Ghostwire Tokyo Prayer Beads Locations [All 33 Beads]

In Ghostwire Tokyo, Prayer Beads Locations are rather hard to find. So in this guide, we've listed all Prayer Beads with their Location.

The prayer beads in Ghostwire Tokyo are collectible items. They grant various boosts or some of the best skills to Akito in the game. The beads can either be easy or hard to find; that depends on the benefits the beads give. For that, we’ve jotted down this guide of Ghostwire Tokyo All Prayer Beads Location. Here, we’ll tell you how and where to get them. 

Key Highlights
  • Gust Beads I: found in Chapter 2 while progressing through “A Maze of Death” main story mission.
  • Gust Beads II: found in Chapter 4 by cleansing the Hatsuike Shrine and defeating enemies on top of a building
  • Gust Beads III: found in Chapter 4 by cleansing the Kamio Shrine and entering it.
  • Flame Beads I: Kirigaoka Shrine in Chapter 3, reachable by cleansing the Torii Gate and defeating enemies at the top of the stairs.
  • Flame Beads II: Mikubo Shrine in Chapter 4, reachable by using a Tengu grapple hook on the rooftop next to Booboo Burger and cleansing the Shrine after jumping down an alleyway
  • Flame Beads III: Akitsu Shrine in Chapter 4, reachable by climbing buildings, entering the underworld, defeating enemies, and cleansing the Shrine before returning to the entrance.
  • Aqua Beads I: Available after cleansing Toyoi Shrine in Chapter 3
  • Aqua Beads II: Located at Yamaki Shrine during Chapter 4, on top of a parking building
  • Aqua Beads III: Located at Kappagaike Torii Gate in the lake during Chapter 4, in front of the gate
  • Archery Beads I: Morite Shrine (available after “A Maze of Death” mission or Chapter 3), street in front of shrine
  • Archery Beads II: Matsumi Shrine (Chapter 3), the roof of the building with Tengu grapple hook
  • Archery Beads III: Namihara Shrine (Chapter 4), obtained by cleansing the shrine and entering it
  • Nourishment Beads I: Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate in Chapter 4 (access by climbing on buildings and crossing gaps)
  • Nourishment Beads II: Tatsui Shrine in Chapter 4 (cleanse to access)
  • Nourishment Beads III: Sakano Shrine in Chapter 4 (cleanse to access)
  • Sleuth Beads I: The Hirokawa Shrine in Chapter 2 or 3 after completing the “The Caves of Steel” main mission.
  • Sleuth Beads II: Shiratsuki Shrine in Chapter 4.
  • Sleuth Beads III: Onten Shrine in Chapter 4, after cleansing it at three different areas inside the Shrine.
  • Talisman Beads I: received as reward for cleansing Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate in Chapter 4 (located at the lift in the building, on the roof to the right)
  • Talisman Beads II: received as a reward for cleansing Shimokusa Shrine in Chapter 4 (inside shrine after cleansing)
  • Spirit Perception Beads I: Hitana Shrine in Chapter 3 by cleansing the shrine and executing a visitor.
  • Spirit Perception Beads II: Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate in Chapter 4 by climbing a minivan, ladder, building, and gliding to the gate, and then cleansing it.
  • Prosperity Beads I can be found at the Chishima Shrine during Chapter 4.
  • Incognito Beads I: Available at Noto Shrine, which can be cleansed in Chapter 4
  • Astral Bead I location: Tatsui Shrine complex, Southwestern edge
  • Astral Bead II location: 73 meters Southeast of Namihara Shrine, northern portion
  • Astral Bead III Location: Southwest of Utagawa Shopping District, north of two-lane road
  • Self-defense Bead I location: Kirigaoka Shrine in Chapter 3
  • Self-defense Bead II location: Sakano Shrine in the south
  • Self-defense Bead III location: Kamio Shrine in southwest Shibuya
  • Transmission , Shadow, and Tireless Beads are available after completing the game

Most of the Prayer Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo are acquired at shrines after cleansing them. At the same time, Relic-Hunting Nekomatas provide several Prayer Beads by trading them for Relics. You obtain a few of the prayer beads by completing the game with 100% Spirits transferred. 

The 33 Prayer Beads that you get for completing a game with 100% Spirits transferred will be available in your inventory when you load a Clear Save. If you want to keep track of the Prayer Beads that you’ve collected, then it is available in the Prayer Beads tab in your Inventory. 

All Prayer Beads Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

The Prayer Beads are typically available in 3 parts. There’s no rule on how you should collect the Beads. But if you follow this guide, you’ll only collect beads of the Chapter you’re in. You won’t find yourself looking for Beads of a higher Chapter while at an earlier stage in the game. Collecting all of them increases the boosts or abilities they provide Akito with. 

Most of the Prayer Beads Locations in Ghostwire Tokyo are with the Shrines. You get these beads as a reward for cleansing the Shrines. These beads are:

Gust Beads Location

Gust Beads increase the Wind-Elemental Attack Power. Picking up each of these prayer beads increases the attack by 20/40/60%.

Once you’ve collected all of the Gust Beads, it’ll make your default weapon “Wind Weaving” efficient.

Gust Beads I

Gust Prayer Beads No. 1 Location in Ghostwire Tokyo

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You come across the Gust Beads I while progressing through “A Maze of Death” main story mission in Chapter 2. You come across it when you get up the Tengu grapple hook and go up the escalator. It’s there on a Shrine, and KK will ask you to look at it.

Gust Beads II

Gust Prayer Beads no. 2 Location In Ghostwire Tokyo

For Gust Beads II, you’ll have to cleanse the Hatsuike Shrine when it’s available in Chapter 4. For that, get on the road in front of the Hatsuike Shrine. Now climb on the ladder to the left and get to the top. There, you’ll have to face a few enemies. Once you’ve dealt with them, get on top of the building and then glide onto the Hatsuike Shrine and cleanse it. You’ll find the Gust Beads II in the shrine.

Gust Beads IIINo. 3 Gust Prayer Beads Ghostwire Tokyo Location


Gust Beads III is located in the Kamio Shrine, available in Chapter 4, in Ghostwire Tokyo. For this, you simply have to cleanse the Kamino Shrine and enter it. The beads are in the shrine.

Flame Beads Location

Flame Prayer Beads, like the Gust Prayer Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo, increase the damage Akito’s fire Weaving attack does.

The Flame Beads power up the already powerful Fire Weaving attacks. Getting these beads will increase your overall damage output against bosses and tougher enemies. So we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t get the Flame Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Each of the strands increases the damage by 20%, with a maximum of 60% with finding the Flame Bead III.

Flame Beads I

Map location of Flame Prayer Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo.

The Flame Beads I is located in the Kirigaoka Shrine in Chapter 3. To collect it at its location in Ghostwire Tokyo, you’ll have to cleanse the Torii Gate first. Start from near the road, and you’ll see an archway going into the Shrine. Go to the end and turn right and go up the stairs. Here, you’ll face some enemies. Defeat them, and you’ll be able to cleanse the Shrine. Once cleansed, you’ll have access to the Flame Beads I.

Flame Beads II

Flame Prayer Beads location in Ghostwire Tokyo

For the Flame Beads II, travel to the Mikubo Shrine is unlocked in Chapter 4. Come in front of the Booboo Burger and look up; there will be a Tengu grapple hook. Interact with it, and you’ll get on top of the rooftop. From here, jump down the alleyway to the right and you’ll find the Mikubo Shrine. Cleanse it, and the Flame Beads II is yours for the taking.

Flame Beads III

Hard to get location of Prayer Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo

Flame Beads III are harder to get. For that, you’ll first have to travel to the Akitsu Shrine in Chapter 4 and cleanse it. Start by getting on top of the building next to the Shrine. Climb on top of the ladder and glide onto the building to the left. Once there, climb on top of that building and jump on the building that has the Shrine on it.

To cleanse this shrine, you’ll have to travel to the underworld and clear it there. Before you go in, make sure that you’re fully prepared as you’ll have to face several enemies at once. Once defeated, cleanse the Shrine and come back from where you entered. This is one of the hardest Ghostwire Tokyo prayer beads locations. The Shrine will be cleansed with the Flame Beads III, ready to pick up.

Aqua Beads Location

The Aqua Beads increase the damage output of Water Weaving attacks. Water Weaving attacks are best for crowd control situations. Even after you max its damage out by collecting all of the Prayer Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo, it won’t qualify as a nuke, but it can deal damage to several small-fry visitors in 1 shot.

They increase the damage of Water Weaving by 20% with each bead that you get, with a maximum of 60% increase.

Aqua Beads I

Aqua Prayer Beads location in Ghostwire Tokyo

The Aqua Beads I are available after cleansing the Toyoi Shrine in Chapter 3. Travel to the Toyoi Shrine and cleanse it. The Aqua Beads I will be available for taking.

Aqua Beads II

Ghostwire Tokyo Aqua prayer beads no. 2 Location

The Aqua Beads II is located at the Yamaki Shrine during Chapter 4. Once you get there, you’ll find that the Shrine is on top of the parking building. Look towards the south, and you’ll find a Tengu grapple hook on top of a building. Use it to get on top of the building and climb on its top part and glide on top of the parking building. There, defeat the enemies and cleanse the Shrine. The Aqua Beads II will be in front of the gate.

Aqua Beads III

No. 3 Ghostwire Tokyo Aqua Prayer Beads location

Like the Aqua Beads II, the Aqua Beads III is easy to get. Once in Chapter 4, get to the Kappagaike Torii Gate that is in the Lake and cleanse it. The Beads are lying in front of it.

Archery Beads Location

Each of the Archery Beads increases the bow’s attack power by 20% each. Before you get the beads, you’ll have to hit a clean headshot to get a kill on the visitors. But once your Archery Beads set is complete, you can take out any visitor with a chest shot too.

Archery Beads I

Archery Beads Location No. 1 in Ghostwire Tokyo

In Morite Shrine, you’ll find the Archery Beads I. Typically, the Morite Shrine isn’t available, as it is covered in fog. But after completing the “Head for the Kagerine Observation Deck” part of the Main Mission, “A Maze of Death”, you can unlock this part. If you still can’t access the area after the mission “A maze of Death”, Morite Shrine is available in Chapter 3.

On the street in front of the Morite Shrine, there is an archway that leads to the shrine. While crossing it, you’ll come across some of the visitors. Kill them, and the Shrine will be available for cleansing.

Once cleansed, the Prayer Beads will be available for you to take them.

Archery Beads II

Prayer Beads of Archery no. 2 Location in Ghostwire Tokyo

For the Archery Beads II, once you’re in Chapter 3, travel to the Matsumi Shrine in Ghostwire Tokyo. Once you get there, look for the Tengu grapple hook, and interact with it. This will take you up to the roof of the building. From there, get to the building with the Matsumi Shrine and defeat the visitor. Then cleanse the Shrine and pick up the Archery Beads II.

Archery Beads III

No. 3 Archery Prayer Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo

The Archery beads III are available at the Namihara Shrine in Chapter 4 in Ghostwire Tokyo. For these beads, you’ll have to cleanse the Namihara Shrine and enter it. The beads are ready to pick up inside the shrine.

Nourishment Beads Location

The Nourishment Beads aren’t like the four Prayer Beads that we’ve covered. Unlike the four above that increase their respective type of damage by 20% each, the Nourishment Beads doubles the amount of HP that Akito recovered from consumables. These beads will make it so that by consuming one consumable, you’ll recover your whole HP.

Nourishment Beads I

Nourishment Beads location in Ghostwire Tokyo No. 1

The Nourishment Beads I is available at the Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate during Chapter 4. Get there, and go in the alleyway to the left. Climb on the white bicycle shelter to the left and then jump across to the platform with the ladder. Now turn left and jump across the building’s gap. Then turn right and climb on the building to get to the Torii Gate. Kill the visitors there and then cleanse the Torii Gate. The Nourishment Beads I is available as a reward.

Nourishment Beads II

No. 2 Ghostwire Tokyo Nourishment Prayer Beads location

At the Tatsui Shrine in Chapter 4, cleanse it to access the Nourishment Beads II. but beware, you’ll be surprised by some visitors; so, come prepared.

Nourishment Beads III

Final No. 3 Nourishment Beads in Ghostwire Tokyo

The Nourishment Beads III is at the Sakano Shrine in Chapter 4. Travel there and cleanse the Shrine. The Beads will be available as a reward.

Sleuth Beads Location

Sleuth Beads are a different kind of bead. These beads don’t affect Akito, but instead, they allow Akito to Sense the Investigation Notes left behind by KK. Each of these adds 100m to Akito’s Sensing range, with a maximum of 300m.

Sleuth Beads I

KK beads location in Ghostwire Tokyo

The first of the Sleuth Beads is comparatively hard to get. For this, you’ll have to cleanse the Hirokawa Shrine, which is a part of the Main Mission of “The Caves of Steel” in Chapter 2. But you can cleanse the Shrine in Chapter 3 after the mission ends. In this mission, you don’t have access to the Ethereal Weaving abilities, so Akito relies only on Arrows and Talisman only.

Once you get to the Hirokawa Shrine, crawl past the visitors until you get to the mission mark. Try to perform sneak attacks on the visitors to ensure that you’re not in combat with any of them. Kill all of them with arrows and talismans. Once you’ve cleared the area, proceed with the mission.

After completing it, KK will ask you to cleanse the Hirokawa Shrine. Once you’ve cleansed the Shrine, the Sleuth Beads, I will be on the side of the gate.

Sleuth Beads II

Sleuth Prayer Beads location in Ghostwire Tokyo

For Sleuth Beads II, during Chapter 4, travel to the Shiratsuki Shrine and cleanse it. The beads will be inside the Shrine.

Sleuth Beads III

No. 3 Sleuth Prayer Beads location Ghostwire Tokyo

Sleuth Beads III is available in Chapter 4 at the Onten Shrine. This is one of the hardest Shrines to clear. Inside the Shrine, you have to cleanse it at three different places to completely cleanse it. At each of these cleansing areas are visitors ready to fight you.

Once you’ve cleansed the Onsen Shrine, the Sleuth Beads III will be on the right side of the gate, inside the Shrine.

Talisman Beads Location

The Talisman Beads are a different kind of bead. As the name suggests, they increase the effects of the Talisman. With Beads, I, the effect duration of Stun and Thicket Talisman increases to 1.5x, and the effect radius of Exposure and Decoy Talisman increases by 1.5x. By upgrading it to Beads II, the effect of all four talismans increases to 2x. 

Talisman Beads I

Talisman Prayer Beads No. 1 Location

The Talisman Beads I in Ghostwire Tokyo is received as a reward by cleansing the Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate in Chapter 4. For this, get to the location of Momokane Torii Gate, and get in the lift of the building. Go to the roof, and the Torii Gate will be to the right side. Cleanse it and take the Talisman Beads I as a reward.

Talisman Beads II

Talisman Prayer Beads no. 2 Location in Ghostwire Tokyo

In the Shimokusa Shrine, during Chapter 4, you get the Talisman Beads II as a reward for cleansing it. After you’ve cleansed the Shrine, head inside and take the Talisman Beads II.

Spirit Perception Beads Location

If you plan on getting the Shibuya Hero trophy/achievement, then the Spiritual Perception Beads are made for you. These Beads generate a blue light trail that leads to the closest spirit source while using spectral vision. At Beads I, the range is 100m, and by upgrading it to Beads II, you get a 200m range.

Spirit Perception Beads I

No. 1 Spirit Perception Beads Location

Spirit Perception Beads I is ready to pick up at the Hitana Shrine in Chapter 3. All you have to do is cleanse the Shrine. For that, head into the alleyway leading to the shrine. There’s a visitor that you need to execute. After executing, head into the shrine and cleanse it. The Beads are there to pick up.

Spirit Perception Beads II

Spirit Perception Beads no. 2 Location

For the Spirit Perception Beads II, head to the Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate in Chapter 4. jump on the minivan in front of the Rooftop that has the Torii Gate. Now get up on the ladder and jump on the top part of the building. From there, glide towards the Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate. Cleanse it, and you can get the Spirit Perception Beads II.

Prosperity Beads Location

The Prosperity Beads give you double the Meika from yellow ether crystals, Meika pots, and Maneki-Neko Statues in Shibuya. But it doesn’t include the Meika you get by defeating Relentless Walkers or in the garbage bins.

The Prosperity Beads make it easier to get the 2 Million Meika required for the trophy/achievement in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Prosperity Beads I

Prayer Beads of Perception in Ghostwire Tokyo

For the Prosperity Beads location in Ghostwire Tokyo, during Chapter 4, you’ll have to travel to the Chishima Shrine. Now, cleanse the Chishima Shrine, and you’ll find the Prosperity Beads I lying inside the Shrine.

Incognito Beads Location

The Incognito Beads make it harder for enemies to notice Akito’s presence. It’ll take them time before they can detect Akito. These beads are quite useful if you don’t want to fight every enemy on the streets. Or if you’re going for the Silent Kill trophy/achievement.

Incognito Beads I

Location for Incognito Beads of Ghostwire Tokyo

The Incognito Beads are Available at the Noto Shrine. Cleanse the Noto Shrine in Chapter 4, and you can get your hands on the Incognito Beads.

Astral Beads Location

The Astral Beads increase the amount of Ether that you get from floating objects or by defeating the visitors. At level 3, it gives a 200% increase on what you’ll typically get. It is quite useful if you’re new to the game and haven’t found all Jizo Statues in Ghostwire Tokyo. These are some of the Prayer Beads locations in Ghostwire Tokyo that are at Nekomata Vendor Shops.

Astral Beads I

Astral Beads No. 1 location Nekomata

To get the Astral Beads, you’ll have to complete all of the requests given by the Archeology Nekomata. The Archeology Nekomata is located in the Tatsui Shrine complex, on the Southwestern edge. You’ll find the vendor shop against a Storefront by a yellow backhoe and a well.

Astral Beads II

Astral Beads No. 2 of Nekomata in Ghostwire Tokyo

The Astral Beads are rewarded by the Doll Fanatic Nekomata as a reward for completing six requests. The Nekomata is located 73 meters to the Southeast of Namihara Shrine in the northern portion. You’ll find the stall is widget between a white-brock apartment that has a Baku shop and a Brown apartment building with Damascus Sporting Bar.

Astral Beads III

Nekomata Location for Astral Beads no. 3

The Musical Nekomata in Utagawa Shopping District rewards the Astral Beads as a reward for completing three quests. The Musical Nekomata is located in the Southwest of the Utagawa Shopping District. It is located to the north of the two-lane road that bisects the eastern and western areas. At the base of a four-story, white-bricked building, you’ll find the Vendor Nekomata.

Self-Defense Beads Location

The Self-Defense Beads are another type of Beads that you get by completing requests from certain Nekomatas. The Self-Defense Beads decrease the damage taken from 10% at level 1 to 30% at level 3. You might consider these Beads relatively useless as most of the enemies deal low damage. But they will become quite useful on a few occasions.

Self-Defense Beads I

No. 1 in self-Defense Beads location of Nekomata

You get the Self-Defense Beads as a reward for completing three requests from the Playful Nekomata. This Nekomata can be found in the Kirigaoka Shrine. It is located to the south of the Shrine. You’ll find the Nekomata in a park, in the shadow of the Kirigaoka Water Tower. You’ll visit this area in Chapter 3 while looking for an apartment building. The Nekomata can be found to the west of the water tower. It has a big red octopus jungle gym.

Self-Defense Beads II

Nekomata With self-defense no. 2 prayer beads

The Antique Relic-Hunting Nekomata rewards Akito with Self-Defense Beads upon completing five requests. The Antique Nekomata can be found to the south of Sakano Shrine. It stands by a four-story white building on the street side. You’ll find the Vendor next to an Incident Homes shop.

Self-Defense Beads III

No. 3 Self-Defense Beads by nekomata in Ghostwire tokyo

You get the Final Self-Defense Beads at the Netsuke Collector Nekomata. You can find this vendor to the southwest of the Kamio Shrine. The shop is located on the eastern side of the road that leads south from Shibuya Stripe Tower. The Nekomata vendor sits on the sidewalk that faces the row of apartments and business buildings. You can find a green bus and a Freshmoth Burger next to it.

Once you’ve completed all of the requests of the Netsuke Collector Nekomata, you’ll get the Self-Defense Beads.

 You get access to some of them after you’ve finished the game. Here are some Beads that you get after you’ve finished the game. These beads are:

Transmission Beads

The Transmission Beads allow you to transmit the souls on the spot. For this, you won’t have to travel to the phone booth and use it. It will save you a lot of time that you’ll need to locate the phone booth.

In Ghostwire Tokyo not all prayer beads locations are available during the game. The Transmission Beads are one of them. These beads are available only after you’ve completed the game.

Tireless Beads

Like the Transmission Beads, you get the Tireless Beads after you’ve finished the game. But you need to finish the game with 100% Spirits Transferred.

Once you get the Tireless Beads, they’ll give you unlimited arrows, ether charges, and talismans. But it won’t give you unlimited food. This is a useful set of beads as you won’t have to worry about running out of ammo during fights.

Shadow Beads

The Shadow Beads make you invisible. You’ll have to walk right up to a visitor before it notices you. And you can get out of combat quite easily too. But it doesn’t work if there is a programmed ambush or boss fight.

For the Shadow Beads, you’ll have to finish the game with 100% Spirits transferred.

In Ghostwire Tokyo, all prayer beads locations are relatively hard to find if you don’t know what you’re doing. But by going through this guide, the whole experience will be easy.

Make sure to get all the beads that increase your Element Weaving and arrow damage. This will make it quite easy for you to fight all of the enemies. 

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