Akito gets scared every time he sees her. That said, as scary as she may seem, she’s not impossible to defeat. The trick is to use the Armor Boost and use everything in your stock to absolutely demolish her.


Shiromuku and her icy vibes

The thing to keep in mind when fighting Shirouku is its ice trap, and they can slow you down considerably. The best way to attack it is using a combination of the bow and the fire-based skill. As for its health pool, it is moderate, so you don’t really have to worry much when fighting it. You can encounter it during the story as well as during the Hayyaki Yako Events.

Visitor Bosses In Ghostwire Tokyo

Welcome to the final section of our “Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors” guide, where we will discuss the bosses you encounter during the story in Ghostwire Tokyo.


Sojutsuki Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Sojutsuki Boss Fight

This being a boss is naturally a hard-to-kill visitor, but being in control of the comical duo of Akito and KK you should not be concerned at all. Just spam him with your attacks, and once his health is damaged enough, do Kats Cradle with your fingers and absorb Sojussuki’s core. You encounter Sojusuki during chapter 2.


Byotara Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors

Ok, this boss is scary. NO DEBATE. Maybe it’s because of its hybrid body of an animal or a human, maybe its cause he’s enormous, or maybe it is simply because this game was made by the developers of Evil Within. Whatever the reason, maybe this thing has to go down, which happens when you rip its tale off in the cutscene (it is such a relief when you do that). So man up and slaughter this animal-human thingy! You’ll encounter this thing during chapter 3.


Tsuchigumo Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Tsuchigumo (yeah, good luck with your next meal after seeing this)

Tsu-chi-gu-mo-, we’re not even going to try to pronounce this. This boss basically shows what would happen if humans and spiders were bred with each other. Long story short, this thing is ugly and has to go. So get ready with your jujutsu and slay this spider-human thing. You’ll encounter it during chapter 5.


Hanngon Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
The final boss going up in flames.

Hanngon, the final boss, is the jack of all trades. He can use fire attacks, wind attacks, and water attacks and has surprisingly high athletic skills despite the size of his body. So it is safe to say that the sooner you dispatch him, the better. You will encounter Hanngon during the final chapter 6.

Missable Visitors in Ghostwire Tokyo

In this section of our “Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors” guide, we’ll discuss the missable enemies (your encounters with them are very limited).


Forlorn Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Forlorn (looks cute, to be honest)

The Forlorn belongs to that category of visitors, which can mess up your hunt for the “The Visiting Hours Are Over” trophy. They can do this because your interactions with the Forlorn are limited to a small number. As these visitors prefer fleeing over fighting, we recommend quick purging it instead of trying to fight it. Every time you see a Forlorn, we recommend that you save your game before engaging it; this way, you’ll have a backup in case something goes down.



Similar to the Forlorn the Forsaken will also flee if you get too close to it or try engaging in combat with it. So the optimal strategy here would be to sneap up to it and quick purge it from behind. However, you should be VERY careful as you encounter the Forsaken in the open world only three times per gameplay cycle. Hence, there’s a high risk that you’ll accidentally trigger them to flee without even knowing it. Needless to say, save your game before trying to quick purge.


If you’ve successfully killed every mentioned enemy in Ghostwire Tokyo then you should have received the “The Visiting Hours Are Over” Trophy by now. That about wraps up our Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors guide. If you found this helpful, then you also might be interested in Ghostwire Tokyo: Torii Gates Locations.

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