Gotham Knights Court Of Owls Puzzle [SOLVED]

Gotham Knights feature a wide array of puzzles & solving the Court of Owls puzzle in Mission 2.2 will allow you to continue progression.

Story Highlights
  • Gotham Knights feature a wide variety of puzzles.
  • The proper solution to the puzzle lies in the shadow of the owl.
  • An alternative solution to the puzzle also exists.

The Court of Owls puzzle in Gotham Knights is one such example. If you are stuck on this puzzle and can’t figure out how to solve it, then worry not because you have come to the right place. So without further ado, let’s jump into the Court of Owls puzzle and how to solve it. Here is all the information you will need to understand and solve the puzzle that has been staggering your progression in the game.

The Court Of Owls Puzzle Location

court of owls puzzle gotham knights
Solving The Puzzle.[Image Credit: eXputer]

You will come across this puzzle during the second case in Gotham Knights. This puzzle is part of a subcase during the second case, to be exact. To uncover the truth behind the Court of Owls, you have to solve this puzzle that is present in the Powers Club. You come across a wall that bars your progress, and you need to unlock it to progress with the mission. The solution to the puzzle is fairly simple, but it comes across as being complex at first sight. 

Solving Puzzle

court of owls puzzle gotham knights
The Entrance To The Room.[Image Credit: eXputer]

The first thing that you have to do is actually right at the entrance of the room. Players can miss this part because they rush toward the end of the room where the wall is and overlook this key part of the puzzle. At the start of the room, there is a spotlight.

Approach the spotlight as you can see from the image above, and activate it so that it turns on. You might have to analyze the spotlight first before you can interact with it. 

Turning on the spotlight will result in some progress. You can see a picture on the wall that is being projected as soon as you turn the spotlight on. The objective of the puzzle is to find out what combination of buttons you need to press in order to unlock the wall.

You have to position the shadow of the owl’s statue in the perfect place on the wall. In the accurate positioning, the shadow of the owl will look like it is grabbing onto one of the masked people that is present on the locked wall.

Now admittedly, this sounds much simpler in theory than it is in practice. It took us quite a few tries to figure out the right solution to this puzzle. If you still want to give the puzzle a shot yourself and don’t want a direct answer, then we have a suggestion for you.

The best strategy is to look at the shadow that is projected on the wall in reference to the picture that is painted on it. If you focus on the owl grabbing one of the people on the wall, it will become much easier for you to reach the solution. 

Correct Combination

court of owls puzzle gotham knights
Final Image On The Wall. [Image Credit: eXputer]

In case you have tried your best and don’t want to waste any more time pondering over this puzzle, here is the correct combination. There are four control panels available for the player to change and adjust. In order for the owl’s shadow to align perfectly, you will have to press the following panels a specific amount of times.

There are two sides to each panel as well, making the puzzle a bit more tricky. Here are the actual button presses that you need to perform.

  • Approach the first body part and press the button on its left side once.
  • Reach out to the second body part and press the button on its right side twice.
  • Go to the third body part and press the button on its left side a total of three times. 
  • Approach the fourth and final body part and press the button on its left side twice.

If you followed our instructions, the puzzle should be complete. If it seems like it is not working, just give it some time, and the wall will unlock. This will trigger a cutscene, and you can progress with your mission normally after this. 

Alternative Solution

Alternative Solution. [Image Credit: eXputer]

There is also a cheeky little way to solve this puzzle in another fashion. This really shows the attention to detail that the developers have put into the game while crafting these puzzle sections. If you look closely at each body part and the panel that it is sitting on, you can notice that there is a set of gears underneath each one.

When you press the buttons and rotate the pieces, these gears move as well. When you position a body part in the right direction, a yellow bar will be visible under the table, signaling that power is flowing through that piece.

If you want to disregard the shadows completely, you can just focus on these yellow lines. As you can see from the image above, the yellow lines in the gears represent that the piece is positioned correctly. Rotate each piece till it has a yellow bar underneath its respective panel. This will align the pieces perfectly while bypassing the actual puzzle in a sense. It is an easier solution for those looking to breeze through this section of the game. 


Gotham Knights is a game that has no shortage of fun puzzles. While some puzzles are simple to figure out, some make you ponder for quite a while. This is an action RPG title at its core, but that doesn’t mean that it has no puzzle sections. It takes inspiration from the critically acclaimed Arkham series.

And just like in the Arkham Games, Gotham Knights has its fair share of puzzles and collectibles. The puzzle sections are nicely distributed over the course of the game, and they don’t feel forced. The puzzles are something our heroes would actually encounter, given the type of people that line the streets of Gotham City. 

There you have it, folks; that is how you solve the Court of Owls puzzle in Gotham Knights. There are other puzzles just like this, but none really as annoying as this one. Which method did you use to solve the puzzle? Were you stuck on it for a long time? Did our guide help you in solving it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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