Gotham Knights 2 & 4 Players Co-Op [Explained]

Protecting Gotham City is much more fun when you do it with a friend.

Story Highlights
  • Gotham Knights multiplayer is restricted to only 2 players at a time.
  • WB Montreal has already confirmed that they are working on a separate 4-player co-op game mode named Heroic Assault.
  • In order to unlock the multiplayer, players will need to examine the newspaper beside the Bat computer in the Belfry after completing the Langstorm Drive story mission.
  • The multiplayer has 4 different options- Public, Friends Only, Friends of Friends, and Invite Players.
  • The game features seamless co-op so players can switch from playing solo to co-op at any time without losing any progress.

Despite having four heroes in the game, the multiplayer of Gotham Knights is unfortunately only restricted to 2 players only. We do have confirmation from WB Montreal that they are working on an additional four-player co-op mode named Heroic Assault. It will separate from the campaign, and this game mode will release on November 29, 2022.

Multiplayer In Gotham Knights

how to access co-op in gotham knights
Gotham Knights Co-op tutorial [Image Credit: eXputer]
What’s jaw-dropping about the co-op is that despite the game’s massive map, the two players can go their separate ways and travel to any part of the map, and it won’t affect the co-op in any way. 

The multiplayer of Gotham Knights allows the player to play the entire game with either friends or random people online, whether they wish to go on patrol to fight crime or breeze through the story missions. 

The game features seamless co-op as another player can join you at any time they want, and you can switch from playing solo to co-op or vice versa without any consequences. However, do keep in mind that Gotham Knights do not support crossplay, and you will only be able to play the game with people who are on the same platform as you.

How To Unlock & Start Multiplayer

In order to unlock multiplayer, players would first need to complete the second primary mission of the game, named The Langstorm Drive. When you get back to the Belfry, head toward the Bat Computer and read the newspaper on the table. It will trigger a small cutscene, and you will get the tutorial for multiplayer.

how to access coop in gotham knights
Newspaper location [Image Credit: eXputer]
There are four different options for the co-op.

  • Public
  • Friends Only
  • Friends of Friends
  • Invite Players

If you do not care about with whom you are playing the game, and you just wish to experience co-op, then the best choice would be the “Public” option, as you will be able to find a co-op game with relative ease.

In order to join a random person’s world, select the “Multiplayer” option in the menu and select the “Quick Match” option. It will automatically start searching for available games that you can join for co-op. Some players might face the Failed To Join Session error.

If you want your game to be available for other players to join, then open your social wheel and go into the multiplayer option. Simply select the top option, as it will set your game public.

Every other multiplayer option is self-explanatory. If you want your friends to join your game at whatever time they desire, then set the option to “Friends Only.” If you want your world to be a little bit more open so that even friends of your friends can join, then the option is also available.

And finally, if you want your world to be private, then set the multiplayer option to “Invite Only,” as then only those players will be able to join your world to whom you have personally sent an in-game invite.

How Does The Multiplayer Work In Gotham Knights

how to access coop in gotham knights
Co-op in Gotham Knights [Image Credit: eXputer]
As we stated previously, the game features seamless co-op where you can switch from playing solo to co-op at any time you desire without any consequences. But the question still remains about how exactly will the level of enemies scale when a high-level player joins the game.

The answer is quite straightforward; everything will scale depending on the level of the host. Let’s say you are level 20, and the host is level 10. If there is a character level disparity, then the player with the higher level will automatically scale down and sync with the host. Aside from the character-level scaling, enemies will generally become tougher and harder to take down.

However, we would say that the trade-off is worth it because there is strength in numbers, and you and your friends will have the skills of two different knights at your disposal instead of only depending on only one character.

Some quality-of-life improvements were further added in the multiplayer to improve the player’s experience. The difficulty of enemies scales down to normal difficulty if your co-op partner leaves the game mid-battle. And if you have already completed a mission in someone else’s world, then you will have the option to skip it in your game.


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