Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Heroic Travels

Unlocking Heroic Travel will enable players to better play the game

Each character has different skills, such as Heroic Travels. This guide only lists types of heroic travels in Gotham Knights for each character, why heroic travel is needed, and how to unlock heroic travel.

Key Takeaways
  • Heroic travels are the fastest method to traverse Gotham City.
  • You unlock heroic travels separately for all four characters.
  • Completing Knighthood challenges is the first step to unlocking heroic travels. These Challenges include:
    • Training Time Strike.
    • Win against 3 mini-bosses.
    • Stop 10 crimes.
  • After completing these challenges with any one of the four heroes, you’ll be able to use the Heroic Travels system.

Unlocking Heroic Travels For All The Characters

The process of unlocking the heroic travel is simple and similar for all the heroes. First of all, you need to complete knighthood challenges. Knighthood challenges are multistep missions that are the same for each hero. Following are the missions you need to complete to achieve Knighthood:

  • Players need to complete a training of time strike from the training dummy in the Belfry.
  • Fight and win 3 mini-bosses that are unlocked with the game proceeding.
  • Stop 10 premeditated crimes. Players can perform this mission by patrolling the Gotham city streets and fighting and interrogating criminals.

1. Time Strike Training

To complete time-strike training, you need to head to the training dummy in the Belfry. On the bat computer, navigate to advance training and pick time strikes. This mission is the easiest and would take about 2 to 3 minutes to complete. Once you complete it with one hero, you would need to complete it again with the other hero to unlock knighthood for them.

Bat girl in Time Strike Mission [Image Credits – eXputer]

2. Defeating Mini-Bosses

In the game, this mission is also known as Against All Odds. In this mission, you need to find and fight 3 mini-bosses. There are no restrictions on fighting them in open-world gameplay or during a mission. If you defeat one in open-world gameplay and one in a mission, both will be counted. A mini-boss is any opponent who is the leader of a pack of enemies.

Also, mini-bosses are bigger in size and have a special ability that makes them easier to spot. If you are still unsure of who is a mini-boss and who is not, you can search for them in the Database tab under the profile. You will find a list of all the opponents, and you will also understand their grading.

Defeating three mini-bosses is not that hard a task. You will easily find three mini-bosses after several minutes of patrolling in the streets. If you are trying to unlock knighthood for all the characters, then you can switch the characters and perform these 2 missions side by side for each character to proceed faster through the game.

Bat girl Fighting Mini Boss [Image Credits – eXputer]

3. Stopping 10 Premeditated Crimes

After completing the above 2 missions, now comes to the turn of stopping crimes, also known as One Step Ahead. We would suggest you avoid switching characters when playing this mission because this mission takes quite a while to complete and a lot of effort.

In order to stop 10 premeditated crimes, you would need to investigate and keep track of the future planning of the criminals to be able to stop those crimes. Moreover, this mission is to be completed in the open world. If you switch between the heroes and stop the crimes in quick succession, it ends all the fun in the game.

Also, all the crimes you inquire about mostly take place the next night. Even if you are unable to find anything, you can patrol the city and beat up a few criminals to get information regarding any crime. In this way, you would easily be able to find 10 crimes and stop them. This mission is quite long and tiring, but the good thing is that you can get your reward soon after completing this mission.

One Step Ahead Mission [Image Credits – eXputer]

4. Heroic Travels Unlocked

After completing One Step Ahead, you need to return to the Gotham Knights Belfry, where they interact with Batman’s memorial. Then, their Heroic Travel Abilities will be unlocked. Now, you can patrol through the city faster and be airborne. To activate the ability, you need to hold the right trigger button when in the air. You can now switch to the other hero and start unlocking knighthood for that specific hero as well.

Robin At Gotham Knights Belfry [Image Credits – eXputer]

All Heroic Travels For Characters Require Separate Process

Before unlocking heroic travel, you need to keep in mind that heroic travel needs to be unlocked separately for each hero. Unlocking knighthood for one hero does not unlock it for all the other heroes. So, if you want to unlock knighthood for Batgirl, you need to complete all the above-mentioned missions by sticking to batgirl’s character only.

Similarly, for all the other heroes, you would need to complete all the missions using the specific hero. Also, to unlock knighthood for a specific character, at least one night of patrolling in Gotham City is required. So, it is better to choose your character before deciding to unlock the knighthood skills.

Wrap Up

When playing Gotham Knights, players need faster-traveling methods to search the city and fight crimes to complete different missions. The game features different modes of travel, but not all are suitable for every kind of mission. So, the players need a better and more effective traveling method. One of the most effective modes of travel and also one of the fastest is Heroic travel in Gotham Knights.

Heroic travel is different for each hero of the game. To unlock heroic travel, players need to complete knighthood missions, after which heroic travel is unlocked. There is a certain point to be kept in mind while unlocking heroic travels. We have discussed all the essential information required to unlock heroic travels for the heroes in Gotham Knights.

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