Gotham Knight: The BEST Robin Skills

Unlocking the best early game Robin skills will help you master the art of stealth and CQC.

Gotham Knights feature three main ability trees for Robin. Those trees are Slugger, Shadow, and Tinkering. We have handpicked the best skills for Robin in Gotham Knights. Starting off with the first tree, Slugger, here are the skills that we have chosen. 

Key Takeaways
  • Robin is one of the four main characters in Gotham Knights with different skill trees to invest in.
  • The skill trees represent different fortes of the character and are divided as such.
  • Players can unlock these skills through using AP (Ability Points).


The Slugger skill tree for Robin seems focused on offensive and evasive maneuvers. Abilities that enhance the damage output of the character can be found in this skill tree. It has plenty of skills that players who enjoy engaging in direct combat will enjoy.

Some of these skills are also at the core of Robin’s game plan, which sets him apart from the other characters. The following are some of the best skills that you unlock for him in this particular skill tree. 

Perfect Evade

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Perfect Evade. (Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 1

Perfect Evade is one of those skills that is part of Robin’s signature gameplay. It allows Robin to evade an enemy blow perfectly. Doing so will create momentum and creates an opportunity for the players to perform a perfect attack follow-up after the evasion. Momentum is used to perform hard-hitting special moves, and each character has its own unique uses.

The fact that this skill fills up your momentum can be extremely helpful, as filling up on momentum by other means can tend to be tiresome. In the late game, when enemies become significantly bulkier, having the extra momentum can decide victory or defeat. Having the extra momentum allows you to perform frequent momentum abilities and let you secure the win. 1ap

The window for the evasion is pretty forgiving, and you can get used to timing very easily. The perfect attack that is performed afterward deals huge amounts of damage to the enemy. As such, this skill forms the bedrock of the iconic Batman playstyle that we are so familiar with from the older titles.

Players can adapt to the flow of the combat with this skill which allows for some creative maneuvers. You can mitigate damage while simultaneously creating an opportunity for yourself to deal damage.

Exploding Decoy

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Exploding Decoy.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 2

As the name suggests, with the skill of Exploding Decoy, Robin creates a glowing clone of himself and dashes away from it. The decoy explodes as soon as Robin dashes out, leaving behind a pool of elemental residue. The explosion itself deals damage to the enemies and can be used just as is, but this is not where the strength of this skill lies. The pool of elemental residue persists for some time, and it deals elemental effect damage to any enemy that walks into it. 

In conjunction with the Perfect Evade skill, the exploding decoy is a brilliant crowd control skill. Robin can use this to get out of tough situations, all the while dealing elemental damage to the enemies around him. This also works well for narrow areas with more enemy density as the pool of elemental residue becomes less likely to be avoided. 

Critical Expertise

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Critical Expertise.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 1

Critical Expertise is a skill that aids Robin heavily in combat scenarios. On the surface, it might feel like it doesn’t do much but trust us when we say that it makes a difference. This skill increases Robin’s critical damage by 20%.

This increase in damage can quickly get out of hand, and the damage makes a huge difference over prolonged fights. This skill also stacks with another skill in this tree that we will discuss next. This skill is one of the best early-game skills, as it can improve your damage without many requirements.

Elemental Focus

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Elemental Focus.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 3

As you can see from the image above, Elemental Focus is the culmination of the previous two skills that we have discussed. Thanks to this skill, while an enemy is inflicted with an elemental effect that is active, Robin deals increased damage and has an increased chance to land a critical hit.

An increment of 20% is made to both the critical hit chance and the damage dealt. This increased damage can rack up rapidly, and you can lay down the hurt on the enemies of Gotham City.

While Critical Expertise and Exploding Decoy are also active, the damage that Robin deals can get out of hand in a hurry, and you can make quick work of enemies. Thus, at the end of the Slugger skill tree, we highly recommend you unlock these offensive abilities and invest some skill points into them, as they will be key to victory in situations where direct confrontation cannot be avoided.

But in case you are not a fan of going in guns ablaze, the next skill tree might appeal to you more.


This version of Tim Drake’s Robin is arguably the most like his spiritual predecessor. His play style is the most reminiscent of the classic Batman, where he strategically picks off enemies one by one, all while remaining in the shadows. The Shadow skill tree focuses on the type of stealth skills that allow you to sneak around and attack unaware enemies. 

Light Footed

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Light Footed.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 1

As you can see from the image attached, the Light Footed skill grants Robin a very important stealth ability. With it, Robin makes no sound while he moves around. Enemies have a hard time detecting Robin when you have this skill. It can be extremely useful for situations where you have to sneak past a group of enemies.

Or you just don’t want to engage in combat at all. An added effect of this skill is that Robin moves faster while crouching as well. This gives Robin increased mobility; all the while, he remains sheathed in the shadows. 

A point worth noting is that this doesn’t apply when Robin is sprinting across the map instead of running normally. In synchronicity with the other skills in the Shadows skill tree, Light Footed allows you to adopt a much stealthier approach to Gotham Knights.

Stealth Damage+

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Stealth Damage+.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 1

If you want to double down on the stealthy approach, Stealth Damage+ is a must-have. As you can see from the image above, this skill increases Robin’s damage while he is undetected. The increase in melee and ranged attacks is an additional 10%. Takedowns and stealth strikes, on the other hand, get an added bonus of a staggering 20%. The game incentivizes you to avoid direct confrontations and focus on stealth attacks instead.

When Robin gets detected by an enemy, his stealth attacks lose the bonus of this skill. This is why it is recommended that you keep these bonus modifiers up for as long as possible. They can be a huge help while clearing out some sections of the game.

Turnabout Takedown

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Turnabout Takedown.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 3

Large-sized enemies are an archetype of foes that are quite difficult to overcome. In cases where you fight them head-on, they prove to be quite the challenge. But with Robin, they are not that much of a nuisance to deal with.

Thanks to the Turnabout Takedown skill, Robin can perform takedowns on these large enemies. Moreover, he can even perform stealth strikes on them, which further helps in chipping down on their health.

With this unique approach, Robin can make quick work of these foes which would otherwise be a huge obstacle. It is a costly skill to invest in but trust us when we say that it will heavily facilitate you during your playthrough. 

Shadow Renewal

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Shadow Renewal.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 2

This skill ties in with the previous skills a lot. With Shadow Renewal, Robin can restore his health after performing a successful takedown. The amount of health restored is 25%, which is nothing to scoff at. With just four successful takedowns, Robin can ensure that he has a full life bar. This skill has great synergy with Turnabout Takedown and Light Footed, as it enables Robin to secure more takedowns. 

Hence, at the end of the Shadow skill tree, we highly recommend that you invest some of your limited AP into this skill. This is because during the late game stage, managing your health becomes a huge focus of the game. Enemies can easily overwhelm you when you least suspect it.

Having a skill that increases your survivability is a godsend in times like these. For this reason, Shadow Renewal is arguably one of the best skills for Robin in Gotham Nights.  


When we said that Robin feels like the true spiritual successor to Batman, it wasn’t only because of the stealth aspect. Using gadgets and devices has always been his forte, similar to Batman. While some of the classic gadgets are present in the game, the emphasis of this skill tree is more on the elemental side of things.

Robin specializes in dealing elemental damage in this game, and it is where he shines. Here are some of the best skills in this skill tree.

Elemental Charge

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Elemental Charge.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 1

As you can see from the image attached above, Elemental Charge enhances Robin’s elemental damage. When this skill is unlocked, the elemental damage dealt by Robin builds up much faster. The exact modifier is 25%, and the elemental effect bar on enemies builds up significantly faster because of this.

Thanks to the multiple ways that Robin can inflict elemental damage, the effects of this skill can rack up in a hurry.

Elemental Resistance

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Elemental Resistance.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 2

While Robin is an expert at applying elemental effects, what about dealing with those effects himself? As the name suggests, with the Elemental Resistance skill, Robin is able to resist all elemental damage. Thanks to the skill, He can withstand the onslaught of elemental attacks from some enemies in the game.

These elemental attacks mostly come in the form of fire and Molotov cocktails. Robin won’t have any problems at all dealing with these effects.

Obviously, there is a limit to how strongly he can resist these effects. The exact modifier by which Robin’s elemental resistance increases is a whopping 40%. This skill comes in very handy when dealing with hordes of enemies who all inflict some sort of elemental damage.  

Elemental Burst

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Elemental Burst.(Image credit: eXputer)
  • AP Required: 2

Elemental Burst is the last skill on our list, but it is certainly not the least. As you can see from the image attached above, this skill does a couple of things. Firstly, whenever Robin deals elemental damage, this skill makes it so that he has a 5% chance to deal additional elemental damage.

This additional elemental damage persists in an area. The second thing that this skill does is that it reduces the elemental effect resistance of the enemies. Their elemental effect resistance is decreased by 50%, and this lasts for 10 seconds, which is enough for Robin to dispose of them.

This skill complements his other skills that revolve around elemental damage and enhances their effects. It is certainly one of the best skills for Robin in Gotham Knight.

Robin is the youngest hero of the cast, but he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. In the lore, Tim Drake is Robin, as the mantle is passed on to him. He is the smartest member of the team, and it is visible in his playstyle. If you prefer a play style that uses a mixture of stealth and combat, then he is the character for you.

This has been our detailed guide on Robin and which skills suit him the best. Have you been enjoying the game so far? What character do you prefer the most to play? If you found this guide helpful, then let us know in the comments section below. 


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