Ghostwire Tokyo Level Up Faster [7 Best Tips]

There are quicker and more efficient ways to level up faster in Ghostwire Tokyo than simply defeating enemies and completing story missions.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a brand-new action-adventure game developed by Tango works. Like most other action genre games, Ghostwire Tokyo features an XP farming system to level up your main character. Leveling up can allow Akito to grow stronger and more formidable during combat. Moreover, Akito will also be able to use new abilities and skills as he levels up. Akito will get XP as you defeat enemies and complete main missions. However, there are quicker and more efficient ways to level up faster in Ghostwire Tokyo, which will be covered in this guide. 

Key Highlights
  • Get a Katashiro and find spirits to absorb. Take it to a phone booth after it is filled and transfer all the souls.
  • Use your spectral vision to find the core of a corrupted tree and destroy it. Be sure to have an extra Katashiro, as these trees can give a lot of spirits.
  • Completing side missions gives a lot of XP and some spirits as rewards.
  • When fighting enemies, focus on the cores to gain extra XP or use a bow to headshot them. Quick-Purging is also a suitable method for gaining XP quickly.
  • Collect KK’s Investigation Notes, as each will grant 20 XP. You can also buy some of these notes from Nekomata’s Relic collector.
  • Upgrading your skills like sneaking allow faster Quick-Purging, while Spectral Vision lets you locate spirits from further away. These skills will make XP farming more efficient.
  • Main missions grant a lot of XP. Head for them when you’re no longer under-leveled.

Leveling up Faster will allow you to unlock many convenient skills that will aid you in gameplay much quicker. These skills include spectral vision, sneaking, gliding, and even some combat skills that can inflict elemental damage. So, it becomes essential to farm XP faster and efficiently to make use of these excellent skills that would aid you in your gameplay.

How To Level Up Faster In Ghostwire Tokyo

As you progress through the story and defeat various enemies within Ghostwire Tokyo, Akito will get some XP. However, faster and more efficient ways to farm XP are discussed below.

Absorbing Spirits

level up faster ghostwire tokyo
Akito absorbing souls

Absorbing Spirits can give Akito a lot of XP quickly and efficiently. To absorb spirits, you would require a Katashiro that you can take to a phone booth if it gets packed with spirits. You can get more Katashiro from the convenience store. To spot spirits efficiently from far away, use your spectral vision. Upgrading your spectral vision would also increase the range of the ability, and you can spot spirits that are further from where Akito is standing.

To absorb a spirit, head near it and press the L2 button; this would automatically absorb the spirit and store it into your Katashiro. Once your Katashiro gets filled, head to the phonebooth and transfer all the souls to gain a lot of XP to allow you to level up faster in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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Cleansing Corrupted Trees

cleansing corrupted trees
A corrupted tree

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Cleansing Corrupted Trees is a great way to farm XP in Ghostwire Tokyo. Once you cleanse a corrupted tree, you can absorb a lot of souls in your Katashiro. A successful cleansing would give you a lot of spirits that you can exchange at the phonebooth for a vast XP gain.

Use your spectral vision to see the core of the corrupted tree. After finding the core, you must destroy it with either some ethereal skills or a bow’s help. These corrupted trees can give a lot of spirits to absorb, so it’s recommended to get an extra Katashiro from the convenience store.

Playing Side Missions

Ghostwire Tokyo features many amazing side missions, and It’s recommended to complete them as possible to gain a lot of XP. Completing a side mission successfully will give you XP and some spirits as rewards; you can then exchange the spirits at the phone booth. Completing side missions is an excellent way to level up faster in Ghostwire Tokyo.

 In addition, you may also encounter a few spirits at a few locations during your side missions. You can absorb these souls to get XP from them at a phonebooth later. Make sure to have an extra Katashiro to carry more spirits. So, completing side missions can allow the players to gain great Xp without it being too tedious.

Defeating Enemies

level up faster ghostwire tokyo
Destroying the enemy’s core

It’s recommended to defeat as many visitors as possible in combat. However, killing them in specific ways will help you earn more XP than usual. It is recommended to focus on the cores of the enemies to get more XP. You can use a few skills to see their cores and then destroy them to gain vast XP allowing you to level up faster. You can also use a bow and kill off the enemies by aiming and doing a headshot to gain more XP.

Players can also choose to quick-purge the enemies though you would need to practice to master quick-purging enemies. To quick-purge enemies, you need to sneak up towards enemies without getting their attention. It’s recommended to level up your sneaking skills to quick-purge more effectively and efficiently. You can choose to stun the enemies and do a quick purge efficiently. If you want to defeat enemies in style, consider finding various outfits for Akito.

Finding KK’s Investigation Notes

KK's investigation notes ghostwire tokyo
KK’s investigation notes

KK’s Investigation Notes are scattered throughout the map. Finding each of them will make Akito earn 20 XP and allow him to level up faster. It’s recommended to collect these notes if you want to upgrade your abilities and make Akito stronger and formidable in combat. You can also buy a few investigation notes from Nekomata’s Relic collector.

Upgrading Skills

Level up faster ghostwire tokyo
Skill tree

You can upgrade Akito’s skills to make him more efficient and potent in combat, allowing him to get more XP and level up faster in Ghostwire Tokyo. By upgrading your spectral vision, you will be able to locate spirits to absorb much more efficiently. Skills like sneaking can allow you to do a quick purge efficiently. It’s essential to focus on various skills to enable you to farm XP faster and enhance your experience with the game. Upgrading different combat and ethereal skills will also allow you to trounce enemies, gaining more XP in a short time.

Main missions

Completing main story missions can give Akito a lot of XP to level up faster. It’s recommended to complete main missions after you complete various side missions. Most main missions will be harder to complete, especially if Akito is under-leveled. It’s essential to focus on multiple Akito’s abilities to make him stronger before you head to complete main missions that will give you a lot of XP.

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There are various ways to level up faster in Ghostwire Tokyo. Leveling up will make Akito much stronger after you upgrade multiple abilities.

  1. Absorb as many spirits as you can find throughout the world.
  2. Corrupted trees can give you a lot of XP, so never ignore them.
  3. Do not skip side missions; they can give a lot of XP and souls.
  4. Defeat your enemies with a quick purge or destroy their cores.
  5. Find KK’s investigation notes scattered around town.
  6. Upgrade your skills to farm XP and level up faster.

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