Gotham Knight: Best Batgirl Skills To Unlock

A list of best skills you can invest in for each Batgirl's skill tree in Gotham Knight.

Batgirl’s three unique skill trees bolster her hacking and combat abilities. Each tree has multiple skills in them, and it can be difficult to select which ones are best because grinding for abilities can be hectic, which is why we will help you in picking the best skills for Batgirl in our today’s Gotham Knight guide.

Key Takeaways
  • Batgirl specializes in single-target combat plus environmental hacking, and the skills players unlock for her further amplify her area of expertise, in addition to making up for her shortcomings.
  • She has three skill trees named:
    • Justice: focuses on hand-to-hand combat abilities
    • Grit: focuses on her tank and healing
    • Oracle: focuses on her hacking skills.
  • Elite Beatdown, Second Wind, and Digital Ghost are our recommended skills for each skill tree, respectively.
  • Skills can be unlocked by AP or Action Points, which can be earned by progressing through the game and overcoming its various challenges.

Justice Skill Tree

As the daughter of Gotham’s most noble cop and serving under Batman for years, the nobility of both characters is visible in both Batgirl’s character and skills. As opposed to Redhood, Batgirl resorts to using non-lethal means to take down her enemies by landing critical attacks that can knock enemies out effectively.

Barbara Gordan, aka Batgirl, is a master in single-target combat and computer hacking. But as the game progresses, and you face more brutal enemies and have to sneak through tighter segments of the game, the realization of not being well equipped for those situations will soon hit you.

Below, we have discussed the best skills you can unlock for Batgirl in the Justice skill tree.

Elite Beatdown

Justice Skill
Elite Beatdown Skill in Justice Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

Elite Beatdown should be on your priority list if you decide to main Batgirl because this turns Batgirl into a single target nuking machine. This skill allows Batgirl to unleash a barrage of uninterruptible attacks, that help you take out even the heavier enemies of the game and take out their defenses.

Elite Beatdown enhances Batgirl’s defense by 20% and requires only 1 Ability Point to unlock.

Piercing Beatdown

Justice Skill
Piercing Beatdown Skill in Justice Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

Pretty much the same as Elite Beatdown but further amplified. This skill really shines when you have to face armored enemies among the horde of normal mobs. While the Elite Beatdown itself is an excellent skill to just take out fodder enemies in a single combo, it by no means can interrupt the Armored attacks unleashed by the more powerful enemy types. 

That is where Piercing Beatdown comes in, allowing you to stop Armored Attacks mid-animation and unleash your own counter combo. Elite Beatdown can be unlocked for 2 Ability Points.

Critical Expertise

Justice Skill
Critical Expertise Skill in Justice Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

As mentioned above, Batgirl relies on using non-lethal force against her enemies, and straight-up killing them isn’t an option here. That’s where her Critical Expertise can come in handy for taking down enemies instantly.

Unlocking this skill will increase her Critical damage by 20% and costs 1 Ability Point. Obviously, not every strike will have a chance to land critical, so you will need to unlock her Precise Strikes and Critical Focus skill for that, each costing 2 Ability Points.

Grit Skill Tree

Grit skill tree essentially allows Barbara to become an immortal Tank who can withstand long enemy encounters and hold her ground against tough bosses. From reviving herself after falling in battle to regaining a portion of her health after taking down enemies, these are the best skills you can unlock for Batgirl in the Grit Skill tree.

HP Plus

Grit Skill
HP Plus Skill in Grit Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

Probably the first skill most people would unlock in the Grit Skill tree, regardless of their build. That is because of the value of this skill, which is the additional health it offers. You are bound to be in long combat sequences either due to story missions or Knighthood challenges and that’s where the extra health can come in handy.

HP Plus increases Barbara’s base health by 40% and requires 1 Action Point.

Unflinching Heavy Strike

Grit Skill
Unflinching Heavy Strike-Skill in Grit Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

More or less the same utility as the Elite Beatdown, but now with Heavy Melee strikes. Obviously, heavy attacks have a chance of causing stun, but their low speed can leave you open for interruption, more often than not. So making them uninterruptible via this skill is highly recommended.

Unflinching Heavy Strike requires 1 Action Point in order to be unlocked.

Second Wind

Grit Skill
Second Wind Skill in Grit Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

Second Wind is by far the best skill of Batgirl and is easily one of the best skills in Gotham Knight. Unlocking the Second Wind will allow Batgirl to rise once again on the battlefield and face her foes once again with 50% of her health restored.

The utilities of this skill are countless. Lengthy enemy encounters? Knighthood challenges? Boss fights? Second Wind will have you covered in all of them. You will need 3 Action Points to unlock Second Wind.

Additionally, unlocking Second Wind + (allows you to rise with a full momentum bar and increased critical strike rate) and Vigilante Resolve (enables you to rise twice), further amplifies this skill.

Sense Of Victory

Grit Skill
Sense of Victory Skill in Grit Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

With Sense of Victory unlocked, for every normal enemy Barbara takes down, she regains 4% of her health back. Additionally, taking down enemies with Grab Strike or Takedown allows her to regain 8% of her health.

Another great skill that can aid her in withstanding enemy forces for far longer than she usually can. This skill can be unlocked for 2 Action Points.

Oracle Skill Tree

Serving as Batman’s informant for years under the code name Oracle definitely had its perks. Not only those years made her a great informant, but they also made her a great hacker and tech girl. 

Now under the mantle of a vigilante, Batgirl is able to use her experience to summon drones, break electronic locks and use the electronics in the environment against her enemies.

Digital Ghost

Oracle Skill
Digital Ghost Skill in Oracle Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

There is a lot of sneaking around in Gotham Knights in order to get past enemies, avoid raising alarms, and not get detected by security cameras. Digital Ghost skill at least takes one of those worries off of your chest.

With Digital Ghost unlocked, you can literally walk toward security cameras and sensors and still not get detected, making Barbara a digital ghost. Additionally, this allows you to speedrun through most of the security cameras/sensors sections with ease, which isn’t possible with the other heroes in Gotham Knight.

Digital Ghost can be unlocked for 2 Action Points.

Remote Hacking

Oracle Skill
Remote Hacking Skill in Justice Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

Batgirl can use her hacking skills to disable a plethora of lethal electronic weapons, putting the odds in your favor. The devices Barbara can hack include turrets, mines, electronic panels, and laser control modules.

To hack these devices, simply click the prompt that appears when looking at these devices in AR mode. This skill can be unlocked for 1 Action Point.

Shocking Devices

Oracle Skill
Shocking Devices Skill in Oracle Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

For someone who doesn’t jump straight into the action and analyzes his environment for a moment in order to put the odds in his favor, Shocking Devices is an excellent skill. Targeting armed enemies first and rendering their weapons useless while dealing them damage and inflicting them with Bioelectric Element Effect gives you a headstart in battles.

This strategy also assures that enemies with weapons won’t be interrupting you mid-combat with constant shooting. To use this skill, simply press the Ranged Attack button in the AR mod while aiming at an enemy. You can unlock Shocking Devices for 1 Action Point.

Gear Overclocking

Oracle Skill
Gear Overclocking Skill in Oracle Skill Tree (Image credit: eXputer)

This is an excellent skill to have if you are playing Gotham Knight in Co-Op mod with a friend. This skill enhances not only your own abilities but also your partner’s. Gear Overclocking increases Batgirl’s ability damage by 10% and increases the damage dealt by allies by 15% for 20 seconds.

To enhance an ally’s skills, simply hold the Ranged Attack button in AR mode while aiming at an ally. Gear Overclocking can be unlocked for 2 Action Points.

Wrap Up

Batgirl can be built in 3 different ways in Gotham Knight. A DPS, Tank, or Hacker by investing in Justice, Grit, and Oracle, respectively. Regardless of what build you want to go with, the skills we have entailed above should be the ones on your priority list.

This concludes our guide on the best skills to unlock for Batgirl in Gotham Knight. Let us know your queries in the comments below.


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