Gotham Knights BEST Gear [All Characters]

Learn about the best gear of each character in order to maximize their effectiveness in the field

Your gear in Gotham Knights is extremely important as it can make dealing with enemies really easy or a huge pain depending on what you’ve got equipped. Each character in Gotham Knights has different available gear, and it depends a lot on the character’s playstyle. This is why this guide will discuss the best gear in Gotham Knights for all four characters.

Gear in Gotham Knights can be divided to mainly three different things; suit, melee weapon, and ranged weapon. And, of course, all of these can later be made stronger using all types of mods. But if you simply get good gear for the three mentioned parts, you should be good to go.

Key Takeaways
  • Your gear scales alongside your level, so as long as you’re constantly changing it, you’ll have good gear.
  • There are three main things to consider in your gear: suit, melee weapon, and ranged weapon. 
  • Choosing gear that can inflict elemental damage tends to be quite useful.
  • Each character has their own set of gear, which works best according to their playstyle. 

Best Red Hood Gear

Red Hood GearPowerDefence HealthDamageCritical chanceCritical Damage

Starting off with what seems to be many players’ favorite character, Red Hood. His playstyle is quite aggressive, and he’s often looked at as the powerhouse of the entire team. Not only that, but his ranged weapon can be quite lethal when used correctly. Here are our suggestions for the gear.


Gotham Knights best gear Redhood suit
Redhood Suit [Captured by eXputer]
When trying to choose a suit for Red Hood, the first thing you need to ensure is that it reflects your level. So if you’re level 20, you shouldn’t be opting for a suit that is a level 15 suit. This way, you can ensure that you’re getting the best suit gear out there for your character.

But once you do reach the highest rank, level 40, there are certain suits that stand out more than the others, such as:

  • High Ultimate Suit: A level 40 legendary suit that increases the damage and instantly grants some health after using a Knighthood ability. Many of Knighthood abilities are focused on gunplay for Red Hood, which makes the suit a great option for those that love to keep their distance. Additionally, the suit has three different slots for mods, allowing you to increase its resistance much more.
  • Gold Armor: If you’re looking for more of a cryogenic-styled build and want to deal with a lot of freeze elemental damage, then the Gold Armor is a great option.
  • Counter-Talon Suit: Another great suit in terms of the raw power of the Counter-Talon suit as it can go as high as 1600+ power once you add any sort of rare modchip on it.


Redhood guns
Redhood Melee [Captured by eXputer]
Moving on to the melee weapon, your weapon as Red Hood is your pistol. So, choosing the right melee weapon will not only make your hits land harder but will also increase your shooting power. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Critical Momentum Pistols: Legendary pistols that increase your critical chance after using a Momentum Ability. Headshots also increase the chance of a critical hit.
  • Gold Pistols: If you want to freeze up your enemies and then deal a ton of damage by breaking through their ice, Gold Pistols with elemental build-up mods are great for that.
  • New Knights Pistol: If you’re simply looking to increase your power, then New Knights Pistols with the highest possible mod can give you up to 1600+ power.


ranged for redhood
Redhood Ranged [Captured by eXputer]
Although other characters ranged weapons focus on throwables, Red Hood’s ranged section focuses on his ammo type to make his shots much more powerful. Here are the suggestions for the Ranged section of Red Hood:

  • Overtime Effect Rounds: Legendary non-lethal rounds that provide Momentum generation and grant health over time when performing a perfect evade. Great for offense and defense.
  • Gold Rounds: Just like all the previous gold pieces, Gold Rounds will also help with the freeze effect build-up.
  • Linked Rounds: If you want to add up to three modchips and increase your power up to 2500+, then Linked Rounds are the way to go.

Best Nightwing Gear

Nightwing GearPowerDefence HealthDamageCritical chanceCritical Damage

Nightwing is the more acrobatic character in the game. But his skills are more focused on co-op gameplay, so using him in a single-player can be quite limiting if you hugely rely on skills. Regardless, you can get a really good build going with gear that is focused on defense and grants passive boosts throughout combat.


Gotham knights best nightwing gear
Nighthood Suits [Captured by eXputer]
Just like with any character, you need to use a suit that is reflective of your character’s level. Not only that, but your aim should be to try and get a piece that has more modchip slots because you can often significantly increase their power. Here are suggestions for Nightwing’s suits with all those considerations in mind:

  • Reinforced Suit: Legendary suit that provides high defense against damage and grants health over time after knocking out an enemy. It can also increase critical damage after a perfect evade and will increase defense when health is low. It offers three modchip slots and is great for fighting against multiple enemies.
  • Shadowbuster Suit: It only has one modchip but is great for those that haven’t reached the max level yet. It can increase your gear health by 1000+.


Gotham knights nightwing melee gear best
Nightwing Melee [Captured by eXputer]
Nightwing’s melee attacks are focused through the use of Escrima sticks. Because he duel-wields them, he can land multiple fast melee attacks and engage in some really good combo chains. Here are a few suggestions for his melee gear:

  • Jumpstart Escrima Sticks: Legendary Escrima sticks that increase damage for a short duration after dealing critical damage. It also increases critical damage and instantly grants Momentum when health is low. Can get health back after performing Momentum Ability.
  • League Basic Escrima Sticks: Great for dealing incendiary elemental damage and increasing your critical chance and critical damage.


ranged weapon of nightwing
Nightwing Ranged Weapon [Captured by eXputer]
Unfortunately, Nightwing doesn’t have the strongest ranged weapon among all of the characters. He uses darts, which can distract enemies but are not the best for dealing high damage. But you can use elemental gear to help out a tiny bit.

  • Concussive Darts: Legendary darts are best paired with a Concussive Elemental Effect. It grants Momentum after knocking out an enemy with a perfect attack, and if you knock them out with Momentum ability, you’ll get increased Momentum Build up for a while. Knocking out the enemy also increases the Elemental effect and resistance.
  • Linked Darts: Great for dealing with Critical Damage and having a high Critical Chance.
  • Toxic Darts: If you want to focus on elemental damage, Toxic Darts are great for building up the Poison effect.

Best Robin Gear

Robin GearPowerDefence HealthDamageCritical chanceCritical Damage

Robin has more of a stealth focus in the game. With the ability to take down even the larger enemies, it feels ideal for him to remain in the shadows. But when he does need to fight, certain gear pieces can give him a huge advantage.


Robin suits best gear gotham knights
Robin Suit [Captured by eXputer]
Your suit should ideally have some sort of elemental resistance, mainly catered to the type of enemies that you face the most often. Besides that, you need to try and get as high of power as you can with it. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Linked Suit: Suit with up to 3 modchip slots. It negates damage taken on the next hit after a perfect attack, grants health to the wearer, and increases the damage for a short time after using an ultimate.
  • Heroic Suit: Great for early on and mid-game, offers more experience when worn, allowing you to level up easily. You can add a modchip such as increased health for more defense.


melee weapons for Robin
Robin Melee [Captured by eXputer]
Robin wields a staff that makes many of his moves feel acrobatic and allows him to have a bit more range with his melee attacks. Here are a few suggestions for his melee weapon:

  • Modular Concussive Bo Staff: Great for concussive elemental damage. It has three modchips with a knockout effect where you get the double elemental effect on the next hit and increased critical damage after a knockout.
  • Modular Incendiary Bo Staff: A melee weapon with fire elemental effect with up to two different modchips. You can use the mod slots to increase elemental build-up and critical damage.


combat ranged for Robin
Robin Ranged [Captured by eXputer]
For ranged attacks, Robin likes to use his slingshot. It’s not the strongest ranged weapon out there, but it definitely has some really good uses. Here are some great choices for Ranged gear:

  • Cryogenic Slingshot: Really good for building up frost elements and freezing enemies, allowing you to come in for a deadly melee attack. It also grants Momentum after knocking out the enemy with a perfect attack. Knocking out an enemy with Momentum Ability increases Momentum Build up and increases Elemental Effect and resistance for a bit.
  • Team-up Incendiary Slingshot: Another weapon great for building up elemental damage but can be improved with an increased elemental effect build-up mod.

Best Batgirl Gear

Batgirl GearPowerDefence HealthDamageCritical chanceCritical Damage

Batgirl is a good mix of all of the characters. She might not be as strong as Red Hood in combat, but she definitely hits more efficiently than Robin and, at times, Nightwing. Her playstyle is perhaps the most reminiscent of Batman’s, which makes her a good pick.


gotham knights best batgirl suit gear
Batgirl Suit [Captured by eXputer]
Style-wise, Batgirl has some really good suits, some that even make her look a lot like Batman himself. In terms of defense, she tends to have suits that can resist all sorts of elements, making her good for fighting against bosses like Mr. Freeze. Here are a few options for suits:

  • Counter-Talon Suit: Tends to be great for extreme defense and getting a good amount of health. You can usually get 700 defense and 263 health from it.
  • Cryogenic Suit: Provides Frost elemental resistance and can be great for bosses like Mr. Freeze.


Batgirl Melee Weapon [Captured by eXputer]
Batgirl tends to use rotational Tonfas during battle. When you combine them with elemental damage and piercing abilities, you can deal a lot of damage in a short time span. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Owlbuster Tonfa: It has an Elemental ice Effect, allowing you to freeze enemies and follow up with a critical attack. Just make sure not to use it against enemies that are resistant to it.
  • Modular Incendiary Tonfa: Great for fire elemental effect. If you combine it with her piercing abilities, you can often burn your enemies quickly and follow up with many critical hits.


ranged for batgirl
Batgirl Ranged [Captured by eXputer]
As we mentioned, Batgirl is the most similar to Batman, which is shown by her ranged weapon, which is the Batarang. It is really good for building up Momentum, especially in boss fights. But don’t expect it to deal too much damage, which is why you don’t have to worry too much about it. Regardless, here is a suggestion:

  • Overtime Effect Batarang: This can deal with up to 17% critical damage, making it great for crowd control. But the best part about it is that with just a few hits, it can fill your momentum bar.

General Tips About Gear

We’ve discussed character-specific gears for all of the characters in the game, but there are a few general tips that you need to keep in mind when looking for the best gear in Gotham Knights. The thing about gear is that technically any piece of gear can act as your “best gear.”

That is because the gear scales up accordingly to your level. So, as long as you’re upgrading your gear as you level up and choosing the highest-level gear that is available to you, then you’ll do just fine.

Furthermore, the elemental parts of each gear can be quite useful and vary depending on your situation. For example, you might have a frost weapon that is great for freezing enemies and allows you to get in many critical hits. But that same weapon won’t work great against enemies like Mr. Freeze, who is highly resistant to such elements.

Therefore, in those cases, you truly need to determine what you’re going up against and what the best gear could be in those scenarios. Even if the gear is not the highest dealing damage, if you get the right element mixed with a good amount of modchips, you can end up with really strong gear.

With that, you know about the most important suits, melee weapons, and ranged weapons for each character in Gotham Knights. Just make sure you’re regularly looking to upgrade your gear throughout the game, and you’ll have no trouble.


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