Gotham Knights Crafting: Weapons, Suits & Mods

Learn how crafting system works & how to get higher-tier weapons, suits, mods & legendary gear in Gotham Knights.

Crafting gear is the core gameplay element in Gotham Knights, as one would expect from a game having RPG elements. The concept is not thrown out in the wild, but the developers have cleverly unfolded it through the story. It gives away why all the high-tech gear of the four protagonists was lost and what they need to craft weapons, suits, mods, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Crafting gear is the core gameplay element in Gotham Knights.
  • You can obtain blueprints and then make weapons, suits, and mods at the Workbench in Belfry.
  • The higher the rarity of your gear, the better you perform in combat.
  • Understanding the crafting system in Gotham Knights will give you an edge over how to get higher-tier gear faster in the game.

How To Craft Gear In Gotham Knights

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As players progress through Gotham Knights and defeat various villains, they may acquire blueprints for new weapons or suits, accessible through the Gear Menu of the Batcomputer in the Belfry headquarters. Vanquishing foes and gathering dropped items unlocks crafting recipes, displayed on the left side of the screen alongside acquired materials. Facing more challenging enemies increases the likelihood of obtaining superior recipes and higher-level equipment.

  • Defeating enemy Tanks, in particular, often yields both a recipe and a high-level piece of equipment.
  • The usefulness of recipes varies, with higher-ranked recipes granting access to a broader array of suits and legendary melee weapons in Gotham Knights.
  • Crafting specific armor types may be required for certain quests, unlocking those armor options for the character upon completion.
  • Successful crafting relies on accumulating enough supplies, which are obtained by defeating enemies, collecting dropped items, and exploring chests hidden in various corners of the game world.


crafting weapons [Image Credit: eXputer]
Gotham Knights’ crafting system enhances characters, providing weapons, upgrades, and customization options. Utilizing Belfry’s Workbench allows players to craft diverse weapons, aiding character progression and adaptation to individual playstyles. Constructing advanced melee weapons and legendary options is crucial for becoming a valuable Bat-family member, emphasizing the continual creation of new armor.

Each weapon’s Level, Power, Damage, Critical Chance, and Elemental Effect influence a hero’s strength and damage potential. While the impact on combat style is uncertain, weapons offer unique benefits like elemental damage, contributing to an enriched gameplay experience.


crafting suits [Image Credit: eXputer]
When using the workbench in Gotham Knights, players can choose from three options: Ranged, Melee, and Suit, with each hero having unique statistics corresponding to their role. Costumes comprise distinct components like the Cowl, Symbol, Gloves, and Boots, each with its own set of accessories.

Blueprints found while exploring Gotham City unlock new outfits, and completing tasks yields resources to craft them. At Belfry’s Workbench, players can create discovered outfits by collecting required components, all easily located on the map. Resources for crafting are readily available throughout Gotham, allowing players to pick them up by highlighting them in the crafting interface and then finding them in the city.

Each suit includes a variety of statistics that players may use to distinguish between them:

  • Rarity: This one provides an indication of the suit’s overall quality. The more uncommon the outfit is, the more valuable it will be.
  • Grade: A stat that is exclusive to the Legendary outfits in the game.
  • Power: The power level of a suit almost certainly signifies the amount of additional damage that your character is able to deliver when wearing that outfit.
  • Armor: This one reflects the amount of damage that the outfit is able to prevent.
  • Health: If you are putting on a suit, this stat will tell you the total hits you will be capable of taking before being knocked out.
  • Momentum Generation: This stat is not present in all suits, but it seems to be connected to some skill that requires you to build up a charge before attempting a certain maneuver.
  • Elemental Resistance: Those suits who have this stat will have the ability to defend themselves against certain elemental strikes.
  • Conditional Stats: Tells some specific condition that can be avoided if the suit has one.
  • Mod Chip Slots: Total number of slots the suit can have to get extra perks
  • Style: Tells the overall theme of your hero’s outfit
  • Colorway: Tells the color or various hues of the outfit


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You will be able to obtain modifications of greater rarity the more you discover and the more tasks you do. When you have acquired four of these modifications, you will be able to combine them for a more potent effect. It is essential to have a potent mod while you are in the middle to the late game so that you may accumulate more stats, which would not be available to you otherwise if you did not slot the modifications into your suit.

mod chips [Image Credit: eXputer]
Mastering fusion modifications in Gotham Knights is straightforward—head to the gear section on the Batcomputer. Accumulating a substantial quantity of modifications, achievable through rewards and victorious battles, is key. To obtain the most unique modifications, explore Batman’s secret caches scattered across Gotham City. These caches often contain rare and hard-to-find modifications, with the mod quality dependent on your hero level. It’s advisable to tackle this task at your maximum level for optimal results.

Prioritizing yellow and orange mods is crucial for players aiming to maximize their modification effectiveness, although blue mods are still a viable choice in the early stages of the game.

All mods that you can get in Gotham Knights will be of the following rarities:

  • Common: White
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Rare: Blue
  • Epic: Purple
  • Legendary: Yellow 
  • Heroic: Orange 

The legendary and Heroic mod chips can only be acquired via mission rewards. The rarity of the modifications determines the strength of the power and effect that may be slotted into the weapons and armor of your characters. This applies even if the mods are identical.

Legendary Gear 

legendary gear crafting [Image Credit: eXputer]
In Gotham Knights, knowing the locations of blueprints is crucial for crafting legendary equipment. These blueprints, rewarding legendary gear, are often obtained by completing challenging activities. While legendary equipment is highly effective, obtaining its blueprint poses a unique challenge. NTH Metal, a legendary material, can be acquired by farming high-difficulty activity missions.

To secure the equipment you desire, engage in high-level activities throughout Gotham City. Collect Legendary Blueprints by completing tasks categorized as high difficulty, identified by the red Very High difficulty icon on the map. Follow the icon to your destination and participate in these challenging missions to acquire the needed blueprints.

very high-difficulty missions [Image Credit: eXputer]
For tackling challenging activities in Gotham Knights, opting for co-op gameplay with a friend is the most effective strategy. These demanding sub-missions are inherently difficult, and having a reliable partner to combat Gotham City’s adversaries proves advantageous. Co-op play is strongly recommended over solo attempts to navigate these challenging activities successfully.

These activities are available across the Gotham City area, and as you progress in the game, additional high-level tasks become accessible, offering valuable rewards like experience points, schematics, and unique goods.

Handling legendary blueprints follows a similar process to other blueprints. While you receive one, it can be utilized to make purchases in any department of your choosing. However, using it results in its permanent loss, preventing further use for any character you decide to play.

How To Unlock Crafting In Gotham Knights

crafting unlocked [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Workbench in the Belfry allows players to create their own Melee weapons. After you have completed chapters 1.1 and 1.2 of the game, it will become available to you. You will need to accomplish another task called “Prepare for Patrol” once you have finished “The Langstrom Drive.” When you return to HQ after completing that task, you will be given the opportunity to customize your armor as well as your ranged and close combat weaponry.


That is all that we had to discuss about the Gotham Knights crafting’s intricacies and the various gear such as suits, weapons, mods, and legendary items. Do you find our guide helpful? Did you come across legendary gear so far in the game? Let us know more about it in the comments box below.


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