Gotham Knights Tips [Beginners Guide]

Knowing the Beginner's tips & tricks will help players understand how the core gameplay mechanics work in Gotham Knights

The tips and tricks for Gotham Knights beginners will guide players in understanding the core gameplay mechanics of the game. Learning most of them before jumping into the boss fights will be crucial to how you play out the game, and that is why our guide lists down 12 tips and tricks on Gotham Knights you should know. 

Key Takeaways
  • Use Early Game Skills, once you level up one of your characters this will automatically level up all of your characters in synchronization. Once you complete Knighthood challenges for a particular character this will unlock all skill trees for that character. 
  • Playing Optional Missions and deliberate felonies side quests can help you get experience points and other benefits. 
  • Interrupt Enemy Ranged Attacks your character will immediately swap targets and intercept a strike being dealt to them. 
  • Stay alert of the GCPD, they’re behavior depends on if they are on your side or not. You can Utilize AR to check if they are hostile against you. 
  • Always search for chests while on patrol, you can use AR to find them.
  • Understand how the health system works and collect Health Packs
  • Always make sure that you are equipping the highest gear available in your equipment. 
  • Try playing Gotham Knights on Easy Mode initially. 
  • Gear modifications are hidden in various locations throughout the game. They can help increase the power level of your gear. 
  • Try playing co-op mode, since this is a game with multiple characters, It is designed to be played in co-op. 
  • Each Character in Gotham Knights has a different playstyle, We recommend trying all of them and finding which one fits your playstyle

Knighthood Challenges

best character in gotham knights
Gotham Knight characters Image Credit: eXputer]

It is necessary for every one of the four selectable characters to accomplish the Knighthood tasks in order to open up their fourth skill trees. Additionally, if you don’t immediately obtain the unique glide ability for all four players, the movement will be tedious and uninteresting.

Your list of things to do is presented in a straightforward and concise manner; nevertheless, the significance of each item is not made abundantly evident. Because of this, the sooner you complete them, the faster you’ll access all of these additional goods for each of the four heroes.

You will begin the game with an item in your activity tracker that relates to Knighthood. This item will remain there until the end of the game. It’s a relatively simple set of activities, but completing them all will uncover a special set of skills for every character, such as additional navigation capabilities.

You must make an effort to finish these tasks for, at minimum, your chosen character as quickly as you can, which should only take a few in-game evenings despite the fact that it may be a grind to go through them.

Early Game Skills

Gotham Knight best Robbin skills
Skill trees [Image Credit: eXputer]
When you level up one of your characters, your other three characters also level up at the same time, which helps maintain your overall progress in synchronization. It is important to keep in mind, however, that each hero has their own skill tree as well as their own distinct bank of experience points. It is recommended that whenever you switch characters, you look at the skill tree to see if there are any new abilities that may be unlocked.

Once you have completed the Knighthood questline for a given hero, you will have access to all four of that hero’s skill trees. Because the four of them each have their own unique fighting style, you will need to search in various places to find each one of them. However, there are a few talents that stand out as very valuable to get as quickly as you can.

This involves bringing down the game’s larger and more powerful fighters, which you may achieve with Robin’s special sneak attack or Red Hood’s unique grapple assault. Both of these attacks are specific to their respective characters. Batgirl and Nightwing had to take care of these thugs in the traditional manner, which consists of frontal combination assaults. However, Batgirl’s initial Momentum ability is to fire a flurry of blows on a particular target. This ability is effective against brutes in addition to other types of opponents. 

If you obtain that one, you should also ensure to get the associated skill that Batgirl has, which prevents the move from being stopped in any way. Nightwing, on the other hand, has a one-of-a-kind dodging skill that enables him to combine a series of acrobatic leaps and turns into one lengthy evasion technique. It’s pretty useful, and if you play your cards right, you can ultimately turn it into an area-of-effect assault that clears the region around you.

Give heed to the extra goals since they will often involve completing certain takedowns or dealing with specific things, and each one that you do will earn some more extra XP . If you consistently complete these additional tasks, you will level up more quickly, which will provide you access to new talents and skills at an earlier stage.

Play Optional Missions

Gotham Knights optional missions [Image Credit: eXputer]
Missions and deliberate felonies side quests often feature additional combat goals, such as vanquishing foes with certain attacks or achieving flawless evasions. Almost every single mission in the game has some kind of extra goal, and there are often many of them as you progress through larger quests. You may get more experience points and other benefits from them, but more often than not, you will just receive additional crafting resources.

In most cases, you will be required to accomplish anything like remain unseen, carry out a predetermined maneuver during the fight, or avoid receiving damage. At first, there isn’t much to be gained by doing these things. They do, however, scale with your hero, which means that with time their utility will become increasingly apparent.

Completing non-essential goals may be a lot of fun and adds another layer of difficulty. On the other hand, they may be a real pain at times, and the benefits gained by focusing undue anxiety on them aren’t always worth it. Still, this is by far the best Gotham Knights Beginners tip we can give you in our guide – try optional things!

It will seem more rewarding later on in the game when you are racking up a lot of experience points for doing nothing more than playing discreetly. Naturally, in order for your level to advance to that point, you will need additional XP. Nevertheless, over time these incentives build up, and they don’t take too much of you most of the time.

Interrupt Enemy Ranged Attacks

Counter ranged attacks [Image Credit: eXputer]
There is no button that, when pressed, will cause your character to immediately swap targets and intercept a strike being dealt to them. Alternatively, you have a mechanism that accomplishes just that called the dodge button, but you still need to click the strike button in order to make physical contact with the adversary.

It is a mechanism that will need some time for you to adjust to, particularly if you have lately played other games such as Arkham games or Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

During the fight, keep an eye out for an icon that looks like a circle superimposed over an adversary’s hand and a target that appears on the ground underneath you; this is a sign that they are going to hurl a ranged weapon at you.

If it is possible, move the left stick in its position and then press the button for your ranged attack to eliminate the threat of the item prior to it being launched. Alternatively, you should be ready to sidestep out of the path before it strikes you.

The principle also applies when dealing with armed attackers who are aiming their fire at you. If the ray is white, it indicates that you may interrupt them with a ranged attack, whereas if it is red, it indicates that they cannot be stopped and you should be prepared to evade.

You should not be shocked if you have to evade multiple approaching strikes until you uncover a gap in the opposition’s defenses. You also cannot compel a lock-on to take place. There is a light lock-on feature that outlines the foe you are now gazing at in white, but other than that, there is not much more.

Back Away From GCPD

You’ll run across Gotham City Police Department Officers all over the place, and their behavior will determine whether or not they’re on your side. You must be aware that they will fight back if they are attacked, and if you are not there to save them from danger, you must expect them to do so.

If you approach too near, members of the GCPD will assault you. You may utilize AR to determine whether or not GCPD is hostile against you; if you scan them with AR, they will display in red as dangers. Even though they may sometimes be antagonistic toward you, there are no benefits to be had for reducing them to submission in any way, shape, or form.

You won’t gain any experience points or salvage for beating officers of the GCPD in battle; therefore, avoid engaging with them in CQC. 

Don’t Forget To Check Gear 

Check your gear [Image Credit: eXputer]
During your time on patrol, it should become second nature for you to search for chests. There is almost always a chest to be found, regardless of if you are in the midst of a plot objective or merely searching the alleys for arbitrary activities to foil. The majority of these have things nearby that are completely full of resources. If you hit the AR button to do a scan of the area, any Chests that are there will appear in purple color. 

You may then locate these Chests and open them to get a portion of Salvage that can be used for the future creation of gear and the modification of your armor.

After you’ve finished clearing up an area, whether it’s as part of a mission, a Crime, or simply a chance encounter, you should take a moment to check around and see if there is a Chest somewhere around. When you leave the area, it is simple to forget about these caches and lose track of them altogether since they are often hidden in such places or nearby.

How Health System Works

Understanding how the health system works should be the immediate Beginners goal for players who are reading our Gotham Knights Guide. If you’ve just finished fighting off a huge number of foes, it’s probable that you’re recovering some injuries and may have used up a few Health Packs in the process.

If this is the case, you should immediately seek more Health Packs before a large group shows up and fights you. Constantly dying results in significant losses of resources, for one thing. Additionally, respawning will not restore any health packs that you may have lost.

If you are having trouble with a particular encounter but are unwilling to reduce the general level of the game in order to get beyond it, you may find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation. This goes against common sense and puts you at risk of becoming caught in a vicious feedback cycle.

You may also go back to the Belfry if you are content to call it a night and conclude the night’s patrol. When you return to the Belfry, your stock will automatically be refilled. Check the surrounding region one more time before leaving to make sure that you haven’t overlooked any item drops.

Simply going about Gotham and putting an end to criminal activity is the most efficient method to stock up on extra first aid kits in time for intense battles. Because health packets are so prevalent, it shouldn’t take you very long to collect a sufficient supply of them. During lengthy Night Patrols, not only is more health always important, but you also often come across Salvage that can be used for crafting and modification.

Equipping Higher Gear

Sometimes if you do not gain a level while you are out on patrol, it is virtually probable that you will discover new gear designs while you are out fighting outlaws. When you go back to the Belfry, make use of the workbench there to see if there is anything you can build that is superior to the gear you already have.

Consider coordinating your changes with your equipment if you wish to significantly increase the amount of damage you do to an absurd degree. For example, if your ranged slot presently contains an elemental component that provides a specific status effect, you may increase the effectiveness of that piece even more by placing the appropriate modifications into that slot.

When you are out patrolling the dangerous streets of Gotham, you will come across new items of equipment and useful supplies so often that you could overlook and even check them out. On the other hand, you should make it a practice to do that same thing each time you go to the Belfry.

Even while you may modify your equipment while you’re out and about, you won’t be able to create new items for it until you return to your home base. Because of this, each time you visit the Belfry, you won’t simply be able to read up on case files or watch another character cutscene; you’ll also have the opportunity to improve your stats.

Using the appropriate mod configuration, you may even assist in offsetting any weaknesses that may exist in such areas. Do not squander a decent mod on a hero that is going to spend much of their time sneaking about, as they are not as effective at doing elemental damage as other characters. 

You may construct your character such that he or she specializes in dealing elemental damage if you also obtain the appropriate skills. If you play your cards properly, some talents can improve your damage and build-up rate, and they may truly complement your build if you make use of their potential.

Play Easy Mode

Gotham Knights is a role-playing game in which players take on the persona of a DC superhero in order to battle evil and uncover the secrets of Gotham City. Playing this game on easy is not an absurd strategy, despite the fact that some players may find the greater level appropriate for them since they want to push themselves to their limits.

The mechanics of attacking and dodging are something that was previously included in only a few WB games. Although the gameplay is still similar to that of the Arkham series, there have been a few tweaks here and there that might make the fights challenging for certain players. As a result, lowering the difficulty level just a little bit won’t affect anybody, not even the gamers who are less interested in the mechanics of RPGs.

If you like video games set in the Batman world but are not a fan of RPG systems or repeatedly hitting foes until they are defeated, you may want to think about playing the game on the easier difficulty setting. There is no problem with making the difficulty level easier than it already is. In point of fact, it has the potential to enhance the enjoyable nature of this game considerably.

Fuse Mods

The customization choices for gear in Gotham Knights are not limited to only armor and weapons. The equipment menu conceals a complete gear modification mechanism somewhere inside its depths. Mods are hidden in various locations throughout the game, but they are rarely brought directly to your attention to ensure that you don’t overlook anything.

Mods have the ability to upgrade gear to a stunning measure, sometimes even increasing the power level of armor or weapon. Whenever you wear a piece of gear that has one or more mod slots, it is imperative that you constantly load the appropriate modifications to those slots.

You may attach Mod Chips to objects that have available slots for them, and you can even combine existing modifications to create new ones by fusing them together. Because you will acquire a large number of them in the duration of the typical gameplay, you should not be scared to use them often.

In addition, if you feel that you have an excessive amount of modifications, you may combine them to create more powerful mods. This process always includes fusing four different mods together, and the outcome of the fusion is almost always a single mod with a greater rarity than the others.

Play Coop Mode

Playing Coop is a no-brainer beginner tip that we’d like to give in our Gotham Knights guide. It is because the game is fundamentally designed to be played in the coop, not alone. However, many players still roam the Gotham streets alone and prefer fighting crimes solo.

It may be to your advantage to divide up and take on separate goals when you are playing a cooperative game with a friend, and both of you are in good health and prepared for the evening ahead. In the event that you are not collaborating with another player who may provide a more effective strategy, you are on your own.

When it comes to narrative missions, this is not a significant problem since you can easily abort the operation, go back to the Belfry, and choose a different character who would be more suited to the circumstance.

If you don’t mind playing with whoever is assigned to you, there are two methods to begin playing cooperatively. You may either look for another player’s game to join or switch your own session to online mode and actively or passively invite others to play with you.

If you are certain that you can tackle a street crime by yourself, it is probably advisable for your partner to spend their time searching for caches, enabling fast travel stations, or turning in challenges to task providers rather than helping you with the situation. You will immediately come back together for significant plot points as soon as the host is the person who brings them up.

On the other hand, the guest player is unable to initiate a narrative mission; all they can do is request that it be performed. Consequently, there is a justification for you and your spouse to approach the city with a plan of action.

When you join another player’s game or, conversely, the environment you are playing in adapts to allow for a higher number of players to participate. The primary change is that it becomes more difficult to kill foes. If there is a difference in level between the two players, the higher player’s numbers will integrate down to the level of the lower player.

It is advantageous to make this sacrifice given that you do not just gain an additional combatant to aid you in battle. On the other hand, when your characters advance in level, you will unlock unique moves that will be of use to you in multiplayer. This may include boosts, healing powers, and combo techniques that both players need to perform in order to be successful. The specifics depend on the characters you choose to play as.

We may count ourselves fortunate that this scaling works in both directions; when a player quits the game, the level of difficulty automatically decreases.

Try All Characters To Find Your PlayStyle

In Gotham Knights, players get their pick from one of four different playable characters, each of whom is designed to complement a different gameplay approach. Players are permitted to choose between these four heroes at any time by traveling to the Belfry, which serves as the Bat Family’s main headquarters throughout the game.

The good aspect of playing one or all heroes back to back is that heroes level up alongside each other. If a player decides to play a different character at a later point in the plot, they will not be concerned about any of the game’s characters being forgotten if they opt to turn gameplay style.

There isn’t one best character that stands out from the others more than the others, but each one has their own set of positives and negatives that come along with them.

The character of Tim Drake’s Robin in Gotham Knights boasts one of the most compelling aspects of the game. Because of his emphasis on stealth, he is the most adept of all of the game’s characters in remaining hidden in the shadows.

robin play style
Robin (Image Credit: eXputer)

In addition to being able to do inverted takedowns, Robin is also skilled in the use of deceit and other forms of trickery to terrify his opponents. He is also powerful in CQC, with his staff suitable for fighting off many attackers at once.

The Red Hood’s melee assaults are the worst of all the Gotham Knights’ characters, and he does not have as much control over covert engagements as the other protagonists. Despite this, he compensates for it with the mix of ranged and close-quarters combat talents that he has. The latter is very enjoyable to utilize while facing bosses or taking down brutes since they allow for more damage output.

red hood in play style
Red Hood (Image Credit: eXputer)

Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, has an offensive and technology-based playstyle, and she is capable of doing enormous amounts of damage to specific targets. Batarangs serve as Barbara Gordon’s ranged weapon, and the gliding ability that comes with her Knighthood is one of the abilities that are often associated with Batman in video games.

best character in Gotham Knights
Batgirl (Image Credit: eXputer)

Nightwing’s talents and general playstyle reflect his previous career as an acrobatic artist. He employs a wide variety of evasive strategies in order to keep one step ahead of his adversaries. Nightwing is a good choice for players that favor hit-and-run strategies and the ability to get out of danger as fast as possible, despite the fact that he is not as aggressive as Batgirl and does not excel as much in covert or crowd-control skills as Robin or Red Hood.

best character in gotham knight
Nightwing (Image Credit: eXputer)

In the end, every character in Gotham Knights has their own set of qualities that make them strong and those that hold them down. It all comes down to the playstyle in which you like to engage in battle or experience the game.

That is all that we had to discuss Beginners tips and tricks in our Gotham Knights guide. Have you got the game and found out about the mechanics we listed above? Was our guide helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.


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