Gotham Knights: How To Use Smoke Bombs [All Platforms]

For the difficult battles in Gotham Knights, it is important to learn how to use Smoke bombs for different consoles and the best tactics for using them.

Smoke bombs come in very handy during grappling and can be used to flee a tricky situation. If you are an avid DC fan, then you will realize that smoke bombs are a staple of the bat family, and you see them throughout the comic books as well. 

It Is important to understand how you can use the smoke bombs and the perfect way to make the battles more convenient for you. Our guide will show you the best way to use smoke bombs in different situations and the best tactics for it.

Key Highlights
  • Smoke bombs in Gotham Knights release blinding smoke that can be used to get away from enemies or distract them.
  • Smoke bombs are available from the start of the game and can be a useful tool if used effectively.
  • To use a smoke bomb on a PC, click the designated key.
  • On a PS5, hold the L1 button and on an Xbox Series X/S, hold the LB button.
  • Players can practice using smoke bombs in a tutorial area called Belfry.
  • To launch a smoke bomb into a targeted area, hold the button rather than just pressing it.
  • Smoke bombs can be used to flee the area, set traps, or divert attention to another location.
  • When using a smoke bomb, it is preferable to have a platform nearby to grapple onto, in order to make an escape..

What Are Smoke Bombs 

As the name suggests, you can use smoke bombs to release some blinding smoke into the targeted area. Using the smoke bombs, you can get away in case you are surrounded by enemies in the game. 

smoke bomb Gotham Knights
Training with the Smoke Bomb [Image Captured by eXputer]
What Gotham Knights does not tell you is that they are available to use from the beginning and can be a game-changer if you learn to use them effectively. 

Smoke bombs are great for stealth as by using them your hero can grapple away and the enemies will be blinded by smoke so they will lose sight of your hero like Nightwing.

How To Use The Smoke Bombs 

There are no hard and fast rules for using smoke bombs. The tricky part is formulating your very own technique to use the smoke bombs. But before we discuss that let’s check out how you can use the smoke bombs on different consoles. 

Smoke bomb [Image Captured by eXputer]


If you’re using a PC then just click on whatever key you have designated for throwing the smoke bombs. You can change it in the settings.  


If you’re using PS5, then hold the L1 button to throw a smoke bomb. 

Xbox Series XS 

To throw a smoke bomb, you simply need to hold the LB button, and you’re good to go. 

If you want to practice using the smoke bombs, then you can go to the Belfry and begin your training. For the convenience of players, Gotham Knights offer a specific tutorial area where you can use the smoke bombs.

Make sure that you hold the button for dropping the smoke bombs and not just press it. Only by holding the button will you be able to launch a smoke bomb into a targeted area. 

Smoke bombs, if used with a strategy, can help you out a lot in tricky situations where you feel overwhelmed by your enemies. You can use them to flee the area, and you can also set traps using the bombs.

Furthermore, in case you want to divert their attention to someone else, you can drop a smoke bomb there, and you are good to go. 

Tips For Using Smoke Bombs 

While using smoke bombs from the very beginning gives you leverage over your enemies, it is also important to understand the right trick for using them. 

using the smoke bomb in Gotham Knights
Great for Stealth! [Image Captured by eXputer]
Here are some tips for using the item.

  • Most players make the mistake of using the smoke bomb without thinking about the aftermath of it. It is necessary that you use smoke bombs where there is a platform nearby so you can grapple do it. 
  • By using the smoke bomb, your hero will automatically use the grappling hook to flee away from the enemies. 
  • So if the smoke bomb button is not working, it is most likely due to the fact that there is no platform nearby to grapple onto. 
  • Also, it is important that all the enemies nearby are alerted toward your character. This tactic can be useful to blind enemies and give you some time to get away from them. 
  • It Is also important to check the icon for the grappling hook whenever you are thinking of using a smoke bomb in combat. Doing so will let you know if there is a platform that you can grab and jump on. 

Wrapping It Up 

Gotham Knights is a combat-heavy game where you have to take on different enemies using the best tactics and strategies. However, Gotham knight will not tell you all the different items you have access to at the very beginning of the game, like the smoke bombs. 

This concludes our detailed guide on how to use more worms in Gotham Knights for different consoles and the best tactics for using them.

Hopefully, after reading our guide, you will be able to use the smoke bombs more efficiently in tricky battle situations where fleeing away is the only option. Make sure to leave your thoughts about our article in the comments section below. 


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