Gotham Knights: All 7 Batcycle Trials Locations

There are 7 Batcycle trials spread across Gotham that require you to go from checkpoint to checkpoint before you run out of time!

Gotham Knights feature the iconic Batcycle that any one of your characters can call upon will and rider around on. And like Arkham Knight, where we had Gotham Knights batcycle trials for the Batmobile, we have Batcycle Timed trials in Gotham Knights. The trials unlock after you complete the third main case of the game. Only one-time trial will be available at a time, and they’ll always be marked on the map, so finding the trial won’t be too difficult; only completing them is the hard part.

Key Takeaways
  • In Gotham Knights, Batcycle Time Trials unlock after the third case.
  • The first trial is mainly on the main streets of North Gotham, the Second takes place in Otisburg, and the Third trial takes place in Old Gotham.
  • The fourth takes place in the East End, the fifth trial is the hardest and takes place in the City Center, while the Sixth is in the Financial district.
  • The final Trial is at the Bowery, which throws you on top of roofs and makes you jump over many ramps.
  • Each trial checkpoint grants an extra two seconds, and the bonus time checkpoint grants five seconds.
  • It is possible to miss checkpoints, but missing too many will cause the player to run out of time.
  • At times, the races may not be available due to crimes in the path of the trial.

All Batcycle Time Trials

Following is a summary of all the Batcycle Time Trials:

Batcycle Time TrialsRegion Location
1stNorth GothamAlong the shoreline next to Exhibition Avenue, just before Chambers Street.
2ndOtisburgDown an alley just off Atlantic Avenue.
3rdOld GothamJust south of the Gordon Memorial.
4thTricorner IslandAt the foot of the Statue of Justice
5thThe CauldronNorthern section of Southside's Dixon Docks.
6thFinancial DistrictMiddle of the Financial District, just south of Grand Avenue
7thBowery At the end of Crown Point Avenue.

First Trial

gotham knights batcycle trials first location
Location of first trial [Captured by eXputer]
The first trial is the introductory trial; therefore, it isn’t too complicated. You’ll mostly be going through the main streets of North Gotham, with extra time bonuses being slightly off-road. Your main concern in the race is the incoming traffic, but you can avoid it if you just keep looking ahead on the road.

first trial start
First trial stating point [Captured by eXputer]
For the final stretch, you’ll be taken off-road and even on wooden docks. Just try not to steer too off-path as it’ll waste your time, but if you just go at full speed, you’ll be able to easily complete the race.

Second Trial

location of second batcycle trial gotham knights
Second trial location [Captured by eXputer]
The second trial is slightly more difficult than the previous one, but it’s still mainly on the main road, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty completing it. The trial goes through the streets of Otisburg.

second trial
Second trial gameplay [Captured by eXputer]
The main difference between the second trial is that you’ll now have to go up more ramps. They might be in the shape of stairs or actual ramps. Regardless, there’s a good amount of them. There are about three extra time bonuses; two of them are in your path, but the final one is further off. But, you can usually finish the race with even one bonus time.

Third Trial

gotham, knights location of the third batcycle trial
Third trial location [Captured by eXputer]
The third trial is where things start getting a bit harder. The start is at the top right of Old Gotham. The trial starts off easy as you maneuver through the open roads. Eventually, you’ll get led into an underground GCPD passageway with sharp turns and narrow areas. So, if you hit the walls, you’ll lose a good number of seconds.

There are up to three to four checkpoints underground, which you need to survive; after that, you’d resurface and can start picking up the pace. In fact, there will even be a ramp that directly leads to bonus time.

third trial gameplay
Third batcycle trial [Captured by eXputer]
The only other thing you need to be cautious about is that after the ramp, you’ll pass through a narrow alley, and then you need to take a sharp right to go through another alley. You can often miss the turn because it seems like there’s a passage in front of you right after the alley, but it leads to a dead end.

Once you leave the alleys, you’ll find a time bonus after two more checkpoints; it’s not too off the path, so getting it will be worth it. On the last stretch, up some stairs, there will be another time bonus on the right side. You can usually make it without the time trial and going up the stairs isn’t worth it.

Fourth Trial

fourth trial location gotham knights batcycle trials
Fourth trial location [Captured by eXputer]
The fourth trial isn’t difficult, but you can get stuck while being too greedy and trying to get the bonus awards. The race starts off simple, but you’ll eventually run into the first-time bonus of the race. You’ll need to pull off a really sharp turn if you try getting it. Regardless, pulling off the sharp corner is possible if you’re going at a moderate speed.

fourth trial
Fourth trial gameplay [Captured by eXputer]
You’ll start moving through alleys, but be careful as you cross roads while reaching the other alleys, as sometimes cars can come out of nowhere and completely block your path, wasting a couple of seconds.

Then, the path is straightforward until you reach a ramp on your left, leading to a time bonus. The bonus is worth getting, but you must carefully position yourself as you jump off the ramp. If you’re angled straight, you’ll overshoot from the next checkpoint or get stuck in the barrels ahead.

Therefore, you should angle yourself more towards the right before going airborne to get a good landing. The only other thing that you need to look out for is the cars as you’re about to jump off the side of the highway. The race is also quite straightforward, and if you reach each checkpoint, you can finish in time.

Fifth Trial

location of fifth trial in gotham knioghts batcycle
Fifth trial location [Captured by eXputer]
The fifth Gotham Knights batcycle trial is at Lower Gotham, near the Dixon Docks. The trial is a combination of going through the main road, tight alleys, many ramps, and between pump stations. The race starts off easy; the only thing you need to worry about at the start is lining yourself up with the ramps and avoiding any traffic that might block your way.

gotham knights batcycle trials locations and gameplay
Fifth trial gameplay [Captured by eXputer]
Additionally, when trying to get the time bonuses, you should slow down a bit because you’ll have to turn almost 90 degrees to get back on track. The final stretch has you going down a narrow road where your main concern is the traffic.

Sixth Trial

location of the sixth time trial batcycle gotham knights
Sixth trial location [Captured by eXputer]
The sixth trial takes you through the Financial District and through some very tight spots. In fact, right at the start, you’re going through the base of the Belfry. Surprisingly, you’ll have plenty of time in the race, so completing it won’t be as hard as the other races.

gameplay of the sixth batcycle trial gotham knights
Sixth trial gameplay [Captured by eXputer]
Bonuses are usually in your path; some might require you to drift around to get them. Furthermore, it’s better if you don’t go at full speed because most of the track is through tight corners and narrow alleys.

Seventh Trial

location of the seventh batcycle trial gotham knights
Seventh trial location [Captured by eXputer]
The final Trial is at the Bowery, and although it might seem like you don’t have enough time, you’ll usually be able to make it to the next checkpoint right as your time is about to end. Even if you miss a bonus and a checkpoint, you’ll still manage to finish.

start of seventh trial
Seventh Gotham Knights trial start [Captured by eXputer]
The final race definitely takes some over-the-top paths by throwing you on top of roofs and making you jump over many ramps. But it definitely feels like one of the more interesting races because of that!

With that, you know about all of the Gotham Knights batcycle trials. Completing them will grant you the “Bat Out Of Hell” trophy/achievement and give you lots of XP per trial. 

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