Gotham Knights: Best Character To Choose

Learn which knight from the Bat family is the one that matches your play style.

Gotham Knights feature four different playable heroes, each having its own playstyle and advantages, so it is only natural that players will wonder what’s unique about each hero. Here we will be covering the playstyle of every hero, their best approach to combat, and who we think is the best character in Gotham Knights.

Key Takeaways
  • There are four playable characters each of these heroes has their own unique fighting style in Gotham Knights.
    • Nightwing.
    • Red Hood.
    • Batgirl.
    • Robin. 
  • Nightwing is a gifted acrobat who can perform rapid combos with his Escrima sticks.
  • Red Hood is a powerhouse in both close-range and long-range combat thanks to his raw strength and dual guns.
  • Batgirl is an expert hacker and is tough as nails. Her fight style is most similar to Batman from the Arkham Series.
  • Robin is the stealth specialist while also a Bo Staff prodigy, making him viable for both stealth and combat sections.
  • Every character is unique, just like the player thus it would depend more on the player’s preference that would determine which character is best for him.

All Playable Characters

As we stated previously, there are four playable characters in the game, and each of them has been trained by the caped crusader himself and is part of the bat family. Each of these characters has its own unique playstyle, and we have done intensive research on each of these characters to inform you of their distinct play style.


best character in gotham knight
Nightwing (Image Credit: eXputer)

Batman’s first sidekick- Nightwing is a natural-born leader; he is also the most optimistic playable character. He grew up with his circus family; thus, his combat and playstyle are based on acrobatics, and Nightwing is a master at taking down his enemies with his dual escrima sticks. You can’t expect anything less from Batman’s first protege.

Since Nightwing is also the leader of the pack, he is a must-have hero if you and your friends are playing Gotham Knights together, as this hero can boost his team’s traits, and as for combat, he deals heavy strikes in quick succession.

While Nightwing is a great character to choose if you plan on playing solo, as he has the ability to deal with cryo attacks and freeze his enemies, he has an entire skill tree dedicated to boosting his teammate’s stats, so Nightwing is more of a team player rather than a lone wolf.

Red Hood

red hood in play style
Red Hood (Image Credit: Us/eXputer)

Red Hood is a vigilante just like the Dark Knight himself; however, his story is quite tragic as he went from being one of the robins to being captured by the Joker and dying a painful death, to being resurrected as one of Batman’s greatest foes; however, he has reconciled with the bat family in this game. 

Red Hood is short-tempered, but he is also physically one of the strongest, if not the strongest, hero on the team, as he is a powerhouse in both close-range and long-range combat. He performs heavy strikes that inflict major damage on his enemies, and his dual guns allow him to make his enemies regret putting distance between them and Red Hood. The only downside of this character is that he is quite slow.

Red Hood’s moves are brutal that allow him to inflict fear in his enemy’s hearts, causing them to fall down or run away. Red Hood, being a former protege of Batman, can, of course, take advantage of this fear by performing follow-ups and grab attacks more easily.


best character in Gotham Knights
Batgirl (Image Credit: Us/eXputer)

Everyone’s beloved Oracle, Barbara Gordon, takes the role of Batgirl in the game to protect Gotham city while keeping my tragic spinal injury storyline canon. This implies that she did become the Oracle that provided Batman with crucial intel at some point. But after years of surgery and rehabilitation, she recovered, and the Batgirl returned.

If you miss playing Batman, then playing as Batgirl is the best thing for you, as her combat is the closest to Batman from the Arkham series. While Red Hood is a beast in close-range combat, no hero in Gotham Knights can beat Batgirl when it comes to hand-to-hand combat due to her skills, tools, fluid combos, and her special ability to summon bats. Barbara also shows great skills in hacking and coding.

Batgirl also has the ability to hack enemies’ gadgets, such as cameras, turrets, and more. Basically, she is a one-man army, and she also has her own revival kit. She is also one of the best characters to choose from alongside Nightwing when you decide to play the game together with some friends.


robin play style
Robin (Image Credit: Us/eXputer)

He is the ninja of the bat family; he is also the youngest. Robin specializes in stealth while also being an expert fighter. Robin has tools that allow him to go invisible for a short period of time and perform unique takedowns. If you prefer stealth over combat, then Robin should be your first pick.

Aside from being the youngest, Tim is also the smartest of the bunch. He has a background in psychological warfare and behavioral science; thus, Robin can inflict elemental buildups more efficiently, later allowing him to inflict more damage. He also uses the Justice League satellite to teleport in short distances. 

Robin also has the ability to deflect bullets and one-shot some enemies, which can be of huge help to either yourself or your teammates if you are playing with friends. Overall, Robin is a tough character to master, but he is a character very much worth mastering and using occasionally.

Best Character In Gotham Knights To Choose

best character in gotham knights
Every Character In Gotham Knights (Image Credit: Us/ eXputer)

Now that you know the advantages and playstyle of every playable character in the game, the question still remains about who is the best character or which one is the best for you.

In reality, it is simply not possible to choose one character and call it universally the best as every hero has distinct characteristics, and just like the heroes, every gamer is unique and has their own preferences; therefore, it ultimately boils down to your preferred playstyle and preferences.

If you are a team player, who prefers hand-to-hand combat while supporting his allies, then Nightwing is the best character for you. If you are a lone wolf and prefer having the upper hand in both close-range and long-range combat, then Red Hood is the ideal hero to choose.

Players who miss being a one-man army like Batman in the Arkham series should consider playing as Batgirl, and finally, if you are a stealth player who prefers dealing with his opponents quietly, then Robin is the hero to choose.

However, if you ask us personally, then we would consider Batgirl to be the best hero in Gotham Knights due to her ability to deal with her enemies quite conveniently in close-range combat while also having the ability to absorb near-endless damage and having her own revive kit which makes her the ideal hero to use whenever you are about to take on tougher enemies.

Aside from being able to hold her own in hand-to-hand battles, she also has the ability to hack enemy gadgets such as mines, turrets, and cameras which makes her character viable to use in the stealth section as well. We consider her to be the most balanced character in the game.

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