Ghostwire Tokyo Fallout 4 Suit Location

The developers and publishers of the very popular Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks, just released an action horror game Ghostwire Tokyo. A very interesting Easter egg was revealed in the action-horror game Ghostwire Tokyo where the players can equip a Vault 76 Survival Suit from Fallout 4. This suit is purely cosmetic and doesn’t make any difference in Akito’s abilities or some of the best skills he has in the game. Our guide will help you find the Fallout 4 suit location in Ghostwire Tokyo. While you’re at it, consider reading the Ghostwire Tokyo trophy guide

Completing Crimson Moon Side Quest For Fallout 4 Suit

To unlock this quest, you will have to progress through A Maze of Life and clear the Kuo Shrine after completing the Tanuki mission. Check your map and you will see this mission. You will find this quest midway through Chapter 2: Trouble. This quest is important to complete in order to find the Fallout 4 suit location in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Payphone location
The payphone between the Kuo Shrine and the construction site

Approach the payphone booth between the Kuo Shrine and the construction site and pick up the ringing phone. You will talk to Ed about some studies on the Red Moon. Ed will request you to collect an Observation Device from one of the lockers in the Shopping Centre in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo Fallout 4 Suit Location
The Crimson Moon Quest begins

From the phone booth, turn right and on about the distance of 15 meters, you will find the concerned locker. You don’t need to worry about the passcode as the protagonist opens it automatically. After this Akito would need to go on the top of three locations and scan the moon. This lunar analysis data is important to complete Ed’s research.

The Crimson Moon Side Quest
The Observation Device

These areas are marked on the map and you can get to them by climbing or using the advanced Tengu ability.

The Western Building

Head towards the corner of the street. You will know what building you need to climb as Akito will look at the building and say that he wants to go up. You will see a Tengu flying nearby a vending machine on the map. While this will take you high up on the building, you will still need to use the escalators to reach the roof of the building.

Location 1 – The Western Building
The Tengu on the Western Building

After landing on the building using Tengu turn to your left and there will be the first escalator you will use. Keep on going up the escalators until there are no more left.

Ghostwire Tokyo Fallout 4 Suit Location
The escalators to reach the top of the building

Use another Tengu and this will lead you to a ladder. Climb up the ladder and turn around. There will be an elevator shaft there. Hop on it and press the button. This elevator shaft will lead you directly to the roof. Beware though, as you could face some spirits here.

 Fallout 4 Suit Location in Ghostwire tokyo
Climb up this ladder to go to the elevator shaft of the building
 Location 1 – The Western Building
The Elevator Shaft of the western building

Now you will have to move all the way up to the other side of the roof. As a visual reference, the Omega Pojishon sign can help. Or you can just use anything you find to hop over containers. There might be a few more enemies lurking around here.
Now you will spot another ladder. This will lead you to the highest point of the building.

Location 1 – The Western Building
This ladder will lead you to the highest point of the building

The quest marker will point towards a spot in the middle. Interact with it to use your Observation Device. To use this device, aim it at the moon until the meter fills up and you’re good to go.

Ghostwire Tokyo Fallout 4 Suit Location
Using the observation device to scan the moon

Southern Building

This building is a construction site. You can easily make your way to the top using ladders and elevators found in the building.

Location 2- Southern Building
Moving up the building

You can get to the second floor using stairs made out of wooden planks. This floor is filled with enemies so keep an eye out for them. Move forward and look for an elevator shaft. This can be found on the eastern side of the edge of the construction site.

southern building in ghostwire tokyo
The elevator shaft of this building

Hop on this elevator shaft and press the button to go up. As you move up to the rooftop you will see the building’s sign. Once you reach the rooftop you will have to face many enemies and go through a lot of corruption sites. Cleanse the sites and take down all the spirits before you move forward.

Ghostwire tokyo fallout suit
Cleansing the corruption sites along the way

After dealing with the enemies use the ladder nearby to reach the highest point of the construction site and follow the quest marker. Scan the moon to clear the second location.

Ghostwire tokyo fallout 4 vault suit
Observe the moon and clear the second location

Northern Building

This third and final building is found in the Shibuya Crossing. Be aware of the spirits marching in this area as one wrong move can end up with the spirits taking you to an arena full of enemies. So sneak past them and make your way to the northern side of the marked spot.

ghostwire tokyo fallout suit
The last building to clear

You will have to go through a series of stairs in the alleyway up until you stumble upon some boxes. Hop on these boxes and go to the rooftop next to them. There is an elevator shaft here. Use the elevator shaft to go up the building.

fallout suit in ghostwire tokyo
Moving up the stairs in the alley
The elevator shaft of this building

When you have reached the rooftop, go straight ahead and take a left to find a ladder. After using the ladder, use the quest mark to go to the right area and scan the moon for the last time.

Ghostwire tokyo fallout 4 suit location
Use this ladder to go to the highest point of the building
ghostwire tokyo fallout 4 suit location
The Quest Mark will guide you here
ghostwire tokyo suit location
Observing the moon for the last time

Now return to the phone booth and send Ed the requested data to finish the mission.

ghostwire tokyo fallout 4 suit location
Upload the lunar analysis data to the phone booth


Once the data is uploaded your mission would be completed. You will be rewarded with around 750 spirits, 5000 Meika, the Ghostwear outfit, and of course, the Fallout 4 Vault Suit.

Ghostwire Tokyo Fallout 4 Suit Location
The rewards you will get after completing the quest
ghostwire tokyo fallout 4 suit
The Fallout 4 Vault Suit

Fallout 4 Suit In Ghostwire Tokyo

While the suit itself doesn’t give any particular buff as only by leveling up can a player’s health increase, this suit might help increase HP as it is linked to a side quest in Ghostwire Tokyo. This is the Crimson Moon side quest and you can find how to unlock it down below.

This was our step-by-step guide on how to find the Fallout 4 suit location in Ghostwire Tokyo. If you have any questions. drop them in the comment section down below.

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