Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors [Regular, Bosses & Missable]

Our Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors guide entails all visitor types ranging from standard enemies to bosses and missable ones you should know.

Ghostwire Tokyo has a whopping 23 different types of enemies and visitors, each with its own uniqueness, design, and behavior. 

Key Highlights

Below are all of the visitors from Tokyo Ghostwire:

  • The Student of Misery
  • “Paper Doll”
  • Rugged Walker
  • Attack wanderer
  • Kuchisake
  • The Rain Slasher
  • The Marionette
  • The relentless walker
  • The passenger
  • The Shadow Hunter
  • Students of Pain
  • Lamentation
  • The shrine dancer
  • The Rage Walker
  • Rain Walkers
  • The Crimson Kuchisake
  • Shirouku
  • Sojusuki
  • Byotara
  • Tsuchigumo
  • Hanngon
  • The Forlorn
  • The Forsaken

Regular Visitors In Ghostwire Tokyo

In this section of our “Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors” guide, we’ll be covering the basic types of enemies in Ghostwire Tokyo, starting with the regular or standard enemy type or visitor.

Student Of Misery

Student of Misery Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Student of Misery

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The Student of misery is well tragic. Basically, this headless girl is the embodiment of the anxieties of your average teenage girl; it is reflected in her fighting style.

Paper Doll

Paper Doll Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Paper Doll

Paper Doll is deceptively dangerous. She hurls giant crystallized fireballs that explode on contact. Engage her from a distance using a bow, and despite her powerful attacks, she has low health and can be taken down with a single bowshot.

Rugged Walker

Rugged Walker Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Rugged Walker

This fatty with an umbrella likes to guard everything you throw at him, making him one of the most annoying mobs in Ghostwire Tokyo.


Wanderer wandering around

As the name implies, the wanderer will be well, and he’ll be found wandering around at higher levels, so it is only natural that you engage him from the rooftops. A good strategy to take him down would be to sneak up close to him on a rooftop.

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Kuchisake is a towering and terrifying enemy with a giant pair of scissors. Encountering this tall and menacing figure while cleansing a Torii gate can be genuinely frightening. It’s best to act quickly when facing this foe to avoid serious consequences.

Rain Slasher

Rain Slasher
Rain Slasher is about to be quick purged

The Rain Slasher can be an annoyance when engaged in hand-to-hand combat, but all of it can be avoided if you can sneak up to him and end him instantly by quickly purging him. Just don’t get detected.


Marionette Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors

Marionette has the ability to summon and throw giant red crystals, and she can also heal nearby enemies. When facing multiple foes, it’s crucial to prioritize taking her down first. Engaging her in close combat and defeating her swiftly is the recommended strategy.

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Relentless Walker

Relentless Walker Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Relentless Walker

The Relentless Walker lives up to its name by constantly attacking without pauses. While it’s a robust and agile visitor, quick purging can help you turn the tide of battle by significantly reducing its health. Since close combat is inevitable, the best approach is to maintain distance and continuously spam the attack button to deal with this foe effective.



The passenger is one of those enemies whose fragility you can just tell by observing the size of his body. Since he’s among the weaker visitors, it would be a waste of time and energy to engage him in hand-to-hand combat, so quick purging it is.

Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunter Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Shadow Hunter

Engaging the Shadow Hunter is like encountering an anime character. The database description says, “Shadow Hunter became the very thing it intended to destroy,” foreshadowed by the police uniform it wears. When battling this enemy, simply spam the attack button to handle the situation effectively.

Student Of Pain

Student of Pain
Student of Pain is in the black.

The students of pain usually move together in groups of three. You cannot afford to get cornered in a fight with them, so keep moving and try using AOE (Attack on Area) attacks to dispatch them without taking too many hits on yourself and avoid their gangbang..


Lamentation Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Lamentation is coming to eat you

When facing the horrifying Lamentation in Ghostwire Tokyo, prepare for a challenging battle. Quick purging is not an option as she floats in the air. To defeat her, engage in a direct confrontation. Use your sorceries and continuously barrage her with attacks while keeping an eye on your health. Once she descends to the ground, attack and defend as needed. With persistent attacks and effective health management, you’ll take her down.

Shrine Dancer

Shrine Dancer
Shrine Dancer vibing

If there’s one thing we can say about this one, it’s that it is CREEPY. The way it has too friendly of a face, and it hangs by a thread that has no support. Long story short, just kill this creepy bastard before it gives you P.T.S.D forever. Its health is relatively low, so you won’t have much trouble dispatching this one.

Rage Walker

Raged Walker Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Rage Walker being a Rage Walker

The Rage Walker is a cheap copy of the Relentless Walker, with the difference being that it emits a red aura.

Rain Walker

Rain Walker
Rugged Walker says Hello

This Slenderman-looking visitor is the staple of Ghostwire Tokyo; you can literally find them everywhere. Since they are so commonly found, dealing with them is nothing more than a mere nuisance. 

Crimson Kuchisake

Crimson Kuchisake Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Crimson Kuchisake says, “hello”

The Crimson Kuchisake is the ascended version of the scary Kuchisake, meaning it is even more vile and scary. This long-haired thing also has a large pair of scissors and a massive health pool..


Shiromuku and her icy vibes

The thing to keep in mind when fighting Shirouku is its ice trap, and they can slow you down considerably. The best way to attack it is using a combination of the bow and the fire-based skill.

Visitor Bosses In Ghostwire Tokyo

Welcome to the final section of our “Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors” guide, where we will discuss the bosses you encounter during the story in Ghostwire Tokyo.


Sojutsuki Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Sojutsuki Boss Fight

This being a boss is naturally a hard-to-kill visitor, but being in control of the comical duo of Akito and KK you should not be concerned at all. Just spam him with your attacks, and once his health is damaged enough, do Kats Cradle with your fingers and absorb Sojussuki’s core. You encounter Sojusuki during chapter 2.


Byotara Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors

Prepare for a terrifying encounter during chapter 3 when you face the Byotara boss. This nightmarish creature has a hybrid body of an animal and a human, adding to the horror factor.


Tsuchigumo Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Tsuchigumo (yeah, good luck with your next meal after seeing this)

Prepare for a chilling encounter during chapter 5 when you confront the Tsuchigumo boss, a grotesque fusion of humans and spiders. This horrifying creature must be eliminated. Arm yourself with jujutsu and prepare to battle this spider-human hybrid.


Hanngon Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
The final boss going up in flames.

Hanngon, the final boss, is the jack of all trades. He can use fire attacks, wind attacks, and water attacks and has surprisingly high athletic skills despite the size of his body. You will encounter Hanngon during the final chapter 6.

Missable Visitors in Ghostwire Tokyo

In this section of our “Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors” guide, we’ll discuss the missable enemies (your encounters with them are very limited).


Forlorn Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors
Forlorn (looks cute, to be honest)

The Forlorn belongs to that category of visitors, which can mess up your hunt for the “The Visiting Hours Are Over” trophy. They can do this because your interactions with the Forlorn are limited to a small number. 



The Forsaken behaves similarly to the Forlorn, fleeing if you get too close or attempt combat. For a successful encounter, sneak up and quick purge from behind. Exercise extreme caution, as the Forsaken appears only three times per gameplay cycle. Accidentally triggering them to flee is a real risk, so always save your game before attempting the quick purge.


If you’ve successfully killed every mentioned enemy in Ghostwire Tokyo then you should have received the “The Visiting Hours Are Over” Trophy by now. That about wraps up our Ghostwire Tokyo All Visitors guide. If you found this helpful, then you also might be interested in Ghostwire Tokyo: Torii Gates Locations.

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